7 WAYS to MAKE MONEY with PHOTOGRAPHY in 2021 even BEGINNERS can do

Ahoj! This is Zdenka. It’s year 2021. If
you are one of the photographers which major is fashion, weddings, glamour, portraits,
events, anything to do with people, then you are most likely suffering
financially right abuot now. And I absolutey understand. Last year I had some weddings
left, I still had them booked but unfortunately they all got
cancelled as well.

Instead of sitting home, there are things you can do to possibly generate
some income. In today's video I am gonna discuss 7 ways. Some
of them are passive income, others are photography fields which are suitable to get into this
year 2021. I've done all of them in the past and I did
generate some income. What I would do, I would actually combine some of them together. And
by the way those are also great for photographers just starting
out, so let's discuss why.

Number 1 would be selling stock photos. I’ve been shooting
stock since 2007 so I can talk about it for hours. In fact I created
few stock videos in the past. I am gonna linked them below the video. One thing is for certain.
Stock libraries are full. There is lot of photos,
it is oversaturated. But you can still make some passive income if you gonna be very strategic
about what photos you are going to submit. Social media
and news are gonna be the ones whichc are gonna give you lots of hits.

What are the
topics currently talked about in news? What is discussed currently
in the social media? The answers are straight there. Anything medical, anything money related,
anything health and fitness related. People are at home struggling
with weight. They are in lockdown, they are not moving. Healthy food, dealing with depression,
home schooling, those are just few examples. What
I would do right now, I would check lot of articles online, I would check all kinds of
social media and I would look at the visual trends. What style
of photos are popular right now? I would create lot of these with those topics.

This can be
done even with the smartphones. Yes they do accept photos
from smartphones because the quality of the cameras in the smartphones went really up.
Selling stock photos is absolutely amazing for new photographers.
I know it can be very frustrating when the batch gets returned and the photos get refused
because of bad focus, or grain in the photos and stuff like that
but this is what makes you better very quick because you need to improve very fast to be
able to submit, get accepted and make money. This was for me by
far the fastest way how to learn, how to take quality photos.

I would say that stock really
made me the photographer I am today. Then the further
skills I got when I was shooting weddings, glamour and fashion. To be very honest, I
haven’t uploaded anything to stock for over a year now because I am
doing Youtube full time, it completely takes all my time, I can't do anything else and
I am still receiving monthly commissions. I am still making money
even though I am not uploading so it's defenitely worth to throw some photos here and there
because little bit income here, little bit income there, you
put it together and suddenly you can pay your bills. If you know how to do video, little
bit about video, I would strongly suggest to actually upload video
clips to stock as well because that's where it's not so oversaturated yet and there is
defenitely ways you can make some income.

There is more passibilities
so I would defenitely do photos but also video if you can. Number 2 would be Real Estate
Virtual Tours. Real Estate market is fairly hot right now.
Lots of people are moving. And I see it. There are 2 homes for sale in our neighborhood right
now and I see lot of cars driving by. The traffic is quite big

Real Estate agents are always looking for virtual tour photographers. They don’t
pay huge money but you can certainly cover your bills by shooting
virtual tours. I've done them when I was starting out and I can tell you that they helped me
huge. I think I've done them for 1 to 2 years. They quickly thought
me how to shoot in manual mode. I had to very quickly learn what is ISO, Aperture and Shutter
speed. I remember I was using my DSLR with very wide
angle lens and flash speedlight on top of my camera.

I also had this plastic bulb on
the top of the speedlight which distributed the light evently into the
rooms. You will certainly learn lots by doing real estate virtual tours. You will learn
how to speed up your workflow, you will learn a lot about the framing,
you will start paying attention to detail. You don’t want to have towel hanging in
the kitchen on the oven, they don't like that. You don't also
want to have toilet seat up. It always has to be down. You want to have all the little
lamps, all the little lights on. You will learn how to work with
different lighting situations, you will realy learn lots. There are 2 ways to get these
jobs. There are companies which are always looking for virtual
tours photographers.

You will make little bit less them. If you would be working solo
you would be obviously charging little bit more, you can be more
flexible with your rates. But with them they will tell you how much they gonna pay you.
You don't have to do marketing though, you don't have to do the
office work. All you have to is just wake up, the schedule is sitting on the table.
You just go shoot the homes, come back, process the photos and upload them
and then collect money. Or like I said you could be working solo. So I would do, I would
contact all real estate agents in the area and brokerages.
If I didn't have photos in my portfolio, I would simply shoot my own appartment or house
and show them what I can do.

Number 3 would be 360 camera virtual tours.
If you have at home 360 camera, Insta360 makes great ones, then those cameras can actually
make you quite good money. As everything is shifting online,
those 360 virtual tours are very helpful for people which are shopping for homes or they
are selling ones. You don’t need to go anywhere, just go on
the computer and comfortably walk through the whole house just like you were there.
You can use Matterport.com for that. I tested it myself and it was absolutey
incredible. I did the entire house and I sent it to our relatives in Europe because some
of them won't be able to fly here to Canada to visit us and
they said it was lot of fun. They could walk through every single room through the whole
house. I would absolutely offer myself and those 360 virtual
tours to real estate agents. What I would also do, I would combine different packages.
Let's say just photography, just photography and 360 virtual
tours or photography, 360 virtual tours and video if you know how to do video tours.

way instead of hiring few diffent people to do this job,
they would hire only 1 which would be the safest at this time. Number 4 would be drones.
The same goes with drones. Here in Canada, the restrictions,
the laws are very strict when it comes to flying drones. You cannot just fly your drone
anywhere you want to. If you are someone with pretty good IQ, and
is bored, has nothing to do, instead of wasting your time and watching TV, I would hop online
and actually got a license. Study and get the proper license.
With the license you wil be able to work for real estate agents, for businesses. And I
believe that those are pretty well paid jobs. Number 5 is product
photography. Small and medium size businesses always need good photographers to show of
their preducts. What I would do, I would check local businesses first.
I would go on their website, check out what type of product photography they have and
I think that I could beat that and I can be better than that, then
I would offer myself as a product photographer.

To get started, grab items around you in your
home and take very high quality photos for your portfolio.
Those are all products. I would also visit the company’s website, get the feel of what
type of photos they have right now. The background, the lighting
and all that and try to make it better. If I would create something better then they
already have, I would submitted to them, I would send it to them
in email and tell them that this is how your product photos on your website could actually
look like.

That way you have a better chance of landing the job.
I would start with smaller businesses, maybe medium businesses first because they are not
around for too long, they probably don't have many connections
yet, they don't know many product photographers yet. Number 6 would be selling prints. And
I am not talking about the paper prints. I am talking about
canvas and decorations. Lot of people are right now not traveling. They are not able
to travel so what they do, they do renovations.

Lot of people we know
do renovations. And they might be looking for something to put on their wall in their
new spaces. We did renovations ourselves before Christmas. We
did our bathroom because unfortunately we had mold. The beauty about canvas is that
you can even print smartphone photos. I know, I've done it before. We have
some smartphone photos hanging on our walls. If you have some exceptional photos of landscapes,
cities or abstract art. There are plenty of places online
where you can sell those canvases and decor.

My guess is that if you gonna go through those
big website, it might be little bit harder to sell, it might
be little bit slower. What I would do myself, I would use my social media and my following
and I would post that I actually have those canvases available for
sale. I’ve took some liquid art photos in the past in the past, some abstract, posted
them on my Facebook and some people actually asked if they can get
that on canvas. Number 7 would be casual portraits for social media. Last few years I noticed
increased interest in bloggers, fashion Instagram users,
models looking for outdoors photography for their social media. Even small businesses
are pushed to get their message across on those platforms. What
really works for social media are those natural, in action, lifestyle photos, behind the scenes
type of thing. Candid real shots. I think it is slowly
going away from that always perfect non-realistic feeling mainly created on Instagram.

I think
it's slowly changing towards more real and behind the
scene feeling. But there is still demand for those high end always perfect photos. For
lot of people it is very difficult to do that on their own, so I would
do, I would approach local companies to see if they would be interested in covering their
monthly content. I did receive few emails in the past mainly
from fashion bloggers. They were looking for somebody to work with on a regular basis.
And I think that right now, once it gets a little bit better, the
outdoors would be probably the first choice. These 7 areas I was talking about would be
suitable for beginners but also for experienced photographers, maybe
the ones which are from the event industry or weddings. For now, until things get little
bit better.

Let's stay positive. I know lot of people jumped
on Youtube and created channels there, hoping to generate income there but that will take
a very long time before they will see some money. It took me
2 years before I was starting seeing small income on Youtube and I literally had to drop
everything else. I was working every single day just being focused
on Youtube. So this would be my honest outlook on how I would do things and honestly I hope
that this can help to some of you which last their jobs, last
the gigs, last all the weddings and are looking for way to make money or even new photographers
which are hoping to get their foot in and start making some

Well, hit the thumbs up if you found this video informative, and subscribe to future
videos. If you have any questions, comments, simly want to say
hi or ahoj, you know what to do, you can leave it below. And I’ll see you my friends in
the next video. Best of luck… in the next video. Cau… Ahoj…..

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7 WAYS to MAKE MONEY with PHOTOGRAPHY in 2021 even BEGINNERS can do

How to make money with photography? Things I tried and worked in the past and could work in 2021. Perfect for beginners #photography #money

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