How much money do you need to invest in robots to make 4K a month? – 3Commas + Binance

hello guys welcome to the trading parrot how much money do you think you need to invest in order to make 4k a month using trading robots do you think it's 50k 100k no i believe that if you're using three commas it's much much less than that in this video we're gonna be discussing what i call the monthly winning setup what is that well it's a challenge i put myself i wanted to find a way to set up robots in three commas so they produce just around 4k a month and i believe in the last month since i've been tweaking over and over this setup until i found a way to achieve 1k a week in the last week exactly and in this video i'm gonna be sharing exactly the setup i found and how am i diversifying the funds in order to manage better the risk in the in the market with market conditions and how much manual intervention i'm having to do with these robots and and at the very end of the video you're gonna discover this magic figure which is how much money am i actually using and it's very literal compared to what you have in mind probably but before i show you the actual setup please consider using the link in the description to get a free account on three commas and why am i trying to convince you of this because there's no better way to convince yourself that this is an actual winning setup than you know getting the free account getting the trial in this with the link in the description you're gonna get three days of trial with paper trading what you can do with those three days is exactly mimic the setup i'm giving you in this video and if you have any questions about the setup and you want to mimic it exactly how it is and you miss and i miss mentioning some details join the discord server again link in the description in the discord server there's going to be a dedicated channel to ask questions about the setup of the monthly the mostly winning setup which i decided to call it and that that that channel is gonna be specifically for asking questions on how to get it right the exact setup so i'm gonna be there for you explaining any questions you have until you get it right i when i started one month ago i was reluctant to to open opening an account on three commas and because i thought i'm there's no way i'm going to pay 50 quid for this i don't need this you know i have pro quant i have met a trader the these platforms are free yeah but i i was never able to to get this this level of profit without with with those tools with three commas in the first three days i made almost 200 and that paid four times for the monthly price of three commas so i really encourage you to get the link in the description sign up for three commas get the 50 discount and get the three days to try it out if you don't make the results which i hardly doubt it you know you can just leave it there don't don't don't pay for the account you don't have to but you know it's a win it's a win so let's let's look at the rows yes that's why you're here right um so first robot um that i have is actually using trading view in rsi signals it's got three thousand four hundred dollars and is betting is trading sorry uh using the best coins what is best best coins let's have a look at them at the road so this one is trading with ada with bitcoin ethereum link xrp and sil so those are you know top coins that i consider you know a win and this robot is using the strong buy on the one minute the strong buy on the 15 minute and and buy and buy on one hour and five minutes it's using the rsi to prevent to buy over both and the base order is forty dollars so when when all these conditions are met it will buy a position for forty dollars on one of these pairs that at that point is triggering all these conditions at the same time and if the price goes down after it bought this 40 dollars it what it will do is will open a safety order if the price goes down more than one percent and then if it goes down another one percent it will place another position for 60 dollar how many times well five times until it gets to five percent below that's the last safety order that it will open and it will take profit at one percent um this this one is basically using trailing to also capture more profit so if it passes one percent and it goes in a straight line you know parabolic up it will keep taking profit the only way will stop is after passing the one percent if it goes below 0.2 percent then when then it will close so the minimum that you will make with this is 0.8 percent if this immediately hits back from the one percent so one minus zero two but if it went to two percent straight and then goes down you will make 1.8 you get the idea and this road doesn't use any uh stop loss and the reason well these are you know great coins so when they're going up and up and up and up and up this thing will trigger as long as it's not overbought and if it decides to to drop significantly like like 10 percent you will end up holding one of these coins which are great coins to hold uh of course it's not great that you're holding it at that price but worst case scenario you will have to just wait for it to come back and it wouldn't you know affect you that much so so far this robot has made 379 deals since the inception and this started a couple of weeks ago and it's made 558 dollars that's great and you can see here you know the current positions open and which uh which pairs are making me more money so theta is not really great and still hasn't been great for for this robot mostly link ethereum xrp ada and btc are the winners so i may even consider going here and removing them it all depends on the conditions of the market this could swap the other way around next week you never know so uh for now as i said i'm not gonna be touching these robots second robot is based on a robot that is kind of a template that they give you in three commas it's called the gordon risky fast and risky and so i i got i inherit you know all the setup of this robot is is quite different it uses something called qfl and the qfl as an entering signal is different from this one here remember in the previous one i was telling you i'm using trading view and rsi this one uses qfl the trading view actually buys when there's a strong signal coming from technical indicators all consistently telling giving you a bullish signal whereas the qfl what it does it it signals it flags to buy only when there is a drop in the price and when there's a drop this thing the text tells you when it it thinks that it's going to bounce back so it does actually the opposite as the previous robot this robot follows a trend based on technical indicators and this the qfl enters when there is a drop in the price and it believes it's gonna come back up and this one is using all the coins and it's using 13.75 dollars uh that's that's what i'm using for this one and because it's based on the and the risk here this one has less uh safety orders uh i think max safety orders yeah three so this only has three the previous one had five and and smaller this one fast three and larger so you know that's that's the way the riskier bought the template and it is proving to work pretty well so i'm not touching anything and as i say the only thing i'm removing from here is the stop loss i don't want stop loss and i became an enemy of the stop loss on on this system in prog want you know you need a stop loss at some point but here you need to understand that you're buying coins you're buying currency so it's it's better to to to hold in in many situations it's better to hold and if you hold it and then you have other things that you can do with with a currency that's devaluated uh rather than having the stop loss because the stop loss is just going to kill you it's it's not great for this uh scenario then i have two more robots and similar to the second one so this one was the qfl risky i just made two more robots based on the template that they give you in three commas the safe and the moderate what did they change well i changed the position size compared compared to the second and you can see here the safe i made the position size larger significantly larger than the risky one that's for for managing risk and and this one as well doesn't have the stop loss i got rid of the stop loss on the safe and then on the moderate it uses all the pairs again that's that's the same and the amount of money is similar it's just that the position size is larger so how do i do you calculate this this number here so you go to the robot the 1376 you go to the robot and you're gonna see the max amount that this bot is using is you can see it there and how is it calculated well it's calculated on how many deals you allow this robot to open at the same time so if you put just one this this amount it will drop to four four one so each deal can use four four one dollars maximum and in which conditions will you use four for one well if all the safety orders open you will use four for one if you only open the base order you would use 80.

So it's 80 plus 120 multiplied by the number of safety orders that you are allowing the bot so in this case it's three so it's three multiply 120 plus 80 that gives you four for one and there's other other things that affect the price as well there's some fancy things that are not going to bore you in this video i'll mention them in in another video and that's how you get the total amount that you can use in the bot and that number you know as a pattern i'm naming my robots with the amount i'm using total because i want to be all times clear how much money i have in each robot etc so as i say risky safe and moderate they came from a template the first one is a combination of trading views the the the cqs completely different signal the cqs is using a signal that this third party from free commas they they got an agreement in between these two companies cqs and and three commas and they made for free this scalping signal and that you will normally have to pay for it outside three commas but in three commas you get it for free and this this basically signals a good prices for scalping and the only change i made is i also incorporate here as a start condition the rsi and the reason is that i noticed that cqs was opening too many times and over both uh con conditions which was making some trace not really great so i'm trying to filter out that and in this one you may notice that the position size had a little bit larger that proved to work better for me and what else no stop loss one position at the time i think there's no much i'm using all the coins and one thing i forgot to mention guys which is extremely important is i'm filtering here and blacklisting at the top of my bots all the leverage coins all these up and downs uh they they work amazing when they work but only with leverage you know you can get hit really badly and i don't remember exactly how they are called these up and downs but they really don't make you any favor when there's a lot of up and downs and in the price and the longer you stay holding any of these coins with ups and downs you end up losing a lot of money and you know in my paper trading account i was using them in the beginning when i was trying out and they cost a lot of losses and i i say okay fine let's blacklist them until i understand really how to use them properly because that's another level of risk that i'm not prepared yet to to go for until i understand better how to work with these robots so one thing at the time always so cqs again is the signal this has four thousand dollars and it's combined with rsi it's working pretty well as well the the the next robot is also using trading view and rsi but this one compared to the first one is using all the coins that's the only difference no more difference and is significantly smaller the size of the position compared to the first one it's just you know 25 higher the other one and and then i have this interesting idea here this is what i call the top daily coins it's based on trading view and rsi it's got 1360 dollars and what's interesting about this robot well there's some cherry pick coins here and where are they coming from well if you go to edit on this robot and you clear this you get recommended pairs right so you can do this every day you can clear this at some point same point during the day or you can do it multiple times a day and you can delete all of this and you can add them and every day you will see fresh new recommendations and you can use them and then you save good to go another way is you can go to robots and both analytics and you're gonna see today's best pairs they're coming from what they're coming from people that are trading so these are the number of trades that the whole platform three commas has done and today and the the best the number of wins they made and and you can see here you can take ideas from here combined with the other ones and that's how you fit your top coins of the day robot and you can have you know you know you can balance out more towards the one the coins are making big wins if you if you are willing to spend 30 seconds a day updating this thing um what else do you need to do so in terms of manual intervention you know um there's very little manual intervention really so i i all i do is once a day i spend around 10 15 minutes i go to the deals that these robots are opening say each robot can open multiple deals at a time and i look here at the profit i sort them by profit and i look at the the ones that are about to close and then i make sure i'm looking here at the red ones the ones are doing terrible and this one is already nine percent down eight percent down so let's look at the chart of this one so this uh to look at the chart you hit at the the pair and you will see here that it opened the first order here and the safety order started opening it went it collapsed down it went all the way here and but what what you can do on a day like this you can identify a strong support so for example let's say i believe that's my support my price is around here sorry and my target price is around eight five one so you can do two things you can just wait option one you wait until it hits a52 or you can add more funds which will add buy at the current price and and you will lower down your take profit of one percent depending on how much funds you put at 757 it will the more you put the more it will lower it another option is you can do an a manual a base order that you put at the support level or close to the support level let's say a 701 you put a base order manual sorry safety order manual safety order at 702 and you make it substantial enough so the take profit level drops significantly to maybe uh 764 somewhere around there why because your hypothesis will be that once we hit this because it's support it's gonna respect the support bounce back up positively to here and it's pretty much it's much more doable that you hit the 773 as opposed to hitting the a51 so that's that that could be in some scenarios a good strategy to exit quicker of course it requires more money of course it might not respect the support and keep dropping down but that's your call so you need to look at the chart you need to do some technical analysis put some support some resistance and and try to forecast what you think is more likely to happen and once you make up your mind then you you make your decision of course you can always you know ignore it and leave it there and you will have you know some one two three positions that are you know your big losers they're gonna remain there for a while until they're reversed that's another option but if you're impatient and you want to get real get rid of your bad deals you can always take the other option it will require a little bit more of knowledge technical analysis and understanding maybe some background fundamentals around how it behaves this type of coin etc but it's also doable so yeah i think that's it for today guys so um let me know what you think about the setup and remember that you can join on discord channel which is the main channel that we can use to discuss how to do the setup join three commas get your free account do the paper trading use those three trial days to mimic this thing and put the number the amount of money i was forgetting the most important thing i haven't told you how much money i'm i mean if you did the math you know if you sum all these numbers here you're going to notice that that's 14k 14k is the number is the magic number that i think can make you 4k a month which is absolutely crazy but if you notice here in the last week in the last week uh from here to here there is just below a thousand dollars just below and don't judge before because before is the period where i was tweaking over and over and over again and the robots to get them to really perform in the way i wanted so even in the last week i i had a few hiccups so this this is just going to keep improving because i'm now i'm settling on the approach i'm doing very little changes let's see how it's going in the next week i may share another video to to see if if this is improving even further in the discord channel of course every day we're gonna be chatting that's gonna be the main channel to discuss anything i'm planning to do with the robots um and i i'm really curious guys if you want to mimic this thing how good is going for you and this is extremely exciting for me awesome guys thanks very much for watching until this very point i'm sure none of you are still around but if you're if you're here thanks very much cheers have a good one

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How much money do you need to invest in robots to make 4K a month? - 3Commas + Binance

Welcome to my 15th video!

00:00 Intro - the monthly winning challenge
03:50 Robot 1: Best coins
07:50 Robot 2, 3 and 4: Risky, moderate and safe gordon bots
13:30 Robot 5: CQS Scalping bot
14:45 Blacklist of Binance Leveraged Tokens to reduce risk
16:00 Robot 6: All coins
16:32 Robot 7: Top daily coins

Can you make $4K a month using trading robots? I believe that you can and the amount of funds that I think you will need is way less than you probably do.

In this video I show my monthly winning setup: 7 robots that I believe can produce 4K a month using the amazing 3Commas trading platform.

I'm not a financial advisor. This video is only for recreational purposes. do not copy or follow my own trading strategy without doing your OWN due diligence. Trading with robots represents high risk.

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