How Teens can Make Money in 2021 | How Your Teenagers Can Make Money

Hey, everyone, this is Rhiana from A Frugal Life,   and today I'm talking about how your teenagers 
can make money both online and off. So right   now we're in a middle pandemic. So it's hard 
for even adults to get jobs or make money.   But there's teenagers out there still wanting 
to make money, either for pocket money or to   help support your family. So you would be 
surprised at how many teenagers actually   contribute their money to family finances, 
especially now when adults are out of work. So I personally started working as 
a teenager when I was 14 years old   as a teenager, part time for 14 to 17. 
And then I started working full time   when I was 17 years old. And I have 
been working full time ever since. So I know what it's like to be a teenager looking 
for ways to make money. The problem is that there   are some things that only adults can do, either 
because companies are only looking to hire adults,   even though teenagers work just as hard as 
adults sometimes.

And there's also things   that teenagers can't do just because you have to 
be a certain age to do certain jobs. So I'm going   to give you 15 ways in this video that your 
teenagers can make money both online and off. Stay tuned to the very end. They have 
lots of ideas. If one idea doesn't work,   another one probably will. Or these 
ideas may lead you to ideas of your own.   So if you do get ideas during this video 
of ways that teenagers can make money or   if you have a really great idea, be sure 
and put it in the comment box down below. The first idea I have is washing windows. 
And I'm not talking about giving up on a high   window or a corporate building. I'm talking about 
more residential and small business windows.   So my family actually owns a 
small business.

My mom owns a bar.   So I'm used to the small business mentality 
of hiring people local to do your work.   I also know that, myself included, people 
don't like to wash windows. And if you don't   have a housekeeper washing your windows 
for you, you are stuck with that job. And that's something that you want to do every 
few months. Or some people just wait and do it   once a year. But it's something nobody 
wants to do. So if you have a teenager   in the neighborhood willing to do it, you're 
definitely probably going to pay them to do it.

So   if you're a teenager, the investment is 
small. You need to get a bucket and some   water and some good window cleaner, maybe some 
spray bottles and some rag and some squeegees. You want to make sure you do a really good job. I 
would suggest doing a job for a friend, a family   member first and getting some testimonials. 
And then you can post an ad on Craigslist   or nowadays Facebook marketplace telling people 
that you're willing to do it. So Polke post it in   local Facebook groups. As long as 
you can get to the location, either   you drive yourself or a friend or family member 
or a parent can drive you, then you can do it. There's no age requirement on washing 
windows and it's definitely a need   that people don't want to do themselves. So you 
can charge per window, per home or per hour,   whatever you like. Just make sure it's competitive 
in the marketplace. Call around and see what   other people are charging.

And because you're a 
teenager, maybe undercut them a little and charge   a little less until you have a big clientele. 
Once you start doing it, people love your work. They're going to call you back every 
time they need their windows washed.   And it's an easy job for you to do 
to make a little money on the site. The next idea, it works for adults, too. It's 
something that people are doing all over the place   for days, but is flipping items on Facebook 
marketplace. So I know of a team that flips   sneakers, buying them when they first come out 
and then flipping them on Facebook marketplace   for a higher price because they're really in high 

These are sneakers like Jordan and Nike   shoes and things that come out in Limited Edition. 
But you don't have to invest a lot in this. You can go to thrift stores and purchase clothes 
and turn them into cosplay costumes and flip them.   You can purchase books and flip them on different 
sites, especially on Facebook marketplace.   Facebook marketplace is a great thing that has 
no age requirement. And if you are savvy on the   trends, you can purchase things and then flip 
them by selling them on Facebook marketplace.   And the great thing about Facebook marketplace 
is you can make people come to your house or   your location to pick up so there's no 
shipping involved, although I do offer   my Facebook marketplace items for shipping 
as well, because you do have a wider base. If you are able to ship items or small items 
and shippable, you'll get a lot more sales.   So flipping items on Facebook marketplace is 
something anybody of any age can do.

So this   next one is hopefully a totally unique one. And 
that may be something you haven't thought about,   is setting up phones, tablets or computers for the 
elderly or non computer savvy person. So I know a   lot of people in my mom's age group, for instance, 
who don't know how to set up their own computer. So if they get a new tablet, they need 
it set up with their email, their wi fi,   their apps that they like to play. They need all 
their favorite banking apps and useful things that   they need to put on their phone that they don't 
know how to do. So if you're willing to set things   up for them and to teach them how to do it, then 
you can make quite a bit of money by just charging   them every time you come over to help them 
charge them fifteen to twenty dollars an hour.

It is totally worth it for somebody to have 
somebody come teach them those things and it   is something that they need. So this one is 
going to be a great one to do word of mouth.   So if you can get your parents friends or 
your grandparents friends in on the deal,   if they can spread the word that you're willing 
to do this, they will often even come pick you up.   If you don't drive to come over to their house, 
talk to them for a little while, set up all of. Their apps set up their computer, set up their 
tablet, or if they're having problems with   doing things like printing or doing their online 
banking, they'll help you.

They'll have you help   them with that as well. So if you don't have a 
grandparent or parent willing to spread the word   for you, this is also something you can post in 
local Facebook groups that you're willing to do   for people that are not so tech savvy. So just 
make a list of things that you know how to do. Even the smallest things are not too small because 
there are people that don't know how to do them.   So put everything down from setting up 
Google Apps to setting up games on your   phone to send in your email redirects, 
anything that you know how to do and   are willing to share that information 
when people are willing to pay for. So put that down on your online 
resume is something you can do in   the future to make a little money. So 
this next one is not super fast cash,   but it could be super high in cash. And that 
is creating your own blog or YouTube channel.

So there are tons, if not thousands of 
teenagers online making money on YouTube.   So the biggest thing you have to do is set up 
your channel and start filming and you can start   filming as little as on an iPhone. Make sure 
that you have your parents permission to post,   but then start posting away. Make sure that 
you keep the safety requirements in mind   by not posting your exact location and never 
sharing your personal information with people.   But people, especially teenage age, like 
to watch other teenagers on YouTube. So you do need to get up to 4000 
watch hours and 1000 subscribers.   But I know lots of teenagers on YouTube 
have gotten to that point very quickly.

So   if you're willing to put yourself out there 
like this, then go ahead and start your   own YouTube channel on something that you 
love to do or just logging your days away.   So next is selling books online. So not 
exactly on Facebook marketplace, but there are   other sites you can sell online exhibit and campus 
book rentals and check if you're doing text books,   but even just selling regular novels that you 
pick up at the thrift store or garage sale. So if you get the scanner app on 
your phone for something like zip it,   I will put the link up above and down below. 
You can scan books when you go out to garage   sales and thrift stores and see if they're worth 
anything. If you are, pick them up for 25 cents   and then resell them on these sites for a 
dollar or more. So it's not a whole lot at   once. But if you really get some volume up 
there, you can make a decent living at it.

So selling books on Zeph, it is a 
great way to make money as a teenager.   So how about selling principles on Etsy? You can 
sell homemade goods if you're crafty on Etsy,   but the best thing to do is to sell principles 
because there's no overhead. So all you need is   a free program like Cannava, or you can pay 
the low monthly fee for the premium version   and you can make your own printable cards for 
any signs, printable stickers, all sorts of   different principles on Etsy and sell them to 
people for one dollar to ten dollars or more. And all you have to do is pay for the low listing 
fee of 20 cents on Etsy and then the percentage.   So there's really no investment 
to this one.

So if you don't know   how to get started on making these things, 
there's tons and tons of tutorials online.   One of them I have myself. I will put a link up 
above to that tutorial, maybe up above over here   to that tutorial on how to make birthday 
cards, which you can then sell on Etsy,   but you can also make all sorts of 
principles and then sell them on Etsy. And if you use social media to promote your 
Etsy site, you'll get even more sales. The   next I'm going to talk about is something 
that I do regularly, but it's also great for   teenagers and that is pet sitting. So I do 
mine will be a rover.

But there's also Care   and Wolff and other sites where you can 
actually list yourself as a pet sitter.   You may need to be 18 or over on some of these. 
So make sure that you get your parents permission. They may need to list under their name, but 
you can also list your services on a Facebook   marketplace and on Facebook ads and groups 
like that in your local community, even on   next door. So make sure that you tell people that 
you're a teenager, but that you're responsible if   you can get some friends or family members to 
let you sit first and get some testimonials.   People love a good, reliable pet sitter, 
especially someone who's willing to walk   dogs or sit and play with the dogs for a long 
amount of time, which people like me who are   a little bit older don't always have the 
time or the strength of the energy to do so.

This is fantastic for teenagers. Walking 
dogs is a great deal. You can make fifteen   to twenty dollars an hour or more walking dogs, 
especially if you live in the big city. So pet   sitting and dog walking is a fantastic 
way to make some extra money the next. And I'm sure you've heard of it and maybe even 
used it as Fiverr. But what you don't know is   that you can make money on Fiverr even if you're a 
teenager. If you need a parent to sign up for you,   if you're too young, go ahead and have them 
do that. But you can do all the work and   make all the money as long as your parent 
is willing to sign up for you. You know,   if you've been to five or that, 
there are so many things you can do. And Fiverr is a little bit 
misleading in that they says   five or five dollars is how they started out. 
But people are making way more than that.

You   can make bank on five year if you have any sort of 
skill so you can make principles on Fiverr like I   talked about. You can make principles for other 
people, for them to sell. You can make T-shirt   designs. You can help them with their websites. 
You can make great videos for them to post. Online, if you have any experience or want to 
look up how to make videos, so there are dozens,   if not hundreds, if not thousands of different 
things you can do to make money on paper. And that's great because they do all the promotion 
for you. You just have to get your gigs up there   and get good reviews as you start out. So 
Fiverr is a fantastic way to make some money   online. The next one is going to actually be 
easy to get into, and that is tutoring younger   kids. As long as you have good grades or you at 
least have good grades in younger kids subjects   and you can tutor younger kids and things like 
languages, math, English, help them with essays. And people love to hire teenage tutors for 
their kids because their kids look up to them,   are more willing to listen to them than they 
may be to adults.

So the best way to get in this   is to talk to your teacher and tell them you're 
interested in tutoring. A lot of teachers have   connections with other teachers for 
lower grades and they're willing to   put a word in for you. If you're a great student   with those teachers for lower grades and have 
them promote you as a tutor to their students. You can also, of course, posted online. But 
getting a recommendation from your own teacher   is a fantastic way to get into it quickly and 
get a recommendation, a testimonial that allow   parents to feel comfortable hiring you.

can hire yourself out at 15 to 20 dollars or   more an hour, depending on the subject and 
the grade of student that you're teaching.   If you can tutor kids in things like SAT 
prep, you can hire yourself out for even more. So get good grades yourself, get in with 
your teacher and get yourself hired as   a tutor for younger kids. The next 
one is a little bit of manual labor,   but anybody can do it if they just get up. 
The energy to do it and start working on it   is to wash cars.

If you're in the summer 
or in a location that it's warm enough   or to shovel snow if you live in the 
snow. So if you just go door to door,   you can offer your services to your neighbors, 
you can post on next door and on Facebook. But advertising to your local neighbors is the 
best bet to start out with, because if it's in   walking distance, you don't have to get anybody 
to drive there or you don't have to waste any gas   driving there. So you can offer to wash all of 
your neighbor's cars for a set amount like ten   to twenty dollars. Most people will take you 
up on the offer to support a local teenager.   And because they don't have to go out during 
covid so you can just come to their house,   you can wash their car, never have 
to contact them and have them.

Venmo, you pay pal or leave the money in 
the mailbox. So it's great contactless   way to make some money during covid. And then 
after that you'll have a long list of clientele   that are willing to hire you out over and 
over again to wash their cars or shovel   their driveways from snow. So the next one is 
not a side business or a side hustle and is   actually to get a job. And just because you are a 
teenager does not mean that you can't get a job. So I spoke earlier about how I had a job at 14 
years old. This was a little bit way back when   my mom did have to drive me to the job or 
I took the bus because I was in a city that   had public transportation at the time. 
So I got myself to that job every day   after school and every day on the weekends. 
I worked twenty to twenty five hours a week   and I had to work around my school schedule 
and around the hours I was allowed to work.

So as a teenager in some states were 
only allowed to work certain hours.   You can only work for a certain length 
and you can't work past a certain time,   like you can't work past midnight on 
school nights or things like that. People who hire retail know this. The managers 
will know that they have to hire you for a certain   amount of time and they will ask you for work 
permit you usually have to get for you through   your school. The work permit is free. You can 
usually get it through the administrative office,   but go to your school counselor and ask them about 
getting a work permit or if you need a work permit   as soon as you have it, then go out to your 
local mall and start putting out applications.

Working retail is a great 
way to get job experience,   to get yourself a resume before you graduate 
high school. And you can even do things like   working in a restaurant to build your skills there 
or working in a fast food if you were interested   in food. So I never worked in fast food. I 
only worked for a restaurant for a few days.   I did start out in retail, but that got 
me into the customer service world where   I built myself up the ladder from there 
to different jobs and into an office. So just because you start out retail does not 
mean you have to stay there forever. And it is   a great job to start out as a teenager. So this is 
something my husband actually did as a teenager,   and that is to apprentice with a family member 
in a family business. So he had an uncle who did   construction. So he actually apprenticed with 
his uncle as a sixteen year old in his family   business. And he learned the construction trade, 
which he uses those skills now thirty years later. So if you can learn skills like that 
early on, you have a great in on getting a   really great paid job later on down the 

But if you can get a family member   to hire you in on a skilled trade like that, it 
is amazing on your resume later on down the line   and you'll make great memories 
learning some new skills. So things like construction, things like 
housekeeping. If your family owns a restaurant,   don't be afraid to ask your family 
to help you out and give you a job in   those things and work just as hard as for 
them as you would for a regular employee.

So you can get great references 
from your co-workers down the   line as well. So the next one 
is not really for city folk,   but out here where I live in the country is 
big and that is to cut and stack firewood. So if you don't have the. Reputation yourself 
or a truck or a source for firewood, you may   have to get in with somebody who already does 
this, but stacking the firewood is very labor   intensive. People that purchase firewood in a or 
half court don't like to have to sack themselves.   And people that have the source for the 
wood and have the pick up don't always   like to do this kind of stuff themselves either, 
because it is a lot of work, but it is good pay. So if you can get in with somebody that does 
firewood and offer to be a stacker, they can   drive you around and you can unload and stack 
and stack the trucks. So a lot of the times when   I hire people to bring out firewood, they have a 
teenager with them stacking the firewood. So that   is a fantastic job to get into.

The next one is a 
super fun one. If you're a dramatic person, if you   like drama or plays or costumes or anything like 
that, and that is to be a costumed entertainer. So lots of party places will hire teenagers 
as costume entertainers. They often go out   in groups who don't always have to drive or know 
how to drive yourself. You can go with a partner   and you can dress up as a fairy, a costume party, 
a costume rabbit, all sorts of different things.   You can also apprentice with them and learn 
things like face painting and balloon twisting   that is great at parties down the line. But you 
can actually get tips from doing this as well. So people make really great money as costume 
entertainers because you get the hourly and then   you also get tips. You typically get birthday 
cake and maybe a meal on their way out as well.   And then just the fun of entertaining children. 
So teenage costume characters is a great deal.   You can also bring that into a school later on 
down the line and work at a theme park while they   will give you more money per hour, although 
you don't usually get tipped at that one.

So birthday parties are kind of the way to go. 
The last one is one more online one, and that is   making your own T-shirt designs online. So the 
only thing you have to do with selling T-shirts   online is to come up with the design. Then you can 
go on to places like T Spring and Red Bubble, post   the design, sell the design. All you do is collect 
the money is kind of a passive income. After you   make the design, you have to promote it, maybe 
unless you have a really intense, hilarious idea. So if you're a person that spots trends early 
and can make funny sayings on a T-shirt,   you can make a bank. There is a 
T-shirt head. I forget her exact name. I'll put her link down below. Has become 
a millionaire online before she was twenty   doing this. So this is a great one. 
If you have some artistic talent   on the graphic design side and you 
can post funny things on T-shirts.   So I will post Shirlington blowing up and get 
exact details on how to do it.

But you can make   big bank selling T-shirts online 
and there's no investment up front. So that is it for this video. Sorry 
if I'm a little bit weird today,   I have a headache, so I've done this 
entire thing with a splitting headache.   Oh, if you like that. I did this with that 
headache and you want to give me a like   Downbelow. Please do so and please subscribe and 
get the notification bell so we can talk soon..

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