Get Paid FREE PayPal Money Watching Youtube Videos {Make Money Online 2021}

all you have to do is go to youtube do a search 
for and then you join up for this particular tool   and then go back to youtube and click on a few 
videos and watch it to the end and then start   collecting your earnings just like this you're 
probably already watching youtube videos on daily   basis so i recently found a way that you can 
get paid for watching those youtube videos for   absolutely free and here are the paypal payment 
proof and these are the exact kind of payments   that you can get in your account when watching 
a free youtube video and these are all just   one single day just watching youtube videos 
and it works worldwide and there's various   payment options paypal payoneer as well as webmain 
and before we get started my name is liwen and   on this channel you'll learn new and innovative 
ways to make money online so make sure you smash   the subscribe button and turn on the notification 
bell and if you enjoyed the video or get any value   out of it do help me hit the thumbs up button i 
would super appreciate that and if you're looking   to make a full-time income passively with a 
done-for-you system then check out the first   link in the description so i can send you all the 
details and just before i show you exactly how you   can make these kind of money and payment into your 
paypal account or a payment method of your choice   what you want to do is come over to youtube we're 
going to be doing a popular keyword search okay   you can do this for pretty much any niche but for 
the time being and this particular video and one   of the hottest things on the web at the moment is 
essentially pc and the gaming niche and of course   if you don't know fortnite is really big so we're 
gonna go ahead and do a search for fortnite videos   and once you've done the search for youtube we 
just leave that open so now we're gonna go and   sign up for the tour that we're gonna use and the 
absolutely free tool that we will need to set up   and use is this one which is a i'll have 
it on screen for you so you know exactly where to   go and all you have to do is come here and create 
an absolutely free account so you want to click   on join and once it pops up all you need to do is 
either log in using google or putting your email   as well as your confirmation double check your 
email and putting your password and tick i have   read terms and conditions and also check that i'm 
not alone about it and then go ahead and register   if you're wondering what this service is basically 
it's a link shortening service basically you can   grab any url and be able to paste it right here 
and shorten the link and you'll be able to get   paid as soon as somebody clicks on the shortened 
link and you'll see exactly how this site works   exactly how you can make money by watching youtube 
videos and the reason we're using this particular   website and not any other service is because and 
they've got a low minimum payout and it's only   five dollars for paypal and also five dollars 
for web money and also if you want payoner   which is a different payment service that is 
going to be 20 and the reason why we're using   this particular site is because they have the 
highest rate guaranteed as you can see here for   united states you get paid of over 14 dollars so 
that's fourteen dollars and four cents and that's   per a thousand views and it's the guaranteed 
highest rates you can get and it is a very   well-known service and used by a lot of people as 
you can see here that's just the links click today   as well as shortened in total and that's how many 
registered users they have over 1.2 million so as   you can see it is a very um trusted service and it 
unlike some of the other networks which may have   adult sites and things one this is a much more 
reputable link shorting service with absolutely   guaranteed highest rates available and once you 
have created your account this is the dashboard   and as we scroll down you can see it gives you all 
of your statistics of how much you've shortened   and how much you made and also by completing just 
the tutorial you'll receive a dollar for your   account so you can start earning money straight 
away and only once you hit your five dollars   you'll be able to cash out and the reason why on 
youtube we want to um select a fortnight is as you   can see it is very much a trending topic and you 
can see with this particular video it was posted   only four hours ago and it has 246 a thousand 
views already and as you can this one is 15 hours   ago and that's 303 35 000 views right so in this 
video i have a lot of people that's interested and   it's really fun to watch so you don't have to 
do much to actually make money so for example   all i have to do is click on the video open it so 
all you have to do is watch the video um alright   till the end to make sure that it is a good video 
so that i can show you exactly what to do next in   order to start making money with these videos so 
once you make sure that it is a great video so   just relax and enjoy and just watch it and then 
what you want to do is come over and copy the   url and then all you have to do is go back to the and then scroll up to the top it says   shorter url get paid and all you have to do is 
paste the url for that video and click on shorten as you can hear here it has shorten the link 
which will take people to that video and once   people click on it you'll be the one that 
get paid all you have to do is copy that   and then the next website that i want you to go to 
which is extremely important so make sure you pay   attention and follow along so the website that you 
want to come to is called i'll   have it on screen for you so it's much easier for 
you to see and this will be the website that will   have everything set up on autopilot for us and 
all i have to do is watch the youtube videos where   you get payment just like this on a daily basis 
basically pc gaming website is a gaming website   and the reason we're using this particular website 
it is super popular and they have a lot of traffic   and because there's millions of visitors to this 
website on monthly basis if you do the math that's   going to be a lot of clicks and therefore a lot of 
money that you can make and the reason why we're   watching very popular videos on youtube is because 
the more interesting it is and the more popular   it is therefore it will attract more people on the 
pc gamer website to watch the video that means the   more videos you watch which are popular and doing 
well the more money you can make and with this   particular website you have a lot of people that 
discussing you know various games about various   strategies and stuff and all we want to do is come 
onto this forum and do a search for our keyword so you're probably thinking how it is that we can 
attract people to click on our link and be able to   you know start earning a income uh our shortened 
link right here relating to this very popular   fortnight video right on youtube right so what 
we want to do is come over to pc beyond and post   something that is a trending that will attract 
people to actually have a look at what we've   got and click on the link so what we're going 
to do is go over to google and actually do a   search for something that's trending on fortnite 
there might be some kind of a breaking news or   something and that's you know creative or let's 
just search and see what comes up so let's check   out what they have for you know this particular 
game and see if there's any trending news   or um creative options that we can post so that's 
really cool so there is a update for the bug fix   that looks really good so all i have 
to do is go ahead and copy all of this so we're going to go ahead and paste all of 
the details of article into our google docs   as you can see we've got it right here might want 
to format a little bit because this seemed to be   really really big and right below the article is 
where we want to put in the title of our video   copy that and put that in your article 
again let's do some formatting and then   what we want to do is go ahead and copy 
our shortened url and then we're gonna   go and paste our link right here and once all we 
have to do is go ahead and copy the entire article and create a post on again pc gamer okay and 
once people read the article and it sees the   link down the bottom for some free rewards 
on fortnite they'll be interested in exactly   what that free reward is and go ahead and click 
on your link and because there's so many visitors   on this website who are actually interested in 
fortnite and the various news and also rewards   they will you know have a lot of people 
clicking on your link and you'll be able   to get you know thousands and thousands of 
people by clicking on your link as you can see   you can imagine how many free videos you can 
watch and also posting your you know link   for on pc gamer you know make sure you shorten 
your link on the website and you'll be   able to start making a lot of money on a daily 
basis if you enjoyed this video i would really   appreciate it if you hit the thumbs up button 
for me and also be sure to hit the subscribe   button if you haven't already and hit the 
notification button and make sure that you   check out the video i've linked at the end of 
this one so that you can find different ways   and create multiple streams of income for 
yourself and i'll see you on the next video

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Get Paid FREE PayPal Money Watching Youtube Videos {Make Money Online 2021}

Get Paid FREE PayPal Money Watching Youtube Videos {Make Money Online 2021}

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In this video, you will learn how to make free PayPal money just by watching your fav youtube videos. Make money online is simple if you know exactly how it's done. Watch the video and follow the steps to start getting PayPal money online.
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