Earn $424 From Home | Passive Income Ideas 2021(make money online)

Today I'm going to show you how you can make money Negative when going out with your friends or accompanying your family For dinner or a game of tennis or whatever you want to do, you can make money even while you sleep. This was the special way today, so if You liked this method, you'll want to know how to do it because we're going to start right at This video is now first and foremost before we start, my name is Kevin Weiner with the Freedom Catalyst channel you see here on Your screen, and if this is your first time here in my videos and not Sign up yet or you are here and haven't subscribed yet, you can get there below now while we think about it and hit that subscribe button And don't forget to click on this little notification right next to it So to be notified that he went to upload new videos what you are used to here on This channel because I am always trying to help you guys a more nights way to bring time and financial freedom into your life and this video today It's going to be no different from all right guys all really right What was so out of the way let's go ahead and start This message and this method is easy to do and you should be able to Do it from anywhere in the world as you will see all rights The first thing we want to do for this particular method is in this letter Could you link to the example I'm going to show you today You can pose between $ 424 and $ 424 per sale I want to let you know that it can be done anywhere you guys want.

To do well so what we want to do is To come here first. To create an image To get started with this method here, if you want to come to canva, i don't know if You were going to camba campus, most of you are probably already familiar with kamba it is a free site where you can create pictures of all Kinds of different sizes and shapes for all kinds of different pallets that You want do this for free to register, anything you want to do is register as You see, I registered under my Google account here, you can subscribe In Google Facebook and I think even an Apple ID you can register Here and get started with canva, so what do you want to do next Sign up, you want to click create a design here and see what you want and want Choosing it will give you a list here however you want Choose custom dimensions for this in the dimension you want to use It is 300 x 300 x two hundred 250 Have you seen here a mouse Mouse 300 x 250 Click on Create a new design This page will open here and your design will open And this is the 300 x 250 300 x 250 image that you see here now You see, I actually got here a little bit and established A picture already to show you guys how to do this, and me Using cryptocurrency as my niche today intends to do this and this cryptocurrency can be made back into whatever knicks you want to do, I did that after he gave me my dimensions, hear the box that You see here, all I did is it's very easy Do that and you click on this image here that you see for this computer in this background here is this here on Left, all I did was drag and drop it directly onto this ease and then you could shape it and so on and so forth So here and then all I did for text is here I came here on the left and clicked on the text and grabbed this one Catch this add a big head here you see it and abuse it here and drop it right there as I was writing it into create Crypto from home and then I changed the font color, you see here to gold to kinda keep it with The appearance of the cryptocurrency and the color of the cryptocurrency here and then this background right Pho one of the images here and then I made By typing here in the search box that I just wrote, Dr.

With money this matter has been brought up here, have I done some of this The pictures are free and some of them are not and I found my picture Which is this picture here is free as you can see here where my mouth is and I just hold and pull it And drop it in that background there, and then I clicked on that, I tweaked it a little bit as you can see , I made the brightness on the background just a little lower You see, this is what it looks like in the West, and everything What I did was just darken it a little, remove the brightness and add a little bit of blur here Also to that too, a little more, you can where you can kind of see it Pretty well just like that, that's all it takes to make those Image Guys, it's that easy that you just want to create an image that relates to the product of your choice and whatever Specialty you will do in OK so what do you have your image created here and you can animate these things easily enough that you know And I just said it works if you want to work if you want it and create Different size for lettering image and create different sizes from The letters appear through on your gadgets until you see I put The letters here are for 24 24 and you can even change the font type you want for this too I just left in The default is open with no extra here and then after that Like something like that when you get it done when your picture is finished all you do is come here to Right above my head, every time you see my mouse and click download just leave it in the suggested P&G here then you just go to Computer and save it to your hard drive on your computer -Once you have done that it shouldn't take you however Just a few minutes to do it, you saw how easy it is to do it and then what to do when you're done Want to come here to igit store 24 24 number store 24 It is the sister site to ClickBank, it is an affiliate marketing site and it is the sister site and it can be from anywhere in the world, so there is no reason not to The importance of where you live.

Able to come and get up This way I'm showing it to you today because it can be accessed from anywhere in the world to see n sign up, is Store 24 All they do is click Sign Up Now, and they probably will They will send you a confirmation mention, so make sure you sign out And go back and verify your account, go back and log in To give Store 24 here, then what you want to do next Is that you want to click on the correct marketplace market here Where you see my mouse mouth and you see all here Port Types Just like what you see on ClickBank, All Ports In ClickBank or Category as you can see it here on the left side But as you said for example today I only use tocurrency cryp so What I did you come here and see that I clicked Click search or sort by here and buy your mistake, it relates With revenue per sale, I clicked shopping cart visitor earnings here And show this smart cryptocurrency here, hit another one here to view the cryptocurrency Keystone Investors Club This private club is here You can make 277 USD to sell on this link here and then you want to click on your promotion link but I chose this specific link here.

Smart cryptocurrency and you can see that I clicked the Promote button Here and gave me my referral link where your referral link will appear, and as I said for this special offer Here, you can make up to $ 424 by itself sell with this now you just want to have a product with whatever you want to do, you can Make cryptocurrency if you want but whatever lice you choose in your product, pick a product that you can have with some good money with Well and so on, pick a product that gets paid Very good doing like this product here, then click promote button To get your referral link, so someone was an example for this Product But a specific Pro product here What is the product It teaches people how to invest in cryptocurrencies to make good money, so if someone clicks On this referral link, it will open directly on this page to the sales page that you see containing the name of my partner Here is for all the 4 numbers store and this is the page that brings it to this one, it's really good because it has Webinar here If you look here, this is an hour-long webinar And half, it's good value free tip being Presenting them in this webinar teaches people how to turn $ 1,000 into up to $ 1,000 13 32 or even $ 271,000 in this one, and if they like what See him here to join Goodbye by then, you'll make $ 424 Every sale here or whichever according to whichever place you want Chuse should Be on the link to be right and they came And they can buy here now so you get your image right, you got your image created, it came from two numbers or 24 you matched Your niche was your image that you created correctly while keeping everything identical across the board, now, how would you go to this market Well, now I'll show you how you can Target highly targeted traffic visitors to your referral link here And your picture properly now what you want to do is you want to move To this site here is called adding writers.

If What I saw here in the address bar, it adds clarks.com, I came here to this site and this site guys, it will not be This is a free way to market, but I'm going to show it here not as well It would be expensive either well, its very easy to do and your earning potential is here to go to the Skyrocket with this where you will see What you need to do here is to now show you what You will do it here on this side site are you going to buy aside is you are going to buy ads online You are targeting real people who are highly targeted with ads based on their marketplace for approved website platform and what you want to do here is when you arrive To this site you want come here and this will that you can create an account for free here, where guys just clicked Create an account, I think they will most likely send you a confirmation email To get your account verified, go back to your account and register Log in then what do you want to do if you want to get down here here and it says all the categories here, if you look at All of these categories here, you see all of these categories here It's the same thing you see in the Number 24 store here, so it doesn't matter what place is right, are you doing it okay now of course, where is it? The example is the day I'm using cryptocurrency here, so I'm going to go here to where you say cryptocurrency here and check this correct box.

I like the ap to download all cryptocurrency sites that It has very high traffic, see here guys for example, this one The thing called the faucet that built this thing gets 9.5 million 9.5 million visitors Monthly 9.5 million 9.5 million impressions every time a person comes to this site, and this site is uploaded to his screen, and this is considered Make an impression 9.5 9.5 million * 4 months of men look at these others All tap cryptocurrencies.

IO Here we hear 3.6 million 3.6 million impressions per month Bitcoin is free. 2.8 million – 2.8 million in IO And it goes on over and over here guys with all these now, how do you go about how to do it for example, they're charging $ 0.50 Here only 50 Cent for 1 1000 1000 impressions, that is That this site is downloaded 1000 times in front of someone, and your ad with your photo is correct, your image will be displayed. On this site right now, so if we click on On this, for example, this use of a faucet villas example here, there are many more Another example is here, so if you click ASAP here here and we can see it as I've been telling you He gets 9.5 9.5 million 9.5 million monthly impressions right here Hey guys and that's right really good on Alexa and he's got 907 followers on Twitter etc etc etc. you can see where the traffic is coming from And so on here, but what you want to look for here is we want to pay attention to where it says floating Banner on all pages of this size with size 300 300 x 250 will be in the lower right of their website and this What we created our image correctly, we chose the 300 300 ร— 250 image, so it is perfect for this particular site, not what You will do it because you just have to click "add to cart" if you are You want to put your photo on this site now, it's $ 0.50 per 1000 impressions, so what if you just spent ten thousand of those impressions on High Traffic Website You Think You Can Make Some Sales With this guy I have to say, you want to do it, here you just want to click Add to Cart -When adding you to your cart, you will have to review How to set up and set your ad with this specific site here by adding clarks.com, what What you will do is upload your image, go to use it for your ad, and attach a referral link Your this picture is on ADD scribes are here and then once you pay for it give them $ 5 You can search for yourself if you target some of these elements Will allow for more direct direct targeting, may they let me say Specific target in countries like you might want to target all English speaking countries, I mean New Zealand the United States and Canada Australia that you would like to target specific countries where you can do that here is allowed some of that each Targeted traffic anyway they're all interested in how to make money with Bitcoins where it says is targeting Right and how to get more Bitcoins until then you just fill in Your return an air lly link to your photo, then sign up and pay for it $ 5 for ten thousand present or 50 cents Or $ 4000 for 2000, but you want to pay for it Then all you do after that guy is graduated And play tennis or choose your wife and children for dinner And sleep or do what you want to do because from that moment on the passive income becomes your ads showing on these highly targeted sites And you can do that with all of those others who were as many others as you can see if you have bought it From all these other things here to know, I mean there was all the kindness mixed up now but the 1 Bell Villas faucet is one coin faucet Free Bitcoin if you do this on all of these Things like if you spend $ 20 and get ten thousand impressions for high-traffic websites from the amount of money you can earn with your referral link from Shop numbers 24 24.

Com if you see the value in The power of this method, get you there and give me a thumbs up, this is the video I got for you today on how you can make easy passive income While you go do what you want to do and you should not take it Just more than a few minutes to prepare all of this Maybe 30 minutes at most to set all this up, and then you can carry on with your daily work and we'll do all the time Make money and just go back and verify your account on Do the store and see how many sales I've actually got you guys give me a thumbs up, you liked this video too, don't forget Hit that subscribe button below and put that notification bill up You are notified when new videos are uploaded and also if $ 424 is not Enough for you and what you want to do is put it there Where Mentor says with how.

Calm down there in the description, you Yourself on your own is a high-income skill set where you can learn to make up to $ 4,000 in a day if that sounds good to you. There, come and talk through my final work, look at what I have I have been there to help you get the high income race skill and group in race skillset in marketing Commission starting today, and I'll allow you to do so I'll see you again here in a few unforgettable ones Leave any comments or questions about this video below and I'll come back Here again where I'll see you at In a couple of days or so in the next exciting video that you guys take care of takecare you have a great day bye bye bye.

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Earn $424 From Home | Passive Income Ideas 2021(make money online)

Earn $424 From Home | Passive Income Ideas 2021(make money online)

In this video I show you an easy method that will give you passive income of up to $424 per sale. But you can make passive income with this method in any niche you choose.

This is not a free method but it isn't expensive either. This type of affiliate marketing passive income allows you to set it and forget it in a short amount of time, and go do whatever you want to all the while making, money doing affiliate marketing.

So if this sounds like something you would like to try, then you want to watch this whole video to get all the details on how to make passive income.

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