Every single way I make money (15 METHODS)

– Buna ziua [Hello in Romanian] My name is Sorelle Amore and welcome to this finance and freedom channel. For most people the idea
of making money online is the ultimate dream because
the possibilities are endless on where you're gonna live. There's no glass ceiling on
how much money you can make. So of course, a lot of people want this type of reality for themselves. However, most people have
no idea how to get started. It seems far too complex
and maybe out of reach.

So in this video, I'll
be sharing all the ways that I've made money,
myself online and offline as an entrepreneur on my journey of becoming as financially
free as possible, reaching the goal of being a
millionaire by the age of 30. Hopefully this video inspires
you in finding ways of how you can make independent income as well. (gentle uplifting music) Thank you for being here.

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that I absolutely love the idea of making money online. And I always say that the
possibilities are endless on making money online but I think a lot of people don't really believe that. So in this video, I'm covering
off all the different ways I've made money in my own journey. That has been interesting at
times, trialing things at times to see which one sticks best
for me, which one I enjoy most, which one is the most worthwhile? But diversifying is an
important component of being an entrepreneur and a business owner because you don't wanna keep
all your eggs in one basket.

Just like if you have
an investment portfolio, keeping everything in one
space is not the best idea because things can change,
things can collapse. Things can stop working. You want to prevent
that as much as possible and be prepared for all
different types of scenarios. There's a lot to cover in this video so let's get straight into it. Number 1, real estate. To me, there is nothing
sexier than real estate. Since being a very little girl, I've always wanted to have as
many properties as possible. I just find it the most
fascinating thing to look at a property and think, wow,
that's my money sitting in a house and that goes up in
value quite significantly if you invest in the right areas. Also it pays you at the time when you're renting it out to tenants. I absolutely love this strategy. It's slower, it is not
as instant gratification. There is a lot to
properties, it takes time. There's lots of costs associated with it. But to me it's just the best long-term strategy
for building wealth.

At this stage, I control
five different dwellings. And when I say control, it means
that I am not myself owning these properties, my trust
and my companies own them. I've done a video about this previously of why I've chosen to
structure it this way. So you can check that out on my channel. I have three properties in Australia. One is a duplex, so that increases the tenants by an extra one. And then also a house in Iceland. However, the house in Iceland
is the one that I live in and the one that I work out
of, it is a company expense. So this one in particular,
it doesn't make me cash, but the rest do can and it's
paying and it is a very nice, it's just about to start.

I acquired all properties
in the last 12 months. And so it's been the
process of refurbishing and renovating all of the properties. And now I'm about to start
reaping the rewards of all of them paying me rental
income and tenant income. And it's just so nice because
now it's finally gotten into the stage where it's purely passive. It's such a nice reward for
all the hard work of, you know, making all the money in
my entrepreneurial journey then investing in the
homes and renovating them. And finally, I get to reap the
rewards and I know that this is just gonna continue and to continue. As I get older I'm just gonna have these properties as a backup. And it just feels really, really nice. However, the thing that I
wanna look into is diversifying my portfolio because I
don't like that the houses are just in two countries.

So I'm now looking at
different countries actually. Costa Rica, El Salvador, Turkey
so we'll see how that goes. Number 2, precious metals. I am an investor in precious metals, particularly gold and silver. And I have these precious metals stashed in volts all over the world. I do not have them in physical possession. Maybe it's something that
I'll look into in the future but this is not what I currently have. I have them scattered, I think, across four or five different countries. And I often forget that I have this, which is one of the greatest things, because to me it's not
a way of making money. You don't really get into precious metals in order to make money. It's more of a way to
safeguard your wealth that you've built up in case
there is hyperinflation or an economic collapse. We've seen that throughout history, precious metals have often
preserved their value. But yes, it's important
to note that you will not be making money off this
investment because it will only make you money if you sell.

And, you know, it depends
on whether or not the value of silver or gold for example has gone up. So there's not a guarantee
as such to make money. So I definitely don't consider
this a way of making money but it is a way to hold the income that you've created for yourself. And for me, I'm looking
at this as my pension 'cause I'm not gonna be
receiving a pension from the government because I've
not worked for the government. And I do not care to
have pension from them. So for me, this is more of my pension. Number 3, cryptocurrency. The world is being shaken up by this new concept of cryptocurrency. It is shaking up the current
financial system as we know it. It is making a lot of
people uncomfortable because it's taking the power of
institutions that have all the control and it is putting
the power into people's hands.

I am still a baby investor when
it comes to cryptocurrency, it is still a new game to me. I'm still learning to understand it. I have over the years
invested into cryptocurrency. I have Litecoin, Ripple
and Ethereum and Bitcoin. Just like gold and silver,
the way that you make money from cryptocurrency is oftentimes when you sell the investment. So even though my Bitcoin
has quadrupled in value, over the years I have not made any money because it is still not sold. Number 4, selling downloadable products. This is a great way to sell the knowledge that you have inside of your brain. And I've personally done
this myself many, many times so I've sold through Sellfy
and also in my online website, sorelleamore.com/shop. I sell things such as presets
for my photography when I was really heavily into that
on my other YouTube channel as well as media kit templates
and brand email templates. This is a really great way
to also find out what people are interested in parting money with in order to buy something from you.

Because for me, it was a lower price point and these things I was selling
were not expensive at all. But it was a great
research environment for me to figure out what people want from me. Now I do have any promotion
of these products at all and they just sit on my website and people come across them naturally. So I make between a couple
of hundred to a couple of thousand dollars per
month from these sales, which is nice, purely passive income. In the past when I was
promoting them more, I would mention them in my
YouTube videos and as well as under every single YouTube
video on my main channel, I had links for people to find
out more about these items and then potentially purchase them.

There wasn't a heavy
amount of promotion in them but that was a nice little income source. Number 5, selling courses. I have spoken about this many
times before about my success with courses so I'm not
gonna talk about it again because I think you already know how courses are and how
powerful they can be. CHeck out the range of my different videos where I talk about different
ways to monetize your hobbies, your expertise and so forth. Over time I've had five different courses and they have been a raging success.

It's just by me proactively
looking at what people are interested in, hearing
the comments from people. What they're asking me, what they'd like for me to expand on, where the
knowledge is that I possess and where I think I can
contribute great value to the people. And then I create a course
from that and make it really, really valuable, taking
people from the beginning of their journey and
infusing all the education that I have into their brains. So they come out successful with all that information on the other side. Number 6, publishing deal. I am actually a bestselling author. There's links in the bio if
you wanna check out my bookie, "Take Your Selfie Seriously, the Advanced Selfie and
Self Portrait Handbook," very proud of this book.

It is awesome. I never intended to become
a published author about the advanced selfie or the self portrait but the concept of blew up massively. You can see the hashtag on Instagram. I created a course around this. I made multiple YouTube videos on my other channel about this. And so a publisher came
to me and they said, "Hey, we'd be looking for a
self portrait artists to write a book for." And so this book was created. I wrote the book, I charged
a one-time fee for writing the book and then that's it. The publisher does the complete rest. It is a really big publisher
as well, it is worldwide. It is in bookstores all around
the world and they intend for this book to be just a staple
going forward so not a fad, not a short-term thing but
something that is gonna be relevant for years to
come, which is really awesome.

They're gonna just keep putting it on the bookshelves for years and years, which is really awesome. My first book but I definitely
intend to write many books in the future as well. Number 7, royalties. This is a very exciting concept as well because you essentially
create something once or you help create
something, be part of it. And then you receive royalties for that. One way is through these books. So yes, I've written it
once and I've received a paycheck for writing it. But now if this keeps
selling for the rest of time, I'm gonna receive royalties for the sales. So that's very, very awesome. As well as me being a
teacher on Skillshare. Though, I've created a course
on there about YouTube mastery and for every minute that
a premium member watches that course I receive income for it. And actually it's been a
really nice income source. That one has been awesome. I did promote that one a few times on my other YouTube channel.

So there was popularity from that and then it boosted the course reviews. So it is one of the popular
courses on the platform. So a lot of people are
watching it and I get a really, really nice paycheck every single month. So royalties are awesome. It is purely passive income. Number 8, content sponsorship. So essentially this is
something that you're all probably familiar
with when an influencer or someone online will
promote a product or a brand. I have personally done this many, many times myself with
Skillshare, Squarespace, Porsche. It is a very, very good strategy if you have a small
audience, big audience. I have had two long term clients and so I was almost guaranteed
a paycheck for, you know, producing one video a month
or two videos a month. So it was really, really, really great. This is the strategy that
most influencers use. Highly recommend it
but also it is limiting because you're still waiting
for somebody to pay you. You're still working
for someone essentially. So this is just one part
of the strategy that I use because I want to make sure
that I'm always my own boss and I'm in control of
the money that I make.

So I don't want to outsource
that to too many people. So I don't rely too
heavily on branded content. Number 9, affiliate sales. Affiliate sales in
short, if you don't know, you're essentially selling
somebody else's stuff and you get a commission for it. In the past, I have been an affiliate for a few different brands, Amazon,
Epidemic Sound, Musicbed. I have to say, I am not the
biggest fan of this strategy. Amazon, for example,
they used to pay me like a hundred dollars a month
or maybe every two months, it was just not working for me.

For some people it worked a lot 'cause they pushed the link a lot. But the percentage that
you received from any sales on Amazon was so small
that I decided to scrap it because I'd rather not
have that many tentacles. And I'd rather direct people
to the things that I sell and the things that I
own because I received much more profit from that, obviously. But for some people
affiliate marketing is great and they receive a whole ton
of value and profit from that. So it just depends what
industry you work in. For sure. I would say that
selling items as an affiliate at a very low price point
doesn't work that well. I don't think, if I'm wrong,
let me know if you've had any success in this area,
would be very interested.

Number 10, YouTube ad revenue. Most people are very familiar with this. Essentially. YouTube
pays me a percentage of any ad revenue that they receive. This varies greatly
depending on the topic of your YouTube channel and
the topic of your videos. So some people have
immense success with this. I personally have had
varied success depending on which channel, but this
is one my income streams. Number 11, in person events. Previously, I have done this. I had photography tours
in Iceland three times. So I made five figures in one
week from doing these events and I split the revenue
between the other tour guides. So it was a joint effort,
I took 60%, they took 40%. This can be extremely profitable. You can make money in-person
through things such as workshops, coaching, tutoring. Number 12, online events. This one is a really powerful strategy.

It is such a beautiful thing
to be able to connect with your customers directly and
give them value real time and solve their problems real time. I have personally done this a few times. Last year, I had an online event and I think I sold 13 tickets
at a higher price point. And we spent three days
together just going over their things that they needed to learn in order to become a public figure just the way that I have done. I loved it.

I had so much fun being able
to connect with these people and it was a beautiful community. They then ended up themselves
creating a little hub for themselves and helping
to uplift one another. I see online events becoming more and more popular over time. You're seeing people like
Tony Robbins, for example, doing online events now
more so than live events. He's even said himself
that he's not interested in doing live events as
much because he's able to reach one million people versus how many people he could
fit into a stadium. So huge difference. It's the way of the future,
it monetizes beautifully. You can reach everybody across the globe that is interested in what
you have to teach them. It's such a great strategy
and also being so hands-on with people you can really,
really change people's lives.

Number 13, online coaching. Essentially here, you get
paid on an hourly basis or per package basis that
you sell to the customer. Like, hey, I'll do 10 coaching sessions with you two hours each and
this is what's gonna cost you. Personally, I've done this
myself just a couple of times in the realm of business coaching. So I've assisted people in
the problems that they've had and we've just jumped on our call Zoom, very popular these days for that.

Here it is up to you to
determine how much you're gonna price your service for. It is up to you how you
gonna deliver this service and the flexibility here is immense. And you're essentially
just speaking directly to the person that you're coaching. Could be group coaching
or individual coaching and just tailoring your expertise
to help them in real time. Number 14, consulting. Wee little Sorelli at the age of 21, she was a consultant for social media. I have been on social
media for such a long time and I worked in this and
I had expertise in this. One of the very first things that I sold was my consulting expertise. So I taught people how
to use social media for their business because nobody
understood it back then.

Consulting can be extremely
efficient because brands and businesses oftentimes
are able to pay a lot more if you can prove to them that you're gonna directly influence
their bottom line. With the knowledge that you
have here, you can charge a lot. I've previously spoken
about this in my video, this video right here. If you wanna find out more about this, you can check that video out. And finally, number 15, freelancing. So just as I was a
consultant for social media, I also outsourced my skills in terms of social media into these businesses.

So I would manage their
social media for them. Essentially freelancing means that I can have multiple clients. I'm not working for anyone directly but I'm just fulfilling
that one particular role. In my instance, it was
a social media manager as a freelance so that can also be a very profitable way
of making money online. That is it. That is a lot of ways that
I've personally trialed making money online and offline as well. It is a vast array because you don't wanna put all your eggs in one basket. You wanna diversify and you
wanna see what you enjoy and what you're really
good at and what the return on investment is, how much time you're
putting into something and how much it pays you back.

You're constantly on the hunt of what is gonna work best for you. Hope this video was helpful. If it was, please make
sure that you drop a like and a comment, also do
let me know which ones have you used for yourself? Which ones are you most interested in? And if there's any other ways
that you've made money online. It is awesome when you
guys comment down below because it also helps us
to get to know you better and what you're going through. So we can tailor the
content directly for you. If you're not engaging then
we don't really know what it is that you're interested in, what aspects we should expand more on. So your interaction is not
only great for the algorithm but it's also great for us
to get to know you better and make sure that we are serving you as well as we possibly can.

Also check out the newsletter. As I mentioned, it is epic and you are going to absolutely love it. We've had raving reviews over that. And finally we have the presale of our online course membership with all things financing freedom, lifetime access for a discounted price. So check that out in the link in the bio and I will see you in the next one..

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Every single way I make money (15 METHODS)

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Every single way I make money online and in the real world. You've been asking for this video, so here it is: absolutely every way I make money online, as well as in what we call the physical world.

I've been wanting to create this video for a while. Not only because many of you have been asking for it, but because I wanted to inspire you to how many possibilities there are to earn an income online, as well as in the real world. Some of these may be out of your reach at the start (like real estate), though most of these methods you may be able to start capitalising on now with your existing knowledge. So if you're looking for a new side hustle, or something that could become your career, this video could be for you.

A lot of this is about diversification also, and showing you that I don't put all my eggs in one basket. Loads of links below, to everything mentioned in this video. And also, please let me know below if there's anything at all you think I may have missed!

Much love!

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