Earn Free PayPal Money Fast and Easy 2021 (Make money online)

how would you like to earn paypal money just 
like this over 221 dollars and here's another   paypal earning over 500 us dollars and the great 
thing about this method is you can repeat this as   many times as you like it is such a simple method 
anyone can do this even if you're just a beginner   there's no skills or experience required and 100 
free no investment at all this great opportunity   is available around the world be sure to watch 
the full video as i'll be demonstrating step by   step how it's done and also stick around for a 
bonus template where you'll be able to just copy   and paste and start earning paper money fast as 
soon as you finish watching this video and before   we get started my name is liwen and i would like 
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latest strategies when i come out with new videos   if you enjoyed the video i would highly appreciate 
it if you will hit the thumbs up button for me   and if you're wanting to learn how you can make 
some life-changing income without done for you   system then check out the first link in the 
description so i can send you all of the details   now this is the website that is gonna pay you 
paypal money fast and it's called a capterra.com   now before you head over there and start earning 
paypal money i just have a word of caution for you   regarding the sign up process because it can be a 
little bit tricky so you definitely want to stick   with me so you learn exactly how to answer the 
questions and sign up successfully otherwise you   may not earn anything at all also you definitely 
do not want to miss the bonus template i've got   for you to make this even simpler for yourself 
basically on camtaria.com they'll actually pay   you real money for writing simple reviews 
for different software and you can see on   this website they literally have a hundred if not 
thousands of different software will be able to   write very simple reviews and they'll pay you for 
every single review you write and don't worry you   don't need to be good at writing or any kind of 
skills necessary i will be showing you various   tricks as well as providing you the bonus template 
absolutely for free where you essentially be able   to copy and paste and be able to write this review 
and get paid for it so in order for you to start   making paypal money all you have to do is write a 
review so we're on the home page then go and click   on right of everything so you'll be taken to this 
page where you'll be able to look up any software   that they have available and they definitely have 
lots so you're definitely not going to right now   or otherwise actually provide you with some 
popular software that you can do review for   but for this video we want to focus on microsoft 
excel and you can see you've got this template   here i've got for you which i'll go over with you 
in a little bit and it makes it really simple and   let me show you exactly how you can do this so go 
ahead and do a search for excel and once you've   come up with the search reloads you can see 
here we want the first one which is excel by   microsoft so go ahead and click on that and this 
is the page where you need to fill out to sign up   in order to start writing a review for excel and 
every single time you do that you'll get paid 10   for each and every review and as i mentioned 
earlier the sign up process is a little bit   tricky as you can see there's actually a three 
steps to this so you definitely want to stay   tuned for that but you can do this either on your 
phone or on your uh computer it's really up to you   and i would love to know what device you're 
using and let me know in the comments below   so there is a quick link being a sign up process 
if you have an account but i'm going to run you   through the manual process for those of you who 
doesn't have a linkedin account so you want to   go ahead and enter your first name and last name 
as well as your email address and for the drop   title it's very important that you put down a 
job title otherwise that your review might not   get approved so for in this instance i suggest 
that you put down freelancer as your job title   and for the organization you want to put down self 
employed as you're working for yourself and for   the industry whatever job you're currently working 
you can actually put down alternatively you can   put down computer software as we're writing 
reviews as for essentially computer software   and for the company size when i put down myself 
only and also how long have you used this software   you can see you've got a free trial here less 
than six months six child phones and etc so with   this option you definitely do not want to put down 
free trial because if you do that you definitely   not going to get your review approved so you want 
to put down at least six to 12 months that you've   used this software and also then for the frequency 
of use of this software you want to put their uh   daily or weekly as a minimum so that they know you 
have experience using the software so that you can   get your reviews approved and start earning paypal 
money otherwise you know if you don't get approved   then you won't be able to earn any money at all 
and then the last question on this page is what   is your role in using this software and you want 
to make sure you choose i'm a user so they know   that you're actually using the software so you 
definitely have experience with it and therefore   your review will be actually valued and once 
you've done all of that you can click on next   i hope you taking notes alternatively you might 
wish to pause this video and come back so that   you can follow along and make sure you fill out 
all of the questions correctly so when you fall   out the review that you'll get approved without 
any problems the second page of this process they   want you to erase the particular software and also 
you'll just need to you know go ahead and click on   the buttons how you rate it so it's really quite 
simple but i'm just going to run you through it so   to make sure that you do it correctly and that 
you don't miss anything and if you've enjoyed the   video so far i would super appreciate it if you 
help me hit the thumbs up button so let's continue   so with the overall quality basically you want 
to make sure your review is generally positive as   positive reviews it gets approved a lot quicker 
and easier compared to negative reviews okay   so with the quality you want to put down 
at least a four to five stars in this case   i'm gonna just put down five stars for all of 
them and also you can see some of these options   are optional with the customer service as well 
as value for money but i would say you know ease   of deployment that you'll go ahead and also rate 
them as well because you don't want to miss out   anything as you want to fill out as much of it as 
you can so in that you get the highest chance of   getting your reviews approved so that you can get 
your money and repeat this over and over again and   we have already features again it's optional but i 
would suggest you go ahead and also rate those as   well and pick your importance either go you know 
high low or critical depending on how you feel   and also with the compared to similar products i 
would just go with the medium to be safe and how   would you likely to recommend to your friends 
and colleagues i will go with either a 9 or a   10 to ensure it is definitely a positive review 
so let's go with 9 in this case and then when   you're done click on next so as you saw that was 
a very quick step that we need to complete with   the ratings that literally took a second i mean no 
no more than 60 seconds really and we're up to our   last page where you will actually write the review 
for our particular software program in this case   excel and this is where i want you to take note 
it's really important that you pay attention   for the next couple of minutes so you know exactly 
how you can do this because some people fail at   doing this is because you need to you know write 
on a view title and then putting the pros as well   as the cons which means you know what you like 
most about software and what you least like   about the software and also you need to describe 
your overall experience and a lot of people isn't   sure what to do and how you can actually put in 
the pros and cons and write a detailed review   in order to ensure that your review gets approved 
and start making money so it's really important   that you stay tuned to learn exactly how you 
can do this as you can see here is the template   i've got for you where you got the review of the 
overall experience and you have the pros as well   as cons all written out for you and you'll be able 
to make ten dollars for every single review you do   and it's literally not going to take you more 
than 10 minutes to do this which means you can   be making 10 dollars every 10 minutes before your 
time so effectively you know you're getting paid   60 per hour when you do these reviews so it is 
very important that you get your first a few   reviews approved and hence why i'm providing 
you with this bonus temporary to ensure that   your your you know reviews gets approved because 
with beginners and sometimes the first few reviews   doesn't get approved if it doesn't then you 
won't get any more chance to write more reviews   whereas if you can get ensure that your first 
few reviews gets approved they will send you more   and more reviews to your right and therefore you 
can make your money over and over again and paid   into your pen pal account really well with this 
particular website and before i show you exactly   you know how you can copy and paste with the 
template i'm just really sure you can notice   i want to just share with you another strategy 
you can implement if you know excel isn't the   one you're reviewing if you that has been your 
first one and you want to do others the software   on this website what you can do as you can see on 
the cafeteria website with their microsoft excel   you've got a lot of people reviewing it over 
15 000 people so you can actually go ahead and   click on reviews and have an idea of exactly how 
other people actually write their reviews and what   exactly they've written what their experiences so 
that way you'll have some idea how you can write   a review for a software you may not have used it 
very often or as much so that you get idea of you   know various sentences or benefits as well as any 
downfalls a software may have so with any review   because it is personal experience it is not out 
of the question that you might experience some   of those uh similar pros and cons so some similar 
benefit or advantages or disadvantages with the   software so it is really helpful to actually check 
out what other people have already written and   get ideas for you know exactly how you can write 
your review in a way that is you know constructive   therefore is more likely to get approved so this 
is definitely a great way for you to go ahead   and use this strategy on to write more reviews 
going forward for other software that's available   on this website and you know what every single 
review that you see on this website from people   all over will be well they're getting paid every 
single day for writing these very simple reviews   and you can do the exact same thing so let's get 
back to the review so we can finish our process   and show you how it is so for our review we need 
a title so all we need to do is putting in very   simple titles such as excel review right over here 
if you want to be more creative go ahead and do so   and then we're going to put in our pros what did 
you like most about the software so again we can   go back to our copy and paste temporary and pick 
up the pros right over here so all you have to do   is go ahead and copy that and then put it into the 
box and go ahead and paste that as you can see it   right there and then again we're going to do our 
console what did you like least about the fluffer   again let's go back to our template and get our 
pawns over here and then all i do is copy it   again and then paste it into our box writing here 
and then also describe your overall experience   with excel again this is a optional step but i 
would suggest you would highly suggest that you   actually fill it in you can see here under other 
reviews overall experience that people actually do   definitely putting their overall expenses and you 
can see all of these people are definitely getting   their reviews approved so you definitely want to 
go ahead and put in the overall experience for   your review as well again you go back to template 
and copy our overall experience of writing here   and then you can paste it in here and once you've 
done that you can go you know did you switch from   another product you want to go ahead and say no 
and then when i just want to tick to make sure   that we agree to their policies and then all you 
have to do is go ahead and click on the submit   button and you can see as soon as we've done 
that it comes out as your product review has been   submitted and you want to keep your momentum going 
as they suggest here so you want to go ahead and   look for other products that you can do the same 
with and use reviews and with the trick i've shown   you where you can check out what other people have 
done you have no problems being able to write the   short reviews for other products and be able to 
make your paypal money over and over again with   this website so i hope you enjoyed today's video 
if you did i would super appreciate it if you help   me hit the thumbs up button and if you haven't 
already done so be sure to subscribe as well as   the notification bell and check out the video 
i've linked at the end of this one for you so   you can find multiple ways of creating income for 
yourself online and i'll see you on the next video

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Earn Free PayPal Money Fast and Easy 2021 (Make money online)

Earn Free PayPal Money Fast and Easy 2021 (Make money online)

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In this video, you will learn how to make PayPal money fast and easy in 2021 and beyond. This method is very simple and great for beginners who want to work from home. If you are looking to make free PayPal money online then learn the steps in the video. There is also a bonus template to help you make it super fast to earn PayPal money.
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