How I Make Money Through Instagram – 0-100k FOLLOWERS IN A MONTH!

i used to spend around five hours a day scrolling 
through instagram aimlessly now at the time it   was habit and it wasn't until i realized that 
i could use the time that i'd spent and invest   it elsewhere in order to have a personal gain 
in just three months i built an instagram page   which reached over a million people a week from 
those stats i was able to monetize an income   therefore making me a little 
bit more on the side every month i'm sean i'm a videographer from manchester 
in the uk and in this channel we talk about   anything from personal finances to productivity 
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like to see more content similar to this   in order to start your instagram empire you've 
got a plan and from a plan you've got to   obtain a brand brand can either be a personal 
brand or a business personal brand obviously   it's me kim kardashian kylie jenner business 
brand can either be a niche such as makeup or a   meme page or even an actual physical business that 
sells products celebrities such as kim kardashian   are a personal brand as she sells products even 
her own businesses and she's done that for free   with minimal investment the only thing that she's 
actually had to pay for is either the photographer   or i don't know the content creator that created 
that piece of content for her as soon as she posts   it it's out to her millions of followers which 
is worth quite a lot i heard she charges over a   hundred thousand dollars just for one post if you 
wanted to go down more the business niche route   so say you're really into your makeup you know 
all of your brands you know all of your influences   from there you need to know your audience kim 
kardashian didn't care millions from posting   pictures of a garden did you in order to really 
know your audience you need to break it down into   three sections the demographic the age and 
the location you need to really understand   what language are they speaking what cultures 
within that country and obviously their age   you won't be posting memes on your page if you're 
targeting 55 year olds not that 55 year olds are   on instagram anyway to give an idea on what 
sort of content you need to be posting need   to do something called social listening and that 
is where you identify your competitors have a look   what they're doing see what's successful for them 
what works video content photos who knows i've had   success with accounts that work really well with 
video and photo some just photo such as memes   and then some just purely videos you also need to 
scope your competitors hashtags people think that   the hashtag is dead it really isn't on one of my 
accounts most of the posts actually go viral the   definition of viral isn't like millions of views 
more more views than what you would usually get if   that makes sense so say you had an account with 
200 followers and it gets 10 000 views you've   essentially gone viral by scoping those hashtags 
you know exactly where your audience is searching   and where they lie on instagram take note of those 
hashtags so once you know exactly what you're   doing you need to start posting a lot of people 
who have built mean pages and certain niche pages   turn around and say you need to be posting 
at least five six times a day and i wish that   was true but you really don't in order for your 
post to be picked up by the instagram algorithm   you've got to have engagement now if you're 
consistently posting content instagram and any   anyone on instagram isn't going to engage with it 
if you post shareable content people will engage   instagram will pick it up and force it out to 
all these people that don't actually follow you   and i guarantee you that within like 100 posts 
200 posts you will find what works once you find   that thing that works don't be dipping your toe in 
other bits of instagram use it duplicate and just   keep going through that say you had a cake niche 
if you had a post that essentially went viral   of somebody decorating a cake that was 
just a video of them sped up doing it   why not find other videos of that i'm not saying 
repost the same content because then it becomes   oversaturated but if you post similar content it's 
almost just duplicating that snowball effect and   hopefully from there you'll gain more views more 
exposure and your account will actually be picked   up by the instagram algorithm if they can identify 
you as a certain niche and know that your audience   are consistently engaging with you they'll push 
it out to more people that are similar to your   audience so say if you're targeting 30 year olds 
millennials who are interested in skateboarding   it'll push it out to more that demographic posting 
once a week isn't good enough if you're actually   creating that content yourself so if you're a 
creation account rather than a curation curation   is where you use other people's content creation 
is where you create the content yourself if you're   creating the content yourself it might be hard 
to actually create that content more than once a   week but if you've done the initial research you 
might be able to curate a few posts yourself in   order to increase engagement as you're posting the 
shareable valuable content if people see a post   and don't get anything out of it they're not going 
to engage you've just got to mentally identify   what the aim of that post is whether it's 
to inform entertain or educate somebody you   don't necessarily have to educate everyone on 
instagram so say you just had a funny cat video   that would be a form of entertainment provoking a 
sense of joy or happiness or whatever in somebody   so they might tag the friend in the easiest way to 
get engagement on a post is to actually ask for a   response from the viewer that sees your content 
such as asking them a question or asking them to   tag their bestie in this lovely island picture 
if you do have a curation account i've actually   linked an app that i use down below which makes 
it so much easier to repost content from instagram   you can repost content from any hashtag account 
and even location so go down below click that   link and get your seven day free trial uh 
just try it out and see if it's right for you so now you're starting to see a bit of 
a snowball effect with your followers   i think i actually got my first deal when i 
had around a thousand followers on instagram   and that honestly isn't that much 
but at that point i was reaching   hundreds of thousands of accounts each and 
every week once there was a good piece of   content people would actually click on my account 
and go for you others and like it and that helped   instagram pick my account up and push it out in 
front of similar people's instagram accounts so   the first thing that you can do is actually add a 
line in your instagram bio to guide people to get   in contact with you this can be along the lines of 
dm for cheap shout outs or dm for sponsored posts   if there's sort of an incentive there people 
are more likely to do it and even then you   will get people asking you how much for a cheap 
shout out or whatever and half the time people   want something for nothing so don't be scared of 
telling people no it's your account after all this   one's a bit of a controversial one posting your 
analytics post your analytics as a mini flex on   your instagram stories it's essentially a mini ad 
to all those other people that view a story and go   wow a lot of people see that account some 
people have accounts with hundreds of thousands   of followers and their engagement is next to 
nothing because it's not being pushed out to   a target audience if you can show that your 
account is small but mighty it's probably   more valuable than those accounts with a hundred 
thousand followers another thing that you could   do is collab with similar influencers accounts so 
this is where you could actually get in contact   with your competitors and just say listen you know 
i get over a million people see my content each   and every week would you mind doing essentially 
a swap where you mention my name in a post   i mention your name in a post and it's just a 
simple transaction from there people will become   more aware of your account they'll actually 
discover your account if they haven't before   and those people that have advertised on that page 
the other competitors page will come over to yours   then and obviously if you've got your stats on 
your instagram stories they'll be like wow we can   use these people it's just guiding people to the 
right place the next step is actually to set up a   paypal you do not want to be receiving payments 
through your bank account keep yourself safe   at least with paypal all you have to do is give 
out an email address and you're completely safe   it's a much safer way to receive payments 
online also when people get in contact with you   have your options have essentially a price 
package alternate between stories reels   posts and ig tvs even you can then make tailored 
packages so say you just wanted a story post and a   feed post for 72 hours also give them 
a duration as well i forgot that one   if they want a permanent shout out then you can 
charge more if they just want it up for the first   72 hours when people actually view that account 
then charge a little bit less but then you get to   delete the post if you use the scheduler that 
i mentioned earlier they do actually have an   option where you can auto delete posts after a 
certain period of time link in the description as   i've mentioned in this video i do actually have a 
few different instagram accounts um if this video   gets over 100 likes i will actually go through 
one of my instagram pages and do a breakdown of   the workflows and how i got to where i am yeah 
that's how i obtained a large income each month   from instagram it's only a small account but it 
only took me a few weeks to get my first thousand   followers and then it just snowballs from there 
i even stopped posting for about three or four   months last year and just got straight back 
on it and my first post went viral just got   picked straight back up from the algorithm 
and yeah got boosted out there if you want   to see more videos like this subscribe but until 
next time stay safe i'll see in the next video you

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How I Make Money Through Instagram - 0-100k FOLLOWERS IN A MONTH!

In this video, I share exactly how I make money on Instagram without being a big influencer. I also share some sneaky Instagram marketing tips and tricks on how to build your follower numbers and increase engagement.

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