Honeygain App Review 2021: How Much Money Can You REALLY Make Sharing Your Internet Connection?

Hello, everybody, welcome back to my channel, 
Jennifer Marie VO, where I teach you different   ways that you can make money online working 
from home. So I have been asked to review this   by several of my subscribers. It is an app that 
I see all over the place all of these different   money making channels say, download Honeygain, 
it's passive income, make money while you sleep.   So what is passive income? Active 
income is when you're going to a job,   your working hours are getting paid per hour 
of work. So example, transcription work or   data entry or anything like that, that would be 
active income, you have to fulfill a job and you   get paid for it. Passive income is income that you 
make without having to do pretty much anything.   It's the dream.

Everyone wants passive income. For 
example, if you have a YouTube channel, and you're   making money from your videos, while you put in 
the work initially to make the video later on, you   can get ad revenue, and that's continuous passive 
income, you no longer have to do any more work.   So Honeygain, you're supposed to make money while 
you sleep. That's what everyone says. It sounds   too good to be true. So I wanted to try it out to 
see if you can actually make money, you can make   some money with honey game, but it is definitely 
not as easy as everyone is making it out to seem,   you're not going to be making $100 a month unless 
you have some crazy skill and can connect to you   know, 100 different devices from different 
IP addresses. But before we get into that,   let's learn about what exactly honey gain 
is. So here's the website, honeygain.com,   you can sign up by joining my referral link and 
you will get a free $5 credit to your account,   which is important because you can 
only withdraw money once you reach   $20.

That is definitely going to take a long 
time. So having an extra $5 credit will help.   So honey gain passive income 
effortlessly. with honey gain, you can make money just for sharing internet 
start earning now. So before we download this,   we want to scroll down and learn a bit more 
about what this does. Basically, you're sharing   your internet. And so this is only recommended for 
people who have unlimited data or unlimited Wi Fi.   So I do not use this on my mobile data because I 
have a really cheap five gigabyte a month maximum   for my internet a prepaid plan. So if I start 
sharing a gigabyte a day of my data that I'll   lose all my internet for my mobile phone.

obviously you do not want to do that only want to   do this if it's going to be worth your time. And 
if you have unlimited data, or if you're not using   that much of your data plan, and you can actually 
set a limit of how much you want to share.   Now my Wi Fi plan my home internet is unlimited, 
so I can share that without any issues.   So earn without compromising security, 
your internet traffic is used by trusted   partners only and the app itself does 
not gain access to your device's storage   with honey gain earn without having to worry.

basically, you are sharing your internet traffic.   So how does it work, you install the app on 
your devices and connect them to your internet.   Step two, run honey gain. Share your 
internet with no access to personal data.   Three, let it gather, your connection is used 
to gather bits of information from the internet   for help businesses, five get paid. Okay, so here 
they have a little estimate your earnings bar,   your earnings are estimated based on the gigabyte 
amount of traffic you share with honey gains   network, the more you share, the more you earn. 
So for example, if you are sharing one device,   and you're sharing two gigabytes of daily traffic, 
there's nothing you can estimate earning $7 a   month. If you're sharing. For example, here three 
devices, you can make up to $19 a month, they only   allow you to have, I believe two different devices 
connected under one IP address. So let's say your   home internet, you have your phone, and also your 
tablet or your Windows computer or your laptop.   And then also you were sharing a bit of data from 
your mobile plan, but you could set a limit on   that.

Then they're saying you could make up to 
$19 a month. I have had this going on my phone   for about three days now. And I haven't reached 
$1 yet, but I've only had one device connected   and I'm going to install it on my computer now so 
we can test to see what that's going to be like.   You can read here there's some reviews 
on trustpilot basically four out of five.   If you click here it says what is the current 
payout rate. For default network sharing you will   earn one credit for 10 megabytes of traffic that 
goes through your devices. So for 10 gigabytes   shared you'll earn one US dollar. As for content 
delivery, if that's available in your region,   you will earn 10 credits for every our 
content delivery is active and running.   Alright, so I'm going to go ahead click 

Again if you want to try this out,   you can click on my referral link and that 
is going to give you an extra $5 in credit   So here, you can click on whatever 
device you need. If you're running a Mac,   Windows or Android, I have already installed 
this on my Android phone. Now I'm going to   install it on my Windows computer. So let's 
click download for Windows, you'll have this   application we need to open up. Welcome to honey 
gain setup wizard, we're going to click Next,   you're going to install it to the folder 
that they recommend click Install.   Now you can go ahead and read through the terms of 
use. Click Accept, says Welcome to honey game, I'm   going to skip the introduction because I already 
know how it works, then you're going to go ahead   and log in I have already created an account. 
So I'm going to go ahead and log into that.

Okay, so now you can see it's currently active. 
I've just had this thing pop up, say want to   earn more enable content delivery, we guarantee 
additional credits for every hour, you had content   delivery enabled and active, want to enable it and 
see if that is going to help me make more money.   Okay, so once you log in, and you have the app 
on your phone or on your desktop, this is what   has popped up now that I have this on my computer. 
So I have this dashboard here, you can see that I   installed this on the 12th of December, and I 
shared 1.19 gigabytes of Wi Fi.

Then here 854   the 14th, which is today 796. So this is my third 
day so far. So you can see that this is my current   balance, and that is equal to 26 cents. So 
that's 26 cents in two and a half days, and   I only have one have had one device connected 
my Android phone, just today I have added my   Windows device onto it. Now you can only have two 
different devices for the same network. So if I   were to add a third device, I would have to add my 
mobile data or something like that. Or if I was,   you know, have another Wi Fi connection with a 
different IP address somewhere else I could do   that some people have been connecting to their Wi 
Fi at work, I don't know if that's allowed or not,   you'll have to ask your your work. But some 
people are connecting to their parents Wi Fi or to   you know, their friends Wi Fi and trying to 
make a little bit of extra money that way,   if you click here on this side on transactions 
history, you can see your current balance.   And then you can also see they have your honey jar 

So every day, you'll get a little honey   jar that will pop up and you click on it, it's 
almost like a little draw or a little lottery,   and you will earn some credits. So I earned 20, 
which I think is the equivalent of two cents. And   then this was one cent. Again, here are two cents. 
So that's like an extra five cents in three days.   So you can make a little bit of extra money 
every single day by entering in that little   draw. These are the amount of credits I received 
after one full day. So the December 12 was   the only real full day and that was 119.4, 
which I believe you know, that's basically   almost 20 cents. So it is going to take a 
while you can see my payout, I'm only at 1.30%.   But again, I have only had this really running 
for two days, I would say two full days,   and with one device. So I think that this is 
probably the lowest you can expect to make. But   if you are running it on multiple devices 
on with multiple different IP addresses,   then you probably could make you know, triple this 
each day, you click on the referral icon here,   you can invite your friends and get 10%.

So if 
you copy this link here, your friends will get   a $5 credit. And then you will also get 10% 
of whatever they earn once they withdraw.   So you can see here now it's starting to go. 
And now that I've connected it to my Windows   computer. And that's pretty much all you have 
to do you just sit and watch that accumulate. So   my overall thoughts are obviously this is super 
easy. You just install it, but it will take you   a while. I mean, they recommend, they're 
saying that you could make $20 a month. I think that that's being generous, 
I think maybe $20 in two months   would be more accurate for most people. But it's 
definitely you know, it's not what these people on   YouTube are saying that you're going to make tons 
of money while you're sleeping. That's definitely   false. They're just trying to get you to sign 
up with their referral. And maybe they'll,   you know, benefit when you do make money. 
But it it's definitely passive income but a   very low amount of income.

So if you're going to 
try this out, which I recommend you do, why not?   Just keep in mind that in order to reach the $20 
payout, you're going to have to, you know, it   might take you two months or something to reach. 
Also make sure you do not try this on your mobile   data if you don't have an unlimited plan. I'm 
going to show you with my phone how you can set   that your mobile data limit so you're not sharing 
a lot.

Right now. I didn't have this problem when   I was joining with Windows because you know it's 
just connected To my Wi Fi, so there's no issues   there. So maybe you'll feel more comfortable just 
doing that. And also make sure your Wi Fi plan is   unlimited. Because if you don't have unlimited 
Wi Fi, or if your Wi Fi is really slow, I mean,   I don't think this is slowing down my Wi Fi at 

So just check that your plan is unlimited,   or check your limits of your own home internet 
plan and your mobile data plan before using   this because for me, you know, I only get five 
gigabytes a month with my phone. So I would never   want to use this with my mobile data unless I was 
setting a very small limit, you obviously want to   make sure it's going to be worthwhile for you. So 
right now I'm going to switch this video over to   the mobile phone that I initially install to kind 
of show you how that works. And then I will come   back for some overall thoughts on this app in 
a minute. Okay, so I just want to switch back.   And this is when I went ahead and installed honey 
gain on my Android phone. So again, click on the   link in the description below. Because if you 
use my link, you'll get an extra $5 in credit.   Unfortunately, I didn't click on any referral 
link. So I don't have that in my own account.   So once you install the app, you might get 
a notification from Chrome that will say,   for your own security, your phone is not allowed 
to install unknown apps from this source and then   click on settings.

And then you have to click 
Allow from this source in order to allow the app   to be downloaded onto your 
phone. So go ahead click Install.   Once you do that, you'll agree to the terms of 
use. Then you can see a little introduction about   how honey game works. We've already gone over this 
before in the video, and then you'll click Proceed   to start up. Now here is where it differs with 
the app on the phone versus on Windows or on your   desktop computer. And you can see here that 
you have the option to use mobile data,   if turned off honey game will work only on Wi Fi. 
So I put no because I do not have an unlimited   mobile data plan. So it wouldn't be worth it for 
me to use.

But if you want, you could click Yes.   And then you could choose a mobile data limit. 
So you could choose how much the limit would   be per month. Also here, they say allow usage on 
battery if turned off, honey gain will work only   while charging. So I put Yes. And then put 
done. Now they say earnings may be limited,   Android may shut down the honey gain app to save 
battery to maximize your earnings turn off battery   optimization for the honey gain app. So I had to 
disable battery optimization.

And that way the   honey gain app will keep working. So again, here, 
I clicked allow to stop optimizing battery usage.   Okay, and this is what it looked like when I was 
just getting started. You'll have to confirm your   email. So go ahead and do that if you haven't 
already. So once a day, you'll get a little   notification that'll pop up and says when credits 
daily, this is what I was talking about earlier.   So click on try your luck. It says every day 
take your chance to win up to 10,000 honey   gain credits for your account. Read more about 
the rules here and click Open the honey jar.   And then as you can see I got 20 credits, which 
is equivalent to two cents. So every day you   can play that and you have an opportunity to 
win up to 10,000 honey gain credits a day.   So far, the maximum I have earned was 
20 credits, which is just two cents.   Okay, now I want to go a little bit more in 
depth on how exactly you get paid and the   payment methods. So as we already know, you need 
to earn at least $20 in order to make a withdrawal   and payment is done via PayPal.

So if you 
don't have a PayPal account or have access   to a PayPal account, then obviously honey 
gain isn't for you. So here are the four   steps that you have to follow. Step one, make 
sure you are ready for a payout. So again, 10 megabytes of traffic equals one credit. So 10 
credits equals one cent, and the minimum payout   is 20. US dollars, which is 20,000 credits, so 
you are only eligible for a payout once the pale   button becomes available for you to click OK. 
Once you qualify for the payout, send a request   by simply clicking on the pale button.

Your email 
will then enter our payout list will proceed by   entering your information to tipalti which is 
their preferred payment processing platform. And   then afterwards, you'll get an invitation email 
from tipalti. I don't know if I'm saying that   correctly. So you make sure to click on the given 
link. And that's basically their payout portal.   It says as you open the link you will be 
redirected to our payout systems registration   page. Simply enter your email, create a password 
and follow security regulations. Here's a tip   your honey gain registration email address does 
not need to match with your PayPal email so you   can have a different PayPal email than your 
registration email address with honey game.   So here you'll enter your information 
Then you will go ahead and receive your   payout once you've successfully submitted 
your PayPal payment details to the system,   and usually it will take two working 
days to receive your payment.   So we're getting we're back on my dashboard here, 
you can see my current balance is up to 26 cents,   I just added honey gain to my Windows computer.

that is only just getting started. So I would say   you could average around, I don't know 20 cents to 
maybe 50 cents a day. If you have three devices,   I obviously right now it's only about 10 cents a 
day. And that's because I only had my one device.   And this was also not on all the time My battery 
died and I didn't bother recharging the device   either.

But you can see so far today and the days 
not over yet that I have gathered 12 cents. And I   literally just added this device here. So if you 
are able to add more devices, add three or more   devices and have access to multiple different 
networks, then your total would be much higher   than my total would be. Again, if we go back to 
the website itself, you can get a better estimate   of your earnings based on how much traffic 
you're sharing. Because the more that you share,   the more that you'll earn. So if you're estimating 
that you're going to be sharing, you know,   maybe two devices and under five gigs a day, 
then that could be an extra $13 a month,   the really the highest that you're able to 
get they're saying 10 devices $67 a month,   this is going to be very difficult to get, I 
would say you're much more likely to be getting   under $20 a month. Okay. But again, if you 
sign up with my referral link that will   get you one step closer, you'll only have to 
make $15.

In order to make your first payout,   it might take you a couple months to do it. But 
it is an extra $20 it just depends on how much   gigabytes of traffic you can share and the 
number of devices that you have connected. So   I am very curious about this. I'm going to keep 
this running, especially on my phone because I   would like to do a payout proof video for 
you guys as well once I am able to reach   $20 if you have any experience with this website 
or with a similar website where you get paid,   you know passive income basically for sharing your 
internet or something like that, please share in   the comments below. Or if you're already using 
this, let us know if you have cashed out if you've   had success with it, or how much money you know 
you're currently at right now waiting to cash out.   I'm very curious about your experiences with this 

But from what I have read, it takes time   to reach that withdrawal threshold of $20. But 
once you do, you will get paid the money without   any issues. So again, this is just one more little 
website where you can make you know a bit of extra   sense each day. And hopefully combining this 
website with other websites that you can actually   be making a nice little chunk of change every 
month extra on top of whatever else you're doing   to make money. So thank you very much for watching 
this video. If you liked it, please click like   make sure to subscribe to my channels for more 
videos like this one where I will give you genuine   honest reviews on how to make money online without 
lying to you without giving you false promises   of how much you can earn.

Thanks again for 
watching and I will see you in my next tutorial..

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Honeygain App Review 2021: How Much Money Can You REALLY Make Sharing Your Internet Connection?

Watch my honest review on the Honeygain app in 2021 and find out how much money you can REALLY make each day sharing your internet connection. Sign up here to get a $5 credit to your account: https://r.honeygain.me/JENNI2C281 (referral link)

In this review, I'll show you how to install Honeygain on both a Windows computer and an Android phone. I'll show you how much money I have made in under 3 days of installing the app, how the app works, and give you an honest review of whether or not it is worth installing. I'll also discuss how to withdraw payment and cashout once you reach the $20 USD minimum withdrawal amount.

00:00 - What is Honeygain and what is passive income?
01:36 - How do I join and get a $5 credit?
02:03 - How does Honeygain work?
03:22 - How much can I expect to earn realistically?
04:32 - What is the current payout rate in 2020?
05:09 - How to download Honeygain on a computer or laptop
06:00 - Navigating the Honeygain dashboard on a laptop/PC
08:45 - My earnings after 2 days using 1 connected device
10:48 - How to install Honeygain on an Android phone
11:42 - How to set a mobile data limit
12:48 - How to win credits daily with the honey jar pot
13:24 - Payment withdrawal details via PayPal
15:10 - My overall thoughts on Honeygain

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