Blogging | Make Money Online 2021 – How To Start A Blog And Make Money

Hey friends, this is your girl. Abie, welcome back to another episode
of make money online in 2021. If you're new welcome, this is a series that I'll be
doing all throughout December, where I will be sharing with you 25 different
ways that you can make money from home. This next coming year today, we are going to be diving into
blogging and throughout this series, I'm having not one but three giveaways
going on for three Amazon gift card. So be sure to stick around to the answer, you can find out how you can be
one of the three lucky winners. And also I am offering 25%
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getting started in business, or need help with growing your current
business, I will include the link below. When you click on it, you will get an automatic discount or
you can input the code call 25 when you check out on my website. So this
series is based on a free download. I created earlier this year that people
seem to download a lot and liked. So I decided to just go ahead and expand
on it and give more details on the 25 different work from home business ideas.

I listed that download will also be
linked below if you want to grab a copy to follow along or to skip ahead. So if
you've seen any of my content before, you know, I like to break things down into smaller
pieces that are just easier to digest, easier to understand. So today I
will be going over what blogging is, how you can actually make
money as a blogger, the pros
and the cons of blogging, how you can get started as a blogger, the cost of getting started
some tips for success.

And also if I have any resources
that I feel will help you out, I will link them in the description
box below how you can make money. As a blogger. Blogging is actually a really good
side hustle or side income for people. And some people actually use
blogging as their full-time business. The way bloggers make money is
similar to how YouTube is make money. I did a video on that previously I'll
link that video if you want to check it out, but there are three main ways that you
can make money as a blogger one through AdSense, through Google ads.

So those
are the ads that you see that pop up. When you go onto someone's blog a
second way that you can make money as a blogger is by promoting products.
If you are an affiliate, which I also did a video on affiliate
marketing. So I'll link that video also, but if you have products that
you gained commission from, you can actually link those products
in your blog or do reviews on them that way, when people click on it,
you get your commission for it, a third way that you
can make money blogging, which is probably the most lucrative
way to make money is by selling your own products or your own services.

that could be digital products. It can be physical products, or it can be like a business service
or any other type of service. Especially if you have a website, you can go ahead and just
attach your blog on it, or just be pretty easy to
actually get that up and going. So getting into the pros of blogging, one of the main main pros of blogging
is that it is going to be on your own site. So it's going to be your
own platform. You get to own it. So it's not like Instagram or Facebook
or even YouTube where you don't own the platform. You can easily
be banned, especially on Instagram. A lot of people get shadow ban Facebook. If you comment too many times or
message people too many times, you get banned with blogging. You are completely in control
because you own your own website. You own your domain. Another pro of blogging is that blog
posts tend to have a much longer lifespan. So you can create a blog post
today and five years down the line.

You can still be making
money from that blog post. So they definitely have a much longer
lifespan as compared to like social media posts, where that might have
like a 24 or 48 hour lifespan. And then people won't see
it again until, you know, unless they go like searching for
it. But as far as on their feed, it just doesn't live as long as a
blog post. And as I mentioned earlier, the different ways that you
can make money blogging, there are many ways that you
can monetize your blog.

So it's, you don't just have to depend on ad sets.
Just like, as I discussed in YouTube, you have different ways that you
can make money, different avenues. So some of the cons of blogging, so one con is that it does
require some writing skill. If you are not a great writer, you can definitely hire someone to write
your blog posts. But at the same time, you want to, especially if your blog, your blog is going to be somewhat
of like a lifestyle type blog, you want it to be in your voice
still. But if you have a business, like if you're selling a certain product
and you just want to attach a blog to your website, because you know,
that's going to help it with SEO, then you can definitely hire someone
that can just do the writing for you. And you don't have to worry about it.

But if you are going into blogging as
business for yourself and blogging is going to be your business, then you want
to make sure you have your own voice. So either you'll need
your own writing skills. And that's just making sure
you're good with grammar. And that it makes sense when people are
reading it or you can hire someone and they can either proofread for
you or they write it for you. You just try to make sure that
they do it with your voice. Another con with blogging is that
it takes a lot of time for it, for your blog posts to actually be seen
by people and to be recognized by search engines. Like I mentioned,
how it has a longer life span, it also takes a little bit longer for it
to start showing up for Google to start recognizing it.

So that is
one con with blog posts, but you have to have a
long-term goal with it. So you're not going to post something. And then all of a sudden
everybody's finding you on Google, unless you're running ads to
that specific post. But yeah, it's going to take some time and a
little bit of patience for you to start seeing some traction on your blog posts. And then another con is if you are going
to be relying on AdSense to make money, it is going to take some time to
actually see some income come from that, unless you are going to be monetizing
in different ways.

So with, with promoting other products, or if you are going to be selling
your own products or services, then you can see some
income come in. But yeah, if you are going to rely on AdSense, it's going to take some time to
actually build up some income from it. So it might just become a side
hustle in that point. Okay. So before I get into how you
can get started with blogging, I do want to take a comedic break and
share with you the riddle that I want you to answer in the comments below. This
has something to do with the giveaway. So what do you get when you mix
a Christmas tree with an iPad, take your best guess below. Let me know
what you think the ground to the end, I'll go over more details
of the giveaway.

Okay. So how to get started with blogging. So first you do need a topic
that you're going to blog on. You want to come up with something that
is really good and something that you are actually interested in. When
you come up with your topic, you also want to do research just to kind
of see if people are looking into that topic and how much traffic you could
possibly get coming to your site. Otherwise, if you're just doing it for as a hobby
and not looking to make money from it, then you don't have to worry
about that research part. But since this is how
to make money online, you definitely want to do the research
on your topic that you want to write about, just to make sure
that you are going to, it is going to be worth your time in
that there is some potential there.

So next you will need a domain name so
you can buy a domain from Google domains. Go, daddy is a big one. There are a lot of places that you
can buy domains for pretty cheap. So you want it. Once you
come up with your topic, you want to search to make sure that
the domain is available and then buy it. Even if you're not ready to
start your blog right away, you can go ahead and buy the domain.

can get a domain as cheap as like 12, $10 or something and save it. So that
way, when you're ready to use it, you can go ahead and use it. And then
after that, you are going to need a host, a place to actually host your blog posts. So one of the bigger channels that
people post their blogs are the bigger channels for blogging is WordPress. WordPress is where you can
actually create a website, but most people use it for blogging.
There are other sites that you can use, but if you're going to go with
WordPress, you'll also need a host. What houses like your
content? So SiteGround is one. I use SiteGround and WordPress, but I know a lot of people
use blue host as well. So you're going to have to look into
the host and that's going to cost. That's probably what
will cost you the most. You can pay for it monthly for
as low as like three or $4, or you can pay for yearly. The next thing is you are going to
need some photos on your blog.

I mean, you can write your blog
post and have no photos. I see people do that all the time, but I do think it's good to have
different dimensions of your posts. So having photos and having videos
and having, you know, links, all that I think is good to have. So, so you can use a camera or you can use
your phone to get some good photos or good videos. If you're going
to post those on your blog. The next thing I would say is to list
your ideas that you want to create posts. So if you have a list
that you can go off of, it just kind of makes
it a little bit easier.

Once you start writing your
blog posts. So create your list, get your ideas out of what you want
to write about and have that ready. So you can start on the next step, which
is to actually create your blog post, to write your blog posts and to share
them to start posting and sharing them to people, get it out there. And the
sooner you start doing it, the better, because remember we talked about how
long it takes for your blog posts to show up. So start writing and
just get it out there. So the cost for getting started with
blogging, we touched on this a little bit. You're pretty much just going to have
costs for your domain and then also for the blog hosting.

So it's really actually, and then if you're going
to buy a camera, of course, then that is going to cost you, but it really isn't very expensive
to get started with blogging. So some tips for success with blogging, the first tip I would say
is to name your blog wisely. So once you come up with your topic, you want to have your topic
somewhat in your domain. So that way it's just kind of easier
to be found. It helps with SEO. And then also it's going to make it
easier for people to remember your domain and to find you, you just want to name it wisely and make
sure that the domain has something to do with what you're posting
about. I have a blog, but my blog is mainly just
like attached to my website. So mine is actually just
Abby So it's not, I don't have a specific blog topic, but if you are just going
into blogging specifically, then you want to make sure you have it.

Have a good domain that falls in
line with what you're blogging about. The next tip I would say is to research
what people are searching about. If you have watched any of my
videos previously in the series, I always seem to include
research because research, even though it's not that fun, it's actually like really important are
going to actually try and make money doing something. You need to research, find out what people are
actually searching for. So
if you have your topic, say, if you're doing a blog about motherhood, then you want to find out what people
want to know about motherhood is it are people having trouble with teething, finding out what they need to
feed their baby at a certain age. You want to research it. And
there are tools that you can use.

One of them is ARS. I believe
that's how you say it. There's like SEMrush is one other one
that I've used that I can't think of the name right now. I'm having a brain
fart, but I will put it on the screen. Once I remember you can even use
tools like Google's keyword planner, which is really good because
you're getting it. Yeah. From the source right
there. Google will tell you, this is what people are searching for. This is how many searches
are happening per month. This is how hard it is to rank the
competition. Is it highs at medium? Is it low? This is a hardest for
your article to rank on Google.

So that is a good free one to use. The other ones I mentioned
before do come at a cost. The next tip I would
say is to be consistent. So if you are going to be posting
one blog a week or whatever it is, if it's two blogs a
week blog posts a week, try to stay on that schedule
and just continue posting. Because from what I've read, everything that I've read is
that Google takes that into play. So if you want your blog to have
authority and to rank higher in search results, you want to be consistently posting and
consistently adding content to it and updating it because that helps you
out a lot with the search engines.

And then one final tip.
If you want to make money, blogging do not depend on AdSense. So, which is the ads that Google
will put on your blog posts. You want to sell your own stuff, whether you are selling physical products
or you're selling digital products, or if you are just promoting
other people's stuff, if you're just solely doing affiliate
marketing, which is great as well, incorporate other ways that you can
actually make income from your blog, because if you are going
to be depending on AdSense, that is just going to be something that
you could make on the side is not going to be something that, that you can
really have your full-time income from. So you've made it this far in the video.

I do want to just go over
the giveaway details. The first giveaway is for
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So for this giveaway, you do need
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to see any more videos on blogging, let me know in the comments
and I'm happy to share.

Thank you so much for watching.
I'll catch you next time. Bye..

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Blogging | Make Money Online 2021 - How To Start A Blog And Make Money

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In today's episode of How to make money online 2021, we dive into blogging. I explain the different ways you can make money blogging which includes affiliate marketing and selling digital products. If you already have a business selling something, blogging is a really good way to do some content marketing. Keep watching to find out how to start a blog and make money, how to make money blogging, and some blogging tips for beginners. If you'd like to see more videos on how to make money blogging 2021, please let me know in the comments below! I am happy to create more videos on this topic. Be sure to enter the giveaway and subscribe to my channel!

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