7 Websites To Turn $0 To $200/day Passive Income (earn $ while you sleep) Passive Income Ideas

In today's video, we're going to be going over seven
websites to go from zero to 200 a day, passively. Now, despite all the controversy and people
saying that passive income is a myth and it doesn't work and it doesn't exist.
Well, I've seen it with my own two eyes. Trust me. And I recently made a video about how
I generate $20,000 in passive income every single month. So you can check
that out later on. But so that point, I just want to say that it wasn't
an easy road. I mean, in fact, it took a lot of elbow
grease and hard work upfront.

And the bottom line is you will never
get something for nothing because real passive income is about leveraging
the work upfront so that later you can continue to make money with this
method or whatever you want to call it without having to work.
That's the whole idea. And so as a small business owner, a
creator, somebody getting started online, it is important to continually
add income streams. And that's my hopes in today's video
is that you can branch out and start diversifying your income. So
without further ado let's get going. And so let's talk about it. We are going to talk about licensing
music and other graphic assets online as the first way of making
passive income. Don't worry, there's a couple of websites
I'm going to go over. But the whole idea is
if you are a beatmaker, if you know how to create
different sounds and effects, then this could definitely be a
profitable, passive income stream for you.

I have a YouTuber friend who
creates sounds and beats lo-fi hip hop is very, very popular for YouTube
offers and different creators out there. So he creates a variety of lo-fi
hip hop, beats, disco, funk, blogger, you know, happy style
music. And he uploads this music, this copyright free music for creators
to use on a website called artlist.io. And the cool thing about what he does
is he accumulates all these songs and, you know, people buy his music and then he also
gets royalty from the subscription fees that the members pay. And so the disadvantage about art list
is that you only get paid out once a year as a creator. However, this particular Youtuber that I'm
talking about has 42,000 downloads in a year of his music, which equates to approximately
$24,000 that he'll get once per year, which equates to
approximately $2,000 a month. And that's not yet at $200 a day, but you can definitely see how it can
add up quickly and equate to lots of passive income every single day.

so to add a little bit of variety, if you're somebody that's not into
beat making, or don't know how, but you have other skills,
maybe you can create animations. Maybe you can create logo templates and
other graphic designs that all people, not just video creators, but all
a brand and business owners need. They need this in their business and you
can upload these types of graphics on Envato elements. Now in Envato elements is super cool
because it has everything.

I mean, it's a creator's playground because
there's so many cool things, but for you as somebody looking to upload
graphic designs and get your feet wet with creating a digital product
that is basically evergreen. And once somebody buys it, it is really passive income because you
only have to create that digital asset one time. And so here's the
thing on Envato elements. There's other types of assets on there
where you don't need to be super good at creating tracks and creating music
and a super good graphic designer.

If you have some basic skill with putting
things together and making things look nice, for example, presentation templates are
a perfect example, right? Because if you can create a presentation
template for somebody that is gold, I personally have to do a
lot of presentations in my business webinars, live events, you name
it. I have to present a lot. So if I can find this template on in
bottle elements of a presentation, that's already put together, that's
going to save me hours of time. And so it's the same idea with
what's going on right now with Etsy, where an Etsy, you can create digital
products and digital downloadables, it's the same idea. What's hot right now on
SCR things like resume, cover letter templates and wedding
invitation templates and things like that. So it's the same idea
with Envato elements. I invite you to take a look at all the
different types of options that are on there. So you can think like, okay,
yeah, that could definitely work for me.

I can create something like this for sure. And then have it be evergreen on the
website because within bottle elements, there's lots of people, thousands
and thousands of people already on, in volatile elements looking to, you know, raise the bar with their
branding and everything. And so they need whatever you can
design to help them out with their graphics, with their video and
just their overall presence online. So definitely check it out. Okay. So the other thing I forgot to mention
that I wanted to mention really quick about Envato elements is stock video. I'm somebody who has hours and
hours and hours of stock video. That's just sitting there
collecting virtual dusk. I haven't done anything with them, but I would love to one day get my own
stock video or my video footage of just me traveling traveling
to different cities, all kinds of stuff that other people
would want to use on their videos. And so the idea is instead of letting
your stock video, just sit there, why don't you go ahead and use it and
turn that stock video into some passive income and cash.

Okay. So the next method that we're talking
about in today's video is with print on demand and a website called Teespring. And there's other
websites we'll talk about, but let's first start with Teespring and
let's first start with the definition of what is print on demand. So print on
demand is basically, hold on, let me, let me grab an example.
Okay. I got my examples. So here's an example of a
shirt and in this shirt or on, on this shirt, I have my
subscribers to sales logo. So subscribers to sales
is our premium course, which teaches how to build a
wildly profitable YouTube channel. And we have the cup also
that has the logo and some cool phrases right here on the back. And so this is the whole idea of print
on demand. You're taking a design, a logo, maybe it's art, and
you print it on, you know, a shirt, a coffee cup, it could be a
shower curtain.

It could be a pillow. You can print it on virtually on many
popular household items around the house. Or of course, clothing,
hoodies, hats, you name it. You can print on demand on it. Okay. So that is the definition
of print on demand. And why I love Teespring for example, is because it's a website where you can
get started for free without a credit card, without anything required and
start putting your designs
and logos on different materials and different types of objects
and all kinds of things and start making money. And so I have friends who have made
millions of dollars with their print on demand businesses.

Also my creator friend, Kat Theo says with her t-shirt business, she makes anywhere from a hundred dollars
an hour to a hundred dollars a day with her store and all of her merchants
that she has. It's really, really cool. And then if you take a look
at creator, Roberto Blake, he also talks about
the merchandise he has. It sells for profit anywhere
from $6 to $12 an item, depending on what type of
clothing he sells such as a, t-shirt such as a hoodie because
the hoodies do cost more. So it's a higher profit margin
on those types of things. And the cool thing is it's very, very,
very little upfront work for you. You obviously have to get the design
or have the logo, but once you do that, you easily design a t-shirt. I'm going
to show you right now how easy it is.

But then after that, you don't have to
fulfill it. You don't have to ship it. The company will do that for you. That's a really great way to
leverage this business model. Okay. So let's take a look behind my computer. Okay. So welcome here. We are behind the computer teespring.com. So if you're a beginner and you
haven't created a profile before or a user, an account, sorry,
then you can just come here.

And it's really easy. I mean, the setup is basically
effortless with with signing up, all you gotta do is put the name
of your brand, like what is going, what your store is going to be
called, email password confirm. And then once you do all this, you're
going to go through a series of questions. I think they ask you, like, what
are they, what are you using it for? And how are you going to promote your
store and all that kind of stuff. So that's really easy to get
started. And then once you do, once you're inside or wait, let me log
in really quick. Okay. So once you do, it'll look something like
this brand new store, and it's really easy to, if we weren't going to recreate
something like this I can show you right now, how to do it.

I could even show you
right now how to recreate a coffee cup. It's super simple. So here's your home
analytics listing stores, payouts my purchases. And so if we want
to come over here to this black button, start designing, then we can start designing on
any one of these accessories, apparels, whatever we
want. So just for fun, I'll go to the women's shirts. So this is men let's go to women's
t-shirts and see what's up. So this is pretty cool.
Okay. So let's say this one, we wanted to start, it's a white
shirt, very similar to what I have. So the front we're going
to want to put the logo. So we want to add an image and
usually you're going to get a PNG image, high result, not
high, super high resolution, but 50 giga. No KA KA megabytes. Sorry. So download. So here, I'm looking up
these subscribers to sales and logo. We're going to open that up.
So that goes here on the front. And then on the back we could
put maybe we could put my logo.

So logo downloads. So we could put this on
the back. How cool is that? So you can have your own customized
thing or whatever you want and that's it. I mean, that's, that's really it. So the hardest part is just creating
the design and having the logo, which you can easily do
in canva.com. It's free. And they have really great templates
for logos and all other types of design assets on there. I can, or I advise getting started there
and then here you can set your price. So this will show you kind of the
profit that you'll be getting per sale. So let's say I wanted to make $10
profit. Well, that's about $10, but maybe I want to $12, you know,
selling it for $29 or something like that. And here's the price in euros in case. So then you can set your price and
continue, and then that's it, you know, you would just click
continue and you know, you have your design and then you
would continue to add more products to the okay. Look at this.
This is super cool.

Okay. And then you would continue. So let's go back to the coffee cups. So if we scroll down,
where are the coffee cups? Accessories, accessories. I think
they're in here. You can find yep. Water bottle stainless,
tumbler, the masks, the iPhone cases, backpacks coffee mug. Let's go baby. Kay. So
we'll do the same thing. It's just adding the image. So P and G downloads. Huh. Okay. So we're adding the image and on
the back you can write custom texts. So remember, or you guys see how
it says subscribers, sales repeat. We can recreate this process
or this text right here on the back.

So it's really, really big. So we're going to want to decrease the
size. Oh wait, let me just do this. Okay. Let me scoot it over.
So we say subscribers. Seals repeat. Missing the S up here, but then
this little check Mark is just the, the little emoji that
everybody uses once in a while. So we got one, so we could add it here. Again. Okay. And then that's that. So then we can
change the, if we want to change the font, I don't want to change it, but we could, if we wanted to so we
can change it back to [inaudible]. We can change the color. Right here. Sales repeats. Okay. And then
that's it. That's what we would do. And in the same thing, you would
modify your price and click continue.

And then that's how easy it is to get
started with Teespring. Okay. So this, this is, this is it. There's nothing
more complicated or anything else to it. This is how it works. And so just a couple of fun notes about
print-on-demand and if you wanted to take this business to the next level and
really scale it there's other platforms that you can put it on that
have even more traffic, a website like the red bubble, where there's millions of people
searching on there every day. There's lots of SEO
traffic. So, you know, the, the strategy is to get
them on more websites, with more traffic that you can leverage
as you're trying to scale your business. And the other thing I would
do is eventually when you
have the capital and the revenue look for other companies where
you can customize things like customize the packaging, customize, maybe write a little note
to the customer and really, really take the brand to the next level.

That's going to be really important to
scaling a print on demand business and creating that passive income. The next thing we are talking about to
create some serious passive cash is you guessed it that's right. Youtube is a powerhouse when it
comes to pass it income. Yes, it is going to take a lot
of active income income, a lot of active effort upfront,
a lot of time, for sure, to put into the channel,
to start to grow it, to really get that YouTube
channel working for you. But once you do it is a machine
that cannot be stopped. Okay. And so the reason I'm talking about
YouTube is because just to throw out some numbers out there for you on this, the
highest AdSense revenue month ever, the record is $12,700.

So that's how much this channel generated
of all time in one month for the YouTube AdSense, which I consider
a passive income stream in itself. And we'll talk more about
ad sense in a second, but the other cool thing is
that on this YouTube channel, we launched our first day digital
product last year, last may 20. And within eight months of it
being launched to our audience, we were able to cross six
figures with that product alone.

So that's pretty impressive with the
traffic generated from the YouTube channel and going, not only to
the digital products, but also affiliate products
and all kinds of stuff. It is truly a passive income machine
that of course will require some upfront work. So we'll now talk about the differences
between a personal branded channel and an animation channel, because I know a lot of you are
interested in the faceless route, but there are a lot of you as well
that want to build the personal branded channel. So let's talk about
the pros and cons of both. Okay. So let's start with the faceless channel. A faceless YouTube channel basically
consists of anything animation where you're not directly getting in front
of the camera. Like I am right now, you are creating videos based
on stock footage animation. Maybe you're demonstrating something
with your hands where you don't have to directly show your face.

So there's a lot, a lot of different options for faceless
channels and that's what makes it so great is one of the biggest advantages
is that you can scale the content so much because you don't have to
take your time to get in front of the camera and produce content. So that's why people love obviously
the idea of a faceless animation channel, because the
content is so scalable. There's lots of animation channels and
faceless channel where they're able to post every single day or even two
times a day, three times a day, because there's just so much
content in the content is plentiful.

So they're able to do that and really
get the algorithm going and really get their growth going in
viral. And that's other, the great thing is the whole process
eventually could be hands-off because you can outsource the
thumbnail, the optimization, you could outsource the video editing. You could outsource any special effects
or animation that the channel needs, or really it could be a true hands-off
business. And as the channel owner, you can create several YouTube channels. You don't have to just
create one YouTube channel. You can create several that are bringing
you passive income from the Google AdSense. And that's another advantage is you
can earn Google AdSense quickly with these channels.

And so this brings me to my next point
about a con or the biggest disadvantage of a faceless YouTube channel. It is harder to sell other things on
the channel because it's not as easy to develop a relationship with an animation
channel because you don't know who's behind it. Yes, it can
be informative. Yes. It can be entertaining all these great
things, but at the end of the day, it's going to be harder to
monetize other types of products, such as affiliate
products, such as services, such as pod and stuff like
that. It's definitely possible, but I'm just saying it's a lot harder
and that's the biggest constraint with an animation and faceless channel.

so it was a personal branded channel. These are my absolute
favorite because it's you, it makes it so special because you are
the brand. Nobody else is like you, nobody else can have the same type
of content as you because it's, you, you are unique and people
are going to love you for it, for the value that you
are going to give. Now, some of the cons about a personal branded
channel is kind of the advantage of a animation channel. And that is,
it's hard to scale the content, unless you have hundreds of hours of
videos that you've made before with content you can reproduce. Yeah. But it's going to take a lot
of work upfront and a lot
of patience and hard work with creating these videos because that's, what's going to get the channel
and the algorithm going. And of course you have to get in front
of the camera and make the videos because you are building up that know like,
and trust factor with your audience.

You can sell anything you want.
And I mean, anything you want. So whether you want to sell merch,
whether you want to sell your coaching, consulting, your digital
products, your memberships, your digital courses your affiliate links, all of that stuff will convert
so much higher with a personal branded channel. Not only that, if you're going to go to the personal
branded channel routes, okay, you're going to get so many more
other opportunities as a creator, you'll be invited to speak on podcasts.

You'll be invited to do interviews
and to do all these things, to be a guest speaker, because you have an audience and
an audience is powerful. Okay. And that's not to say in the future, you can't have both a faceless and a
personal branded channel one day in the future. Yeah. I'd love to have a
faceless channel. I'm not sure what, but I'm so glad I know
how to do it this way. And I'm glad that I went the personal
branded route first because doing anything else is going to be a
piece of cake.

Right? And so if you're interested in learning
way more about building a channel, converting your subscribers to sales and
really learning how to build a wildly profitable business, leveraging
the YouTube platform, go ahead and download our subscribers
to sales blueprint up here, or the first link in the description. It goes over this six steps that you
must do to achieve the success.

Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention whether you're
doing an animation channel or a personal branded channel. Once you
hit 10,000 subscribers, you can connect your Teespring
store to your channel, which is awesome because then you can
advertise your print-on-demand stuff and anything you want below your video so
that people can see them and that they can buy from your Teespring store. That's
connected to your channel. All right. So the next thing that we
are talking about is a sauna. Don't everybody like scream and punch
and blah, blah, blah. You like, Oh, productivity, a Sana is a
productivity tool and a website, and it is absolutely free to get started.
And you guys might be thinking, well, how is this going to
make me money? Listen, a sauna is everything.
If I didn't use a sauna, I would not be able to
make money because if your productivity is down and if you don't
have your time management in order, you won't make money.

don't care who you are. Okay. So maybe your productivity
system looks something like this. You have sticky notes all over the place. You have a million notebooks where
you write down different things. Maybe you're emailing yourself reminders
and emailing yourself important links. You probably have to do lists all
around the house, on your whiteboard, on your refrigerator, just laying
around. And there's no structure. Okay. What a sauna does is it
takes your entire life. So your business and also your personal
stuff. And it puts it into a system, a system where you can organize it
and have checklists and have project timelines and have all of these
things. And you may be thinking, well, I'm just getting started or I don't
have a team yet. Or, you know, I'm just barely making revenue in my

This is the time to start. Trust me. If I would have
had a sauna back in the day, I would for sure be making more money
right now. That's not an exaggeration. There's multiple seven figure and eight
figure businesses who use a Asana to manage their entire business. And so I
think I've learned a sauna pretty well, but the point is, if you really
want to maximize your time, and if maybe you're juggling a
part-time job, you have a family, and you're trying to build
this online business.

You're going to need a system and a
tool to help you organize your life. And in my Asana, I have everything in there from my
YouTube management project to my personal life, like reminders, to pay bills,
reminders, to go to yoga class, whatever it is you have in your
life, from personal to business, you can incorporate it into a
sauna and get started today. And it's totally user-friendly and
it is absolutely free to get started. I don't even think I
have an affiliate link, but I will leave the link in the
description so that you can check out this amazing tool. All right. So the next thing we are talking
about is a website called acx.com. So this is where you would become
a reader or a narrator of an audio book, and you can
make passive income from it.

And so the cool thing about
this is authors really need
this service because the way that this helps authors is
because if you have a book that's just in print, right? You
can only have physically, that's not good because your
reach is so much higher. If your book is in audio format, because people with busy lives who are
taking their kids to soccer practice, who are listening to an audio
book on the way to work, have access to the book
whenever they want, and then they can listen to it over
and over and over so that you have the opportunity as a voice narrator
to really on some passive income.

And it's all possible
with this ACX website. So this is pretty cool because the
languages that are available are English, Spanish, German, and French, and there's thousands of different
genres to choose from and different requirements and filters. And so once
you do the work and read the book, you can get paid for many, many, many
years to come as long as the book, as an existence. Really. So we'll take a look at how exactly the
website works and we'll jump behind my computer. All right. So welcome to acx.com. And this is the website where
you can become a narrator and read to get paid. So the first thing you want to do really
is just come here to sign up now and create your profile. And then after that, you'll be able to put in your
information and stuff. And as an author, you'll know, just for your information that this
audio book will be sold through these online retailers. So
audible, Amazon, and iTunes, which is pretty cool and legit.
So just from this first page, you can find out a lot
of information alone.

We have 2,509, nine 99 titles for open auditions
or 400,000 producers to choose from. And 240,000 audio books on sales. So here are some authors
and narrators. Okay. So the next thing you want to do is
go to titles, accepting auditions. Okay. So these are all of the
titles that you can audition for. And over here on the left is where you
can filter out the types of things or types of filters you want to have. And so the first thing that I wanted
to bring to your attention is the compensation filter and
explain how that works. So basically the way that
compensation works for a narrator is you can choose what,
how you want to be compensated. So royalty share means that you will be basically incentivize
passively forever. Okay? So every sale of the book,
you get a cut of that sale. So P F H over here stands
for per finished hour. So this is how much you get
paid once the book is done.

And it's all ready to go. So not how long it takes you
to read and narrate the book. But once the product is finished, you get done for how long it takes in
the book indicates how many hours it'll take you to, to read the book
fully and completely. So, you know, the better you get, the higher
you can charge, you know, you can ne narrow down to projects that
you want for per finished hour and also royalty share, or just were
royalty share.

It doesn't matter. So if we come over here to genre or no, let's first go to gender. Because if
I'm doing this on the female, so apply. So, okay. That's going to see how
it narrowed even more up here. Okay. We're going to go to
genre, let's see erotica, home and garden, money and finance.
Let's say money and finance. And what's also say travel and
tourism, business and careers, so apply. So that narrows it
down to 36 titles right there. What else is there? There's genre, gen gender title, filter language English, obviously I'm going to
select accent.

Well, I mean, I'm just basic general. Okay. vocal style. I don't know. I
kind of sound like a little boy. Sometimes people tell me
no, but cowboy articulate, booming girlish. I am not sure. I'm just going to leave this
blank and not filter anything. So let's take a look now at what
we have 13 titles that match my filter. So if we go to reaching
this book right here, reaching goals, zero, the estimated length is 2.7 hours. Project budget is 50 to a
hundred P F H word count. So here there's no
opportunity for royalty shirt. There's just the upfront effort
for you to make money just for reading the book. I mean, which
is pretty cool because 2.7 hours, times a hundred on the
high side, you know, 2.7 times a hundred was at
270 so bad at math. Okay. $270 to read a book. That's pretty cool. So maybe we can go back
and see what's buffet FAQ.

Okay. So this one has royalty share.
This is a long one. Holy crap. So this is 14.5 hours, but you
see this one has royalty shirts. So you just got up, go through these
and see which one would work for you. And you can audition for this book. I'm not sure where the audition script is, but typically to audition for a book, they will have a script that you
can download and then you can audition for this book.
So this is how ACX works. And it's definitely a fun opportunity
to make some passive income. And it being very long-term because
books kind of lasts forever. So definitely check this out. If a narrator is something
that you're interested in. All right. So the next website we're talking
about is a website that has to do with uploading photography.
And that is snap wire. Now snap wire is super cool
because think of it as, you know, if you're a photographer or
maybe you're not a photographer, I consider myself kind of a photographer
because I love to take pictures and you know, they're pretty decent, but if you have some photography and
photos laying around that are really cool, that are of things that people need
kind of similar to the stock footage, library, video B roll, we
were talking about earlier, then you can definitely make
some cash with this website.

Now, the way it works for creators is you
go to snap wire and create a profile. And there's a couple
of ways to make money. And the first way is with challenges. So there's different challenges on
there where somebody can say, Hey, I want to have somebody create a
photo for me that is modern and there's buildings. And there's somebody
next to a building. I don't know. So there's a competition
for it. And if you win, you get 100% of the compensation. So maybe the winner
gets a thousand dollars. Then you get all of those thousands of
dollars thousand dollars, not thousands. And then the other way you can get
paid is just simply building up your portfolio on the website, being able
to have the viewers on the website, purchase your stock photos
directly, where you would earn 50%.

Okay. So here we are on the
snap wire website, snap wire.co. And if we come over here to
the four creators, all right, we can check out what they
have to say about the creator. So why do freelancers join
Snapwire they get paid to create custom visual content for major
brands. So, as I mentioned, that's that one way to get paid right
off the bat, exposure to major brands, production tools, client reviews.
This is really, really cool. Okay. So imagine wanting to get a, have a
freelance business in photography, make passive income and be able
to get clients right off the bat. Snapwire could definitely
help you do that. So if you wanted to apply to be a creator, you can just easily come and fill
out this creator application, check this out on the website.

So apply to become a snap wire creator
and get paid for doing what you love. And so you'd have to fill out this easy
information right here and then click next and submit. So snap wire,
definitely a great option. If you were into photography
and taking pictures. All right, guys, I hope you've
had an amazing time. Like I have, if you're ready to join me in having
more fun and learning about how you can make one K day online with your online
business and the exact method to do that. Why don't we go ahead and check out
this video right here, coming up next, just click right here.

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Hi, I'm Marissa Romero and I am a YouTuber, SEO growth, and video marketing expert with a multiple 6-figure business who helps go-getters build, grow, and scale their brand and business by leveraging the YouTube platform.

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EARNING DISCLAIMER: No Earnings Projections, Promises, Or Representations. Any earnings or income statements, or any earnings or income examples, are only estimates of what we think you could earn. There is no assurance you will do as well as stated in any examples. If you rely upon any figures provided, you must accept the entire risk of not doing as well as the information provided.
0:00 what is passive income?
0:30 myths about passive income streams
1:10 Passive Income for Creatives
2:30 More website options
5:40 A passive Ecom business!?
14:15 Best website for a sales machine!
20:42 Save Time Skyrocket productivity
23:12 Get Paid to Read

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