Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money in 2021 (high-ticket affiliate sales vs. Amazon affiliate)

Hi guys, today I want to do a video on how
you can make a thousand dollars a week  in passive income.
Last week was awesome! I had my best  week ever with affiliate income
and I made a thousand dollars.  It's actually right around 950 dollars,
if you want to make big money  with affiliate marketing
you can do affiliate marketing for Amazon..  and I do that… and what I do is, I go for
more expensive products.  Here's the deal, Amazon pays one to three
percent commissions, I try to focus on  $50 to $150 products or more
because then I'm gonna get $1.00 – $3.00…  maybe a bit more every time I make a sale.
But I'm in network marketing too because  they pay 20% commissions on every sale.

you look at the video that i have on sleep   if anybody orders that product my commission is 
$8… $8 is a whole lot better than $1-3 dollars  and there's
26 million people in the us that struggle   with sleep so that's kind of like what i call 
the blue ocean strategy i'm going for people who   really need the product and they just don't know 
that the product exists so that should be an easy   sale and then i'm using youtube to leverage my 
efforts how i made a thousand dollars last week is   you're gonna do all this online stuff to 
support your network marketing business   until it gets big enough to bring you home because 
that's where the residual income is at but you can   also do affiliate sales and by affiliate sales i 
mean high ticket affiliate sales so last week i   made two sales in which my commission per sale 
was five hundred dollars i think it was 478 or   something i put something up in the screen to 
show you the commission but two sales made me   a thousand dollars right now i'm just getting 
started because i just started growing youtube   in the last year or so but it's growing 
phenomenally phenomenally faster than my online   blog because there's not so many moving pieces you 
don't have to know how to rank something you don't   have to know how to do keyword research and all 
that kind of stuff you just make the videos you   edit them you put them out you try to keep people 
engaged try to get them to click the like button   so please click the like button try to get them 
to subscribe if you're not subscribed and you like   learning about making money click the subscribe 
button and then try to keep them watching the   video because if engagement is up you know if 
you're watching this video and you watch over 50   of it that's a pretty high engagement youtube's 
going to show it to more people and over time   it's organically going to grow if you want to make 
that kind of money i would start a youtube channel   it's not going to happen tomorrow but it'll 
grow over time and start looking at high ticket   affiliate sales if you start getting a sale a 
month that's 500 bucks you start getting to a   sale a week now you're looking at two thousand 
dollars a month you start getting to two sales a   week i'm looking forward to two sales this week 
i'm hoping that'll be another thousand dollars   this week by the way guys i forgot to mention this 
in the original video while i was making it but if   you want to learn how to do high ticket affiliate 
marketing you can learn that by going through a   training a free training by john christani he's 
one of the mentors that has helped me learn how   to do all this i'll put a link to that in the 
description below now back to the video eventually   it'll just keep growing if i get to 10 sales a 
month that's 5 000 a month what's that going to   look like in 10 years you see what i'm saying 
like that's leverage that's why you want to do   these type of these type of activities you know 
i invest in land and here's a video about that   because that's the velocity of money but you 
know what there's also i don't even know what   you would call it but like the velocity of time or 
the velocity of time investment the world we live   in right now everyone should be doing something 
online and using the online platforms for leverage   and i believe everyone should be doing 
network marketing because it doesn't take long   my two sales that i made off affiliate income this 
past week will run my network marketing business   for almost a year because network marketing is 
the cheapest business with the highest leverage   that you can build and when you add to that 
the leverage of building online now you have   two pieces of leverage working together two of 
them god bless have a fantastic rest of the year   make sure you subscribe and like 
and check out one of my next videos

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Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money in 2021 (high-ticket affiliate sales vs. Amazon affiliate)

I love to make money with affiliate marketing and you will too. This is how I use affiliate marketing to make money online. You can make $1,000+ per week whether you get out of bed or not.

Trust me, affiliate marketing is about as passive as it gets.

There are so many ways to make money using affiliate marketing and so many ways to create passive income streams with affiliate marketing that you just have to find a way that resonates with you.

In this video I'll go over the way that helped me generate $1,000 a week online last week.


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