Earn 7$ / Signup | The Easiest Way To Make Money Online [2021]

Did you know that you can get a small
fine, the link you are to give it to someone and whenever he signs
up, just sign up, just enter the e-mail, you can make zero point zero one
dollars zero point two dollars five dollars or even seven dollars just by signing
up. Yes, this is the easiest way to make money online. It's my opinion. It is the easiest
way anyone can work from home and start making a couple of dollars every
single day. This video may be really life changing for a lot of people,
especially for beginners. You. Hi, everyone, I'm Hassan from h-educate and today
I'm so happy to publish this new video that I believe a lot of people will
benefit from before we start, I have two small, very important points. You have to know
Number one here on YouTube, we have a lot of scammer's, a lot of spammer's in the comments
section below, you will find a lot of people that may be using my name
and my image to reply to your comments and maybe scam you so always and sure.
To check and see the validation.

Check mark beside my name when you want to talk to me
in the comments section. And this happens not only on my channel, it's all over
YouTube. So be careful not to be a scam, not to lose your money. Number two this
video is very, very important. I would share with you a lot of tips that will
help you start working online, especially if you are a beginner and to help
you more after publishing the video. After publishing each video on my YouTube
channel, I will be active live the Telegram Channel Telegram group
so we can chat together. If you have any questions, I will be there to help
you live on Telegram, so make sure also to join my telegram channel and the description
below. So without wasting more time, let's start together and see
the easiest way to make money online.

Working from home. Let's put
the eyeglasses and start. So what is the easiest way to make money
online? Simply in my opinion and my experience, it is affiliate marketing. Why?
Simply because an affiliate marketing. We just share a link of a product that we don't
own. We just to promote a product, a service for someone else. And whenever someone
buys the service, you will make money, you will earn a commission.
It's simple.

Today I will make things super simple, super easy. What if I tell you you can
show the link and whenever someone just signs up without buying
anything, just register and the website you will make money. Super simple. It's called
CBL marketing or cost per lead marketing. So you should alang someone will just
sign up to use the name to use the service and you will make money. I believe
it's the easiest, easiest way to start making money online.

So how it works. How
to start. Let's see together before this, I want to remind you that we have
are running five hundred dollars cash give away. If you want to join you can
check the link in the description below. So how to stop. We need to find services
that pays you believe that pays you per sign up. And today I will share with you the top
four services that provides this affiliate program that pays you per
sign up. Now, I know that everyone here loves to see numbers, love to see prove.
And since you're on my channel, number one rule is honesty. Let's see first
my earnings from these services to give you some motivation that this is real
and not fake, like ninety percent of other YouTube videos and articles over the Internet.
So let's see the first website, Helium in My Impact, a free
network dashboard.

And these are my affiliate earnings for this month, of course,
not only from CBl. I will go to report to a performance by Brand and I will
select the brand that pays you per lead here. I will select this one apply.
And you can see now we have on the for this brand, for this service, I got
eighty eight clicks to actions, which is only a sign up. I lead and I made
fourteen orders. So seven dollars per lead. Per email. Per sign up. Really nice.
Let's go the second dashboard. Sure. Assael I will go to reports, I will go to activity
details and then I will filter for this merchant.

I will filter
results and let's go down and you will see no zero point zero one zero point zero
one, a lot of zero point zero ones here. The transaction type is per sign up. So per
lead for the service 0.01. Not too much what you can do it. It's very simple.
It's only sign up. You can see how many signed up I got here. A lot. A lot.
Many signs up. You can see transaction one to one hundred and one. I have a lot
of sign signs up here through this service, you can do it also. Let's go to the third
dashboard, C.J. dot com commission junction and you can see here is my balance.
I will go here and click on balance details. Again, these
numbers are not all from CBL marketing.

This is my affiliate marketing earnings in total.
But I am sharing with you the part of the tiny small part that you can
make money out of signs up. So here we have these numbers. If I click on this,
you will see I have one point six dollars. Transaction type is just a lead here.
You can see single sale here is only a lead. So what are these services and how
to start? Let's see together. Number one, we have sem rush dot com. Some rush
is one of the top as all services over the Internet where you can join and start
using these tools and services to rank your website higher and get more
traffic, more organic traffic from Google and search engines.

Anyway, if you go
down here, you will see we have the affiliate program and more tool section
affiliate program. Click on this affiliate program and it will automatically take you to the Semrush
affiliate program on Assael. So if we go back here to our dashboard,
should I say it the sem rush? So in Sem rush , she would earn zero
point zero one dollars per lead just by making someone sign up to sem rush through
your link. So in this page, you will see it's powered by short sale. It will
tell you you can earn two hundred dollars. If someone buys the service, you can
earn ten dollars.

If someone just activates a trial version without buying the service,
just activating, you will earn ten dollars. And you can see here in my earnings
you can earn zero point zero one dollars if you just sign up without
even activating a trial version. So this is the first service. Sem rush. You join
you join here and sign up after that, after you enter your details and so on,
you will get to this dashboard where you can go here to links and click
on get a link or a banner and simply here, select sem Rush or here you can
select sem Rush. You can see I have multiple products I promote. I would click on some.
And what's really awesome is here you can find a lot of banners, custom
links, videos that you can use to promote.

So you have the content. Now, in my case,
I got only the link you can see here. Just copy this. Get Ishmail code
and we have here the link. You just copy it and use it to promote or you can
simply copy this default link from here and start promoting it and getting signs up. I would
talk about promotion a little bit. Just follow up with me now. So this is the first
service and there's sem Rush where they can use, should I say, a free
network to start promoting the second service is grammarly. grammarly.is one
of the top services that allows you to fix grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes,
anything in English while you are writing. It's a perfect service for anyone, for everyone
working online. So any only here, if you go also down here, you will see
the grammarly.affiliate program affiliate and the company section affiliates and you can
join and become an affiliate grammarly.

And what's nice, you can sign up
inside the grammarly. It's an in-house affiliate program or sign up at S.J or Ature
Assael. So if you already have ACG account, you can join through S.J. If you are already
having a sale account, you can join through a sale. It's up
to you. You can see here the action, free registration, just registration,
zero point two dollars. A premium plan passes twenty dollars so you can make zero
point two dollars with a free registration.

And you can see here in my sale
account activity details, you will see I have a grammarly and the list
is insurance sale and I have it. And if you go here to advertisers and simply
search here for grammarly.. Surge, you can see I joined the grammarly
affiliate program and to get the link, simply go here to get links and also you'll
find a list of banner ads, text as a lot of things to use in your
promotional campaigns. And this is really awesome. You have the assets to start
promoting. You can see all these are banner ads to get a link, simply click on this,
get called button and you will see this is the link you need to use to start
promoting affiliate products. By the way, by the way, I remember something
really very important. If you go to my YouTube channel now to YouTube, let's open my YouTube
channel if you're going to video section and let's go down.

You will see
here I have a full video, 20 minutes video on how I do affiliate marketing my strategies
and how I promote what I do. Exactly. This video is really super
important. You have to watch. You have to watch if you want to be
successful. If you missed it, go now and watch it. Pause this video and watch it. It's
super important, especially for beginners. What I share with you, everything I do,
you can clone my strategy strategies to start promoting affiliate products.
Anyway, let's go back to our work and see the third service. The third service
is constant content dotcom. This service is also one of the top and marketing
services all over the Internet. Now let's open a new tab. And if you go to this
thing, constant contact dotcom slash partners slash affiliate, let's open
it. You will see this is the affiliate program in constant contact, referring to audience
drive leads and sales leads and sales generate revenue.

Let's go down
here. You will see that you earn five dollars for each referral. That signs up just
a referral for a trial. So no need to buy something and you can make up to one
hundred five dollars when this person buys a service. It's also a perfect program
for beginners. You can make five dollars per lead per sign up for trial. Sign up
super easy. How to join. Simply go back here and click on Apply Now. Now,
constant content affiliate program is managed by impact impact radius. So if we go
back here to impact radius here, you will see. Let's go. Sorry to brands and if you go
here to brands and search for constants, you will see constant contact is inside

You can join the through impact and I am already enrolled in this
program. Now, to be honest with you, I didn't start promoting it yet, but I am preparing
to promote soon by creating some articles, some content about it and start
promoting it for now. If we go to reports by Brand, I don't think I have any clips or signs
up. Let's see constant content. Let's say last month apply. Yes, you can see
only nine clicks. Maybe it's a banner ad or something.

So I don't have anything
to do now inside constant content. I don't start promoting it, but whenever I start,
I am preparing a case study for constant contact. I have to earn five dollars
per sign up. I finish the case study. I will share with you everything and a full
video here on my YouTube channel. So don't forget to subscribe to my channel is free
Click the red button, subscribe to notifications to get everything
you update. So constant contact is inside impact radius.

What is the fourth
service? Which is the best one? I think it is Skillshare. Dot com Skillshare
is also one of the best online marketplaces for courses for teaching online. If you go
down again and you can see here down the company section, the affiliates
program open join for free, it's free to join. If you go down here, you will
see that you can earn up to seven dollars for each new customer that signs up for a premium
membership or free trial. So even if he doesn't buy the membership, just
sign up for a free trial. You can make up to seven dollars as a commission. Just
buy a sign up, a free trial, sign up. This is also perfect. Also, Skillshare, if you join
now, it is managed by impact radius so you can see it. Direct impact dot
com to join you for information and you join after that, you will see if you go
here to filter by Skillshare go.

You see, here is my 88 clicks to actions to sign ups
and I got fourteen dollars. I know it's not that big deal, not big numbers. You know,
here on my channel I showed you real numbers, real experience,
something honest. So not to waste your time and effort and something scamming or spamming
anyway. So here is the so here is Skillshare number four in my list
of the top services that pays per lead. So to sum up, we have sem rush.
Let's go here. We have sem rush. We have a grammarly , we have constant
contact and we have Skillshare. All of those services pays You per lead just sign
up or trail activation and you can make between 0.01 dollars and seven dollars
per sign up. I think it's really perfect. Now, one important question you will ask,
OK, we signed up, we got the links, how we can promote and where to promote. Excuse
me, I drink some. Walter. I'm somehow sick, so please excuse me about my voice
and so on, anyway, so if you go here to my YouTube channel and go here to playlists,
you will see I have two main playlists that affiliate marketing
case studies and the affiliate marketing tutorials for beginners.

In those
two playlists I shared with you real case studies on how to pick the product, how
to get the link, and how to promote the free methods and paid methods. I showed you real
case studies. So it's very important if you want to understand how to start
promoting to watch these videos, they are really very important, very
important. You can see a full case study, you can clone and we can apply
the same strategies to start promoting. And if you go here to this playlist,
you will see I have this video about how to get traffic, how to get traffic
to affiliate links.

I shared with you all my methods also to get traffic. I know
a lot of you don't watch my old videos. I don't know why, but they are really,
really very important. If you want to be successful online, if you want to promote
affiliate links and get sales and get leads and much more. Anyway, in this
video and just two, three minutes, I will share with you what I do exactly how I promote
affiliate products.

Number one, if you open here, my website, you see
I have my blog. Well, I write articles. So the first method I use and you can
use is to write articles about a certain service. Now, if you open any
services, let's open this thing as an example, free YouTube tools. You will see that
this article is full of links, you can see this link, this link and all these links
or many of these links or affiliate links to the services. Now, you may ask me,
do you do this manually? All these you just edit them and start adding
affiliate links? Of course not. If you go here to my dashboard, I mentioned this
before, but just for new followers here, for new people here, I use this plug and call
the pretty links. If you're going to print the links up on it, you will see that
if you let us click on any of these links, you have an option to automate
adding links and the provision here. I said the keywords in this section and whenever this
keyword is mentioned in any place in my website, it will automatically
turn into an affiliate link.

So we automate linking using Braitling on my website
and you can see here in the sponsored section, I use also banner ads. So you can see
I am promoting Blue Horse with banner ads. This is the second strategy. If you go
here also to the forum section, again, I have a full forum where people can
engage and ask and I engage almost every single day. And by the way, if you have
any questions, you can post them in the forum. I would be with you,
follow up with you to help you. Also, we have banner ads here and here and here. What
I can promote affiliate links also. I have here some deals, section, page.

If you go
to our recommendations, e-mail marketing services, you will see I promote here
some affiliate products and dedicated pages, deals like for Web hosting. These are all
my recommendations, all affiliate things in my e-mail, marketing services and so on.
So this is on my Web site using banner ads and affiliate links and automating
linking. Now, my second strategy is using my website, my second Web site,
h-supertools.com. If you go if you go here, open any tool here, you will
see I have banner ads to promote affiliate links. Also, by the way, if you don't
know a supporters, it is a free as CEO and digital marketing platform. A lot
of free tools you can use to grow your business. Go and check it right
now. And the last strategy is using paid advertising with quora ads, native
ads, Google ads and so on. I can explain right now. It will take a lot of time.
Please go and watch my case studies. I explained almost all of these strategies in my videos
here on my channel, totally for free. Just go learn and start

Don't forget, please I to my channel like the video
and instigations to get every new update telegrammed channel joined the give away
and see in the upcoming videos..

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Earn 7$ / Signup | The Easiest Way To Make Money Online [2021]

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