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In today's video, I'll show you how you can set up A high demand service where you can get a hundred dollars on Most likely one or more and set it up once and then it is finished And it runs on autopilot from there outside So, the only work that will be done is how Advertise for service and that's it and you won't have to do Any additional work and you are able to make a hundred dollars Daily maybe or more until you set it once and you're done , And you're on your way, okay guys, let's get started on This is, first of all, you see that we are here on the Freedom Catalyst channel, It's my youtube channel and if this is your YouTube channel the first time here at My videos where I help people learn how to make money online from home In many different ways and did not She shares my channel so well so far while we think about it And speaking of it, get there on the right now below for your video and click on That subscribe button and don't forget to tap this little notification bell To the right of it is there so you will be notified when I do I upload new videos which I do regularly here at This channel because i always try to help with Save more time and money, live freedom in your buddies with each A video I make out for you, well, okay, Let's go ahead and get started on this one The video without anything else to do here is what you want to do, on you To love you said that you will only set up this service, it is a commercial service One time I was done with it and the only thing after that was just Direct your traffic to your service and you can earn money Regularly I think with this vs.

A lot of money over time as it accumulates and accumulates well, well, So we want to come to this site here And this site is the people you see in the watch right here in the address bar Persons per hour. Com This is a high-end ordering service I'll show it for you, but you want to come here You can subscribe here, and you'll see where it says subscribe here Click on Register here then make sure to verify your mail Email to confirm the email and then verify your account Come back and get your entry and now for an example you see what you have Tags here I've written in the search engine here He resumes here you see that men and I did a search for CVs here You have people in an hour and you can see that there are people They provide CV writing services here now I can hear some of you now say Kevin I don't know how to write a résumé I don't know anything about that or how to do it or otherwise So what so, but don't worry about it, I told you You will not have to do any work here Not at all, okay, but what we want to do is we want to focus on Resumes here services and you can see that the demand is high Here someone sells their service for a hundred dollars He says that ey will rewrite your cover letter and resume within 72 hours And you can see that as far as we know here, they've sold a thousand And fifty-six of these are for a hundred dollars, so if you double those together So that means ten thousand dollars and some changes that This guy actually made it as far as we can say here okay , Then next change here you can see that There are sixty dollars and fifty dollars as we go down through 50 70 90 60 65 people write professional resumes And cover letters and they charge differently for different prices So what you are going to do is you are going to create Resume writing service here and what you want to do Is exit here and you want to click on become freelancer Freelancer you see above my head here and uh Click on that and then you're going to create the service here on Person per hour, I would set my own rate and I would cut hundreds of dollars to start I mean this can adjust to whatever you want but you don't want to go too low And you don't want to set it too high so set it in the middle just like 50 Here it appears to be related to the average price What we see here on all these other people is what service would be like They provide for this and just what you want to do Clicking on one of these other gigs, for example, The party style you set up here on People per Hour is on Just like some of those others want And kind of read through it and get an idea and you can see this The person provides other services with him Here for a little extra money you can do the same Yourself, just read some kind and prepare The party is like what you see Here, you don't want to copy it exactly you just want to get some ideas On how to prepare your freelance CV for writing on this site And then, once the party is set, that's it you're pretty much done At that point, there was no more work left so if you finished, it should be Able to do it in about 30 minutes, I'd say maybe an hour on Most, get this setting on People Per Hour Here and have the party ready to go and set Your price is around 50 so start with and then with just that Finish preparing the party now what you want to do is what You want it and let's say for example that you got an order now and you want it Stay here and keep watching this video for you guys because I'll show you One place where you can market this and pay People to serve you and direct traffic and business to your resume writing service Your here, so let's say an example now You received a request for your resume service that you have on people per hour For fifty dollars okay and what to do next so you don't have to Write the CV you want to come to here at This site here is called legitimacy dot com that you see here at Address bar it's legit lilegiit there are two eyes Instead of just one dot com and you can see o ver here and you do By typing CVs into their search engine Here and you search for it, it will show you all these people here Like here, I will write a perfect CV A cover letter for your business starts at five Dollars properly guys it's only five dollars here so what you are Do and then there are some others for 1006 Five five and ten ten so on down through here So what can you do when you get an order For someone on someone per hour to at your service to write to them A professional resume or cover letter, then you'll simply come Down here for legitimacy and you will apply it on Example like this for only five dollars, then Whoever you hire, for example if you hire one for five In dollars, you can only keep the difference, so lost I paid $ 50 of it here to get started now Keep in mind, your service is getting more popular and like This guy, here I've got over a thousand reviews, You can raise your price and make more money But to start out at around 50 then you'll keep 45 of that because you are I hired the work done here on legal.com For only five dollars or six dollars or whatever ten dollars there are, so You'll keep the difference between that, if you employ it For five, you'd keep 45, and if it's 10, You'll only keep 40 of those and two in one day And you don't do anything, you hire him.

That puts you At about a hundred dollars a day with only two a day, And you will legitimately employ it when you get An offer or commercial inquiry to have someone To write a person's CV, professional CV for you here You will become legit and will hire him for cheaper Then you can simply keep the teams and take no action You did not write any CV or anything that you did Set up your service once people per hour , Then get it done by hiring someone on a legit Dot com to do this for you.Once they do this, you will just come back to Your service and you return the CV file To your customer and you'll get fifty dollars wage, then you win 45 Dollars because you might have hired it for five Here it's all legit well so that's how you do these guys I've groomed now, how This will market how you're going to drive the traffic, I'll explain You have a really good way to direct Traffic is here to serve you, to start now These services are on person per hour you can Use keywords in preparing them because these will get you ranked up In the Google search engine over time and that traffic will help a campaign To serve you as well as the people who are looking for Resume book or professional resume writing right This will also mean that you just want to continue working with him Attracting traffic to it, here's one way you can start here.

I mean you can use your creativity and imagination About how to direct traffic to your service in other ways I mean there is all The kinds of highways that you can even do paid ads if you want to, But the highways would be, you know, maybe a link because LinkedIn is The site is full of professionals and there may be a look there you do By searching for people when searching for the right people For résumés to properly write resumes for them, you can even advertise your service on a site Pinterest, and you can advertise it on how to use Instagram possibilities that people who would like Write a CV there and you can do it on any other type of social site Which you can think you can even offer on the tick tock platform Social at the moment is still very young yet, but his age is about Only two years now I think at this point one way you can do it now So I'll show you of course here on facebook, you noticed that I came here to facebook and signed in And you click on groups here, see that Then I did here in the column on the left here you see the location My mouse here I uh typed in job search Here you can see that he is looking for work and you searched on Groups for people looking for work And you can see that there are all kinds of groups here Of people looking for jobs and they need help with CVs because the CV Professionalism will help them get the job that Looking to get it so you can see that some of these sets 2000 members here have 1.2000 here and there 10,000 Here I mean there are all kinds of people who are They are looking for work and need a written CV Them, so what you want to do is join these groups as many as possible And when you do, you will serve them as you wish Continue for a few more moments here because I'll show you How can you provide your service because you do not want to send unwanted messages to your service In these groups you want to get to know people a little bit, and you are You don't want to be salespeople that you wan just get to know them And offer your service to them here, and that will remain Exist forever once posted in these groups, and will see People click this link, and over time they will Lead them to your service and you'll start getting all kinds Jobs to write a CV, and all you need To do is set it on the legitimate level now I have written here looking for work what If you just wrote resumes like the people looking for Self jobs then click that and you must download here and we will just click Here you can say here and there are people who Looking for resume help out there in this group Self templates and tips there are all kinds Another is for resume and letter of advice That can offer your service to people in Watch these groups and stimulate traffic, so any type of keyword you can Think about where to create groups you can present Your service has to type it into the search engine here Then join as many of these groups as you can A.

Then offer your service there now, how can you Offer your service so that you don't appear to be in love with sales Or anything like that well, I wrote something here that you can use, I mean you can use something like this you can copy mine Here as you like, or you can write your own but that A kind of template about how you should be serving And you can see here that all I did was write Hey how are you going to search for a business question mark and say I hope To be successful in your search for the job you want , Then I said my name, then you want to put Your name is right there, and it says I have a team of Professional CV Writing and it's absolutely true Because you didn't hire any of the professionals Here's legitimately, so that's just right and then you can see too I said, oh, we're helping people get a job Their dreams are through highly professional resumes and cover letters that stand out Recruiters and if you want my team to do the work you can Take a look at your current CV or even write one from scratch we can Help you and say go here to see if we can be At your service, then what you want to do is you want to Affix your service link to someone in the hour Where your service is at you want click to add link For a specific service in this message given here at Your in your letter that you write For posting on Facebook this is what you will get a response to see this it doesn’t look very selling, It's not an opportunist, and it's basically a deliverer These Facebook groups serve you with just that Paste it into these groups, there will be an end Forever big and people will see it They will click on your service link and come And see your service that you provide And the possibility of them buying your service because they might If they are coming to your service, they need a professional CV And you can do it with really good money Over time as your service gets more and more reviews And the people who love your business, it will grow And grow and grow, and you can make over a hundred dollars Daily at that time all the good guys this is the video i got for you Today this is an easy and sophisticated ordering service you can Set it up and you don't even have to With the work you set up only once and then post to facebook or Any other social groups that you just want Serve them with something similar to what I wrote it here for you guys if you liked this video or arrived Down there and give me a thumbs up and don't forget if you have any Questions or comments just leave them there below and I'll call back Don't forget to press the subscribe button and click on Notification bell right beside it so you will be notified when new videos are uploaded And if you want to know how to do With Affiliate Marketing, you are able to create a high income stream from tickets to You yourself want to click there where it says Advisor with kev dot com Come see where I can show you how to live the laptop lifestyle And to be able to work from anywhere in the world with Affiliate marketing starting today is okay, oh Guys, I'll let you go with that and see you within Two days or so here in the next exciting video they're making money, You guys are taking care of a wonderful day bye now you

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Earn $100 per Day | 30 Minute Free Setup | make money online 2021

Earn $100 per Day | 30 Minute Free Setup | make money online 2021

In this video I'll show you a very high demand service business you can setup
just 1 time in about 30 minutes and, be able to potentially make $100 per day very soon.

if you're interested in how to make money online 2021, I'll show you this free method here to do just that. Best thing about this is you after you set it up for FREE, you're done at that point and then you just advertise it to make money online for free.

So if this sounds like something you'd like to do, then you want to watch the whole video to get all the details and begin to make money on autopilot.

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