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Doing job is an obvious way one can earn money if you know coding but there are a few other ways that will help you On money, uh by doing programming and i'm going to share that in this video today Number one is doing freelancing online Upwork fiverr and freelancer are some of the website that allow you to do freelancing programming work I have a subscriber. His name is akshay. Jain when I had a conversation with him two years back He was in third year of engineering studying in a small town in the state of rajasthan. India He was doing freelancing on upwork and earning one lakh rupees per month Think about it If you are in engineering third year earning one lakh rupees or two thousand dollar a month is pretty good deal Actually, I have shared his profile here on up for he has on sixty thousand Dollars so far by doing all that freelancing work mainly in python So freelancing on this platform is definitely a good way of earning money. There are so many freelancers Some of the freelancers charge even 100 or 200 an hour and they earn more than other people who are doing job I'm, thinking of inviting aksai for an interview where he can share You know the tips for freelancing and that video might already be available If you are watching this particular video at a later point in time in the future The second way is doing freelancing for local businesses.

Can you go to some local grocery store or a doctor's office or lawyer's office and ask them to build their website or a mobile app After coolid19 came in the demand for mobile app and web development has increased Someone sent me this nice infographics on whatsapp and it shows the reality postcode Everyone wants digital transformation in their business, especially small businesses For small businesses their need is custom software There are software products big one But often they want to do some customization and those big companies are not going to do customization So custom software needs are higher and that increases the opportunities for local freelancing You can go to Let's say some business and you know Like build a website for them using some template and say that look this is how your website is going to look like And that trick work will work the best if you directly go to a business and say okay you should do Redo your website They will probably not be convinced But if you do it and go with your laptop or ipad show it to them with their logo and their business name They will be more convinced and they might give you that business I have a friend rahul gawande who also started doing freelancing in his college days, and he started earning a lot of money Later on.

He's actually a common friend of me and my brother and when my brother started his software company He uh started it with A partnership with rahul and that rahul is now a cto of that company. So if you're doing Freelancing you might build great connections with people which might turn into some amazing Uh collaboration opportunities in the future. I have shared, uh, rahu's linkedin profile in video description below so if you need any tip on doing Uh freelancing in the local business, you know outside the online platform feel free to reach out to him He's very kind and helpful and he will probably answer The questions you might have third way is to sell website templates and wordpress themes online Theme forest is one of the popular website which sells website templates and themes This is a marketplace similar to upwork where people build these templates and sell it here Say you are looking for an e-commerce template. You can click here. You will find so many templates from different companies here There is this company called p themes which is selling this template for 99 And if you look at their portfolio, there are so many themes Similar to p themes you can also register your profile on themeforest build these templates in html psd Css javascript you need design skills and some basic web development skills And by doing that you can build a template post here And then it becomes a passive income for you because you do one-time work And then these themes keeps on selling for example, this theme 59 it just keeps on selling and B themes company will a company or person will keep on making money.

You can also sell the plugin So if you are here if you go to code And if you are looking for less a calendar control for website, you find so many different controls And these controls are also created by freelancers Which they are selling it here on this marketplace If you want to learn how to build these themes or plugins go to youtube just say wordpress theme development tutorial You'll find many tutorials here similar to that you can google WordPress plugin development tutorial and you'll find many Videos for that so learning these things are not that hard fourth way is teaching Which is what i'm doing on this youtube channel, once you learn coding, uh, you can also learn some teaching skills And you can combine these two to create amazing revenue streams As of september 2020 with hundred and fifty thousand subscribers i'm earning Close to two thousand dollar a month from youtube I have not done any sponsorship affiliate marketing or any paid courses yet There are websites such as udemy coursera simply learn and they're sending me tons of emails Uh for doing the paid courses so if I launch Let's say a paid course 10 each.

I can easily make few thousand dollars. So You can see the potential that teaching has once you know Uh the coding as well as the teaching You can also do local tutoring Nowadays, even the students in 10th or 12th grade. They want to do a long programming You can find such people in your local area and maybe conduct some tuition classes And that is an amazing way to earn some extra money. The next one is starting a niche website. Now, what is nish website? It is a website or a portal that serves the need of specific audience I will share the story of pat flynn who runs a successful podcast called smart passive income I have a link of his podcast, please watch it.

Very inspirational very successful He was working as an architect in a company and one fine day. He gets fired from the job At that time he had created a website which helps you prepare for an architect exam And he realized his website was getting many hits. So he revamped his website and then launched a course Or an ebook which gives you guidance on how to prepare for the architect examination And that ebook earned him 8 000 in very first month After that, he has never looked back.

He is he's so successful if you go to google And just search smart passive income nis website podcast And you will find couple of episodes in his podcast which will teach you how you can start your own a website Uh, he also had this website where he was teaching if you want to start a food truck business Then how you can do it. What are the various resources? And once you launch this website, you can put google ad On it and those ads will generate a steady revenues for you Also, you can do paid consulting or maybe paid courses and that will also generate some extra income for you please watch smart passive income podcast and also those specific episodes related to nist website Wherever you're living in your local area try to identify some common problem we human have this habit of Complaining about problems, but then when you start looking at these problems as opportunities That's when you come up with these ideas of nist websites. So nist website another great way of generating a passive income the passive income is word is very important because it's like You have a home and you are renting it to someone, okay? So once you have that website going on you have to do little maintenance But otherwise you do less work and every month the money keeps on depositing into your account Next item in the list is creating your own mobile Application my brother recently got an inquiry from a visa consultant who want to create his own mobile app for to do tasks And I was like, there are so many to do task applications.

There is google keep there is wunderlist to-do list Why do you want to create one another to-do app? and the answer was the businesses have this custom needs and this particular visa consultant had a need of Some specific workflow, which was not there in these applications And these guys don't mind spending a few thousand dollars in building these applications So custom software development market is very huge and you as a freelancer will have a lot of advantage because These small businesses cannot afford to pay to big companies and big companies cannot make a truly generic software, which will satisfy needs of all the users, so maybe you can make a to-do app for Let's say medical representatives You know those pharmaceutical small companies have their specific workflow or maybe visa consultants have their specific workflow. So Make an application which suits the need of a specific segment? And that custom software will earn you a lot of money I was watching an interview with zip recruiters ceo and when zip recruiter Website was launched. It is a job search portal There are many other websites There were monster and so on and someone asked why are you starting yet another? job portal website and he said that In all these portals if you want to do a specific thing Let's say you have to go through 10 steps, even if I can reduce the 10 steps into 9 steps Then also I have a sellable product So try to look uh in your surroundings and do observation Are you finding any applications or any workflow? Where there there is some pain and maybe you can address that pain by taking those extra steps away And when you build that product it will sell for sure even if it doesn't Become big like multi-billion dollar enterprise, even if it can solve local businesses into your local area Still you can earn a lot of money There is a saying that you never lose you either win or you learn so if your Adventure doesn't become successful.

You will learn some skills Which will help you start another venture in the future and you will eventually get a success the last one is participating in coding competitions where you can win the prize if you're talking about data science and Machine learning kegel is a famous website where you and couple of your friends can form a group Participate in this kegel competition which has sometimes have tiff prices such as 50 000 and if you're lucky and if you of course you have to work hard and if you can Win that prize it will be a big deal And even if you don't win the the prize, of course, you will learn a lot of skills, which will be useful to you anyway So I hope you like all these tips that I have just shared If I miss something and if you know of any way which can help you on money With your programming skills, please.

Post a comment in the in the video comment below also. Let me know Which one of these tips is your favorite? If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up Share it with your friends subscribe to my channel I teach programming data science career guidance interview tips so many different things on my channel So if you are looking for a specific topic You can go to youtube search code basics then the topic name and you will find my video. Thank you very much for watching You.

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How to earn money by coding | Make money by programming

Earning money by using your coding or programming skills is not that hard nowadays. In this video I will discuss 7 ways you can earn pretty good amount of money by doing coding or programming. Below is the topic list along with the timeline,


00:00 Overview
00:12 Freelancing - online
01:26 Freelancing - local businesses
03:42 Sell website templates, plugins
05:26 Teaching
06:33 Create niche website
09:02 Build your a mobile app
11:55 Coding competitions

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