Complete Guide on How to Make Money Online in 2021 – Zero To $1000 Monthly For Beginners

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of this video i'm going to show you   tons of ways in which you can actually make 
money online and trust me if you actually want   to make money online then you definitely need to 
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to make money online you have to watch this   video to the end i made this video so you can 
actually learn how to make money online under   one hour like i said on that one hour this 
is a complete guide i'm not just going to be   mentioning only one way to make money i'm going 
to be mentioning a lot of ways in which you can   actually make money online so trust me if you want 
to make money online you need to watch this video   to the end okay so number one ways for you to 
actually make money is through cryptocurrency   as you can see currently on my screen i opened 
coin markets cap coin markets cap is actually   a platform where you can actually watch the price 
movements of various cryptocurrencies like bitcoin   ethereum cardano and lots more if you have been 
hearing about looking to currency cryptocurrency   cryptocurrency what does cryptocurrency 
actually mean let's go to google and type in   cryptocurrency let's see what's google is going 
to give us for our definition of cryptocurrency   google says a cryptocurrency or a cryptocurrency 
or a crypto is a binary data designed to work as a   medium of exchange okay so in short form what this 
means is cryptocurrency is like a digital version   for money seek cryptocurrency as your jitter 
version for money because like now you owe your   dollars you owe your naira you owe the organa 
cities you hold your um audio and differently   whatever currency you're actually using depending 
on wherever you're watching this video those um   currencies are actually your physical currencies 
but when it comes to cryptocurrency cryptocurrency   is actually a digital version a digital version 
okay and let's continue we can go ahead and click   on the same wikipedia link to learn more about 
cryptocurrency yes i'm going to place the link to   this in my description below in case you want to 
go through this page okay yeah and as you can see   it also shows and it also explained more things 
about cryptocurrency like the formal definition   architectures ecosystem and economics and lots 
more yes i'm sure you're probably wondering why am   i even um why am i even watching your video when i 
can just go to wikipedia and read these documents   yes why i'm actually reading from this document 
is so i can actually explain more things in   this video so you can understand this you guys 
understand every detail every detail of this   every developer cryptocurrency so why i'm reading 
through these documents i'll also be explaining   a few things about it so what is altcoins 
all coins are actually um they're actually   alternative coins like the main cryptocurrency 
is actually bitcoin okay bitcoin all other   cryptocurrencies are just alternative coins so 
the meaning of altcoin is alternative coins like   you can see here as you can see cryptocurrencies 
and other type of data assets that are not bitcoin   are collectively known as are correctly known 
as alternative coins so if you come back to   coin markets cap you're going to see that bitcoin 
is number one then the remaining coin on that   bitcoin are just the under oh sorry all other 
but all other cryptocurrencies on that bitcoin   are all called all coins they are actually like 
is either one of them is on the bitcoin mic   sorry i was actually hosted on the uh 
being blind sorry [ __ ] came back and   how do i say this was actually hosted on bitcoin 
before you can actually start makings of the new   coin or something like that yeah it has to do with 
yeah so there's so many things phenomenal that are   actually guiding that okay it has to do yes i 
actually do it you're building your blockchain   um stuffs and things like that okay so as you can 
see yeah it's explained about i talked about um   bitcoin and lots more okay so we also have 
mining what we call mining mining is actually   a way for you to end cryptocurrencies or in the 
particular cryptocurrency without having to buy   them which means you just have to mine them like 
you can actually use either a machine or you can   actually use a cloud mining more like you have in 
your amazon um having your website online and you   don't have to keep any machine in your house to 
host your website it's just going to be hosted   online so but for the cloud mining it's going to 
be hosted online they're going to help you manage   the old servers and everything all you have to 
do is just mine from your computer you don't   have to um buy extra cpu so you can mine more 
cryptocurrency or so you can mine more of that   particular coin okay yeah so as you can see under 
cryptocurrency we also have different wallets in   which you can actually which you can use for 
your day-to-day transaction and we describe   cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies so number 
one is we have um we have coinbase coinbase is   actually a wallet which you can actually use 
um in in installing your cryptocurrencies and   it's but once you need to know is it's actually 
limited it has some it's not not all currencies   are actually listed on on coinbase as you can 
see we come here to coin markets cap if you   scroll down you see that there are so many coins 
that are not even listed on coinbase yes that's   because coinbase is actually limited so to some 
particular cryptocurrencies just like the famous   or the currently trending ones like the bitcoin 
ethereum cardano and selena okay so as you can see   as you can see on my screen all you have to do is 
you can actually just go to your browser type in and once you're on the 
next thing you just need to do is go ahead and   click on the register section once you click on 
restart section you're just going to impute your   first ingredient beauty the full details like your 
name email and password and boom yes so another   platform in which you can um use in creating an 
amazing wallet and also use for trading is called   binance like i said i'm still going to talk about 
how you can actually make money on cryptocurrency   i haven't talked about how you can actually 
make money on cryptocurrency i'm still trying   to educate you about cryptocurrencies if you 
actually have no idea about cryptocurrencies okay   so the next thing you need to do this is actually 
this actually finance banners actually similar to   that of coinbase where coinbase is actually wallet 
but in the sense of binance binance is actually   a platform where you can actually um trade 
cryptocurrencies one against another and you can   also use it to you can also use that's your wallet 
too okay yes so this is finance is also similar to   this platform mexi global i currently make use of 
mexi good global and trust me it's amazing it's   really really amazing and i enjoy this platform 
okay yeah i really enjoy this platform so as you   can see here on binance the same thing applies to 
binance you can actually go ahead and download the   finance mobile app and you can also use the 
binaries um platform on youtube wherever but   let's go to the binaries websites by and 
once you're in the registration page you're just   going to fill in all necessary registration 
um those other information like your email   password and that's all yes i'm going to paste 
a link for you to join finance in my description   below like i said binance is a platform where you 
can actually trade cryptocurrencies and you can   also use it as your personal wallet to save your 
cryptocurrencies yes and like i said i don't want   to actually similar to that of binance is mexi mx 
is also a platform where you can actually save all   tons of cryptocurrencies just like binance there 
are actually some cryptocurrencies that are not   listed on binance but are actually listed here 
on mexic and trust me if you register on both   platforms you're actually going to enjoy the 
benefits i'm also going to place the link to   register on this platform in my description below 
so you can go ahead and register for this platform   yes okay so that's it guys on those platform you 
actually need to i'm using those those are the   platform for you to just use for now as a beginner 
or an intermediate depending on depending on the   level you are and watching this video okay so 
like i said that is that that has to do with your   wallet then the next thing you need to know about 
um making money with crypto is there are various   ways for you to actually make money on crypto but 
first of all i need to login into my mexi account   i'm just going to go ahead and pause this video 
then i'm going to continue once um once i'm in   my account already okay so let's just wait for a 
little while i'm going to log into my account now   okay so i'm in my account right now as you can see 
i'm currently in my account so the next thing i   need to do is i need to just go to my assets then 
from the assets for my assets and you're going to   see what my account actually looks like yeah on 
mxc like i said i use mexi a lot and i recommend   mxc for you in case you actually want to in case 
you actually prefer mexi to binance okay so as you   can see currently you can see these are somewhere 
are some assets i actually have in my account and   trust me they are actually going to give me money 
and i'm also going to explain that when i actually   decided to log into my account is just for me to 
show you little explanation i'm sorry those little   examples on how it works and so you can actually 
follow them so you don't get it wrong okay so   now what you need to understand is the favorite 
space for you to make money on cryptocurrencies   i've mentioned a few of them from just looking at 
this document it has to do with you mining it has   to do with you or you have to do it all coins 
and it has to do with the um the mining it has   to do with the wallets okay yes there are some 
plot there are some wallets that allows you to   make or get cryptocurrencies using completing 
some particular challenges yes i'm also going   to explain all of that so guys trust me if you are 
enjoying this video all you have to do is go ahead   to the comment section and comment i am enjoying 
this video yes yes yes yes so let's continue with   the video okay so as you can see this is what's my 
what it actually looks like as you can see so on   my wallet as you noticed you're going to notice 
that you have to spot accounts fired accounts   margin account and futures accounts what does this 
account actually mean anyway can you take a break   okay i'm just checking okay so as you can see 
guys on this spot my undispot account this is like   a this is like your um i can call this like a 
wallet where just after keeping those have to   keep your cryptocurrencies there you don't have to 
you don't have to trade with them okay you'd have   to trade with them what i mean like trade with 
them basically you can also just store them like   that day and they can actually decrease in value 
why because cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies   that price keep on changing uh keep keep changing 
every day i'll show you example by just coming to   this market so i can actually show you what i 
actually mean by the price moving up and down   okay so i'm just going to select the bitcoin 
usdt i'm going to explain everything don't worry   i'm going to everything explain everything so 
if you're taking if you take a look at um this   section here you can see that this is the price 
this is the current price of bitcoin so you guys   as you can see the price is also changing yes the 
price also changing and if you also take a look at   this graph here you're going to see that this is 
also these are these are like the candlesticks of   this graph this candlesticks of bitcoin okay like 
when it's moving up green has to do with when it's   moving up the red has to do it when it's moving 
down so currently as you can see it's moving down   but yes because this is because i'm on the one 
hour time frame i'm going to change this to   the five minutes time frame changing into the 
ten minute five time frame means i'm actually   just i'm trying to um to see to see the chat 
in a five minute wait how how it's moving on   over five minutes of distance for five minutes 
okay something like that you can see it's still   showing that yes it's going down okay so yeah 
so how do you make money on crypto currency yes   if you take a look at this there are so many 
so many coins currently so many coins if you   take a look at this last seven days you'll 
notice that all these coins are actually red   that's because right now in the crypto 
markets it's actually a bad day but i   don't know these coins are actually 
doing well maybe i should buy them   okay yeah as you can see all currencies are 
actually showing red this is because they   are backed up by bitcoin most of the time most of 
them actually backed up by bitcoin so when bitcoin   actually goes down most of the coin starts 
going down yes they start going down okay so yes   how do you make money on crypto like i said if you 
notice in your accounts they have three different   or three or four different accounts here spots the 
sports markets has to do with you just it's just   like a wallet and you can also make money from the 
same wallet yes so i've explained everything about   um you get into this section by coming 
to the markets then from there you can   see all this all these chats so now how do you 
make money imagine this buying and selling crypto   okay now the simple logic for as a beginner in 
which you need to understand when someone tells   you they're actually making money from crypto just 
ask them how are you making your money from crypto   are you trading on the sports market or are you 
trading on the futures market or are you trading   on the margins market the sport market is just 
like one of the easiest way for you to make money   on crypto trading you don't have to go into 
in-depth trading like lenin all this all this all   these um instruments here has to do with the line 
the fibonacci um fibonacci distance trend lines   and lots more okay all these are just instruments 
you can use in reading the chat for you to   place a trade okay yes so making money with the 
sports markets has to do with you buying and   selling okay buying and selling imagine this like 
i said imagine now the price of these currencies   are actually low yes there was a time bitcoin 
actually came to um that's nine thousand dollars   trust me his game stands nine thousand dollars 
and right now it's actually still actually going   down but it might still come up back again 
okay because it's trying to gain its stand   and one thing that also determine this price 
the price of all these currencies going down   or bitcoin going down is based on most of 
the influencers like earlier mox is actually   um someone that actually trades cryptocurrencies 
it creates cryptocurrencies a lot and yeah once   he actually makes the tweets on make a tweet on 
twitter most of the time they actually affect   um the cryptocurrency market why because people 
are actually using us as an instrument for reading   the market once it says okay you know how to buy 
this currency it means he wants to actually pump   that currency high and trust me once he wants 
to once he tweets he wants to buy this currency   and everybody everybody's going to run and start 
buying that currency and once you start buying   that currency trust me you are going to make 
money if you actually add and bother accounts   windows actually low yes so that's why most people 
actually use or follow him when i'm just asked to   get news updates on cryptocurrencies because most 
of them they actually have ir they have a lot of   cryptocurrencies or a lot of these currencies 
in their hand because they are billionaires   okay so they can actually buy any amount of 
these currencies which makes it easy for them to   um to to to to tamper with the to tamper with 
the prize movement okay yes so yes for you to   make money through buying and selling it has to 
do with you buying when the currency is very low   as you can see right now the currency the price of 
bitcoin is low okay yes most people are actually   buying this currency for this i'm currently buying 
are currently buying bitcoin why because the price   is very low let me take you back to this let me 
take you back to this and take this to four hours   four hours ago so you can actually not take note 
of something as you can see here the current   the price in which bitcoin started falling um the 
price because if it was when bitcoin was at 52 000   naira as you can see you can imagine how much 
money people would have lost when they actually um   if if you actually bought the bitcoin at 52 
000 trust me you can't sell your currency   now because if you sell your currency you are 
going to lose so how they buy and sell technique   works as stupid you making sure you buy very low 
as you can see right now in the bitcoin market   i'm not actually advising you yes i'm actually 
advising you but this is just more of like a way   for you to make money online if you want to give 
it a try you can give it a try okay if you want to   if you want to actually make money with this all 
you have to do is you just have to buy when it's   low as you can see currently the price of bitcoin 
is low yes i will tell you that it's very low okay   it's very low which means if you buy now you just 
have to wait you have to wait it can it be it's   months be it weeks be its days be it yes okay just 
have to buy but trust me most of the time bitcoin   i can actually eat 52 000 in a day but why but 
like i said like i said before um before i talked   about are you gonna try to make money stuff i said 
most of these influencers they actually affect   the price movement if you take a look at this you 
notice that this was when bitcoin started falling   yeah as you can see it just failed those in two 
days it fell down it fell down like in this in a   single day as you can see the single day it fell 
down in a single day so like i said it can also   come up in a single day just imagine the price 
the price just ran up today to 52 000 imagine the   amount of profit i'm going to make from just this 
twenty seven dollars bitcoin i have in my account   right now okay yes so with that you can i can 
actually make a lot of money so you can actually   buy bitcoin when is very low make sure you watch 
the market don't just buy that cryptocurrency   because actually you do because you see it's red 
once you see this currency is read don't just   buy it you actually need to do some analysis like 
you just have to use your mindset and take a look   at it if it's actually worth buying check out take 
out the graph if um check out when it was actually   when you're in any price movement when you buy it 
when the price actually came down to the current   position and compare it with the highest position 
in the market this is the highest position in   the market for bitcoin right now and this is the 
lowest for um this is lowest for bitcoin currently   so these are like two different points as you can 
see i've just used this line to try this and this   is the lowest this is the lowest actually this 
is the lowest and this is the highest okay so   this is lewis and this is the is so yeah so 
once you already know the currency you want   to actually buy the next thing you need to do 
is as you can see on your mexi account or your   buying ads depending on when you're actually 
using you just have to come to the section   select the number of amount of bitcoin just select 
the bitcoin you want to buy just drag you can drag   this and you can also impute the quantity yet 
and once you've done that the next thing you   have to do is click on buy once you click on buy 
trust me it's going to go okay it's going to go   so once it goes through then trust me you've 
bought that you brought that currency and you   can actually sell that currency back again and in 
case if you actually don't start or you well maybe   let me say you gain your profits a little you can 
go ahead and sell it back so you can actually get   your profit and yeah you can keep your profit 
so yes one thing i should suggest to people is   when you are not in the market or when you are 
not ready to run into any market make sure you   keep your money in a stable coin it's example 
of a stable coin is usdt this is ust us it is um   usm u.s dollar theta usd usdt is actually 
like a digital currency of u.s dollar okay   so yes if you know you don't want to lose your 
money or you currently don't want to enter that   market you can actually buy usd and keep it in 
your account buying visiting your accounts can   actually help you depending on when your mark when 
your um country's currency is actually devalued   when your country is going when you're continuing 
your conscious currencies actually devaluing   you cannot actually use your usb as a way of 
ending more also by just keeping the usb when   you when you notice your consequence it's um is 
uh it's it's worth something that you can write   and sell your usat to someone for that price 
yes that's another way for you to make money   with a stable currency yes okay so that's that 
is guys on how you can actually make money on the   sport market you have to buy when it's actually 
low and so when it's high okay so that's it guys   when it comes to the margin market i would i 
wouldn't i wouldn't i'll be truthful with you   in this video i'm not actually familiar with 
imagine my imagine my accounts and futures   account these are two very difficult accounts to 
manage and trust me if you take a look at this um   margin accounts and features accounts they 
actually actually have zero amounts in both   accounts but trust me if you actually subscribe 
to my channel immediately i discover how you   can actually make money using margins and matches 
account and features account profitably i'm going   to post a video about that but all you have to do 
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and also make sure you like this video if you are   enjoying this video so far okay so with that said 
how do you do a lot of things here okay so on   this like i said i've not explained this fight 
account this fight account has to do with you   buying cryptocurrency online let me say from um 
from the p2p network p2p is like a way where you   can actually buy cryptocurrency from another user 
that's actually selling it in a particular region   maybe in your region okay yes so that's it guys 
and yes like i said there are a lot of ways for   you to make money and cryptocurrency and i need 
to be fast about it i don't just want to explain   only on one thing i want to make sure i explain 
everything when i can actually make money   online yes so that is guys i don't know much 
about the margin trading and the futures trading   but the margin trading has to do with you 
borrowing funds from uh from the companies   like you buying a phone from from mexi and using 
it to trade it's more like trading in the forex   market and once you lose that fund you're actually 
going to pay that company you guys are going to   pay the company extra okay and the futures market 
has to do with i think that's to do it you buying   short i'm buying long i don't really understand 
much about it i'll be truthful with you i don't   really know much about it okay so another way 
for you to actually make make money on crypto   is through airdrop and mining yes i'm going to 
end my video or end my video about cryptocurrency   on mining and also edge drops yes as you can 
see for you to get like i said you're trading   your trading um platform or a training 
platform you're actually using   can uh a cryptocurrency trading platform you 
actually use them can actually give you a benefit   of earning a drops it just has to do with any 
a coin that's actually new in the market or a   particular coin that's actually in the market 
and they're just trying to give you a challenge   it's more like a challenge so once you complete 
that challenge you're going to get that a drop   okay so example of a challenge on mbxe is 
this you can take a look at this section here   you're going to see you're going to see this 
challenge there are lots of challenges join   join now to get uncapped features bonus this is 
like when you're trading on the futures market   you're going to get free 200 and 200 200 usd 
for free as you can see this underway for you   to make money online just on cryptocurrency just 
by completing all these challenges and trust me   i don't do features trading which makes me 
unworthy to um go into that particular challenge   but for the sake of this video i'm just going to 
click on that challenge so i can actually show   you what actually looks like same thing applies 
to binance i'm just going to do the same thing   here on finance as you can actually see there 
are so many ways for you to actually make money   on finance yeah banners they also said trade add 
and cover and add akiva and win a share of hundred   dollars hundred thousand hundred thousand dollars 
as you can see finance is giving you three hundred   thousand dollars and trust me if you take part in 
this same on challenge you're actually going to   get you get eligible for this okay so if you 
click on this on this stuff they're going to   give you they're going to give you um the rules 
and regulation guiding the challenge like the   rewards as follows opening rewards trading rewards 
community rewards and events notes this event   knows and things are actually going to follow in 
order for you to get this but i'm not explaining   this in this video okay so yes same thing applies 
to um binance you got those quiet and you can see   yeah this is actually one of them one trading that 
is a recall one um campaign or what i'm saying   sorry one challenge that's currently going on 
and as you can see it's a pool that i actually am   entered into this trade basically into this market 
already now yeah this is the activity activity   rules you have to just follow everything and trust 
me you are going to get this money okay eventually   if you want to make money online then make sure 
make sure you watch this video till the end yes   guys that's it for how you can actually make 
money from airdrops and yes there are other ways   in which you can actually make money from edge 
jobs from coin market cap you can actually make   money from airdrops that has to do is you come 
into this section on coin market cap coming to   the lens section and you will see n once you click 
once i'm just going to open this in a new folder   once you click on end it's going to show you a 
place where you can actually get a particular   currency for free you have to come complete some 
particular things like completing in competing   um like how do i call it completing a quiz yes 
you complete the quiz and you enter cryptocurrency   these are current campaigns that are currently 
going on maybe at the time when you're actually   watching this video these campaigns might be 
over but that doesn't mean you can actually   follow this video and do more campaigns there's 
so many campaigns that keep on coming every day   every month every week and every year so as you 
can see there are so many campaigns maybe when   you're watching the video this campaign might be 
actually live but trust me don't worry all steps   is what other it works same way it works same way 
so for example i'll just click on n n n nfp sorry   i'm i think i'm doing mistake so so that's it once 
you just click on get started it's just going to   tell you to watch this video what this video and 
what you watch the video is going to tell you   to connect your account in lesson four connect 
your account that has to do with you installing   installing an extension extension that is called 
metamax or using um or using a a trusted wallet   like um and trustworthy trustworthiness is 
actually owned so it's actually owned by binance   and trust me if you actually don't know how to 
use trustworthiness trustworthiness is actually   it's absolutely easy there are lots of videos 
online that explains how to use trustworthiness   this is my first video on my channel and trust 
me i'm going to make other video on this channel   concerning how you can actually use trust wallet 
effectively so trust me if you want to learn how   to use trust wallet effectively all you just have 
to do is make sure you subscribe to my channel   make sure you like this video and make sure you 
turn on that bell notification to get notified   whenever i upload a new video like this 
okay with that said i'll just close this i   guess guys you can see this is what metamax 
looks like this is just you cannot quite go   to the mecha max and just google metamax 
and install the extension metaman first   to do with you just like your wallet a version 
of a wallet uh for trust wallet but in in on your   own browser on your laptop but trust well it's 
like a mobile app which you can install on your   um phone your ios or your android phone depending 
on which you're actually using okay so i'll just   close this and yes i'll close this another way 
for you to end more air drops on coin market cap   is by coming to the calendar then you're going 
to see the free address button click on this   free address button you're actually going to see 
a lot of edge jobs that you can actually claim   as you can see there are so many air jobs like i 
said it depending on when you're actually watching   this video i a particular a job might have 
actually ended but that doesn't mean you want to   give it a try give it a try like i said you can 
go ahead and check individual individual tokens   online on youtube you're going to see videos on 
talking about how you can actually claim this   particular tokens and also i'm also going to 
be making videos on how you can actually claim   most of these tokens and trust me if you want 
to learn how to claim most of this token all   you have to do is subscribe to my channel like 
i said subscribe to this channel loads link here   look link subscribe to look link and make sure 
if you enjoy this video make sure you share this   video with your friends so they can actually learn 
how to make money online okay so with that said   i think i am almost done with making money on 
making money with cryptocurrency basically okay   so the next way for you to make money is 
you can actually make money from blogging   imagine you having a blog and making tons of 
money from blogging i'm going to show you like   a particular blog i have okay this is like a 
new blog i created but trust me i don't have   much um content on it which is i'm not actually 
using i'm not i do i didn't actually create   this process to make money online with it but i 
actually created this blog just so i could share   information like more of information as you can 
see it's just running for free i don't write   articles on this blog that much i only just a few 
articles on this blog and that's all okay that's   all guys that's all again for you to create a use 
for you to create a more try to create a uh a blog   you can actually go to a platform called namecheap 
this namecheap is actually where you can actually   go ahead and buy domain a free domain and another 
way to create a free blog whereby you don't have   to use any money and make money with that blog you 
can actually make use of   or it's actually a platform where you 
can actually make when you can actually make or   create a beautiful website without having to uh um 
without having to um go to the stress of having to   um design buy a buy a domain name and do a lot 
more but in terms of when you buy a domain name   you're actually going to make that blog amazing 
trust me you're going to make that blog amazing   because it's going to come with a custom domain 
just like mine has to do with faq on okay   so that's it guys when you once you so once you 
have their blog then you can go ahead and sign up   for what we call google adsense google adsense is 
actually a way where you can actually make money   on your blog and trust me if you're actually 
new to google adsense and you actually don't   know anything about google sense goku adsense is 
more of more like a place where you can actually   make money on your blog okay yes so you want to 
make money on on a free blog trust me yes you   can actually make money on your free blog all you 
have to do is make sure you write quality content   make sure you don't copy someone's else content on 
from someone else's blog make sure those contents   are actually unique and they are yours if they're 
actually yours then trust me you're going to get   approved for google adsense and once you get that 
profile quality you're going to start making tons   of money on google adsense trust me you can 
actually make over hundred thousand dollars on   on on google adsense i also have my own channel 
this is my own personal channel well i actually   um this is more like a personal channel where i 
actually uh um teach people in my persona personal   channel for myself to where to teach people 
how to make money online and i talk about tech   tutorials and lots more okay so i'm just going 
to show you the amount of money i've made on my   on my on my channel my channel so you can 
actually know that yes i actually made money   as you can see i actually made almost a thousand 
dollars on my youtube channel so trust me i know   what i'm actually saying when i when i show 
you how to make money online okay so trust me   so that's it on how you can actually make money 
with blogging by just connecting your google   adsense you can actually make money with your blog 
if you want to learn more on how you can actually   make money with your blog i'm going to create more 
amazing content about this on my youtube channel   all you have to do is subscribe to my channel so 
you can also get notified whenever that video is   ready okay so that's it guys and also like i said 
buying a domain name it's going to make your blog   look amazing and easy for you to remember okay so 
another way for you to also make money online has   to do with you making money from what i call 
freelancing freelancing is like a platform   where you can actually offer services if you don't 
have services or you don't know or you don't have   any skill trust me i'm going to show you what to 
do in other words to make money from this platform   so how do you do that in order for 
you to make money on this platform   all you have to do is just offer a particular 
skill yes i'm sure you might might you might   be finding it difficult to offer a particular 
skill but it's very easy i'm also going to be   equipping you with different kind of skills on 
my channel so you can get equipped and start   making money from fiverr fiverr is a platform 
where you can make money offering your skills okay   so if you scroll down you're going to see people 
that are actually telling you particular things   i would design account i would design a canva 
instagram template for your brand so let's take   a look at this this is one of the best um service 
that you're actually going to render on fiverr   without having a skill this is very very simple 
all you have to go to you have to go to   make sure you install so 
is actually the platform you can actually design   tons of amazing um templates and designs and 
lots more so what you're going to be doing here   is you're going to be designing companies 
designing instagram templates for people   on fiverr so you're going to offer the services 
to other people you're just going to create like   your account on fiverr i'm also i also have 
a video on how to create uh how to create a   fiverr account a professional favorite account on 
my other youtube channel but trust me i'm going   to create another amazing video for you here on 
this channel you just have to do is like i said   subscribe to this channel if you want to make 
sure if you if you want to watch that video okay   so the next thing you also need to know is once 
you get once a year on cover in order for you to   start um to start um offering this free skill that 
don't don't require you having much knowledge on   it like i said you can actually make money 
from just design cover instagram templates   these templates are already made on canva and if 
you want to enjoy more more of us from canva all   you have to do is you can upgrade to canva pro 
cover enterprise camera educational cover um   non-profit depending on the one you actually wish 
to upgrade to so the next thing you need to do is   to design templates as you take a look at this 
fiverr post you're going to take a look at this   fiber post you'll notice that this particular 
person actually designed various instagram um   various instagram templates for a particular brand 
okay for a particular app it's just offering this   kind of um it's kind of more like a template 
for a particular brand so you just stand out   here my plant is on tech i wanted to design a 
template on for my brand on tech and the person   is going to design amazing convert and socially 
imagine social media templates for your brand   and yes you can start using them to up you can 
start presenting them on instagram yes and also   for you to do that you have to create a new one 
instagram cover account you just have to do is   click on create a new design don't forget it has 
to do with instagram post okay so click on create   a design then the next thing you need to do 
is click on instagram post instagram posts us   the normal default on the length and height 
for instagram post is 1080 pixel by 1080 pixel   okay so once you don't you're done with 
that it's creating a design it's going   to show you this white empty paper don't worry 
you're actually going to make money with this   yes this is the this is your secret guide to 
making your first hundred dollars online okay so   once you're done with that the next thing you need 
to do is come to the search button then type in   instagram templates okay so once you type in 
the content templates cover is going to give   you amazing instagram templates okay as you can 
see these are amazing instagram templates that you   can actually use in making money online as you can 
see most of them are actually pro they actually   pro templates and if you want to make money with 
this with this template you can actually try   canva pro for free for 30 days and trust me if 
you can actually use cover pro for testing this   you can actually download tons of these um tons of 
this you can actually type table tons of this uh   uh of this of this templates and yeah you can 
make them to use them to make money online   and yes i'm just going to select a default 
one it's going to actually actually have a   watermark okay i can't make use of it because 
actually pro so another way for you to get most   of these templates it's just for you to go to as 
you can see these are all templates these are all   default templates as you can see so i'll just make 
use of black live matters i'll just click on this   this is like a template power this is a template 
then i'll go ahead and create more i'll tap this   uh go ahead and create more so i'm like i can 
download i can do this as you can see i'm just   downloading this i'm just downloading this i'll 
just downloading this setup so once i'm done with   this the next thing i'll just do is to tweak 
all this i can just change it i can understand   the color of this of this design in just a few 
seconds just imagine you want to give a particular   person this same design in different color and in 
different quantity like i said in order for you to   um give someone a particular a particular convert 
instagram on templates you need to you need to   have at least more than 20 more than 20 templates 
or more than 20 posts or a 20 20 design in a   particular template you can't give the person just 
only one template sorry just one um the one uh   all i said just one one point post you have to 
give the person as you can see let's take a look   at this person's um this person's package 
here on fiverr this person actually giving   this person actually giving uh um um actually 
given uh i think he has six custom made social   media templates as you can see you make sure you 
post make sure your template is actually more make   sure you don't give don't give six custom social 
media um templates make sure you give more than   just that you can actually give 10 for your basic 
and actually give 24 standard gift 30 for premium   why so you can actually get your post um your 
postcard your your your gig can actually be   unique on fiverr and this gives you the benefits 
of making money online so in other words you just   change all these colors you just have to come 
to more they want to come to more you can tap on   tap on okay sorry about that you tap on okay 
sorry tap on i think background okay yeah type   of background then you select the color then you 
can select the color you can set it the color you   want you can select the color you want you can tap 
on the background you actually want depending on   the one you want as you can see i can change 
the background change the background so once   once i'm done with that then the next thing 
i can just do is i can go ahead and download   all these files i can go and direct all this all 
these files as you can see all pages instead of me   downloading all these pages as mp3 i'll just 
add them as jpeg so i can download all pages   all pages and i'm just going to click 
on download so once i'm done with that   the next thing i'm just going to do is put all 
of them in a zip file and once i'm done i can   sell that blame fix and that place for you to make 
money apart from fiverr offering the same service   is by you going to a platform called 
is like more like a um sorry sorry about that   sorry sorry about that so we actually did mistake 
on the link so once it comes to st is a platform   you can actually make you can actually upload your 
particular and handmade stuff online okay so as   you can see i have an account i have an account 
here so all you have to do is search here on   access you can underscore you to search so you 
can actually see what people actually doing   so you cannot yes you can actually make money with 
this instagram template as you can see like i said   make sure you have more than just one template 
as you can see i can come here to this i can   come here to st and sell my black live matters 
um templates for about 15 yeah i can upload   close to 20 or 50 and come here and upload it and 
trust me people are going to buy that particular   pool i'm going to buy that particular post once 
i actually buy i'm going to get my money paid   into my accounts so how do you get your money 
you can go ahead and register for paypal paypal   is actually where you can actually get paid or you 
can actually get paid internationally okay as you   can see you can get paid internationally using pay 
stack another place for you to actually get paid   is using payoneer pioneer is on that place where 
you can actually get paid when online is similar   to that of pay stack and we also have the likes 
of is actually underway when   you can actually make sure you can actually um um 
receive money internationally okay so these three   platforms are platforms we are going to be using 
and receiving money internationally from most of   these platforms and trust me you need to register 
on those platforms if you want to actually get   your money okay so once you're done with that 
this is like i said it's just a simple platform   where you can actually make more money and if 
you think if you take notes on this post that   people actually making people are not just 
making a particular and instagram templates   they are making different kinds of templates 
as you can see this person is actually selling   and i think yeah a relator instagram template this 
person is selling a real estate in bundle this one   is selling uh there are certain different kind of 
team basically this person is selling motivational   quotes this person is selling uh uh okay okay 
i don't know is person selling then this person   is selling uh okay i think i don't know this 
person is selling either then if you scroll down   you're gonna see coaching instagram templates 
are so many templates you can actually create   using this simple technique i actually mentioned 
using canva and trust me you can make hundreds of   dollars doing this if you actually do this 
the right way you're going to make money   here on this platform okay so another way for you 
to actually make money online is through copy and   paste so how do you make money to copy and paste 
you can actually make money to copy and paste by   actually i'm copying someone's else post okay 
so take this for example in other way to make   money just have to shorten the person's leak link 
and yeah you're going to make money with it so   the platform for shortening a particular link 
and any money with it is called adfly adfly is   a platform where you can actually paste someone's 
link and trust me you're going to earn money when   that person clicks your own link so in order for 
you to make more money for yourself the next thing   you need to do is go to you can join different 
forums depending on the country you're actually in   if you're actually if you actually profess uh 
if i actually prefer uh sharing video games   if you actually prefer sharing video games um 
the other profession in video games you can join   pc gamers on pc gamers and forum in jpc gamers 
forum then you can be able to share your link   shorting the link okay so on that another forum 
you can also join is now land if you're in nigeria   you can actually use netherlands to make money by 
shortening your link but just don't post only your   link make sure you post in all that um posting 
like a short explanation about that particular   that particular uh uh a particular stuff we are 
trying to um talk about let me see i'm trying to   talk about what you're trying to talk about the 
latest latest ps5 game and yeah you can post you   can post a link to this platform here on pc gamer 
you can shorten it and post it on nireland or post   it on any other forums you actually know then 
you can do a research on that concerning most of   these forums that you can actually join and make 
money online sorry and they can actually join and   share most of your posts so once you share most 
of the sports you're actually going to end cents   for those particular posts you shared and 
that way for you to actually make money online   is by actually making money for online through 
forex forex is a way for you to make money as   you can see this is what forex actually looks like 
i have this i have this forex uh forex this forex   account as you can see this is actually a demo 
account i'm trying to use it to to run like a   particular research on something so that's why i 
actually um opened this demo account here because   after this video i'm going to continue with my 
research concerning this so trust me if you want   to actually see the results of my research from 
this and when i actually start making money from   this research i'm actually trying to do make sure 
you subscribe to my channel guys make sure you   subscribe to my channel and also guys make sure 
make sure you like this video if you're actually   getting value if you're actually getting value 
okay so yeah the next thing you need to do is   to make money online there are so many platforms 
for you to make money online tons of platform to   make money online but yeah i'll just give you a 
few tips i'll just give you a few explanations   on signing making money using forex trading okay 
forex trading is similar to that of cryptocurrency   but is a lead difficult okay because this is 
very very difficult because it's more other than   trading on the crypto markets sorry on the crypto 
market i'm going to tell you that okay i'm going   to tell you that okay so all you have to do is 
you need to in order for you in order for you   to become a master in crypto you need to learn 
from a professional okay you need to learn from a   professional you can go online and make a research 
concerning forex so you can understand the basics   of forex and yes if you actually want me to 
share my forex beginner's course with you which   i actually deleted from someone yes i'm giving it 
out for free only if you request for it so if you   want to request for it same comment section make 
sure you comment that please i need this forex   book okay i need a forex course depending on 
what you want to comment and i'm going to know   that yes you actually need this and i'm going 
to request for you to send your email which i'm   going to send that book or that course to you so 
you can actually get access to the course and you   can start and join the course like i said i don't 
want many people to have access to the course only   those that actually need access to it are going 
to get access to that particular course so once   you're done with that another way to create like 
a free for or to create a free forex uh a free   forex account you can make use of fbs fps is like 
a platform where you can actually create your own   accounts you can create your own forex trading 
account you can also use fps to trade indexes   guys and you can easy to trade stock stocks 
stocks and lots more okay yeah so another way   for you to actually make money online is for 
you to make money online through offering your   services i mentioned i mentioned i mentioned 
fiverr but i forgot to mention um up work   notebook is another platform yet you can actually 
make money too this has to do with you applying   for jobs but basically you're not applying for the 
car you're not applying for um for jobs basically   you're actually freelance up you're actually 
trying to offer like move like a services to a   particular person telling the person that you're 
going to do this particular thing for the person   in exchange for this amount of money yes you're 
certain person person you're actually 10 percent   you're going to do this for this amount of money 
and the person is going to consider that yes okay   i like you and i want to um do this business 
with you okay let's get it done something like   that you can see here on our book you're actually 
going to see different ways for you to actually   destroy different services for you to actually 
apply and make money as you can see this person   says it needs a website so yeah you can also 
make money building websites for people okay   you can make money beauty websites for people in 
order for you to learn how to make how to design   amazing websites all you have to do is go ahead 
go to youtube and search how to build websites   you can also you can learn how to 
build websites using how to build websites using wordpress the best way for 
you to build a simple website or to build   an amazing website is using wordpress you don't 
have to learn how to write lengthy codes writing   quotes has to do with you writing this i'm going 
to show you let's like write in this can you write   this if you can actually write this then trust 
me you can actually build this website you can   even build your own google i don't know yes you 
can actually be your own google but trust me if   you want to design a simple website you don't 
want to go to the stress of having to learn   having to learn how to write a code trust me you 
can actually spend almost um three or four months   trying to learn how to uh build the website 
with code but with just using wordpress you   can actually start designing amazing websites okay 
like i showed you in actually i showed you how to   design a blog or how to create a blog to make 
money from your blog or something like that   my blog was actually created using wordpress 
yes it was not designed from scratch i actually   created this using wordpress and this design on 
this blog is actually unique you can't find it   anyway because i actually designed this myself i 
took my time to design this myself using wordpress   and page view does page repeaters are actually 
faster that's what i have to do with drag and drop   yes you just have to drag and drop and you are 
going to be able to uh um do particular things   on that but you are taking to put some particular 
elements on your website so if i click a post for   example it's going to show you what it actually 
looks like like for example i'll just click   piece so i can see where i think this 
is what the post actually looks like   as you can see it's very unique everything 
is very very very unique yes very unique   so yeah i think i've mentioned lots of ways 
for you to make money online let's take a break yes actually i'm tired i'm sad i'm tired 
like a little bit i think in my mouth   i've been talking talking talking but i 
won't be happy after talking for so long and   you actually did not even try out any of these 
means actually mentioned in this video i'll be the   angriest man on it and trust me if you don't want 
me to be the angriest man on it please make sure   you try out all my methods and yes if you have 
if you've actually tried out any of the methods   please don't forget to leave a comment in my 
description below telling me what i should   improve on my next course on concerning how to 
make money online yes okay so i'll just close this   because this and also yes guys you can also 
make lots of money online if you actually study   like i said you need to study more and i'm 
also going to be showing you more platforms   for you to make a lot of money yes a lot of 
money but you also still need to subscribe   to the channel because that is the 
only way you can actually get updated   whenever i upload a video that is going to help 
you make more money online so this is our flyer i   fly just one of them that actually with shortening 
your link another platform to also make money   on your blog without having to use goku adsense 
is i think i make use of this platform i can't   remember the name okay yes you can actually 
use this platform called info links e4 links is also like an ad platform that's 
the way you're putting ads on your blog   and making money on your blog and 
that one also has another one is   australia as i also forgot to mention astra 
this this is a platform that can actually get   actually get your blog approved instantly and 
you start making money with your blog yes you   start making money with your blog and yes if you 
have a blog you can also apply most of these steps   actually mentioned in this video like many money 
making money from shortening links making money   from trading links you can also show some links 
on your blog and just link them and once you link   them most people click on it you you're actually 
going to get paid once they click on it okay so i don't know why this info link is 
naturally not but the info link is   not opening okay so yes so yes here we go so 
this is what info links actually looks like so this is watching for example it looks 
like you can just go ahead and sign up you   can go ahead and sign up yeah and another 
way for you to also um make money online is   also um selling of cryptocurrencies yes it 
can also be like more like uh um level i said like yeah you can buy cryptocurrency 
when it's cheap and once you get profit   you can sell it to someone very high apart from 
you just buying and selling on the market you   can also also buy currency from someone very cheap 
like for example you can buy a cryptocurrency from   from me for four on redner per usdt and yeah then 
you sell to another person for five thousand and   five thousand error per usdt yes so does it does 
it on how you can actually make money when you   are doing stuffs like this yes and so or if you 
actually want to improve your skill in building   amazing websites and building amazing websites 
all you just have to do is just have to focus   to build an amazing website and you need to 
learn the basics of building amazing websites yes   the basics has to do with you understanding 
the kind of platform you want to use   there are lots of platform you can actually use 
in building a particular website websites like   okay let me just okay so let's type in okay let me use my website for example   okay let's say you want to build um this kind of 
website for a client and you want to use wordpress   you can actually use this you can actually 
use um a few things few things like elementor   yes you can use things like elementor you can 
use um the elementor is like a team where you can   really see it in my plugin i think it's a plugin 
here is a plugin so i have to install on your on   your laptop here the dv is a team div is also 
underway for it is for you to drag and drop and   build amazing websites yes and yeah i think take 
my data okay i don't know what's wrong like this   i don't know what's going on okay let 
me just use this page for example okay   you just need to study the basics of building the 
website you can go to youtube and make research   on videos concerning making um making stuffs like 
that and yeah you're going to see videos on that   which is going to enable you um learn more about 
beauty websites with wordpress yeah and also guys   if you have any parts in this video you want me 
to explain very well in my next video you can   also do that all you just have to do is leave 
me a comment yes leave me a comment also   by telling me what you want me to improve in this 
video okay so i can improve it in my next video if   you have a particular thing you want me to explain 
in detail i'm going to do that in the next video   so that's it guys i hope you enjoyed this 
video if you're actually new to my youtube   channel guys don't forget to subscribe 
to my channel and also don't forget

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