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hey miles here in this video you are going to learn how to make money on pinterest specifically you're getting my exact strategy that has generated over a million visits plus tens of thousands of email subscribers for my online business and i'm giving you 100 of the information in this video there's no webinar coming i don't have a sales pitch for you i don't even have a pinterest course to sell you right i'm literally giving you all the information because i have five separate businesses that are generating more than enough cash flow for me to live on and i don't need your money but i do need you to become an economic engine for your family and an economic engine for your community and i truly believe that online marketing especially leveraging pinterest is the way to do it today now the last note before we get on the computer is i have a follow-up video i can produce for you if you would like that gets a little bit more technical this video is the strategy i want to give you the big picture if you want me to produce and publish that next video that goes into kind of the nuts and bolts of setting up your pinterest just leave me a comment and say yes please put that video up and give me a thumbs up on the video that's how i know you want it if i don't see enough interest in it i'm just not going to produce it but i would be happy to if you would like it and with that said let's jump on into the training all right so this video is going to show you the fastest way to make money using pinterest okay this will work for you if you're doing affiliate marketing if you've got your own courses your own things your opt-ins et cetera et cetera pinterest is pretty well known to have uh very high quality traffic i'm generating hundreds of thousands of clicks a month from there so are a bunch of other members and it works really really well in a ton of niches home fitness parenting kids hobbies it's a very wide variety and their users are affluent and they spend money so it's a great place to go and it's uh you can get faster traffic from pinterest by incorporating it into your greater um strategy and that's what we're going to talk about here is we're going to talk about strategy so the main idea is that on pinterest there's you know hundreds of millions of people who spend money on lots and lots of things and ultimately they want what you have right and what you have is ultimately kind of a result this is them happier because they have your thing this is them on pinterest not feeling so great because they feel like something's missing but we can't just make a pin that takes them all the way to the money right like that's not how this game works by any means we need to walk them along so i'm gonna put the dollar sign down here because that's where the money is but here's the key right there's always going to be steps involved that we need to walk our people through and people who don't get this game right are trying to leapfrog the steps and the idea is that a pinterest pin is going to eventually lead to a blog post and that blog post is really where the heart of the content is the blog post may very well lead to the opt-in right to the lead magnet and then the lead magnet will lead over to the email sequence and then the email sequence will then lead over to a sales page and then you're going to get more emails over time to follow up and so on and so forth until they ultimately purchase okay so one of the key ideas here is that this incorporates your blog this incorporates a lead magnet and this incorporates a sales page whether that's yours or an affiliate one and it incorporates email marketing so it's got everything built into it but it's about ordering things and here's where we're getting into some new territory that i haven't really covered much and the idea is we want to start with the end in mind so what i mean is let's start with the offer okay so we're going to start with the money and let's reverse engineer backwards what this step needs to be and then let's reverse engineer backwards from that one what this step needs to be and then back from this one until we reach them on pinterest okay and then when we build this out we go the other way but we're going to do so in a way that has what we believe you know our best educated guess has a very high likelihood of doing what making money because that's ultimately what we want to do because people are buying stuff all day every day right like your audience your audience members your future audience your current audience they're buying stuff on amazon they're buying digital products they're buying audible books they're buying all kinds of stuff left and right gym memberships coaching they we are all buying lots of things all the time so what we're trying to do here is orchestrate a logical flow so let's get out of this theory realm and let's get into some practice here so i'm obviously on pinterest okay and this is literally i've never taught this at all so we're going to look at kind of the idea of keyword research through pinterest and let's let pinterest right because again we're reverse engineering this let's let pinterest help us understand what people want to buy and then let's create the things that are going to lead them in that direction so we're going to look at a kind of a random idea here um for us so i'm going over clickbank and i'm pretending that i don't have an offer uh that i'm using right now um so i would go into the marketplace if you have a product or something you offer obviously you have one but when you're in when you're in clickbank here i'm gonna you could type in like um woodworking um is the example i'm going with because i know there's some woodworking ones but when you're searching on yours it's really good to increase the gravity if you've never searched on this platform before they don't always have great um offers but the gravity is essentially a metric to say how many different affiliates are selling products so anything with like a gravity over 10 is really quite good and then on the average for sale right if you can get this up over 30 up over fifty dollars average per sale that's actually really quite good so now we can see in the woodworking world i can see the ultimate small shop and uh woodworking site so this one is um i would obviously go reverse engineer it but it's a bunch of plans and templates okay so these are two things so what i would do is i'm going to go over to my whiteboard here i would just note it down generally on a notepad that i'm writing on but i can say so let's clear this off here so the money is woodworking shop select shop build and the money is also in plans okay so this is this is where i want to get to i want to find relevant traffic to these things so let's go back over to pinterest and now let's just type in woodworking now the first thing i'm going to do is stop right here i did working space and we have an auto populate okay so the auto populate is clearly telling me that most people who type in the words woodworking follow that word with these words and what do we see well projects obviously that directly links to one of the items okay shop well that links to the other one plans that's the one jigs that's something you have in your shop crafts that's to one of them tools bench shop layout okay so first do you think you know just your rough uh educated guess do you think that there are people searching on pinterest for the kinds of things that i could sell from that clickbank affiliate product yeah it's clear as day right so another way to use this is interestingly if you just search woodworking it pulls up these little bubbles here and this is another type of keyword research that you can do and then obviously you can go into the shop layout and it just kind of keeps them works with this uh for you so i can get all the way down to woodworking shop layout would workshop floor plans now you notice at this point i have no more bubbles okay the bubbles being the suggested terms so this is according to pinterest like the longest tail keyword phrase that they have available for me okay so now in this i now know that people are searching for this so a pin about this could probably work then what does a pin lead to well a pin leads to a blog post okay what does my blog post need to do it needs to get them on my email list okay what does my email list need to do well promote this product here is what it would ultimately do so you can click on these to go my pop-up blocker is going to um you know attempt to disable that because i run ad blocks and all that stuff but i'll click right through here so it's called the ultimate small shop so i would be looking um at this i would i would figure out okay what what are they doing what are they offering what's the what are the big hooks what are the the things they're talking about so the most common problems beginner woodworkers face are tool selection and wood shop workshop space okay so instantaneously now like from this offer so again i'm starting at the money and i'm working backwards pinterest said there's a hungry audience for this i have an offer now i need to build those steps in between so tool selection and workshop space are the kind of the hook these are the big problems they're telling me this they've spent a lot of money on copywriters to tell me that so we want um tools and space i think that was what it was that's hilarious tool selection and space so space could be layout design and obviously we get more kind of things that they're looking at so i could do a blog post here on afraid of overspending so 10 ways to save money on your next woodworking tool on the most important woodworking tools they're afraid of getting bad tools how to make sure you don't get any bad tools uh they're confused about which tools they they need so the the top seven tools that every woodworking shop needs these are content ideas okay so what i just came up with and i would obviously be writing these down but i want to do this efficiently so we went from the money then we found on pinterest what pin ideas will work and then from there we've now found the blog post ideas and that is really what i kind of hashed out i would write those out to the next level i would come up with five or six i would see if i can come up with five to ten blog post ideas easy as can be for this offer for this niche for this space so what do i do now i do two things so first i go create my lead magnet that's going to meet this person who is on pinterest looking for shop stuff and i would make a five day build your shop on a budget challenge and this will be a five series of emails so this would be my lead magnet this is what i would offer with my lead magnet now do i know that people want this thing no i have no freaking clue so that's what i would call a test okay and i would test this and then guess what else i would do i would test another idea maybe it would be a pdf or maybe it would be the seven budget tools that every single wood shop owner must have and where to get them cheap okay maybe that would be a single pdf that i could test so i would test multiple ones of these then once this is built out i would write the content okay so let's go into i'm going to clear this up to show the order a little bit more about what i would do so now that i've proven that there's that i've i've found the money okay i've got the offer so that's the first check then i've proven that pinterest has interest so we'll call it pin interest okay check on that then what i do is i map out my email series okay and this is both the lead magnet and the follow-up okay and the goal of the lead magnet and the follow-up is to promote the offer i'm going to give them value but i'm going to really lead them to by the way the absolute best way to build your shop in a quick budget is with this product over here and it's my clickbank affiliate link and then if they don't buy the first one i'll have that sequence follow up and then it'll go on to start promoting the other stuff that i know woodworkers want so my follow-up sequence would eventually probably promote two separate products in this scenario and then after that i'm going to put them and send them broadcast emails pretty much forever and i'm going to promote other things over time as i mix in value okay so that's the business model this is working then from here i'm going to create blog posts okay i'll do a little bit of keyword research but we pretty much did most of our keyword research on pinterest now if i'm going to take the time to build a blog post you're damn right i'm going to make this seo optimized for the big g as well but now i know that i'm not only optimizing it for g i'm optimizing it for pinterest as well and then what do we do with the blog post well we obviously embed our opt-in as a pop-up as a a ribbon as a scroll mat there's all kinds of things we call it right so we'll just say pop-up for now pop-ups work really really well and then what do i do i go create pins that promote the blog post okay and what did we just do we started at the money right we started at the end we started with the end in mind at the money and then we went from the money and we figured out okay cool is there demand on pinterest for this thing yes there is okay great how do i bridge them to be willing to buy okay this is the bridge to the purchase is what ultimately the email is which is your lead magnet and your funnel then we went and we're like okay how do i bridge them probably would have been better if i could have drawn some really fancy cool bridges on my first drawing but hey i'm not that much of an artist that's okay because i'm going to teach him this stuff so the blog post bridges that user to the email sequence and then what do we do we then go create pins and these pins are what you guessed it bridges that's the whole business model and the cool part about this is that the google game can take upwards three to six months for you to really get great traffic going google doesn't trust you people have been trying to scam and game and scheme google forever pinterest on the other hand is kind of the forgotten about steph child in the world of social media marketing pinterest really really really wants more people to come publish pins and pinterest wants to become more widely used across the world google is widely used across the world seven billion searches a day two plus trillion searches per year it's the de facto but pinterest is not the de facto so pinterest rewards us with extra reach when we play their game effectively so that's why we want to work on both of these at once so let's go even deeper into this process um and if you haven't ever searched um the marketplace here i mean you can you can just type in all kinds of things if even if you're selling your own products um keto like so this custom keto diet right here it's got a 383 gravity which means there are thousands of it's not a direct it's not 380 people it's a it's a it's a weird algorithmic metric there are thousands of people who are making forty dollars a sale from this custom keto diet thing we could look in fishing i don't know if there's anything here and i'm just thinking of a few people here boat plans wow that's absolutely crazy is there anything on fishing maybe not on fishing and you can also lower the gravity down to about five if you want but but it's worth looking into this stuff for the different offers and of course you can just go to google and we can go and we can look at uh best phishing affiliate programs and i mean it automatically populates and so you can kind of like learn about the different affiliates so we could start with this right you don't have to start where i'm talking about starting we can start anywhere with the offer in mind okay so now we know what we're doing i'm not going to actually build that out i don't know if enough about word word uh woodworking to go that far but what i'm going to show you is so i'm currently working on this post it's the start your blog post and i just actually updated the whole post right july 17th and i want to add some graphics to it so here you can see this is a pinterest pin graphic now i resized this thing smaller in order for it to load really quickly and i don't need the full-sized pinterest thing but i embed it in my post so it you know it makes my blog post look better google likes a good-looking blog post this post is as big and as as monstrous as i possibly can so this is my url now what i've used to build this is called snappa i'm a i'm an affiliate for snappa so if you go to forward slash snappa you can get into the free trial to me this is a million and one times better than canva it is so much easier to use and this is just logged in so when you log in this is what you see so you go down here into pinterest pin right it asks you what you want to create and the cool thing for this is you can do all kinds of different posts for different sizes and different shapes and it automatically pre-populates them for you but what i really like about this system is that you get access to like three million different um you get access to like three million different um stock photos that you can use on these so then you scroll around for one that you think looks pretty good um well like if i was doing one in the um in the world of uh the woodworking wood shop i could literally take something like this and even though it says food recipes this is what's cool like i'm just looking for something super basic and then i click background and then over here on the background i just search for woodworking and this is where we're pulling in on the actual gotta hit enter so this is where we're pulling in on the actual tools so this looks shop-esque right so i'm just gonna click that it's gonna load it over here if i wanna reposition it i can go here and i can kind of like okay where would i want that right about there so let's apply that and then i'm going to take the now each item is separate but i think if i hold shift i can get both of them so i can move this up here um so i could say click that now perfect and um must have okay so that's a little bit big so i'll click this i'll make that a little bit bigger here make this a little bit bigger here boom and let's do let's put a number here seven must have woodworking tools right so this is so i'm just making a pin for obviously the posts i made uh uh let's go wood working and then tools and that's too big obviously so i come over here on the left and i'll set it down to 100.

You know perfect seven must have woodworking tools uh whatever right i'm just kind of showing you how freaking easy this is and then if i want i can do um effects so i could do a color overlay i could pick like okay let's do like a brown overlay and let's make it like extra brown or you know whatever there's a million and one ways you can play with this and eventually you just save and download so in my account i think i have um i had one made well i made that other one already but this is it okay so once you're done you're like all right i love it perfect oh and you might as well put your url in the bottom and your brand in the bottom if you're actually doing these and you could just add text by you know add some body text and it puts it on there and you just grab it down here and you say you know make it longer change the color up here to white do whatever all those little things it's just super easy if you're like oh that's too small you just increase the size boom and when you're done you just save it once you save it you can download it you'll download it and it's ready to go into pinterest but we're going to use this one for mine because i'm going to show you how we actually published a pinterest now on pinterest you need to make sure that you have yours set up as a business account and there's a way inside of the account settings to um under settings to set yourself up as a business account because you're going to be able to make rich pins and that's really the key is to be able to make rich pins now i'm going to go to my this is my pinterest um because of racecar um my pinterest is all over the freaking place so i have an entrepreneur board that's relevant to what i'm talking about and i click over here on and i create a pin and now on the pin i'm going to upload the file real quick so i'm going to go find that one that i downloaded and i want the big one so i made it a little smaller and i saved the smaller one as web but i'm going to take the big one here i'm going to open that boom now i have a pin so this is the key okay so on pinterest again remember pinterest is a search engine in and of itself so we need to optimize this pin so i'm going to go over here how to start a blog and it's going to show me all of these different things that are often searched for how to start a blog so i'm going to click on that and i'm going to look at these and i'm like okay for beginners free for beginners make money okay so let me type this out really quick for you perfect so i've added a few hashtags in here okay that are relevant to what i'm talking about and then i got some good text now i need to give it a title which i'm going to literally make it and i'm actually going to change this to beginner friendly cool beginner friendly at the end again i saw that beginners popped up make money beginners step by step step by step um perfect i'm going to be honest with you i'm i'm going quickly through this i kind of think this might be a little bit too long of the title obviously it's technically not i'm within their their realm um and so i probably actually would go with it but i might try to spend a little more time making a little more compelling i'm kind of just throwing things in there to be efficient with you i've filled out the description here and the final thing i need to do is i need to take a link to the actual blog post where this resides and i add my destination link down there and now i click my plus i think i click plus what am i doing here ah cancel uh ah it's up top sorry that was kind of goofy um see it now so here's what i just did i just saved this so what did i actually create this is a door right so this door essentially links back to me so i just got a backlink very small back link but it's a backlink i got a social signal in the eyes of google that's great and now this can rank on its own and other people can re-pin this which means when someone re-pins this pin well when they click on it they go to my website okay that's how it acts as a doorway to what i'm doing but when they re-pin this to their board that means they're just saving it for later and eventually when the timing's right for them to start their blog and they're finally ready to commit because maybe they don't know their domain name yet they're ready to take that next action where do they go they click on this they go to my site what do they see oh they see my opt-in up top so now they have the chance well gosh i don't want to just start a blog i'd actually really love to start a million dollar business sure let me go ahead and get that too or they can go down here and they can start their blog and they will actually get access uh they'll get everything they need and i have some affiliate links in there okay do you just see how that actually worked so i know we started in kind of an abstract world because yeah i wanted to show you the research from the beginning i didn't want to say well i already know that i'm working on this right this is we literally we started with the offer and now i think we're going to go over it one more time just to make sure it's 100 clear and obviously if you have questions you can get at me in the comments below but really the thing is that we start on pinterest okay and what we're looking for is topics and keywords that match up with money okay they are directly related i was like okay that woodworking thing i see how that literally i have a product for that it links together then we need to build bridges and those are bridges if you couldn't tell uh that are going to get them from looking on pinterest at what they're interested in to the money and how did we do that well we started by thinking about from pinterest what are the different ideas and then we went down to the opt-in first so we created a lead magnet which if you can make a one page uh that's the best way right like a checklist a cheat sheet uh seven things you need just make a single one page pdf so you can get it done fast that's the key here and then we have a follow-up sequence that has between three and five emails i think the five-day follow-up series is perfect and you could make a five-day challenge um so let's say you're doing weight loss you're doing keto do a five-day challenge you don't even need to make a lead magnet right the follow-up itself can actually be the deliverable so you don't even need to make a pdf then what do we do from here well we brainstormed we came up with five to ten different blog topics and then from there you're going to cross-reference in the keyword tool you're going to make sure that it works for both google and pinterest and then you're going to write them out you're going to go through the process i've taught i've got several videos that show the fast way to write it and create it and then you make pins okay and then you put your pins in your post because google's like that and then you put your pins on pinterest itself and then once it's on pinterest you need to make sure that you have the business manager set up so you can do rich pins and that's how you add the link if you can't add the description text on your pin if you can't add the link on your pin that is because ultimately you don't have it set up appropriately i really think that it makes great sense for everyone to be spending some time on pinterest and starting to treat pinterest like a search engine that is full of users who are browsing around for things to buy things to collect things to how to things to build things to make and you might have diy stuff that shows them the seven steps to get what they want and all seven of those steps are amazon affiliate links and that'd be great how to catch bigger fish you need this rod you need this reel you need this line you need this tackle box you need these waders all those things could be affiliate links or it could go directly to a product a coaching a membership to the list etc etc if you have any questions let me know i hope this is helpful i think this is brilliantly excited exciting and yeah i'm here to help anything i can do be well be a touch and thank you very much for your time

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The first key is to realize that it isn't just about getting traffic from your Pins but you need to build bridges from Pinterest topics to your blog posts, your email list and your offers.

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