7 Online Business Ideas in 2021 (how to start make money in Japan)

Selling NFTs Pokemon cards or
being a business assistant? Word to Musa! What is up everybody! How is going on?
When i was a student will be doing hospital I hate that part time job so i'd be doing Mercari selling, it's the C2C platform You can sell whatever you want on
that platform you can just research on Google what Mercari and how
to sell it's going to just pop up it's very easy to just take a photo and just sell your stuff it's super easy if you need any help you can always reach out to me i
can help people free so on the second know there is that opportunity in yahoo auction
so you will see a who walks and my friend selling cars. 
There are some products in just listed out in the auction and by the time being
an auction so let's say like a you put it for four day and at the end of the four day
and just click click click and put their own bidding the number and you can't sell as high
as possible right now i think that certain ones that i want to say to you I think everybody
knows that but nobody knows how to do it from Japan 
if that drop shipping service so i think everybody knows how to do is drop shipping you have
a product on line when they see in china it's like a cheaper cheapest place where you can
buy your stuff and you have your own 
audience where you want to and target any nice is okay the fence when you're old and patched
and i would say so you choose the nation you choose the target audience and you choose
the product and just make your own 
release date on your own website so not using third to when their medical your vehicle option
where you have to pay ten percent of your i have to say salary not that any of your
income so it's going to be complete list 
three and there are some services like she'll be by all soap but there are some also a percentage
where you have to pay off so if you make your own website it's going to be a almost completely
zero so you can get that high margin 
ernieon drop shipping i'm although there are some pros and cons but let's not talk about
it it's a less talked about on the idea the fourth and really good one i think it's the
jew during so whoever injects 
i think everybody like ninety percent of english speakers out somehow related that the english
teaching jobs me and i felt even have nothing native speaker i know that you weren't related
to english speaking country 
country the world guy i'd be teaching english to japanese people and i think i teach pretty
high it i've been teaching one hour five thousand yen and i didn't really teach i just was communicating 
no you can't find they say both job on the pillow work or how little sense they cycle
best sites you just teach it on line you don't have to meet people if you need they will
pay you starbucks coffee or lunch whatever and 
the hope that you get paid hourly depending on how you can negotiate from two thousand
up to even ten dollar depend on how you approach so i think it's pretty was number five 
i see only eight marketing and of course you also hear about affiliate marketing affiliate
products but again i'm i feel like a lot of people and don't really do much and 
research about affiliate marketing and yeah it's not just about like putting links in
the description or amazon affiliates there are much more a lot of companies have a feeling
that i'm program 
and er just search like the service that you want to or promotes or or the product and
are affiliate program and they might have it and uh the one 
that ah i use is but i could tennis elites ah it's pretty good ah so i really suggest
you and i will put a link in the description below for iraq within affiliate number six
and if teeth probably your hearing about and if t's recently a lot of investors started
to invest and to also big companies and ah ah you know even 
hey started to get into an f t and what is it it's actually a non fungible token and
er the difference between an f t and for example i'm 

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7 Online Business Ideas in 2021 (how to start make money in Japan)

In this episode, 7 online business ideas that you can start in Japan. Musa shares his ideas to to start with no money. We covered business ideas that easy to start in 2021, how should you start making money and later expand your business in Japan.

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1. Sell on Mercari 00:00
2. Yahoo auction 00:40
3. Drop shipping in Japan 01:17
4. Tutoring English 02:27
5. Affiliate products 03:31
6. NFTs Japan 04:31
7. Japanese Subscription box 06:07


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