Earn $50 Per Hour WATCHING Videos! Available Worldwide (Make Money Online)

and you can see right here 50 paypal payment 50 paypal payment 50 paypal payment that's for just three hours literally doing what i'm about to show you and this is not rocket science you can do this from anywhere in the world you don't need any skills you don't need any money to start you don't need a credit card you don't need a website literally the one critical thing that you need to know to start making 50 per hour is what is up guys and welcome back to another exciting video where we're going to be teaching you how you can make 50 per hour literally just to watch videos and i know that sounds hard to believe but i'm going to prove it to you like i always do by the end of this short video and if you're new here first of all welcome to the strongest family on youtube do me two quick favors i'm doing a lot of work going out researching finding these things for you guys and the least you could do if you want to support the channel and support other entrepreneurs and hustlers like yourself is tap the little like button until it turns blue for the youtube algorithm and make sure you subscribe and turn on the notification bells why do you want to do that because every video we actually give away cash and prizes to the first commenter on our videos but the only way you're ever going to be able to do that is if you subscribe and turn on those bells and then last but not least i would humbly request and you don't have to if you don't want to to comment down below on this video make money online and if we get a thousand comments that say make money online then we will actually release a crazy part two of this video that teaches you how to blow this strategy up even more and so today we're gonna be talking about a brand new strategy that's super interesting and really cool where you can actually get paid just to watch videos and provide basic feedback to companies about the things that you watch right it could be a product it could be a survey it could be a new advertisement but basically how this works and why this works which is important to understand is there's businesses and companies and entrepreneurs and people out there that want feedback from their target demographic from their audience from their potential customers which is you and so just by providing basic feedback to videos you watch whether it's a product a new website maybe it's a mobile app it's a new advertising campaign you can get paid for watching those videos and just providing basic feedback about them because it's valuable to these companies and even though you just might be one person if you and 10 other people are saying the same thing and having the same reaction then that is meaningful to a company about maybe they need to change their angle maybe they need to make their signup flow simpler maybe they need to do something to actually improve the overall user experience or the theme of the ads or the angle that they're taking and because that's valuable to companies they're willing to pay for it and so let's get into exactly how this works we're going to jump into my screen and i'm going to show you guys exactly how to start doing this so you can make 50 per hour just by watching videos online alright guys welcome into my computer so today the website that we are going to be talking about is called mind swarms and how this works is people and businesses like i said before um ask questions or show a product or service or advertising campaign and they want video feedback and basically how this works is businesses can actually create innovation and really improve their products or services just by hearing the consumer voice which of course is you and i and we're going to talk about very basically how this works right they have three different options it's not really relevant for you guys but you can see that they work with some of the best brands in the world right nike verizon google these massive companies that have you know multi-million or 100 million or even billion dollar budgets um to do things like this which is why you can earn 50 per hour over and over and over again and i'm going to show you guys um exactly how to do that and a couple little tricks and hacks um that myself and my students have actually used to really blow this up and be able to earn more money faster from anywhere in the world then we're going to walk through exactly how to actually sign up what settings to choose because it is important that you choose the right one so make sure you don't skip around this video or try to skip to the end or anything like that because the truth is guys if you can't watch a you know 10 minute video teaching you exactly how to make 50 per hour just by watching videos online then you're probably never gonna make money online so if we scroll around this is kind of their website talking to businesses to sign up so what we're more interested in is we're going to look at a couple of the services that they offer you can see that they offer study design recruiting and screening q a they have optional services like analysis reporting you know expedited turnaround and things like that but i want to show you guys a couple of case studies just to kind of understand exactly how this works you can see right here if we click one of these case studies um you can see that you know they wanted to test their actual advertising campaigns and see what resonated with today's teenagers right so if you're a teenager you can also make 50 an hour doing this and then they had each of these teenagers actually record their responses via their smartphones and the results right positive vibes went out over negativity right and so they looked at you know than actual advertising campaign and they ended up changing their advertising campaign based on the feedback from everyday people just like you and me which is why they're willing to pay so much money um to actually do this so let's actually get into how this works if we go to contact here you can see that they have two options either they want to hire mine swarms to conduct a study or what we're going to be talking about that we want to actually earn money by participating in a study and so what we're going to do is we're going to click get started i'm going to quickly fill out the information in step one to create my account and then we'll go on to step number two and show you the exact settings that you want to put in to make sure that you actually have the highest possible chance of earning money the fastest alright guys so i filled out step number one now i'm gonna fill out step number two it's all very basic stuff just filling out where you want your paypal payments actually sent um and then we're gonna go on to step number three all right guys so we filled out the second step and now they are actually gonna teach you how to record your profile video now this video talks about you know um the tips just to make sure that your responses are actually approved if your responses are not approved then they'll ask you to re-record the actual study and only studies with a full set of approved responses are eligible for payment so what i recommend is you guys check out this you know very short video you can see it's only 45 seconds um they just teach you you know some basic stuff about how to actually set up your responses um just to make sure that they're actually approved and meet a very easy and basic set of criteria and so after you watch this video um we're going to go on to the next step so the next step guys is a 60 second video you can see my swarm wants to use your microphone and your camera the reason that they do that is because they're testing to see you know how uh well you actually uh look and and perform and speak and things like that um on camera which is obviously very terrible for me based on the last sentence that i said um what tell us about one of your passions why is it special for you this is a very common interview question actually in google and facebook and some of the top tech companies in the world because people who have passions outside of work can actually translate those passions into work and so even if you don't have a passion think really hard about what a passion of yours might be it might be video games it might be recording videos it might be minecraft it could be anything right but you always want to have a passion because having a passion tells people who are going to pay you money that you could also translate that passion into the work that you're going to ultimately be doing for them in the form of watching these videos and actually giving your feedback so what i'm going to do is i'm going to quickly record this little video right here which is kind of inceptiony because it's a screen recording um and then i'm going to go on to the next step and show you guys what to do now all right guys so we just submitted that video and now we can see right here that we're going to ask you questions about your home we'll ask you questions about watching sports or you can apply to a study about which apps you use on your mobile device you can see that you get paid 50 literally just for 10 questions you can see there's 26 openings here 18 openings here 40 openings here right and you can even refer friends help your friends earn extra money and refer them to a study right which means that you actually get paid for referring them teaching people how to make you know 50 an hour just literally by watching videos online and so you can see that there's a lot of different studies these update right so there's new studies you can sign up to mindswarm's actual email alerts so every time that they launch a new study you can be the first person to actually apply just make sure that you do take a little bit of time actually filling out the application i'm responding with the video about a passion you have because they probably have a lot of applicants and so make sure that your background looks good make sure that you know you're professional make sure you speak clearly and concisely um you know you can practice the video one or two times because the difference between making fifty dollars an hour and not making fifty dollars an hour might actually come down just to that basic video um that takes you literally 60 seconds or less to actually film so you want to make sure that you do it right because that's going to translate to more money in your pocket and so i like watching sports i also have a lot of apps on my phone so i can do any of these but basically what we're going to do is we are going to actually apply for one of these and so what we're going to do is we're going to actually put white here we're going to go to next right and they ask these demographic questions because the businesses that sign up right have specific target demographics and customers in mind for their products and so they want to have people who are most likely going to be their actual future targeted customers and so when you're thinking about that you want to think about which demographical groups are the most valuable to the most businesses and for the most part right it's americans you know people in the united states the uk canada australia things like that so we're going to say that we watch you know a lot of these because i i do actually watch a lot of these we're going to go to next and i'm not going to bore you guys filling out all of these but what you want to do is answer honestly but keep in mind right that these companies are specifically looking for the most valuable customers and most of the time the most valuable customers are people who live in the usa the uk you know countries such as that so you want to keep that in mind when you actually fill this out to have the maximum chance of actually being selected if you're enjoying this video so far make sure if you haven't already you don't have to if you don't want to click the like button and make sure you subscribe and turn on the bells to see way more awesome videos just like this one and if you didn't already know we actually have two additional awesome youtube channels we have the kevin david experience our top 25 in the world podcast for entrepreneurs and more kevin david where we go live every week on youtube and answer your questions directly about how to make money online both of those youtube channels are linked down in the description make sure you click those right now and subscribe as well and if you haven't comment down below make money online and if we get a thousand comments on this video that say make money online we will release a crazy part two of this video where we're going to show you an even crazier way to make more than 50 an hour just by watching videos online and if you want more videos just like this one make sure you stay tuned because we have a brand new playlist of awesome videos about how to make money online and be financially free coming to you in three two one click the playlist in the middle of the screen guys see you there click it come on click it do it click the playlist okay you don't have to but i promise you'll like it click the playlist see you soon peace

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Earn $50 Per Hour WATCHING Videos! Available Worldwide (Make Money Online)

Earn $50 Per Hour WATCHING Videos! Available Worldwide (Make Money Online)
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