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in this video i am going to show you how i have made over one thousand and seventy three dollars in the last 24 hours here from my laptop i started this particular funnel yesterday morning and i am already at 22 sales from yesterday and 15 sales today is a total of 37 sales combined in the first 24 hours promoting this funnel and a total of 1073 sales through this funnel it's all profit there is no expense on this i even go and refresh it here to show it to you is my live dashboard what I have actually made it here, so I'm just waiting for it to load here you can see that I actually had some more sales now, as you can see it went from 1070 to 1131 sales here so if I actually to all sales come made of a year and if I go in between uh
yesterday, which is the 19th today is the 20th you will see here of these sales here it is mostly 29 dollar sales I can go to page 3 again and again 29 sales times on k honor the same with page three uh two here, what we are again 29 sales are over and over again so if we go back to the super settlement and I refresh it again just to show you that it's all completely just to show you that this is my live builder all dashboard and um it is not affiliate marketing will not create a product where we have to drop our own products sales , it does not fall it is something new I really suggest you pay attention to and see if you want to repeat my success
all my tips secrets and hacks I have in this video I use this 1131 funnel in just my first 24 hours but I also want to let you know I did something similar on me another account called kartra here where I also used a similar strategy or the same strategy only with a different funnel and I have made a
thousand uh and four hundred dollars this week so far, which is a total of is
eight sales, so it's more high ticket product, these sales are everywhere ssen $ 100 and $ 200 the product I used on my builder all finals is 29 sales so you can see it here I had days of 394 294 394 and I will reload it too to show it this is also my live dashboard and the reason I show you these merits is to not bend or show you how much I am not deserving or anything like that: actually prove to you that I make this work for myself, I get a considerable amount of results from this and I'm very excited to share this video with you today, because hopefully you can repeat the same thing I love about it if you guys send me dms of the
results you get from my content without further ado, let's not waste any time and jump straight into it but before we get straight into it as you know make sure you like a like and sign in to the red notification bell going on if you have not so you can get a
notification from me every time I upload a epic video just like this probably daily comment mode below leave a like sign on this in channel and you stand a chance to win me
drop service university program in every single video, so if you want to win make sure you do the three and I will announce the winner in tomorrow's video as if I announced yesterday's winner
at the end of this video, make sure to watch the end to get it if you want to get the drop service university program only for 29 in this video you can enter this coupon here on the first link in the description it will destroy it all from 397 to 29, I did the same special yesterday, but I decided to continue with it today as I a lot of you took the opportunity to draw so I keep the opportunity opens for you, as I said coupon here on the first link in the description on and it will lead us straight here on my computer and the first step we will come to this website here called udemy.com and before you click, no , we are not about our own ku rsusse about udemy post we are not going to be a spam partner links in comments or anything like that it has nothing to do with it we are going to do with youtube is we are going to use this site to gain influence to our own mini-course create now it's super easy because you do not have to actually record it with your own camera, you do not have to have a microphone you do not even have to use your own voice if you are an awkward person on camera, but I really recommend paying attention because I'm going to show you
some tools to literally automate it all for you, so if you come over to udemy and you hover over categories from which you can choose a course any niche you like what I like about this you can choose something you are passionate about or something you know, if you are a student and you are passionate about it or business or anything you can go create a course for people in the field and you can use udemy here as an influence to structure your own course as I always think there is two main ways to make a lot of money in today's world learn it either high income skills they export or sell and teach other people in this video we are going to sell those skills to other people and make big money on this I am going to use it business as it is a field is what I know as an online entrepreneur to which we can come for example e-commerce here, I am an e-commerce selling products online and let's go talk about a woocommerce course of the year as I said can you choose from it and productivity of software offices if you are a programmer you can do it you can do hardware here network and security if you are a Networker photography courses health and fitness courses finance and accounting again choose something you are passionate about something it make you happy, so I'm going to do is on these woocommerce courses here you want to scroll down and you want to click on the price here and you want to click on free courses here because of course the paid courses you have to pay to join, but here are completely free classes we can go join, so here is a woocommerce one click above the step-by-step master class here, what you can do now, you can go click
this course is again completely free here, you can sign up here I will actually sign up for this to show ok, you have to log in with your account once you have logged in click on start course here and here on the right you can see all the
modules in this course it is basically about creating the perfect funnel with woocommerce and selling your products with woocommerce so that it covers Finally your billing increases it all connects with your products now you just want to play this course watch it constantly pay attention to what they say and you want to repeat this kind of basic course or influence you can, even if I suggest if you want to use a lot of influence, but if you use it too much, just give the original creator credits at the beginning or end of the course you can go and watch the introduction make something similar module number two make something similar and make a course that is very similar to this and you want to save it all these recorded videos on your computer so you can for example use open
sow the software to record your
screen you do not even need a webcam if you do not want to show your face, but um obs does offer a webcam facility if you want to record your face, but as I said it is up to you with which you are comfortable and if you are uncomfortable to the point where you do not even want to use your own voice you can use a tool here speech yellow.com so that this tool makes it possible to change text into a human voice voiceover if you do not want to record your own voice and if you are uncomfortable with it but I do recommend getting out of your comfort zone one of my biggest quotes and sayings is actually said by garyvee if you want to reach places where you never been you have to thing e do what you've never done before and get out of your comfort zone and this is one of the occasions I really recommend you watch I know a lot of people like me I was very uncomfortable talking to the camera but I got into it came in the beginning the same video recorded more than 10 times but you force you get used to it and now I'm at the point where it's second nature is talking on camera so so easy it has become over time For me it's just alternatives like me said if you do not want to record yourself
with your own voice, you can use a tool like this and the next step is that we want to take everything the recordings and videos we have edited and compiled from our influence we have on us udemy of course came here and we actually want to go create our own membership area like this, where you can see here all your content, all your modules and literally I'll show you how to merge it now with the click of a button, i created it literally generate this mode image template with a tool called builderall I'll show you how to access it with over two thousand dollar funnels and bonuses to get you started you too with this so you will see here for example talk about the launch of yes you have the video who plays and you can see this is just one of the videos I created so you can see I speak naturally with my own voice I am very comfortable I speak myself on camera but as I said if you are uncomfortable the previous recommended tools can use here to start with you should come here website here but if you want what was done for you and more than 1288 dollars worth of bonuses and funnels and still get builder completely free i know if you come to the builder here and you come over to your plans to start paying from day one but I what is 69 per month here but if you want to get it for free the first 30 days you can actually call after the second come in the description and you get build a role on a free trial for di e the first 30 days you can use the strategy that I show you here literally pay your builder bills plus off you get a bonus called 'customized' business strategy to follow privately group chat email templates and high conversion funnel templates you can do more if one thousand two use one hundred and eighty eight dollars with the bonuses on the second link in the description so you can claim it all and once you have done that and logged in through the link below you are going to land the tool here on your dashboard now with which we are going to put together our membership area e-learning here so you can move click in the middle right click on e-learning here and it will take you to this page here and you want to go and click on create new course here you want to import
course name and we can literally go and copy the title of the course on udemy and paste it here at the instructor name, you can create your own name for the category in this case it is business and management as it should do with e-commerce, kl i on the next option here you can u your theme or you choose
icon so I do not really need to have an icon, but if you ndd one um you can add one and then click on create new course once you are done here and here can you see that you have a secret key, such as the login key for your student business management icon published here the most important part is you may just want to type a little about yourself on the instructor page but here modules and relationships you need here on the add module click type for example the module's name in Woocommerce here is this section number one so we can just paste it here and then we can click create a module here and here you can see section one click on the drop down list you then want a lesson here add you want to click on the content here and if you want to upload your course to YouTube or directly from your computer that you choose directly from the computer, click upload here and you upload the video that you recorded from module one you will be influenced through this woocommerce runs here, so everything what you want to do is then record section two three four five and six and load it on your own on website in the same order so that the course is clearly in order and when you are done you can save and preview click on top right and this is what the course looks like to me so far so you can see I have a whole question instructor section here your students can sign up or sign up but now of course to make money with this we need a landing page and sell this course, because it's clear course is going to be a paid course and we want and people need you a paid
fee to join this course so you want to get back to your builder dashboard here and you want to scroll down until you see the bullarol canvas here click on builderall canvas you want to click on, add funnel here for your final title we can type again the woocommerce sell the master class here and we can say just the same description here click on next and you want to click here again to generate sales and here You can see that we have a video sales have letter funnel a membership vip funnel the one we want to use is this basic membership funnel here because remember we sell a membership area which is our course a membership area is basically a private content course where people have to pay to participate be of which in this case our woocommerce course, click on membership funnel here we can go and choose one of my themes favorite themes is actually the blue theme um and the basic theme here you do not have to use anything nice here you can see the template page of the first login page of this membership funnel, so of course we need it to go edit it all, but it's just To show you, I chose the course theme here, then click on a selection of the course theme here and once your final has loaded here see a short diagram of your funnel you have the entry form for printing press where you collect their name and email address it is very important because it is very important to d ie list of save
students who have been saved or purchased your course so you can check it by email do it or sell it or download it to other products you have sales letter page here with the video a payment page where they then pay for this membership area in other word your course and the thank you page here and then the membership area here so we can click on Generate a website here as soon as we are happy and right below you see this website being generated successfully generated click on go to website here and here you can see all the pages in this funnel, so let's start the press page which is page number one, you can undertake this tour here if you are not yet a new builder but click on the edit page if you want to edit first page here and here you can see is the registration at your Woocommerce course so we can go to tiger for example free training woocommerce sell a click and we can only remove it actually here and if you want this p rent replace here, what I recommend, just come to google and just type in woocommerce icon click for example enter enter add a random woocommerce to
logo here, so what we can do is we just click here, here you see if I click on it, it will be fully opened screen, I will just click on it again I will download it when a png icon in the largest format comes back to your last builder page here click on the edit window on this image click on general settings click on change picture here, click on select file and upload it same on woocommerce logo which we used and what it actually looks very good, you can see we get free training with one click by- sales and and for this email and first name about here what you want to do, you just want to click here on the set list and you want to click on any list created, you can also create a new create
list here, but I'm just going to choose for example name and email basic which is a basic name and email list is what I created it means that every time someone inko m the name and e-mail on this page it is stored in a list where I can send a series of e-mails, update it with updates about the course or sell it or download it to other products in the future so to earn more income the first page is finished, click on save on top right here and this page will then publicly save what you can do come back to your overview of all your pages here and let's go and start the video sales letter page and here is the video sales page that will do all the selling of our course and all our titles and those descriptions that we can literally go and copy of the course page about udemy over here so there is not much hard work to do no What you can do is you can literally go and copy this title here, come back double to your builder website builder click here paste your title, let's just centralize it, make it bigger font make it bold here and for this subtext above we can literally copy only the short shared of this course so we can paste it here and what you can do is for the sales video here you can go watch the introductory video of this course and repeat something for your sales video once you have created it and save it on your computer where you just click the video option here click on edit elements click on general settings above here Upload your video to YouTube and just paste your YouTube video link here from your introduction to this course and all this content here again um you will see that they basically reason has why you need to take the next step you can basically copy everything here you can set up a profitable sale with one click, so let's just use this preview highlight paste it here just like that and you just want to remove some of us of course do not require these many steps, let's just remove this here and perfect, and you want to go and replace it all with content on this course page here and this yes, I wanted page is already then linked to your pay page here where you product then is going to be connected, let's go and save our funnel page, so let's go and save our video sales page, which also contains
is now complete and here we can complete then our checkout page it is therefore a very important part of this funnel what you want to do is you want you click on add here you want to click on the elements here as you scroll down, you wantI see super look here, drag just click here and drag the super Pay your page here and then click on this super-paid option here and this is the page where we need to set up our product so we are just waiting for this to load us
business name we can only import woocommerce master class for example, and you can also enter your full name and just type your email and your phone number on the next page you just need to enter your
address so you can see each country has been accepted, so I'm just getting started quickly doing this and this is what your dashboard will look like here looks at
the top right you have to click create a new product for this funnel here we can b y example go type we can only one click more sell step can we just type master class for example do not worry about the description because a full paste description of yes let us just go and make for the type we want to choose digitally for the category that we want to go choose courses or subscription, click on save and continue here where you want to connect, do you want to add a payment method so you can be paid via paypal strip page suguro card com braintree pay for our bitpay, which is bitcoin mccarter pay find pay account access directly to your bank teller Molly pay or save to pay it there are so many different payment gateways and at least some of these are accepted worldwide, I know that bitpay is bitcoin bitcoin is an international currency so you can pay via bitcoin I have my paypal and straight connected strip give all the instructions over there I recommend that you choose currency unite declaring dollars which is usd every year and for your price you do not want it h aal not too expensive between 20 or 30 dollars do you want to make it affordable for everyone, so I just go and type it for example 20 um 29 just like that and you want single payments here you can then click on Save and continue we just pay ' a little you want then click on save and continue with the product quantification you do not need worry about clicking on save and continue here for the affiliation so if you actually want to create an
affiliate program for your course where as you let other people share of course you can actually refer them to commission for what is actually quite handy, so now you create your own affiliate program much like clickbank or jvzoo, so all you would do is just make individual affiliation possible for this The product for the connected page will then be your press page here, select your mailing list which will be the
mailing list from where your affiliates are saved, so you can go back and create a new list only for affiliate approval that you can post automatically and you can the levels set up here byvo image your price is 29 if you want to give a
30 commission your affiliates then get 8.70 each sale if you want to do 50 you can do it where they get every 14 for sale then click on confirm levels above here, save and proceed to the design you want on new step 2 above click
here and then select the page where you sell this product your video sales letters click on save and continue with your personal thank you page you just want to select thank you page here, click on save and continue with the default email address message, do not worry about the click not save and continue for the restricted areas you want to click woocommerce sell one click here so they can access it so they automatically receive an email receive mail as soon as they have purchased your membership area on the sales page with their login details about the membership area, so it is important that you have the setup over here register new students in e-learning so tsy student will then be registered in the woocommerce one-cells sell api so click save and continue here Do not worry about delivery, this is a digital product again for the terms and conditions save and continue saving and continue and now this product is made here, can you see
Woocommerce as soon as we have additional sales here come back to the website of the fraudster here and you then want to add you
and then you see the checkout then complete, just remove it section here and make your settlement in the middle here and it is yours settlement now complete, you can click
save at the top right so people are now you can watch with your course and register until your course at your ready-for-you final once your final is complete you can use
website like udemy.

com to use best solo ads so you can actually go and pay big marketers around the world to send advertising emails to sell you
send to their mailing list, so some people may have a mailing list of 50 up to 100,000 people and they send an email you follow to tons of sales to get
the mailing list is a great way to get it leads to email surveys at your sign up page and finally sales, which is a
great way to get an excellent way to scale over a
thousand dollars per day, but before you leave and actually spend money on this, let me actually show you some views Marketing ads here you can go and use lots of free traffic and use facebook instagram tick tock go and create a page with value in the specific niche in which your course is let links in your descriptions respond to comments on quora that first hundred to two hundred dollars on which you can then reinvest udemy here, for example if I choose this guy here and I want to buy a solo ad, he has a 51 conversion rate it means 51 of people who buy from him actually get sales from his mailing list here, um average time to accept new order is price of three hours per click passed through all the unit filters is 59 cents and he has 2 1 38 good reviews and only five bad reviews which is actually very good he reached the top five in august 2020 for i sold a sales position hall of fame member with six awards 32 solo recently in the top five in august for sale so this man the highest rated is example and you can buy solo ads from him emails here so create a free account on udemy um it is udimi.com and I recommend that you go and look at the section above the free training on this site on how to buy these solo ads but I just wanted to quickly announce the winner of
that drop service university program this person was not here you won everything you need from yesterday's video to do , click on my instagram link in the description of this video dm me and we will sort out your bargain here do not forget, enter this coupon here on this first link in the description after get the draft service university program only 29 points lower than 397 a huge saving of over 90 and just to help you go even further, I will playlist here with my best traffic methods specifically designed for affiliate marketing sell your membership area and more builds training videos here, so be sure to click on this playlist here, it's basically a completely free course on YouTube that took my years of videos together on YouTube and now it's put together into one easy playlist, so definitely click on this playlist here and I see you there

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Earn $1,073.00 Per Day For FREE (UNSEEN Way To Make Money Online 2021) *PROOF*

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