Blog Niches That Make Money! Pick a Niche For Your Blog (2021)

One of the best ways to make money online and build a business online And working from home is as simple as blogging or creating a blog But a lot of people struggle when they want to start a blog They don't know what topics they are writing about and they don't know a field The blog, especially last month's got a lot of People are asking me the same question how emails We choose the field, how do we know the specialty of our blog Topic, our blog in this video I want to answer this Question and I want to share with you my experience when I created my blog Also I have a small gift for you in this video So stay tuned and stay tuned Hi everyone I am Hassan from h-educate and today I am very happy to post This new short video before we start I just want to remind you That we have constant gifts that will expire in three days at a hundred dollars If you haven't joined, go now for reviews Go to and join us So let's waste no time and go straight to Our topic and the answer to the next question, now you want to start a blog You want to create an online business but struggle to choose The domain of your blog, what to do, and how to choose the right domain Before we go to a working example and show you my blog and how it started Let's know and clarify what the Sphere is in just 30 seconds, the Sphere Not only the topic that you will write about however It's also the way you'll interact with your audience How will you position yourself as an expert In this area or simply how you would share your experience Or anything you want to share with your audience So the domain is simply, the blog domain is the topic you choose and how Presenting it and interacting with it with your audience is very simple So here's my blog and if you've been following me for since Two years ago, you know when I started my main topics and my main articles were About email marketing you can see here Topics related to email marketing So when I got started, I chose email marketing As a main area of ​​my blog but later on If you go for example today if you are not a follower I publish articles about business online About digital marketing About web hosting For everything related to digital marketing and online business So I developed and expanded my themes, broadened and expanded my reach Audience, so the first rule you must know That when you start your blog, you have to choose A specific field we call a mini field, you have to start with something Really very specific, why? This will mainly help you Its two number one things to get a higher rank on Google So when you create a list of articles related to each other You talk about the same concept you talk about the same keywords This will help you rank higher on Google and get More organic traffic more organic organic traffic from google Number two when you write about a specific domain or miniature domain You will target a specific audience and that is really very important So when someone opens your blog and you are writing about A certain topic will inform others, such as this person's example This blog specializes in this area as an example when I started my blog and my YouTube channel even started You know if you follow me I have posted a lot of Videos about Email Marketing So people started sharing my content Because my channel is the perfect place to learn about email marketing So I was posting content on my channel and on my blog Be specific about email marketing so this is your number one rule when you do this Initially you have to choose a small domain, a specific domain And target a specific audience now the next rule you must know Is that you don't have to commit In one domain for years, throughout your life of course not As I did, I started with email marketing, built The audience later began to expand and write about YouTube Marketing is about Affiliate Marketing Internet business getting around Visits about things related to digital marketing And business online so it's only natural to expand later It is a good option to expand your reach as well and reach more people Of course you don't start with the cooking and go digital marketing We are talking about expanding into the same or related areas And the topics are, well, so the first rule is that you will choose a domain Specific area will be targeted A specific audience, then you can expand and develop your topics later And to expand your reach, I think the idea is now fairly simple I know now some of you might tell me well, please stop talking He showed us some examples.

We want ideas for areas. We want ideas for topics to start Blog on which we're excited, please help us, I know you're thinking About this but i really am obliged to explain some The concepts that will help you be successful with your blogging, I want I show you two other examples, one of which is called It's also one of my blogs, this is an example of my micro-domain blog Here I am writing only about the abstracts of the books, you can see all these here The articles of all these publications are book abstracts So now on this blog, which is my blog, I am writing about or the authors here The team relates to book summaries maybe later in the next year we can expand Reach out and start writing about book reviews, maybe we can add audiobooks Maybe we can add or sell book covers Perhaps we could add articles about self-help, improving yourself, and so on You can expand your scope later I will probably do that Next year is another example I started this week A new blog about affiliate marketing called I'm still empty I started it now I'm still Create designs, forms, etc.

And create content But the idea is that this blog is going to be specific About Affiliate Marketing maybe for one year only Later I can go and start talking about Digital marketing and getting traffic and business Online business etc. but at The first year I will focus on affiliate marketing so that I can It attracted every person on the planet interested in learning more On Affiliate Marketing, well, here are some examples from My work and let's move on now and answer one of the most Important questions that you will ask now, please Share with us some content ideas or some industry ideas to get you started Of course I cannot mention all areas in this little video but I will participate Here are some topics now in this video and for the gift I have today Small ebook, small guide I wrote about choosing Domain perfect, you can download it completely for free You will find the link in the description below And you'll find lots of theme ideas to choose But to simplify things, now let's talk about some The most popular areas to start with, number one Money related topics such as personal finance such as Earning money online is like a side business like how to make money on the side Like how to build a business online etc.

Maybe another topic is cooking but somehow cooking Broad so you need to be fairly specific as an example We're talking about maybe gluten-free food or maybe healthy food or Baby food etc, i dont know i am not an expert in this field But we can do some research on this, another topic is simply sport Climbing, hiking, cycling, football, whatever, basketball You have a lot of topics here in another area maybe like self help Summaries of self-help books as I do on booksandmore blogs You might be talking about improving memory and memory training Maybe we're talking about some psychology-related topic Another area that is about healthy food to build a healthy body is parenting education Home Education We have a lot of topics and a lot of areas Which we can start with, so what you're going to do now is choose Field but please focus well whenever you are You want to choose the domain there are two factors, two things You should consider it if you can combine both You will be successful, the number one is that you have the skill To write about this field number two, you have to be interested in this field even Able to combine both with skill And interest in one area is going to be successful, right now It is not mandatory to be interested in the field but it is better Maybe you have a craving to know more about it, then that's okay You can get acquainted with it, you can share what you learn, you can document it On your blog is what you learn as a beginner How to learn a specific skill This is a topic Give some time for imagination and try to find some specific areas To write about a specific topic, let's say you have chosen a topic For example, cooking or healthy food, how to do some Searching for content To find topics, you can simply do this by opening your browser As an example we want to write about healthy snacks We search on Google for healthy snacks we will find now This blog this article is called so will copy This is the url of this website and go to the site It's called

It doesn't need you to be registered It can be used for free for now, just paste the url here and click Search for content and it will now show you a list Of the most popular articles, written in this blog and you can see here, Facebook interaction All of these are topics related to Healthy snacks or to a blog that is your competitor or that you will be Your competitor or you will be her competitor And it can take some ideas for your next blog articles You can also do this, go to Free tools website and go to youtube keyword tool YouTube Keyword Tool and search here for Healthy Snacks This tool will now generate a lot of content ideas For your blog you can see it here. We have a lot of content ideas How to lose weight, snacks for weight loss all of these are Content ideas that we can use within this field, okay So this is the idea of ​​choosing a suitable niche for your blog Go and download the free pdf you will find a list Big list of topics from the fields, then go ahead and do some research On this keyword tool, on buzzsumo on google about The competing blogs will gather lots of ideas that you can start with On your blog right now one little note you don't have to be an expert in Your field for starting a blog, nope, when you first started writing about digital marketing I wasn't that perfect but what I really is Making my content and my blog somewhat engaging is that I shared My real experience, my real case studies, so even if you are A beginner you can still share your experience Share your mistakes because your failures Simply the path to success, many people probably like to read about failure So he can avoid them and save some time when They do something, all of these are content ideas I think so Enough for you, to choose a suitable niche for your blog To sum things up just look at what you are interested in Find out what your skills are and what you love to write about And select a domain from the list I'll share with you In the free guide in the description a lot of topics Do some buzzsumo research on h-supertools on google And find some other content ideas, start brainstorming Write it and start your blog, don't just get in Wait, wait and wait, just go and start, and by the way, I have a turn Free here on my channel How to Create a Blog Like My blog if interested you can check it if you want please make the decision Today create a start blog You will be successful with just some patience and you will succeed and adopt Powerful business, solid internet blogging business And work from home don't forget gifts Don't forget the free guide in the description Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications button to get all A new update almost every few days Good-bye

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Blog Niches That Make Money! Pick a Niche For Your Blog (2021)

Today I will share with you Blog Niches That Make Money. I will show you how to Pick a Niche For Your Blog in 2021 and how to validate it to build a successful blogging business online.

Unfortunately, 90% of people who start a blog stop working after a couple of months, if not weeks! Maybe they feel demotivated, or they stop because they don't have the patience to wait and see how much power a blog is in building a business online or generating a good amount of money every month.

When I started my blog, I didn't struggle with making the decision of what I should blog about, because at that moment, I knew the niche, and I loved what am doing, and more importantly, I wasn't waiting for a rapid income or direct success, I knew that it will take me some time to build a successful blog.

Today (February 2021) I have around 250K Visits on my website from all around the world. It's not something special about me, it's just that I Learned, Applied, and had some patience to see this success.

Let's see what I did in this video!

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