How To Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2021 | make money from your phone |make money online fast

ASSALAMUALAIKUM how are you guys. ALHAMDULILLAH hope you guys are ok. so, lot of my friends tell me to make video on online earning websites fake website on earning websites what are those real or fake things on those websites i research a lot on those websites and it took me a long time to do but, i found Too many websites those are fake but, some of those websites are very easy to use and make money online we are too many peoples who don't know how to use or how to earn money by dealing with website requirement by playing games and doing online surveys and much more that is the reason i bring this video to you guys to you learn more from my videos i will teach you the usage of app to use application we can download any application but, we don't know to use i will tell you which is real earning platform and which is fake so, be with me i will take you to one application as you can see that on left down corner on my mobile screen last corner this is an application which you can earn coin with this and convert it into dollars but, some of the people say th ta this is fake or people come only for 2 days or 3 days and say that we couldn't get our withdrawal all those application or website have their own requirement let's go i will show you it's simple signup into the application as all of you know already about signup after signup this is our home page here, you can see on the top survey just now survey is not available but, it will come later second, is our lucky box when you open the lucky box as, you can see here day 1, 2, 3, 4 i earn the money till day 2 i will give you the live proof of that so, i am going to tell you the method what you have to do is just open lucky box daily as you can earn coins after that if i go to the general games there is so many crypto currencies path upps and many more so, i will tell you exactly what you have to do with it they are saying to just give them approximate that this crypto currency will go up or it will go down you just have to assume by yourself first you have to confirm the predic tion and submit here, you go the ad came you just have to watch this small ad to submit your prediction now, as i play the second game to show you this is upp it's a crypto currency extra ……

Here he is saying to tell us this currency will go up or down next is xwg (it's a gaming channel) i just assume that it will go up this is also just a type of game i am just assuming if these will go up or down you guys also have to do the same thing now you have to make confirm on your prediction here the short ad came just see full after you can skip when you skip this add you will get coins i will show you where and how? now, make it confirm this answer ' will come after 3 hours as you can see on screen the prize coin amount is 100k and so many peoples are playing it they are 600 + user who participate in this game when prie money will come they will divide by doing it like this you can earn daily coin bonus alos here they are showing messages or comments you can alos type the comment here if people like your comment or it goes vral it will come on viral section now, we are in analytics here they are showing us about all crypto currencies here you can see they show you all the ratings of games before we were assuming all here showing go up only CXX came down a little bit they are showing analytics one hour 24 hours and 7 days also means, full one week you can come here and see before you go and play game and you can see the prices are going up or down.

here you can see my own profile that i have 1649 coin at the same time here is the method to withdraw the handy coins there is 2 method showing here one is kleyton and second is ethirium kleyton is alos an application but, from that application you can convert your handy coins into jazz cash / easy paisa or bank transfer or ethirium which one you like but, i prefer kleyton because, it's easy and only charging a 1 handy coin fee to make withdrawal as on the other side ethirium is taking 1500 handy coins handy coin i mean. here you can see my ranking also going to 100% on top and my handy ranking is 99.999999 my hit rate is 40% I earn the total point i mean, total amount of dollars i earn only in 2 days which is 90.05 more you can see that i already get withdrawal of 90.05 coins to kleyton and you can see on screen my ration of all 3 days in fornt of you so, guys this is the live proof that i made after too long i see i learn and i birng this earning platform to all of you that it is not fake maybe, the method of using this platform is typical but, still it is original earning platform and in the next video i will tell you guys about how you can see on the web which website is fake or which is real To see that also you don't have to go and ask from others.

this is our video of today so, please subscribe my channel and press the bell icon also for updated videos if you like the video hit the like button Next video i will make on a website about that website too many peoples are saying, it's fake. …. i saw it and i like that. I am working on that website.

i will get my first withdrawal and then i will post the video. after that i will share the method of using it online and on your smartphone. ok guys ,,,,,,, SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ALLAH HAFIZ BYE BYE …….

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How To Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2021 | make money from your phone |make money online fast


In this video i am going to tell you guys how to make money by playing online game from your smartphone so, don't miss the video see full video to learn how to make money online in Pakistan and how we can use an application to earn online money by doing some surveys and and playing the games on app.

Name of Application is HANDY PICK
1-How To Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2021
2-make money from your phone
3-make money online fast
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