Business Ideas in Kenya 2021 -You can make good money

If money is the issue, and you still want to start a business in 2021, Here are some ideas for companies you can do in order to start making money. Then with that business, you can be able to scale up Your business already, subscribe to the channel, and let's get these credits started. The number one job is computer repair. As technology continues to improve, People are constantly buying new gadgets, new computers, new laptops, and all that technology It is bought, sometimes it goes down, sometimes it doesn't work. Of course, they will need Someone who can fix. The only barrier to entry into this particular business It is computer knowledge. So it actually requires you to have basic knowledge of how Work computers or laptops indoors. This means that you will probably need to obtain a certificate or diploma In computer science, or in hardware option. This way, you can actually choose this And help people.

And you don't even need to search far, all you have to do is check until between Your friends who have a computer that is not working. And you can even start the first one for free. And the reason you do this is because you can start getting referrals, then you probably should You are doing well and so start getting referrals. As you progress, you need to set a price for services that she presents. This just needs arranging your time, and which parts you will buy, Of course, adding a little bit of profit is in line with that good ratio that should actually be put in place After your cost, you put 20% of the 30% of the cost as your earnings, make sure that the time You spend fixing these computers added to the expenses so that it's the 30% that I mention Just a profit for your business. This is a job you don't need a shop to do, Maybe you just need to advertise on social media, and to your friends that is a thing You do.

Of course, if you finished these courses, they might ask you if it is You can fix. So this is the first business that you don't need a lot of money, but you can Already start. The second job is the owner of the adventure club. And I'll explain what that means . You see now, with the current state of things, most people just not travel Due to the fact that it is difficult to travel outside the country. But there is not much of it The ways you can have fun on the go.

So, if you start an adventure club, where You bring your friends together, you bring together people who love hiking, for example, You can organize all of this and get paid for it. So here's how to get started In this specific work. Number one, find an activity people love to do, for example, Climb Mount Kenya, go to Menengai Craters, or even go to HellsGate in Naivasha All these places people like to go on an adventure, then number two, You need to calculate the transportation cost or have this specific activity eg Example, like 20 people. This is a good number to start with. Then number three, You have to know how you can get it there. What are the expenses involved, There will be transportation, there will be food, maybe you need photography too.

And even to save some of these things, you can do it yourself until you save Money there. Then when you buy food, when you buy snacks, when you buy drinks, Then you need to go and buy them from a wholesaler so that you get better profit margins as well. Then , If you carry food that has already been cooked, it can even be halved So wherever you are. Then the other ratio is worked out at the very least so that when people start On the hike, caterers or culinary people start to cook, Then when they come back after two or three hours, When they are very tired, the food is already hot and ready. This can be a good method To start. This isn't a business that you really need to sign up for in order to get started But if you need to record your work, there is a video that I shoot here. Registering a company is very simple and straightforward, and I did a tutorial on The same company number two is creating an adventure club.

Action # 3 that you don't need to Money to start but you can still make money in 2021 is content development right now, A large percentage of us have smartphones. And of course when checking out my analyzes, I see that 80% of people who watch my videos actually watch them on their phone, and it could be Most of your phones are already capable of providing good content. And good content is about words, so you can Already get a blog. So the way to do this exactly is to ask you to She writes content about her business. And this is something the average entrepreneur may not have Time to do it, but they can actually pay you for every blog that you have actually written for them.

And they constantly have content on their blog to do so. And the good location that I used it before and even did a tutorial about it is a site called Bluehost, it's in the description below, You can be able to start a Bluehost website at around 300 Kenyan shillings per month and get a A package for 36 months, this can be a good way to start, of course, you will ship it. For this, you do not need to pay anything yourself. You obviously have the website, which they can Use it with your phone too, if you can take great product photos or The services that the company owns. And as you share that on social media, you can even create video content Also. Of course, this cannot replace the work of a digital media agency, which it will be able to Do brighter promotions. But when you start with your creativity and work ethic, You'll be able to start getting one client at a time.

And you start. Of course The companies you work with may not have a large marketing budget, like large companies In the country already. But this is in your favor. So you can work With the budgets they have in order to grow your business as well. The good thing about This particular job is that you don't need just one customer each month, You can have six, seven, or even 10 clients, depending on how organized you are And how do you bargain with each client. So you have multiple income streams doing the same thing . There are many tools that you can use to organize your workflow And in order to do the largest possible amount of work. You can even charge a fee for every post that an influencer makes Or now as a content marketer, you can put together a strategic plan for this business And help them grow their businesses.

If you love business writing, number four definitely is is yours. This is e-book writing, maybe you need a love of writing or know how to tell a story. But I discovered recently from a friend of mine, David, that I don't need to sit behind A computer or on my phone, and I write every word I want to put in a book, I plan To write a book on YouTube. And I'm actually going to do that. So this process is what I would like To introduce it to you, too. This service is called otter, OTTER, and it is a program To convert speech to text you can use it. And the simplicity of the way it works, it blew me away, only you You speak the words you want to write on paper. Then that translates into text with our accents, of course . With machine working, you get 90 95% of the words are correct. But the good thing is that while you are recording this, it also records your audio as well. Until You can extract text and extract audio after recording. And then everything you do after It's coordinating listening to your own voice and then looking at the thoughts you have, And you do this.

The other advantage of this particular program is that you get 600 free minutes every month. So at the beginning of the month, you are already doing a reset How many minutes you have, and I'll put it in the description below so you can sign up, and get started In that too. If there is enough traction on the same thing, are there enough questions about it, Maybe I will do a detailed tutorial on how I found it useful for my own use. I did it For a few days and until I had access to about 7000 words, I know that if I sit for too long, It'll be over because a lot of the time when you write a book, you're always formatting your "playback." Things are always on and off but the secret to doing it is just to let your thoughts flow.

You will coordinate Once done. This is a good method.Once you have your eBook, you can even be able to Put it on Amazon Kindle, or on other platforms where you can post it there. if I were You want to convert it to hard copy as well, you can do that as well. Of course , This will start making money over time. Once my book is complete, I will probably do By launching here on YouTube and I even have a promo code on the same so you can see Some things and even support the channel in this particular way. So action number four is Write your own e-book. Of course, you don't need the money to start this but you have to Having fun actually doing this work. If you want other business, you can Getting started in 2021, check out this video above here. The playlist below is specific to businesses that You can start it in 2020. This video is sponsored by Mumo Photography. I'll see you in the next stage.

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Business Ideas in Kenya 2021 -You can make good money

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If money is a problem, but you would still want to start a business in 2021, here are Small Businesses That Can Make you good money in 2021.

The great thing about it is that they are pretty straightforward to start.

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