How to make money in this HOT 2021 Real Estate Market ūüĒ•

hey guys in today's video i think you guys 
are going to enjoy it especially if you're a   buyer that is looking to pick something up in 
today's market and if you anybody who's been   active in today's market you know from 2020 end 
of 2020 right now to 2000 the beginning of 2021   it's been absolutely out of control we've 
seen prices increase in some areas from 20   25 even 30 percent uh we've been struggling for 
a lot of our clients to find them lots to be   able to do builds uh there's been absolutely 
no inventory and everybody's holding offers   so how is it in today's market we're able to 
secure properties for our clients that's still   favorable pricing and actually do it with 
more confidence than we would have when the   prices were 20 percent less and in this video 
you're going to see exactly how we did that welcome back to the frittata group i'm 
reuben furtado and today we're going to   be meeting with a client who purchased 
the property unseen in oakville by the   bronte marina and we did that because he wasn't 
available to come out to the house right away   so i quickly went out to the house the first 
day it got listed facetimed them from the house   and i was really excited about it and we're going 
to show you why because we're going to meet him   at the property and we're going to talk about the 
concept of what we're looking at what we're going   to be doing with this home the type of house we're 
going to be building but we're also going to share   with you how we secure that property right 
because in a market like today we would be   competing against multiple offers well we didn't 
have to do that in this situation but on the way   there we do a quick pit stop because i wanted to 
take you on another lot that we just purchased   and it was a lot that was holding offers but we 
put a bully offer in and we were able to secure   that property however here's the interesting part 
the clients who just bought that lot right now in   february on that same street back in november 
of last year they had an opportunity to buy   a house that was and you're going to see that 
house because you can see it here on the clips   this tiny little bungalow was one house in from 
a busy street so you get a lot of noise pollution   but it was still a really good location because 
you were within walking distance to the downtown   oakville and this house here's the interesting 
thing it was listed at just under a million 999   000 they were holding offers and based on what the 
sales were we felt that what we were comfortable   with was a million 50 because remember the market 
hadn't blown up yet and my clients they were   willing to go the million fifty uh unfortunately 
the sellers wanted no less than a million eighty   so we didn't get it the sellers then go list 
at a million again they relist it and they end   up selling it a million ninety so we missed that 
opportunity and we were okay because we were only   prepared to pay a million fifty but here's what 
happens that was in november no inventory after   that point we're waiting waiting for something to 
come out now something comes out in february and   prices have now gone from that million 100 to 
1.3 million two hundred thousand dollars more   and my clients were struggling to basically you 
know adjust to that because they literally just   missed out on an opportunity for two hundred 
thousand dollars less on the same street   and this is what i shared with him that made him 
feel a bit more comfortable with this purchase   it was this we are in a better situation 
buying the lot today at 1.3 million   then we would have been buying that other lot 
at the 1 million 80.

Why because it sounds like   i'm it's a sales pitch but it's not when the lot 
sold at 1 million 80 there was no sale supporting   a turnkey custom luxury home in that area that 
would have been more than 2.5 or 2.6 million   but today in today's market the finished product 
we just saw one right around the corner that sold   at three million seventy five thousand that's 
almost four hundred thousand dollars more as   a finished house so today once we bought this 
as an investment once we build on it yes we're   paying two hundred thousand dollars more on 
the land but on the resale value of the house   when it's finished in his bills four hundred 
thousand more and there's more activity on   those sales which there wasn't before so there's 
more confidence now and then the other thing is   the interest rates are lower so all in all when 
people are looking at it they're always looking   at the negative and i think you need to look 
at both sides but that was why we passed by and   you're going to see the images of both properties 
that we were looking at the one that we missed   and the one that we picked up so one last 
thing before we go meet up with the client   on that one property that we did secure they 
were holding offers and within a couple of days   of it being listed we were able to avoid that 
multiple offer situation we put together a very   decent bully offer that was not over market value 
based on what everything else was selling for   but it was something that had terms and we use 
certain clauses that are very favorable to the   sellers but that worked for our buyers and that 
helped us build a relationship and have them   look at our offer and consider it to where we 
got to a price point that was agreeable to both   my buyer as well as the seller and avoiding 
a lot of competition and inflating the prices   even more okay i'm just around the corner i'll be 
there in like less than one minute uh they they   are there they know that we're gonna be coming 
through so they're okay with it like i own this remember the clients never seen the property 
this is the first time they're physically at   this home the nice thing too is we did not 
have an appointment to go through the house   i ended up calling the listing agents just 
letting him know i was going to do a drive by   he called the seller the seller happened 
to be outside super nice gentlemen and led   us to go through the house and one of the 
reasons why we like this property is that   it actually had it was in really good condition 
it was a bit dated but in very good condition   and uh the it had a second suite on the second 
floor so for rentability you could have been   renting the upstairs and renting as a as an 
in-law suite and then renting the main floor   and that's a really nice thing to have because 
if at the end of the day we were to change   our strategy and not build right away we 
can still generate some pretty good income   rather than a lot of these other properties 
that are tear downs that are really not rentable   now a lot of people avoid a corner lot so one of 
the things i wanted to do in getting the client   out was not just showing him what he bought but 
showing him the potential it had so just down   the street we then go for a walk just a little bit 
further and then here's the irony i actually lived   on this street i lived on the house that was 
just next to one that was built on the corner   and that's where i kind of had the vision of what 
we were going to do here to some degree but really   just take it to the next level so then we did went 
for a drive in another area where we're looking at   some other houses that i've all i've always been 
a fan of now they were on some bigger lots they   weren't like a 75 by 150 lot but here is a really 
good example of what we were looking at doing   which was going to be the garage was going to 
be off the the shorter part of the lot on the   60 foot side and then on the longer side would be 
the entrance and then on that side entrance on the   corner side of the house is where we're gonna 
make it look really grand right give it a real   strong presence and then that way we still have 
a really large backyard but the backyard's not   not near the street side it's tucked more into the 
corner backing on to the other house just behind   it even though we had a clear vision of what we 
were going to design and build and the layout   that was not justification to actually buy this 
property nor should it be instead what we want is   understand what the risk is associated and what 
the opportunity is with this particular project   and one thing we knew for a fact was that earlier 
just weeks earlier on a busier street a property   sold for over 1.3 million and it was a smaller 
lot so we knew that this house being a bigger lot   a bigger house that and that the fact that we 
could rent it if we decided not to build something   was a far better opportunity on its own but 
more importantly is what would a finished   house based on this concept that we 
had what would that be worth in that   area well houses in that area already support 
supported a sales price of over 3.3 million   so we are very confident that if we were to 
build the right house with the right quality   and the right sales strategy that we should be 
getting very close to 3 million at least no less   than that so that's what gave the the buyer 
confidence and enough confidence to move forward   and then the other thing too though keep in mind 
this house got listed i think it was thursday   one of the things that we did is avoid it from 
even get being able to hit the market on the   saturday and sunday so we actually tied up and 
got this deal done literally on friday night and   i thought that was really important to make this 
all happen for this particular client but there   are going to be some folks that are like hey that 
makes sense for oakville and i just want to put   some context around it it doesn't matter whether 
it's oakville uh or whatever area it is the   principles are going to be exactly the same but 
if there's one other bonus tip that i can give you   is that in a market where people are now 
just wanting to jump in because they see   prices escalating and they're buying anything 
that they can get at a deal be very cautious   because a deal today will be very similar to the 
first property that i told you about where those   people bought in 2017 and they paid 1 million 
150 and 3 years later they only sold it for 190   and lost money is because all they were doing 
was basically out of fear they bought something   where what we're buying is not out of fear it's 
at a strategy you want to buy something that it's   not a deal it's going to be a home and any market 
that is going to be something that is desirable   and easily marketable and that you're going to 
make some money so until next time guys take care

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How to make money in this HOT 2021 Real Estate Market ūüĒ•

How to make money in this HOT 2021 Real Estate Market!

If you've been looking at buying real estate this year, you will all agree that the Toronto real estate market is on ūüĒ•. You may be asking yourself, Is 2021 the right time to buy and invest in a home? In This video, we share our thoughts on the Toronto real estate market and how we are buying homes and investing in real estate for our clients with more confidence than EVER!

Topics Include:
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‚ěĘCustom Homes
‚ěĘFinding the Perfect Lot
‚ěĘToronto Real Estate Market Update
‚ěĘBuild Projects
‚ěĘMultipe Offer Staragies

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