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This series is based on a free
download. I created earlier this year, where I listed 25 different work from
home business ideas and people seem to like it and download it. So I decided why not just go ahead and
dive deeper into it and provide more details to you. I will go ahead
and link that. Download below. If you want to grab a copy and you can
follow along, or you can skip ahead. And of course, I like to break
things down into little pieces, so it's just easier for you to understand. So today I'm going to be going
over what affiliate marketing is. Just give you a little brief overview.
I will go over the pros and the cons, how you can get started.
The cost of getting started, and also just some tips for success.

And I will share any resources that
I have that may help you out in the description box below. Okay.
So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a very easy way
to make money online because actually requires you to not have
any product of your own. So affiliate marketing actually allows
you to earn commission by promoting another company's products or programs.
Some pros of affiliate marketing. One of the main things is it is probably
one of the easiest things on this list that I'm sharing with
you to get started in. It doesn't require you to
start an actual business. You don't have to go through the process
of creating a business and getting a website and everything all set up just
to be able to do affiliate marketing. So that is one of the biggest pros of it. You can really start doing
affiliate marketing today. And another pro of it is just, as you
don't have to create your own business, you don't have to create your own

So you don't have to create, have a physical product
or a digital product. You are just going to promote someone
else's product or another company's product or whatever
program they are selling. And one of the pro of affiliate
marketing is in today's world. Just about almost every company has
affiliate marketing available, not, not every company, but every large company has affiliate
marketing available for you. And a lot of the companies actually
welcome you to be an affiliate for them because it is a good way for them
to get their products out to more people. And they know that say, if I am an affiliate marketer for
a company, I can say, Oh, wow, I really love this product. This is
the product I use. Here's my link. And if you guys trust me, then you are
probably okay going to buy that product.

And so it is a way almost like having
people send referrals to them and maybe you would have never
heard of that company. So companies are in general open to
have people be affiliates for them. So some of the cons of marketing is
that commission is typically pretty. You may get like a 10% commission
or maybe even a 15% commission. And there are companies that I've seen
that will even give you a 50% commission to companies that are selling more
higher ticket programs or products. I don't see that too often, but that's one of the cons of it is
that you won't make as much money. Of course, it's a company, but you will get a small commission
for sending people their way.

So along with that, the next thing or the next con of it is
that it can take sometimes take a really long time for you to actually earn some
good money with affiliate marketing and an example, I'll give you,
I'm an affiliate for Amazon. So I will share my Amazon links and people
will click on them and they will buy stuff on Amazon. I think I went on my
Amazon affiliate dashboard and saw, Oh, wow. Maybe there's been
like almost $4,000 in sales. And how much have I made maybe like
$300. Not really that much as a, as compared to what Amazon is making. So if you are looking to actually make
a living off of affiliate marketing, it's going to take a while or you're
going to have to be an affiliate for some companies that are
selling high ticket items, or you're going to have to be an affiliate
for a lot of different products or different companies.

Now, another con of it is that some companies
do have some requirements like, so they might want to see that
you have a social media following, or maybe you have a blog or somewhere
that you're actually going to promote their product. And it's going to be worth their time
for bringing you into their affiliate marketing program that may also
require an application process and an approval process that sometimes can
take a while for it to go through.

So that is one con of it. You may not be able to get into
every affiliate program. Now, before I get into how you can get
started with affiliate marketing, I do want to share a little bit of
a joke, take a little comedic break. If you've been following along then, you
know that this is part of the giveaway. I'm going to give you a little riddle
and then if you can answer it below and get it correctly, the more you get
correct, the bigger your chances. So when now this is an easy one.

is every else? Favorite type of music. Go ahead and take a guess in
the comments below. All right. So how to get started
in affiliate marketing. So the first thing that you would want
to do is think of companies that you already like swear by, or you swear by their products
and you use their products, companies that you would love
to promote their products, go ahead and make a list of them, or
just think of some that, you know, the ones that pop up in your
head. And then after you do that, go ahead and check out
their website. Scroll. Usually you can just scroll to
the bottom. And at the footer, if they have an affiliate program,
they will have a link there that says, you know, affiliate program
or become an affiliate, something along those lines that
is going to be the easiest way, follow the link, and then they will have the description
or the information that you need for how you can be an affiliate
for them.

Or, you know, they'll let you know if they even
accepting affiliates what the requirements are. Now, if you don't find the link there and you
really want to find out if they have an affiliate program, you can maybe find an email address or
some type of contact information where you can actually reach out to the
brand. Once you all that information. And you have either the link go ahead
and apply for the Phillip programs that you want to join. And if you find an
email address, send out a nice email, don't just be like, Hey, I
want to promote your stuff, make it a really good email and say,
you are interested in their product, why you're interested
in the product and, um, or that you've been using the
product and you really like it.

And you would love to be an
affiliate marketer for them. And then once you're approved, the next
step is to really just start promoting. The more you share your affiliate links, the more chances you get
of making money from it. And there are many different ways that
you can actually promote your affiliate products. So yeah, the next
thing is to promote them. And the cost of getting started is
pretty much, it's nothing really.

If you already have the product, if
it really is a brand that you use, then it's not going to cost you anything
because you already have the product. And if you don't already
have it, or if you ran out, that's going to be the cost to you where
you would need to purchase a product to have on hand or continue purchasing it. So you can use it for your
affiliate marketing efforts. So some tips for success with
affiliate marketing, one, be sure that it is a product that you
use and a product that you standby or product that you actually like. Don't just go and start promoting
a bunch of random products, just because you want to make
a couple of bucks on the side.

People don't like that. Your family and friends don't like that
promote products that you will actually want your family and friends to use. And you think the products are great and
you want to share the word out there. Another tip is to have
an affiliate disclosure. If you are a blogger or if you're YouTube, you might even notice if you read my
description all the way to the end. I do have an affiliate disclosure there, just letting you know that some of the
links on my description in my description are affiliate links. So if you click
on them, I may get a small commission. If you purchase, that is
just some legal stuff. It's important to be clear and honest
with people that you are promoting these products.

So that way, you know,
there's nothing like shady about it. Another tip is to share your link, your affiliate links as much as possible
and everywhere in anywhere that you can. So if you have a blog, put them in
your blog posts. If you have a website, like I, on my website, I have a
specific page that says resources. And a lot of the links on
there are affiliate links. So there are programs that I
use that I'm sharing with you, that the companies that I
use, give me some commission. If I bring more people to them, if you have a YouTube channel and
you are doing a makeup tutorial, then link the products below
and use your affiliate link. So that way you get a little bit of a
commission for giving that information out, there's nothing wrong with that. Another tip is to actually make
sure you do have the product.

So you want to have a physical product
so you can showcase it to people, either through photos or videos, just
even showing how to use the product. You don't want to be, you know,
telling people, go get this product. That's great. And then you
don't even have it yourself. Make sure you have the product so you
can actually be able to showcase it. The next tip is to use a tracking
system, like a link tracking system.

Now, whether you do that through Microsoft
Excel or, or, um, Google sheets, or you actually use a program that
can help you manage your links, because I'll tell you now, like at first, when you start with affiliate marketing
and you have a couple of links here, it's easy to keep track. Or if you're just doing it on Amazon
and it's easy to keep track on their system. Once you start being an affiliate for
different companies and you have different links and you have to, you know, you don't want to have to keep going to
all these different websites to get your link every time you want to share it.

So either you create an Excel spreadsheet
and you keep all the links there, or you can use a website like Bitly and
Bitly actually allows you to shorten the links because a lot of affiliate
marketing links can be pretty long. So if you use Bitly, I'll let you shorten it and you
can shorten it for free on Bitly. And if you actually sign up for a Bitly,
it'll let you track your links as well. And what I mean by that is
it will actually show you
how many times people were clicking on it.

So you know that the
links are actually being used. Now, if you have a log or if you are
on WordPress, I use pretty link. So pretty links just allows you
to actually use your domain name. So my website is Abby So I can actually create a
link that has Abby I can say like Abby, and it actually redirects
to my canvas affiliate link. So I hope that makes sense, but pretty linked just allows you to have
more control over how the link looks. So one other really important tip is
to pay attention to the rules that the affiliate marketer gives you. So some companies won't allow you
to send your links through texts. Like I know Amazon doesn't allow that
some companies don't want you emailing the links or to even put them in PDFs.
And some companies are okay with that. Some companies just want you
to have it on your website, have it on your YouTube
or on your social media. So just make sure you're following
their rules and you are abiding them.

So that way you can continue
to promote their products. Now, you probably heard me mention
Amazon. A couple of times, Amazon is one of the easier ones to
get into because there's like loads of products that you can
actually promote. So Amazon, if you're not aware of
Amazon is a marketplace, so it's not actually Amazon
selling these other products. It's different people in
different companies, selling
their products on Amazon, kind of like a big flea
market online with Amazon. You can find anything on there. So if you are blogging and you are
writing a blog where you people need to have scissors and a bucket or something,
then you can find it on Amazon. So it makes it easier where you can pretty
much promote anything and everything. If you have an Amazon associate account, only thing with Amazon is I know
that they do have some requirements. Like they will check your social
media and check that, you know, you actually have a platform
that you can promote the links. Another really popular one
that is used often. That is, that goes along with influencer
marketing, which will be the next video.

So I will get into that more, but
is like to know it or reward style. So that is a form of affiliate
marketing. I'm not personally on it, but you can promote outfits
at your wearing and promote
things that you have in your home. But I know that they also
have requirements for you
to be able to join their programs. Now, since you've
made it this far in the video, I want to go ahead and just share
with you the details of the giveaway. I have three giveaways going
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And that one I will do
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And for those of you that
are just getting started in business, or you are looking to grow your business
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And please, if you have any questions for
me about affiliate marketing, if you want me to go in any deeper, give you some more details
about the different programs, let me know in the comments. And
I'm happy to do videos on that. Thank you so much for watching
and I'll catch you next time. Bye..

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Affiliate Marketing | Make Money Online 2021 Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

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