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want to make some free paper money then you 
need to watch this short video until the end   this is a simple way to make money online and 
all you have to do is hit the play button on your   smartphone or on your computer and you will get 
paid three dollars for watching a one-minute video   that equates to a whopping 180 dollars per hour 
and the great thing is you don't even need to   watch the actual video in full to make that money 
you can just click on it and let it run and you   still get paid paypal money and you can lay in bed 
and let the video play and collect your earnings   it can't get any simpler than that so be sure 
to stay tuned for additional tips to help you   triple your money compared to others and it is 
completely free and available worldwide and before   i get started my name is liwen and i would like to 
invite you to subscribe to my channel and be sure   to hit the notification button so you get notified 
of the latest strategies to make more money online   and if you appreciate the resources i share or 
enjoy the video i would super appreciate it if   you help me hit the thumbs up button and if you 
want to learn how you can make them life changing   income with the done for you system and check 
out the first link in the description so i can   send you all of the details well check this out 
you can earn real money online from your favorite   brand and it's super simple step one is all 
you have to do is watch a video watch and   what view the advertisement and it will show 
you how much time you actually spent watching   the videos and depending on how long 
that you watch and they would actually   pay you on daily basis and if you actually take 
some time to answer a couple of simple questions   after watching the video and you can actually 
earn bonus money as well and once you actually   watch the video you'll get rewarded you can see 
here you'll get paid anywhere from 50 cents up   to three dollars per video interactions and on 
top of that this particular website actually   offers you to make additional dollars for every 
single friend that you refer and you actually   be able to download offers from the brands that 
you actually love and with this website you can   actually start cashing out when you reach 10 and 
you'll be actually get paid real money and you   can cash out real fast in 24 hours as you can 
see they've already paid over a million dollars   to their users and people just like you who enjoys 
watching videos and getting paid for it and this   website is called adwallet.com so all you have 
to do is pop on here and sign up for completely   free account but before you do that i want to 
show you one more trick that you definitely   want to keep in mind before you sign up as you 
can see over here when you use the promo code   faq you earn your first dollar completely for free 
as soon as you sign up and that is just one of the   four resources i want to share with you that 
you'll be able to make money and paypal payments   by watching videos so you definitely want to 
stay tuned for the other three as they do get   paid better and the second website that you want 
to check out is this one where you'll be able to   earn money by watching tv answering surveys 
and completing offers the really great thing   about this website you can see here we've got the 
guaranteed highest payout so you can make money by   watching videos on this website and all you have 
to do is just click on that and let it play and   you can join the site completely free by entering 
your email address and a password or alternatively   you can sign up with one click either with 
facebook or google and as you can see you have a   lot of payment options you got paypal as well as 
a various you know google play cards as well as   amazon play cards and some other video game clay 
cards if you use those when you've signed up and   logged into account this is what it's going 
to look like and to watch the videos click   on the watch button right over here you'll be able 
to click on this button to show you more videos   as well as a click on the video that is coloring 
available for you to watch and you can see this is   the offer wall that's in this section as well and 
all of the different offers that's available for   you to make extra money with this website and you 
can see they've got a leaderboard where you can   see the top earners of the website they've made 
over 500 over 400 and there's a lot of people who   are earning a lot of money with this website and 
there's people around the world that's actually   earning money with this website because it is 
available worldwide and this is a great website   where you'll be able to watch videos and actually 
start making money and one of the ways that you   can actually maximize your earnings by watching 
the videos is actually using multiple devices   so if you have a laptop or a computer a tablet as 
well as a tv then you'll be able to watch videos   let it run or you have to click on it and on all 
of those devices therefore you'll be able to rack   up points really fast and be able to cash out 
your paypal money and next website that you want   to check out is called getpay2.com and as you can 
see with the announcement you'll be able to gain   a five dollar bonus basically for doing absolutely 
nothing and you'll be able to earn a really quick   money by doing simple things such as surveys and 
play games quit points as well as offer walls   i wouldn't recommend the surveys because they're 
generally quite long and boring and time consuming   but you can definitely check out the games if you 
enjoy playing games and the quick points section   is essentially the video watching a section as 
well where you'll be able to run the videos in   the background and start making paypal money as 
you can see here are some of the games that's   available to play and earn money and they are 
fun games online and you can see it there's a lot   of people that will enjoy these kind of games so 
you can essentially just play some of these games   that is really quite fun and enjoy yourself 
while earning money and not feeling guilty   because you're spending so much time playing game 
on your phone or on your computer and they do also   have high paying surveys but as mentioned they 
do take a long time and you have to be actively   doing them so i wouldn't recommend them personally 
and they also have offer walls you can check out   and as you can see our quick points option right 
over here where you'll be able to watch music   videos advertisement and trailers as well as you 
know other wealth money earning opportunities   for watching videos so you'll be able to watch 
those interactive videos that that seems quite   entertaining and all you have to do is let it 
right in the background and start collecting   those points and start making money watching 
the video on this website and on the website   you need to earn 5000 points for every dollar 
and you'll be able to cash out your points   for cash as well as for other currencies and gift 
cards and you can see it right down here they've   got various payment options which you know is bank 
transfer scroll bitcoin amazon paypal as well as a   vodafone cash and let me know in the comments what 
payment method that you prefer i would love to   know personally i do prefer paypal or occasionally 
amazon gift cards and for you to get started by   creating a free worldwide account all you have 
to do is click on the join button right up here   and then all you need to do is go ahead and choose 
a unique username or as well as a password enter   your email address into your name and birthday 
as well as what country that you're from as you   can see there's a long list of countries so it 
is definitely available around the world and   let me know what country you're watching from 
i would love to know so i can make more videos   that's available or for you and then go ahead and 
enter your city as well postcode and then go and   check you know that you do not want to miss any 
latest opportunity and that you agree to terms   of conditions and that you're not a robot and then 
complete the registration and start earning money   by watching videos or even playing games and 
i want to share with you a bonus app that you   can use to watch tv and watch videos and earn 
money on your phone and the app is called tv-2   and this is the logo so you want to make sure 
that you look for the correct one to download   and you can see there's over 200 ratings from 
different people around the world so there's a lot   of people using this app and they're definitely 
happy with it because it has a very high star   rating as you can see right over here it has a 
4.7 star rating and you have a lot of people that   is talking about the app and how happy they are 
with you know being able to cash out their money   and go ahead and have a read and you can see over 
here you can do the videos check out exactly how   this app works and what kind of entertaining shows 
that you can watch on this app so it is a really   cool app that you can use to discover new shows 
and watch them and start earning your money and   then you'll be able to get boosted and multiple 
bonuses for various options and then collect your   earnings and get paid out really quickly with 
this app i hope you enjoyed today's video and   make sure you go ahead and check out all of those 
website as well the apps i showed you so that you   can make a lot of money just by watching videos 
online and be able to just hit play and let it run   and if you enjoyed the video i really appreciate 
it if you help me hit the thumbs up button   and also if you haven't already done so be 
sure to smash the subscribe button as well as   notification bell and check out the video i've 
linked at the end of this one for you so you   can discover more ways to make money online 
and i can't wait to see on the next video you

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Earn Free PayPal Money Watching Video Ads | Make Money Online 2021

Earn Free PayPal Money Watching Video Ads | Make Money Online 2021

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In this video, you will learn about several websites and app that you can use to earn free PayPal money with just your mobile phone and computer. Be sure to watch the full video to learn tricks and tips to triple your money. This is a simple method of making money online or if you just want to work from home and enjoy your time doing other things while running these videos in the background.
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