Get Paid $500 Per Day With FREE PHOTOS (Make Money Online)

This video, I show you how to get paid $500
per day with free photos, which is one of the easiest ways to make money online. How to do it? We’re about to find out. This is, how to get paid with free photos! Also, only a small percentage of people that
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use it. Thus, of course make the most money. Enjoy it. $350 for this photo, $195 for this one, another
$500 for this one, and so on and so forth. The best part is you can do these for unlimited
times because you don't need a camera, and you don't need to take any pictures yourself.

Because I will give you a free tool where
you can get this done in less than 1 minute of work. It's a website that we never used before. And people from all over the world are making
hundreds of thousands of dollars with this website. Now right before we start. Let me know in the comments, what is your
preferred payment method? In that way, I can make sure that every single
video I’ll release is meant for you. So drop your preferred payment method in the
comments down below. And don't forget, I have a special bonus for
you at the end of this video so make sure to stick around and keep watching all the
way until the end. Now let us get started. So first and foremost, this is the website
where you can get the work done in less than 1 minute for absolutely free. This is the tool where you can get those photos
done in order to make money utilizing the second website which I’m about to share
with you in just a moment.

And the best thing is you can make hundreds
of dollars with the second website. So before we get to that website, I'm going
to show you how to create those photos first. So let's start with how you can get those
photos done for absolutely free. So just go over to This is a free online tool with hundreds of
thousands of different templates, which will let you to just drag and drop, and create
professional looking designs. But what designs can you create with Adobe
Spark? Well, you can create social graphics, flyers,
logos, videos, banners, posters, slideshows, and YouTube thumbnails. In addition, you can apply design filters
and animations to instantly stand out from the crowd and create high quality designs. So they also have different features like
creating web pages and short videos. But those are not what we will be focusing
on, we are only focusing on photos that we can create in less than 1 minute to instantly
share, and get paid with the website which I'm about to share with you in a minute.

The coolest thing is even if you don't have
a laptop or a computer, you can still do this with just your phone because Adobe Spark has
a mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices. So even if you're laying in your bed and holding
your phone, you can still do this, and make money. So all you have to do is go to
and click on Start now.

And that’s going to take you to this page
where you can create a free account. You can either sign up with Google, Facebook,
with your Apple account, with your email or with your Adobe ID. Once you’re done with that, it will immediately
redirect you to your brand new account. So in here, you can browse all of the different
templates, you have all these different graphic designs that you can customize, which are
pretty much 99% done for you and you just need to change the text. In that way, it becomes your unique design
from which you can make hundreds of dollars. So you can create Instagram stories, Instagram
posts, Facebook posts, photo collage, presentations, slideshows, and so on and so forth. All of these different templates are available. You can also create flyers, eBook covers,
posters, and the likes. So let's say for example, I want to create
a flyer design. Now all I have to do is type flyer in the
search bar, then just click search.

Once you clicked search, you'll see here a
lot of flyer templates. As you can see, all of these flyers are high
quality and they’re done for us. This tool already created the flyers for us. And all we have to do is just change the text. It's very easy, and anyone can simply do this. Now, you need to choose the flyer you like. Let's say for example I like this flyer right
here. So all I have to do is simply click on this
flyer, and then it will bring us over to this page. This is where we can customize the flyer that
we chose. Now I can change the text by double clicking
on it. Now I can type in whatever I want. Let's say for example, I can type in TheProdigy. As you can see, I just changed the text, as
easy as that. And now I can also change some other stuff
to make it more professional such as the colors, font style, font size, you can literally customize

You can add different shapes, shadows, outlines,
and the likes. And here on the left hand side, you can still
choose different templates in case you don't like this one. So it's really easy and simple to use because
they are all pretty much 99% done for you. You just need to change the text and save
it to your computer by just clicking the Download button right here on top. And that's going to instantly download a high
quality version of this photo straight to your computer. Now if you want to remove the watermark, you
can either use a snipping tool or any other software that you have on your computer and
just screenshot this photo, take a snap and just exclude the watermark in the bottom part
of the photo and you're good to go.

So that's how simple and easy it is to get
those designs done with Adobe Spark. It takes less than 1 minute because those
templates are 99% done for you. But real quick, if you guys are enjoying this
video in which I’ve put a lot of time and energy to actually do, I would really appreciate
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drop a brand new video next week to show you guys exactly how to make even more money online
doing basic stuff like this in the comfort of your home. Now let's get back to the video. Now let me show you the website that will
pay you hundreds of dollars for those designs that you create with Adobe Spark.

And that website is called If you don’t know what DesignCrowd is, DesignCrowd
is the world’s number one custom design marketplace. Here, people are selling their logo designs,
web designs, flyer designs, graphic designs and other design services. Now if we go to the designers’ section,
and select graphics designers, we will be able to see people from all over the world
making money. They are making hundreds and thousands of
dollars every single day. If we select flyer designers, we will be able
to see more people who are making even more money. There's a lot of money to be made with,
it's a really good website that pays a decent amount of money for those designs which you
can get done in less than 1 minute with Adobe Spark.

So if we go over to the jobs section right
here, you can see that you can create all of these designs and get paid for doing so. You can create anything from logo designs
down to flyers, brochures, posters, web designs, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter designs, graphic
designs, t-shirt designs and everything that we saw on the first website, everything that
we can get done in less than 1 minute of work with Adobe Spark. So let's say for example, you want to focus
on flyer designs, you can just click on that, and you will be able to see all the available

Now you can submit your designs which you
can get done in less than 1 minute with Adobe Spark and get paid. The best part is there will be new jobs coming
in all the time. So you will never run out of jobs to complete
within these sections. And that's only under the flyer designs’
section. You still have different sections, which you
can choose from. You can maybe go on with brochures designs,
poster designs, banner ad designs, book cover designs, Facebook designs, and YouTube designs. Now to get started with, all
you have to do is click this Register button right here on top, and then just enter your
first name and email address, create a password, select I’m a designer, and just click on
continue. Creating your account should take no longer
than 60 seconds. Once you registered and login to your brand
new account, you can start browsing all of these different jobs. And once you find a suitable one, just click
on it, and submit your design. And since a lot of you guys are often asking
me how you can cash out your earnings from the website, I’ll explain to you exactly
how to simply do it.

So once you start making money, just go over
to your profile right here, just click profile settings. And then on the left side, click payouts,
and then select payout method, in that way you can enter your payment details. And that's how you cash out your earnings. And that wraps it up. That is exactly how you get paid with free
photos. And now if you want to earn even more money,
check the first link in the video description below, to discover how to earn $10 every minute
with a new app, which is one of the best ways to make money online, which anyone, even without
previous experience can do. Yes, it’s possible and I’ll show you exactly
how to do it in that video right there, check it out. Thank you so much for watching and be sure
to drop a Like and Subscribe with Notification On so you don't miss out on any of the new

As always, I will see you in some of the next

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Get Paid $500 Per Day With FREE PHOTOS (Make Money Online)

In this video, I’ll show you how to get paid $500 per day with free photos which is one of the best ways to make money online. Making money online wherever you are or working from home, is the ultimate dream. There are multiple legit ways available on the Internet which you can earn money in your spare time or even in your sleep. Anyone, even without previous experience can do this and make money online.

Is it really possible? Yes, and in “TheProdigy” YouTube channel, I share strategies that work for everyone to make money online, build passive income, or even create a sustainable online business.

In this video, I’ll be showing you how to get paid $500 per day with free photos, which is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. The websites that we are using for this strategy are, and To know more about the strategy, how it works, how to set it up for absolutely free, and how to use your laptops and mobile phones to make money consistently, make sure you watch the full video to learn every step.

To stay up to date with innovative and proven ways to earn money online, make sure you subscribe to the “TheProdigy” YouTube channel today. Make money online with the best work from home jobs.

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