Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 – Ep 352 – Full Episode – 26th February, 2021

Life and roads have many differences. Many philosophers and poets have drawn similarities between them. Life or roads, they take us to our fated destinations. And roads just like the life can put us into accidents. Not limited to minor incidents these could also include horrifying events which ruin the lives of not just the travelers but everyone else connected to them. Greetings. I, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya welcome to today's episode 'Crime Patrol Satark'. Can I bring you more, sir? The food is great! It makes me want to kiss the hands of the cook. Go head, then. She's an old woman who has been cooking here for six months. You kiss her hands for me. No sir.. Make a parcel of the same order. I'll take it home. My wife will be happy to eat it. Of course.. Chandrika they're praising your cooking! Maintain this taste and I'll increase you salary next month.

Greetings, sir! How are you, Chhotu? – I'm fine. Come on, quickly set the table. Excuse me I have to go to Baruipur. That'll cost you Rs. 500. But I've always paid only Rs. 150. You can have Rs. 200. I've told you the price. If I pick up more people on the way you can split the bill. Hold on. I'll make a phone call to my family. Hello! Yes.. I've found a ride. I'll come home straight. Yes.. We want to go to Baruipur. Take us there.. – Yes, get in.. Please stop the car. I've got to make a nature's call. Please stop.. Mr. Shomen, what's the matter? Your eatery's food has become better.

Yes, it's tastier now. The old cook quit the job. An old woman approached me. She needed a job and made tasty food. I just gave her the kitchen. Now tell us the bill. You can pay what you always do. Here you go. Hey, Chhotu! – Yes, sir? This is for you. Chandrika a policeman asked about you. He praised you cooking! Sister are we just going to Dal and rice? No fruits or vegetables and it's been ages since we've had fish. We had fish and rice just the other day. When? – At the neighbour's wedding. – Yes. You also had Rosogullas at Ms. Nina's veneration. – Yes. When our parents were here mom used to cook delicious food. You were small then but used to enjoy the food. What did mother used to cook? – Mixed vegetables.. Eggplant fries.. Chutney.. Fish in mustard sauce.. A lot more. Sir, he is my husband. He drives a taxi. He went to Kolkata but didn't return home. Even his phone is switched off. Even his friends have no clue.

Sir, I request you to find my husband. Please don't cry. Don't worry. The police will do the best in finding him. Lodge her complaint. Take her husband's phone number put it under surveillance. I'll make sure to get you out. How's that! Yes! – No. – You're out. I'll tell dad to oust you people. You'll stay in a desolate place. – No, Raja. Don't do that. Mintu.. Stop arguing like a wicked boy. Apologise to him. What would you like to have, sir? No need for the menu. Get me a simple meal. Sir, this isn't a home but a restaurant. Ask your chef if he can cook a bland dish. Sir, the cook is a lady. I'll ask her. Lady.. A customer is here. He wants a plantain curry. – Okay.

I'll prepare it. This is quick service. Convey my thanks to him.. Sorry.. The lady chef. Rs. 80, sir. Sorry, Mintu. Because of me, he beat you. Sister, I could've thrashed Raja but for you, I gave in and also lost. How long will this continue, Sister? We poor don't have the power, Chintu. One also has to lose a battle won. This is the way of the world. Once you come to terms, your agony will go away.

Sister, you know this world but still you are pained. You talk like a matured person. Go to sleep. It is time for you to dream big. Chotu, did you down the shutter? – Yes. – The keys. Goodnight. Wow, Chotu! You got a good tip today. – Yes. – What say.. Let's enjoy. The time is right to party. And.. She's an old lady. Let us find a lass. Yes! That's more like it. Come. What's the matter, boss? – I ate a lot. I am feeling uneasy. – I will also come with you. Even I feel that way. – Let's go. Stop.. I need a lift. It's nearby. Please come. What was the reason? Why a young girl was working as an old woman? Was she hiding or looking for someone? On the other hand who were the guys trying to rob on the deserted road? The chain of crime did begin.

It was an atmosphere of mistrust. It was like someone is hiding under disguise. The real question was.. How much damage was this going to cause? Ma'am.. Ms. Chandrika.. Ma'am.. Mr. Shoman.. Did you call us? Yes sir. I am the owner of this 'Dhaba'. Sir, he was the driver of that truck. There was a cleaner as well. Last night they ate dinner and slept near the truck. In the morning Chotu saw the driver's corpse behind the kitchen. – Go check. Was there anybody else here? – Ms. Chandrika was here. But she's missing. Sir, Chandrika works here. Sir, the old lady you met last week and said, the food is delicious. Mahender, check the locality. – Sir. Why is Chandrika missing? Sir, perhaps she got scared and left the place. Okay, send the dead body for post-mortem. Right sir. Do you have a CCTV here? – No, sir. Sir.. There's a CCTV on the highway. It shows the road entering this 'Dhaba'.

Also, I checked the nearby area. But we didn't find Chandrika or the cleaner. Any murder weapon? – No, sir. All right, find out the footage. Find out details about the cleaner from the truck owner. Where would Chandrika and cleaner possibly go? What else do you know about this Chandrika? Have you ever suspected her? Sir, she was a simple woman. But there was once I found her weird. Few days back there was a man here. She was talking to him secretly. It looked like they know each other for a long time. Who was that man? – I don't know, sir. Do you have her identity card? – She gave me a copy of her Aadhaar card. Please give me a minute. Chandrika Haldhar. Sir, she's Bengali. That day you said she's from Bihar. Sir, I didn't see it properly. I just believed what she said. But she was in a pathetic condition. Parvez is the cleaner of Salim's truck. But Parvez is missing after Salim's murder. How is Salim's murder related to the missing of Chandrika? Sir, CCTV footage.

Sir, it's the CCTV footage of highway near that 'Dhaba'. Sir, what's this girl doing here so late at night? I think it came from the 'Dhaba'. Okay, show her photo to the 'Dhaba' owner and working staff. Someone must be knowing her. And this truck. It is going towards the city. Get the details of this truck. Do one thing. Go to the address that Chandrika has on her Aadhaar card. You will find some clues here. Yes sir. – Yes, sir. Sister, police! Please call your mother. Mom is not home. – Your father? He's also not home. – Is there anyone else? No one is here. Do you know her? She lives here, right? No. You dear? No, sir. But this is the address. Where are your parents? They died 10 years ago. Do you have your mother's Aadhaar card? Yes, I have it. Bring it. Sir. Sir, two orphan kids are living at that address for last 10 years. They don't even know her. Sir, we found these Aadhaar cards from their house.

Chandrika! The name and the number are the same but the photos are different. It means that old lady was using this Aadhaar card to work at the 'Dhaba'. But why? Chandrika's mystery is getting more twisted. Who is she? Where is she missing? Is this your truck? Yes sir. See this photo. Last night you gave her lift on the bypass road. Do you know her? – No, sir, I don't know her. She was just a passerby. She asked for lift on the highway so I stopped my car.

Where did she get off? She got off at Diamond Harbor. Did you get any hint while talking to her about where she was going? No, sir, I didn't understand anything as such. Sir. – Yes. We showed the photo of the girl we found on the CCTV to Soumen and Chotu at the 'Dhaba'. But they don't know her. And they have not seen her before. One more thing. The truck that she asked for a lift.. We found that truck too. We asked the driver also. But he said that he has never seen her before. She was just another passerby. She took life and paid for it. He dropped him at Diamond Harbor. Do one thing. Go to Diamond Harbor and enquire there. Maybe you will find some clue there. This girl is indeed connected to Salim's murder and Chandrika. Sir. – Sir. Tia.. Tia.. Take this. Next week, I will bring more. But how will we mange for a weak with so little? You should be thankful that you are getting this much. Or else you would have starved to death. Sir. – Yes. We have searched every nook and corner of Diamond Harbor area.

But we found nothing about that mysterious girl. Sir, that's a notorious area. Mostly the drag addicts, runaways, illegal migrants and prostitutes live there. This case is getting more complicated. And the media is also after us. They add fuel to the fire by running breaking news. I don't understand what to do. Hello. 'Jai Hind', sir. Yes sir. For now, we've found only soft clues. We'll arrest the murderer as soon as we find a solid proof. Okay, sir. Mr. Shomen! Mr. Shomen! Hello. – Sir, this is Shomen, Welcome Eatery's owner. Yes, Shomen. Tell me The truck cleaner who was missing we have found him in the water tank. What? – Sir, he is injured. He is in a critical condition. Take him to the nearby hospital. We'll reach there soon. Doctor! – Yes. Please. Doctor, what's the situation? He is very serious. He would've died before reaching here if there was a delay. He'll survive, won't he? We're trying. – When can we talk to him? It depends on the recovery. I'll inform you. – Okay, sir. Thank you. We found the cleaner.

If we find that fake Chandrika, the case will become clear. Do this. Let's go to the address mentioned on fake Chandrika's Aadhar card. Let's make an inquiry. I'm sure someone must be familiar with her. Right, sir. – Come on. Okay, don't worry. I told you, your work will be done. Come on. Hang up. I need a pistol. Do you have money? Okay. Meet me in that hut at 10 pm You will get it. No.. Don't stop the car. He seems helpless. Perhaps he might need help. Sir, my mother is very sick. I'm going to call the doctor but no one is giving me a lift. Can you please.. – Okay.. Don't cry. Sit. Your mother will be fine. – Thank you, sir. That's it, sir. Please stop here. But there is no clinic over here. There is a village across this narrow lane. There is a clinic over there. I've brought money. Give me the pistol quickly. I'm in a hurry. Sir, a man named Bipin visits those children. Perhaps he is their distant relative. He takes care of them after their parents death. Thank you. Sir. We've got a new information.

Tell me We want some information about Tia and Mintu's mother Chandrika. – Why? Whatever happened with Chandrika are you not satisfied with it? You are still after her. Spar her at least after her death. Come on, leave. Didn't you understand what I just said? I don't like to see policeman's face. Let alone talk to him. We can force you if we want. We are asking you politely, tell us. Sir, Chandrika who you are asking about committed suicide 10 years ago. Why? – What happened exactly I don't know. But I've something which might help you. Wait. She committed suicide because of a constable of your department. She was raped. – Who was that constable? He was from your police station. Find him. You will come to know. Over here, sir.. Mintu! Tia! Sir, you? Where is Mintu? – Mintu! Yes. How are you? – Sister. No need to be afraid.

Here you go. I'm here to befriend you. Take it. Take it. Take this. Dear, do you stay alone over here? Yes. – Does no one visit you except Mr. Bipin? No. Listen, dear. If you ever face any problem you can visit the police station. Okay? Meet me. Sir. – Yes. – Can I have your number? Why do you need my number? – The kids here in trouble. So if they trouble me again, I'll call you and tell them that I have the police with me. And they will not bother me. Fine. Take care. Sir? – Yes. Please come. Sir, he is Mr. Panda. Retired four years ago from here. Sir. How are you? – I am fine. – Be seated. Tell us, sir. What else do you know of Chandrika? Sir, Chandrika came to me and filed a missing report for her husband. And she would come here and cry every day. And then one day she vanished and we found nothing. A distant relative brought us a letter of hers. And said that a constable Prashant Mitra raped Chandrika. And this shock made her kill herself. Sir, we never had any constable named Prashant Mitra.

And we checked and closed the file. Sir, this is the case file. Sir, a message from doctor. Parvez is awake. Greetings, sir. – Who killed Salim? And who put you in the water tank? It is the woman who works at the eatery. That old lady Chandrika? – Yes, sir. What? – She is not old but young. Look at this. – She is her! She was stealing from us. Salim caught her stealing and her lie of old age.

So she killed Salim and I ran from there so she attacked me and knocked me out. She is very dangerous. Arrest her Never cross my path. – Do you own the road? Can it or I will call my father! I do not fear your dad. I have police with me. Stop lying. – You need evidence? Take your dad's phone and come to my house. I'll make a video call to the police. Dial this number at once. A video call? Mintu? – Greetings, sir. Greetings. Any problem? No, sir. I just wanted to say hello. Do not call me like this. Call me if there is trouble. I'll help you. Focus on studies. Yes sir. – Fine. Hold on, Mintu. Go closer to the photo in back. Show it to me. This is your family picture? – Yes, sir. Apart from you two, who is that elder girl? Bye, sir. I will hang up now. He hung up. I am sure this girl has something to do here. Bipin must know of it. Sir, Mintu and Tiya had an elder sister, about a decade older. She was mentally unstable.

And hence she was sent to a mental asylum. Only Chandrika knew where and how she was! Even I did not try to find her after Chandrika died. I was already raising two kids, it was difficult. Fine, let us know if you find out anything. Go now. Rajiv, he is lying. Check local asylums. And ask the neighbours. Someone must know something. – Right, sir. – Come. I got mine ready, you may go and see. Hello sir. Do you not like me? I do like you but I do not have that much money. I do like you, sir. Let us go and have some fun. Now come on. Come on in, sir. Come on. Today, I'll take you to the seventh heaven.

That too my style. Just watch Chameli's magic now. Okay, I got it. Sir! My friend, Chotu, is missing since last night. He must have gone to meet his friend. Wait for 24 hours. Wait. What did you say his name is? – Sir, Chotu. Where does he work at? – At a cafe. Which cafe? Sir, 'Welcome cafe'. Where did he went missing from? – We had gone to Sonagachi. I had gone with my regular girl. But when I returned, I found out that Chotu went with a new girl.

When I searched for her, no one knew her name or address. I came back home tired. I tried to call him this morning again. It was ringing but he didn't answer the call. Do one thing, go to Sonagachi road and bring the broker here. And put Chotu's phone on surveillance. Right, sir. Sir, my brother and sister-in-law are missing since two days. Even their phones are switched off. Where did they go missing? They were coming to Barasat from Baraipur.

They left from there but didn't reach here. Do one thing.. File an FIR along with photos and details of your brother and sister-in-law. I don't understand one thing. What kind of a black hole is there around 10 kilometers near the highway that people keep vanishing. Increase the patrolling there. Okay, sir. Sir, last night, a girl from a decent family came to me. And started grovelling that her mother is very sick and she needs money for her treatment. I don't know her name or address. Do you remember her face? – Yes, sir.

Can you describe her face? – Yes, sir. Get the sketch artist. Sir. – Yes? – We received a lead. Mintu and Tia's mother.. The original Chandrika? – Yes, sir. They have a neighbor who knows the original Chandrika very nicely. She's sick now, so she's admitted to the hospital. I feel that we may get some information from her. All right. Let's meet her. You are Mintu and Tia's neighbour. Their mother, Chandrika.. She had another older daughter. What do you know about her? Nisha was Chandrika's eldest daughter. She was a very talented girl. She used to study in Shantiniketan.

Chandrika's husband was a truck driver. He used to earn decent money. Around 10 years ago Chandrika's husband and the truck, both went missing. Chandrika and her family were grief-stricken. To find out about her husband, Chandrika would often go to the police station. Even I had accompanied her a few times. 'Sir, I have small kids..' 'If my husband isn't found, they will become orphans.' 'I told you that we are investigating.' 'We'll come to your house and tell you' 'when we find some clue.' 'Leave now.' One day, outside the police station she met a constable.

'Ms. Chandrika?' 'Greetings. I am Prashant Mitra.' 'I'm a constable in this police station.' 'I've been noticing for the past few days' 'that you're very worried about your husband.' 'I want to help you.' 'I will help you to find your husband, Sharad.' 'Will you come meet me at my home?' 'At around 7 pm' 'All right.' And that constable molested Chandrika. Chandrika could not endure that. And she committed suicide. Chandrika's daughter, Nisha.. What happened to her? She created her mother's body. And she went off somewhere the next day. Slowly, everyone forgot about her. I don't know what she had told Mintu and Tia. They didn't remember her either. Everyone forgot about her. But sir, I am sure.. Nisha will definitely return. Sir.. – Yes? The sketch has been made, sir. Here it is. – Show me, sir. Do you recognize this girl? That's Nisha.

Chandrika's eldest daughter. She grew so much. Thank you so much. She's the same girl that was working at the cafe disguised as an old woman, Chandrika. This means, Nisha was using her mother, Chandrika's identification card by using her photo. And was working in a cafe. But why? She wanted to take revenge for her parents' miseries. But on whom? Who was her target? There must be reason.

– Sir. Chotu's mobile is under surveillance now. And all the coordinates are being shared on this phone. Do one thing. The constable who is deployed for Pervez alert him quickly. 'The number you have called..' – No, sir. His phone is switched off. Let's go. Water.. Chotu. Chotu. Get up. Easy.. – Sir.. Where is the girl who has done this to you? She.. She has gone to City Hospital. – City Hospital! This is the same place where Pervez is admitted. Do one thing. Ask two constables to take him to a local hospital. Let's go to City Hospital.

– Sir. – Sir. You could have shot me and escaped from there. Why didn't you do that? Sir, you arrested me earlier too. I have seen you before. Perhaps your memory has become weak. Purulia. March, 2017. I arrested you with rebels. Keep these rifles inside the van. Why didn't you go with them? Who are you? Sir, I am not with them. I came here to ask them for help. But they made me their slave. Please help me.

I couldn't ask you then what you were doing with those rebels. But I have understood now. You went there to ask for justice for your mom. But what did you gain? Even you know very well what happened there. Am I wrong? No, sir. You are absolutely right. Tell me how Salim died. And why have you done this to Pervez? Whoever raped my mom be it a constable or a rebel or a truck driver everyone treats women as a commodity.

I can understand. But why did you take the disguise? Why did you change your identity? Moreover, you kidnapped Chotu and shot Pervez. I can understand what you went through. But why did you do this? Sir, my dad disappeared from the area adjacent to the eatery. He used to go there to have food. He used to praise Chotu who was an employee there. The day he disappeared, he called me up. But my dad was not found. And his phone couldn't be tracked too. The disappearance of my dad had a connection with the eatery. Hence, I went to work there in disguise. Why did you kidnap Chotu? He was my last proof. What information have you got from Chotu? He took Dr. Prasad's name before falling unconscious. I don't know. She was asking me about an incident which happened 10 years ago. So many people come to the eatery on daily basis. How can I remember everyone's name? Why did you take Dr.

Prasad's name? Sir, I knew that Pervez has been admitted there. And the police would be deployed there for sure. To save myself and get her caught I took Dr. Prasad's name. Secrets were being unveiled one after other. People were being exposed. Their true identities were being revealed. This chain of crimes started with a kidnapping and it was still going on. The police were trying their best. But they were not able to prevent crimes. And the real culprit was roaming freely. It seemed the police reached a dead end. But something happened all of a sudden which changed the course of the investigation. 'Jai Hind'. – 'Jai Hind'. Tell me – I have come here to discuss with you about a case.

– I see. In last few months, many people have mysteriously disappeared from the highway which passes through my area. Not just people, their cars, belongings, children everything is disappearing. And I have no clue what the matter is. The same highway passes through my jurisdiction, right? Yes sir. That's why I am here. Mahender, do one thing. Put a barricade at the entry point. And you put a barricade at the exit point. And maintain a register for every commuter and get it matched. Increase patrolling. Check every shop and eatery. This is not Bermuda triangle Hold on. Yes? 'Jai Hind'. Sure. A criminal from Patna jumped parole and entered our area. We've to nab him. The CID gave the information. He's the one. – Hey, Narendra Ojha! we checked his call records, chat history, etcetera. We found some interesting information. He's in touch with some people whom, if we catch red handed, we can unveil a big mystery. Good job, Rajdeep! – Thank you, sir. Are you ready? – Sir! Sorry, sir. The waiter is in the hospital. I'll be taking the orders.

What would you like? One Chicken-Double and two chilled beers. Okay, I'll get it. Where are you heading to? To Barasat. Will you travel alone at this late hour? I'd to drop some staff to a wedding. On my way back I'll drop some passengers. I can earn some extra. – Very good! Okay, I'll get your order.

Here's your chilled beer! – Sure, thanks. Where are you, sir? – Coming! How much is the bill? – Rs. 900. Here you go. Here's the change. See you, sir. Hello! Yes, the customer left. Watch out. Okay, bye. Sir, I've to go to Barasat. Can you drop me? Sure! get in. May I make a phone call? – Sure. Hello! Yes, I've found a ride home. I'll be on time for dinner. Get in. To Barasat? – Get in. – Okay. Sir, please pull over. I've to relieve myself. No problem. Even I can use a break.

– Okay. Dr. Narendra Ojha. Pavan, Madan and Prakash.. We have caught all three of them red-handed. And all of them have confessed that they used to work for you. Will you confess yourself or should you beat you up? Sir, I had a small hospital 10 years back. I used to earn some money but it was way less than my expectation. So, I formed a gang. Soumen and Chotu from the 'Dhaba'.. The customer who used to come there at night.. They used to get all their information while talking to them. And when they used to come out of the 'Dhaba' then we used to kidnap them. Then with the help of Dr. Prasad we used to cut all their useful organs out that we can make money from like eyes, kidney etc. And those cars.. We used to dismantle them and send the spare parts to UP and Bihar.

How many people have you abducted? I don't remember clearly but.. We have robbed around 125 people. Do you know here? Look! – Yes, sir. How can I forget her? Her husband was our first victim. Sir, we made a lot of money by selling his kidney. Then we came to know that she used to go to the police station daily. So, I went to check. When I saw her, I fell in love with her. Then I faked myself as a police constable and I promised her that we will find her husband.

With that excuse I took her to my home. I enjoyed with her and ousted her out. Come.. Come! He is the one who killed your father. And he harassed your mother. He's the one! I wish I could leave him with you. But people must not lose their faith in law. This culprit will go to jail now. And I promise you. I will try my best so that he gets death sentence by the court. Come! Come on! We don't know if Nisha stopped crying after that or not. The police destroyed Dr. Ojha's racket. It is important that we protect our family from becoming victims of any crime. But unfortunately if they become victim of any crime then we must take help from the police and the law.

Because if you take the law in your hands it will not only ruin your life but your family will also be ruined by that rage of revenge. For a criminal, the victim is just another target. But their target is someone's near and dear one. They are a part of someone's family. The family suffers more than the victim.

With that lesson, I, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya will take a leave now. I will meet you again with a new story of crime. Till then keep watching 'Crime Patrol Satark, women against crime.' If one woman becomes the victim then all the women must stand by her. Jai Hind!.

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Crime Patrol Satark Season 2 - Ep 352 - Full Episode - 26th February, 2021

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Episode 352: A Dangerous Lift
A man takes a cab on his way and just before starting the journey two other men join them asking for a lift. Just after few minutes, they take an emergency halt, and all the three passengers attack the driver and make him unconscious. Watch the full episode to know more.

About Crime Patrol :
Crime Patrol will attempt to look at the signs, the signals that are always there before these mindless crimes are committed. Instincts/Feelings/Signals that so often tell us that not everything is normal. Maybe, that signal/feeling/instinct is just not enough to believe it could result in a crime. Unfortunately, after the crime is committed, those same signals come haunting.


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