Earn $50 In Minutes! | Easiest Way To Make Money Online 2021 (Worldwide)

this is a 50 reward that i got just for signing up to this particular app i want to teach you exactly how to do that in this video if you're new to my channel make sure you subscribe because nobody's bringing you information like i'm bringing you right now like i said this 50 reward came to me just for signing up and i will show you exactly how to do the same thing links to everything will be in the description below and we're going to get started make sure you stay all the way into the end because i'll give you step-by-step instructions on how to do this if you miss one step you will not get the fifty dollars so you have to follow this step by step and i'm gonna give you the same instructions as they were given to me in order for me to get the 50 dollars to you so you will have exactly what i did you know um you know step by step to get your 50 award just for and not only that when you get this 50 dollar reward you can refer other people and get 50 every time they do these uh set of steps that i'm about to give you right now um so it'll be a win-win situation where you refer somebody because you'll get 50 and then i get a 50 reward just for signing up so if you follow these instructions to the t you will have the best chance of making over and over and i mean making money over and over again you know over and over you know you know income wise with this particular app um let's go ahead and get started comment how much money you want to make with this particular opportunity also tell me you know what are your goals you know when it comes to making money online i would love to hear from you guys and when you get this reward make sure you come in come back to the video and comment it because i want more and more people to do this so they can make some money as well so let's go ahead and get started i'm going to teach you exactly um what you have to do so i saw this post on facebook that was you know showing people making fifty dollars over and over again and i was ex and you know a lot of people in the group how do they do this how what you have to do what are the steps and uh basically what this is is a prepaid bank card but it is a global prepaid bank card so anybody can do this anywhere in the world um what it is is it can change the different currencies you can see on the particular uh you know the thumbnail that it has the uk right here so you know this is a international app um so a lot of people can sign up for this so no matter what type of you know what country in canada does not matter you can sign up for this as long as you have an id to you know saying uh you know verify so if you have a you know a a state issue id no matter what country you're from you can sign up for this and get this 50 dollar rewards these are simple steps you got to follow the person that referred me uh for me to get this without reward is actually from china i know a lot of a lot of people uh people that follow me are from china so this is very very important for you guys follow these steps exactly how i tell you to okay so let me go down here um the 50 bonus is three things you need to do you need well it's five uh but these three that i'm about to tell you right now are important because these are the foundation of what you need to do in order to get this 50 dollar reward so it's like i said it's a prepaid bank card anything like shine aspiration anything that you signed up with previously before beforehand that was prepaid green dot does not matter it's the same thing as this yo you're going to need your uh to sign up for this account i'm just telling you so the first thing you're going to do is it'll be a link in the description below you're going to sign up for an account you're going to need your name your email address your social security whatever that is in your country or itt in or what is the ttn doesn't matter whatever you use to verify yourself in that country you underneath that you're also going to need an id driver's license or passport um in america you just your driver's license will do and they do that to verify uh who you are you're going to do what's called a face verification which is instant so you will enter in your information and then they'll ask you to take a picture of your id you verify that you do the little photo thing where they circle around your face they're really tight on security because they with this uh particular app you can change exchange your money into a different currency you can exchange your money into cryptocurrency so they are you know uh security wise they are not playing if you sign up for anything like coinbase you guys know this um you know security is very very important so once you sign up for your account let me just show you proof i'm showing you proof of everything that i did to get my 50 reward this is no bs this is my actual account so the first thing you need to do is add 20 into your account using the debit card so i use one on my debit card that i already had 20 on it and i added 20 just by going over here so once you sign up and you know you know you know sign up and you know verify your information they're going to take you here you go yours is going to be zero you want to add money and then you just want to pay with a a debit card to lose your account with 20 super simple does not take long does not take more than two minutes uh to load it and it's just as simple as that so that twenty dollars is still yours you can still take you still use that money with your virtual card um when you uh you know get signed up to whatever so the next thing you to do is you want to order a physical revolt card so uh basically whatever country you're in they can't send you a physical revoke card so once you sign up and you go through all the process or whatever you want to come over here to the card section they're going to give you a virtual card you want to get your virtual party you want to get the numbers to your virtual car because this is how you're going to get out three transactions in order for the fifty dollars to you know uh you know hit so you know your virtual recording get your online shopping cart you don't need that uh but your virtual card in your online shopping cart will be in there you want to hit add card debit card now you might see this after you sign up it depends on um you know uh what screen they take you to so if you see this screen beforehand after you sign up because i saw the screen beforehand but um what they do is they show you the meta card and they say get the meta card for free and they get they try to get you to upgrade by paying 16 you don't have to do that you can come over here and hit material and hit plastic and then yours will be free i've already ordered my so mines is not uh mazda is not uh my card is already sent out so if i want to order a new card they'll charge me four dollars but yours will be free uh what you want to do is you want to get the standard account with the standard card which is the standard plastic card this is a virtual card as well so you can get a virtual another virtual card if you want to um and you can use that virtual car right away um once you have the 200 okay so you want to do those two things which is order the physical revoke card and then you want to use your referral card for three purchases you have a virtual you have your virtual required right after you sign up right after your account is verified you will have your virtual card if you have apple pay you can hook it up to your apple pay you'll be good to go so you don't have to wait until you get the physical revoked card because it'll already be in there so uh i gotta do is make three purchases so an extremely easy way for you guys today is do what i did so i'm gonna pull this back up let me go ahead and show you guys so um i tried to use my car my virtual car at a family dollar um they you're not allowed to use your virtual car in stores um until you get your physical card so until i get my physical card i couldn't i couldn't use my um virtual card but you can use your virtual card online so um when you add money to your whatever online purchases you want to make so if you're already making a purchase purchase on amazon just add the money to your account and then just use the virtual card to pay for it so what i did was i went on amazon and i paid um 9.62 for for my prime membership which i didn't you know pay previously and then i did a one dollar amazon gift card another one amazon gift card and you can see shortly after that i got my referral rewards so if you want to go the cheapest route you know without you know taking out your twenty dollars so your twenty dollars would be still your money so um if you just wanna spend three dollars and have you know seven dollars once you get your 50 dollar referral reward a quick way to do that is to buy well like i said one dollar amazon gift cards just buy three of them for one dollar and you're good to go so once that happens you will see your referral rewards so as soon as you do all of those steps the referral work the referral reward excuse me i'm getting tons twisted it's instant like instant like as soon as um i think i had i did the 20 i signed up for my account but i didn't i did the three transactions but i didn't order my physical card i didn't know how to do that to do that because the you know with the first screen um when i signed up what i saw was this and they wanted me to pay 16 and i'm about to pay 16 so i didn't order my card so um i did everything else but i didn't order my card so once i ordered my card my fifty dollars was in my account so you want to make sure you do each one of these steps you cannot miss a step in order to get the 50 reward and it's just a quick little fifty dollars that you guys can use to you know do whatever you want to it so when you get your 50 reward if you want to transfer your money out of there so let's say hey um you spent three dollars and you know uh you got your 50 reward that's cool you have 67 in your account you're trying to get that money out because you know you got your reward and you're good you don't need anything else from this uh particular app so what you would do you could do uh two things you could just buy whatever you need to buy through your virtual record online so do whatever we wish you whatever you want to whatever you you know whatever you want to do with that money or if you're just trying to get money out i i sent my money um through paypal so i took my virtual card i linked it to paypal and i sent uh my girl uh the amount that was in my account the 50 reward i think it was like 56 57 or whatever um i sent that to her and then she was able to send it to me uh through cash app or whatever but they will not let you connect cash up so i tried to connect cash out um it would not let me do it because it's a virtual card but paypal lets you do it so if you're trying to get your money out of here as quick as possible paypal send it to somebody have them send it to you or you can just add money to your paypal account using your debit card and you can use um your virtual card in here and that's as simple as that you will be able to get your 50 dollar bonus so i just showed you guys a bonus of how i got fifty dollars literally for doing nothing sorry about people calling me but literally for for doing nothing all i did was sign up and follow a few steps this is the easiest way to make some money online if you were looking for ways to make money online in 2021 this it doesn't get any easier than this i showed you step by step and i hope you guys take advantage of it the link to this will be in the description below go ahead and sign up also for the 50 award i forgot to mention this you have to go through somebody link my link will be in the description below and also as a bonus i will leave the number one thing that i'm using to make money online so this is a 50 dollar bonus just to get you started you know making money online but if you want to continue to make money online there's a link uh to a survey company that i've been using that i've made over three thousand dollars with um that you guys can you know check out what you would do is you will sign up you'll confirm your email they'll send you invitations and you'll be able to do surveys you know over and over using uh this particular survey site they're the best on on the planet in my opinion because they've paid me the most so if you want to continuously make money with them i'll leave that in the description below hope i gave you massive value leave this video a thumbs up i'll talk to you guys in the next video peace out

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Earn $50 In Minutes! | Easiest Way To Make Money Online 2021 (Worldwide)

What’s the easiest way to make money online 2021 worldwide? In this video, I show you a proven way to make money online and earn $50 dollars. If you follow every step laid out in the video you can make money online in 2021 very fast! As an added bonus I’m giving you an extra way to make money online.

$50 Bonus Using Revolut: https://bit.ly/2Q0kkFA
Full instructions are:
- Sign up for your account
- Add $20 in Revolut using your debit or bank account. You'll be able to transfer any remaining money back to your bank account)
- Order the physical Revolut card
- Use your Revolut card for 3 purchases (you'll get a virtual card right after your account is verified. You can use that virtual card to make your 3 purchases. You do not have to wait for your physical Revolut card, you just have to order your physical Revolut card which is completely free)

An extremely easy way to trigger the 3 purchase requirement is to just use your Revolut card to buy $1 Amazon gift cards. If you buy a $1 gift card 3 times that should trigger the bonus.

My #1 Way To Make Money Online Is Survey Junkie: https://bit.ly/3d1cTqn (Take surveys. Get PAID. Be an influencer. Share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services. Make sure you confirm your email to get more survey opportunities.)

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