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The manager was telling me that Sabeen takes good care of the kids here. She is a sensitive and loving person. What is Sabeen's father's occupation? He is dead. Sabeen has an uncle Mr. Mansoor who loves her like a father. Sabeen lives with her. That's how it's supposed to be. Mr. Agha loves Irtiza as his child as well. Sometimes I think that even our child wouldn't have been cared for like Irtiza. He canceled his birthday celebration today. But we will still celebrate it. We can postpone our celebration because of that girl's demise… but we will surely celebrate it. God helps us, but an orphan can never be equal to an heir. All human beings are created equal. But for us, our son is the most precious thing. My sweet doll. Where did you go? Uncle is right. A man like Kamran…

Can cause nothing but grief and pain. Fida has left us. My Fida has left me. My doll. She left without meeting me. It's good… It's good that you left to be with your parents. If you had stayed here… then they would have defamed you like me. You would have had to face humiliation. The one who has no father… isn't safe from the mockery of this world. It's good… It's good that you left. Manager, you are absolutely right. We need to take care of the children even more after this accident. Yes sir. Uh… I… I've kept Fida's belongings inside this. Seeing them would have made the children upset. Please keep it with you. Sure I'll pack it and have it kept in storage. Sabeen… wait a minute. Yes, what is it? Forget about what happened.

Besides, everyone knows that you had no fault in this. Kamran falsely accused you. Not everyone knows Mr. Irtiza. And after what you guys want to do, no one will believe it. What are we trying to do?
You think that… the way you guys sent a proposal, wouldn't make people think that there… was something going on between us. Wait a minute. The proposal went for your cousin. That's why it's even more wrong. First, you sent the proposal for Mahira, and then you had sent a proposal for me. I heard that people with money and power do whatever they want. They use people however they want to use them. But I didn't expect this from you. Please, wait a minute. I don't know why you're saying all this, but I can assure you that you have a misunderstanding. Ayya Jan can't do anything like that.

But Agha Jan can. Go and ask him, because he is the one who brought this proposal. You knew about this but you still hid it from me? You know that I hate it when people hide things from me. Irtiza, Agha Jan strictly asked me not to tell you and I don't know when he left. Another lie! I'm telling you the truth.
Shut up! I trusted you like a brother.

How could I have known that your friendship was only a reason to spy on me! This is not the truth, Irtiza. You know that I can't even think of something like that. I can even give my life for you Anybody can give their life, I have ten guards who'd be willing to do that. I only asked for your trust, that is why I shared everything with you. But you broke my trust. Go now, I'll meet you at work. Irtiza…
Not Irtiza! Call me Agha Junior. Don't forget the difference next time. Please go! Qasim Agha… Can I ask you something if you don't take it the wrong way? Was there an argument between you and Agha junior? Who has allowed you to eavesdrop on me and Agha junior? No…

I was just asking you. I told you to mind your own business. Why don't you understand? Qasim Agha, I understood that very well that day. I didn't like Agha junior treating you this way. I don't know what he thinks of… Stop yourself before I pull out your tongue! Don't you dare say one more word against Irtiza I don't want your sympathies. My suspicion was right. Agha junior has scolded Qasim Agha. I should tell this to Shah Bano. Sabeen was right. People without parents… can have everything except love and trust. Shah Bano you know everything… then why don't you say that this can't happen? I am right in saying that you haven't learned anything. You are right… That is where I lack. Not everyone can be as intelligent as you. Yes, that is true. Wait and watch… What Sam told us will be useful for us at the right moment. Qasim Agha has left. So? He has left with his belongings, crying. What? Mr. Agha took out his anger on Qasim and told him to leave.

Agha junior's belongings are being packed as we speak. What? Yes, he asked the staff to pack his stuff. Whenever Agha does something by himself, it brings with itself problems for this house. Come on. Sabeen is very sensitive. She won't be able to tolerate the demise of that girl. Don't lose your strength, Nabeel All of us will work together to help sister Sabeen in her time of grief.

You are right. in fact Sana… I am very emotional when it comes to Sabeen. I can't bear myself to see a single tear in her eye. Ever since father has left us, she has been my responsibility. And… I've always wanted her to be married into an honorable home. But how could I have known that Kamran thought like that? Nabeel… We have had to face embarrassment because of uncle Kamran countless times before this. And this time I'm very ashamed… I'm really sorry…
No Sana… you have no fault in this.

One can't tell how someone is just by looking at their face. It's good that Kamran's face was unveiled to us all before the wedding. Otherwise, he would have ruined Sabeen's life. Do you know the best thing that happened? The best thing was that father was there with sister Sabeen just think if he hadn't been there. then God Knows, uncle Kamran would have alleged sister Sabeen with what not to save his skin You are right. If uncle hadn't been there, then Kamran would have gone to any extent to prove that he was truthful. Uncle saved us. Today because of him Sabeen's respect remains intact. Come on let's have something to eat, I'm sure you hadn't had anything to eat since morning…

No Sana I'm not hungry right now. We'll eat when Sabeen is here, that way she'll be diverted. Until then, sit with me.
Alright. Ata Baksh, I want you to do something big. Just say the word and you can even have my life. It is a life you're supposed to take. It will be done. Will you be able to do it? It is an ordinary thing for me to take a life. It is an ordinary feat to take the life of an ordinary man.

But, this girl is very important to me. It will be done sir, just say the word. Look at this girl carefully. Feed her image into your memory, then I'll tell you what to do. Are you done? Yes sir, do I have to kidnap her? You have to kill her.
It will be done, just say the word.

She shouldn't survive. When do I have to do this? We have to wait a while, but I'll tell you. And no one should suspect a thing. I'll do everything according to your exact order. Good. I knew that I could count on you. Thank you. There is one thing… you must be disappointed… We are about to be rid of you after your marriage. Yes.. That was a very laid-back response. I thought you would shout for mother… And complain to her about me. I'm disappointed that both of your engagement was postponed because of me. That's not a big deal, it's not like she's going anywhere. What do you say? Yes… where can I go? How does that saying go? I'm fixed as the east on a compass…
My God! Where did you learn that eastern girl?
I had a teacher… she said that I'm not like the others and that I'm a pure eastern girl. I learned it from her. Eastern girls aren't like you. They are like her. Look at her long face.

What is the matter with you? It was not an ideal marriage. Honestly Sabeen, father was not happy with this relationship. Don't you think that God saved us? Nabeel is right. You and uncle had no compatibility.
Sana… I'm not upset that this wedding got canceled. These things don't matter to me. But the way it happened…. where there was an attempt on me and my father's respect. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget it. You and your father's respect can't be affected by someone's allegations. Understand? I trusted you like a brother. How could I have known that your friendship would only be a reason for you to spy on me? I can't even think to do that, I can even give my life. Anybody can give their life, I have ten guards who'd be willing to do that.

No, call me Agha junior. Never forget the difference again. Irtiza I wasn't lying. Why didn't you believe me? Why didn't you believe my honesty? Irtiza… Are you leaving me to die all by my lonesome? Can I ever do that? With your presence, I've never felt alone. But now I feel… that I have no one in this world. Irtiza my dear child, how can I tell you that I didn't know all this? I learned from you what Mr. Agha did. Atiya… Tell Mahar Ali that I want to meet Mr. Agha right now. He said that he'll call you when Mansoor Ahmed leaves. So Mansoor Ahmed is here. How do you two do all this? First, you manipulated my father with your emotional blackmail and now you're after Irtiza.

Mahira it's nothing like that. It would be better if you drive your misunderstanding away. Misunderstanding! How can you and your sister become so innocent? Like you don't know that Irtiza's family sent a proposal for your sister! But remember one thing…. instead I'll remind you… That you people aren't even equal to Irtiza's servants. His proposal came for me and it will stay like that.
Sister, that's what we're…

Silence! I know everything. I know what you guys want and don't want. Where did your sister meet Irtiza? Oh yes, an orphanage! Where else can an orphan meet people?
Mahira! Nabeel let's go from here.
Hello! I'm not finished yet. The game you're playing… I won't let you succeed in this. Neither your sister nor your mother. I've told you before, and I'm telling you again. Feed it into your brain. Irtiza will only marry me. Believe me, when that happens, we'll thank God that we've gotten rid of you! Begone! Come on Nabeel. I'm very happy today Mehr Ali. Yes, Mr. Agha! May God maintain your happiness and the happiness of this home. Thanks a million to God that Mr.

Mansoor has accepted Irtiza's proposal for Sabeen. Mr. Agha… if you don't take it the wrong way, may I ask you a question. Mehr Ali, you are an old companion of mine… don't hesitate to question me. Has Mr. Mansoor taken everyone's opinion before answering this proposal? Are all of his family members willing, because I want…

Agha junior to start this new chapter of this life on a good note. I don't want anyone to be upset with this marriage. Mr. Mansoor told me that he would talk to Sabeen's mother. He is her guardian as well. I'm sure… that Irtiza and Sabeen will be happy together. May God protect the pair of them. Amen! Mother I've done nothing wrong, that is why I won't apologize to anyone. Alright, don't apologize. But try to understand what Mahira is going through. Sister-in-law, any girl can get depressed and angry in her situation. When we have refused, is it alright for her to behave like that with Sabeen? It's not about the refusal. Mahira found it insulting that they sent a proposal for Sabeen right after they sent a proposal for her. And there is nothing wrong in saying that Kamran's words have a little truth in them. There are no cures for the ill thoughts that she has. If Mahira or even you say something like that, then I won't tolerate it.
What?! You'll talk to me this way? What will you do? Will you manipulate your uncle against me, or will you leave this house? We are bound to leave this house one day, and one day we will leave it.

I didn't even want to come here. But still, you came here and had this house named under Sana. I know that you people won't leave this house. But I beg you to leave Irtiza for Mahira. My daughter is sensitive and she has taken your behavior to her heart! Fathers of young daughters don't put their life on stake for no reason. Auntie mind your tongue! What? How dare you talk to me in this tone!? If you ever talk to me like that, then I'll bury you where I stand! Mother let's go back, how much longer will we listen to her taunts? What are you saying? Your uncle is already very worried. If we leave home like this then matters will get worse. Nabeel! My God… Nabeel what are you doing? What is the point of this anger? When you know how my mother and sister are… I can tolerate if anyone says anything to me… But I can't tolerate if anyone attacks my family's respect.

What was the need for auntie to dig old graves? Why did she bring father between all of this again? Why did she blame Sabeen for father's death, again? Sana why? Why does she do this again and again? I don't know why she does this and I don't know what are her intentions… but I've learned that she doesn't want to see you and your family happy in this house. We'll leave this place then. We don't want to live here. Alright? And the property and shares that uncle has given us, we don't want that either.

Nabeel. Father loves you, he loves us all. He has good intentions for all of us. Father gave this to me with a lot of love and trust. If I had refused, then that would have broken my father's heart. Then tell me… what should I do? I've grown tired of your mother's taunts. Because of her… I've started thinking of myself as a weak man.
Nabeel… Forget about what mother said. Why do you pay attention to her? She never wants to do good for anyone. Nabeel, for my father… for his sake… save yourself and this house's happiness from scattering, please! Don't worry, I'll try. You could have at least taken care of your family respect, Mr. Agha. What must they think of us? They must be thinking that we're from a dishonorable family.

We came with a proposal for one girl but presented that proposal to some other girl. Even though things were all but done. The marriage hadn't been fixed yet. I talked to Mansoor… He was about to refuse the proposal we sent for Mahira. That isn't possible. That is true. Sabeen is the perfect match for Irtiza. Mansoor and I think that. You didn't even talk to us, you went alone and settled everything. We were waiting for his answer and now that the answer is here… I was about to tell you. Why bother even telling us now? Like they didn't object about us shifting proposals, they could have followed that by sending away his daughter in secrecy. And once she came here then you could have told us. All I wanted to see… was if they preferred relationships over personal gain…

And what did you see? Mansoor refused the proposal. Yes… I'm very happy that Mansoor and his sister-in-law showed great character… Mansoor is the one who accepted the proposal, but his sister-in-law and Sabeen… rejected the proposal. Meaning?
That means that Mansoor wants his niece… to become our daughter-in-law. And he isn't upset by the fact… that her daughter was unable to marry into this house. But, on the other hand, Sabeen and her mother have refused. They say that the original proposal should stand and if not then there shouldn't be a proposal for anyone. Meaning… Agha Jan, why didn't you tell me… Why didn't you tell that to me? What respect will I have left in Sabeen's eyes? In my eyes, the respect for that girl has grown. And I would sacrifice my life on your respect and grace. How can you even think that I can say something like that? I think it's good that… she refused. If you had asked me I would have refused as well.

She saved you from the embarrassment by refusing. Irtiza, my son…
Please… Please don't say that. I… All my life I kept thinking that you think of me as your son but today I've realized… that I was only your compulsion. If your son… If your child was in this world… then I would have been in some orphanage. I have no importance… All you needed was an heir.

That two-bit man was so disrespectful to mother… He's gotten this bold only because of you. Sister, they had refused… there was no need for you to overreact. You started this. What are you? You're still talking in favor of those people? Did they mix something in your drink? You don't care about me or our mother. It isn't your fault. I understand everything. Father has given him the company shares and he's given this house to you, so he has forgotten his worth! Sister, please! It isn't like that. You know what Sana… if I were in your place, and if someone had disrespected mother like that…

I would have ended everything. Sana… Sana, those people are using you. First, they tried to steal my happiness from me… and now God forbid sister! God forbid! And I don't understand how to tell you that Sabeen, her mother, and Nabeel love our family a lot. There is no point in speaking with you. Because you don't want to understand anything.
You're right.

Until you talk to your sister so negatively, then there really is no point in talking to me. Do you see Atiya? An ounce of patience prevents a hundred problems. If we had created a scene about what Sam told us… then I couldn't have seen what I've always wanted to see. You should have seen how Irtiza taunted Agha senior. Forget about acknowledging him as a father, he didn't even acknowledge him as an uncle. He went there to marry him into a place of his choosing… Shah Bano, what will happen now? Agha senior has made things much easier for us. We will reject Mahira as well. Shah Bano, if Sabeen has accepted then we would have lost the entire game. I don't give up so easily. Not at all. Atiya.
Yes? Call another matchmaker tomorrow. We have to fix Irtiza's marriage as soon as possible.

Sabeen is a good girl. Irtiza can't marry her. Mother, as soon as this issue ends, we'll go back to our home. I didn't want to come here either. Mansoor brought us here from the hospital, otherwise, we would have been long gone. Then let's go. But until we're here there should be no argument with Mahira and her mother.

And yes, whatever happened today, your uncle shouldn't hear about it. Mother, we won't say a word, but will they stop? Look she's a mother of a daughter. Whatever she says she says out of anger. She won't say anything now. And do as I told you to do. Greetings uncle, come in. Greetings Greetings* Don't worry so much… I've talked to them… So what did they say? Whatever will happen will be up to them, we've said what we wanted to say..

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Berukhi Episode 16 - Presented By Ariel [Subtitle Eng] - 29th December 2021 - ARY Digital Drama


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