6 Ways To Make Money Online In 2021 – Proven Online Business Ideas

in this video i'm going to share five ways to make 
money online with these proven online business   ideas hey Lee Constantinou here the Founder 
of Personal Trainers Elite and in this video   i want to share with you five ways that you can 
make money online from home from anywhere in the   world and these are businesses that are working 
today as in they make money and i know lots of   people making thousands of pounds in their online 
business with these five ideas i'm going to share   with you today so these are proven as in they're 
not just some quick make money schemes these are   real businesses online that you can make money 
from home from anywhere in the world and these   come from people that i know personally businesses 
that i've built with multiple six figures   and i'm going to share them with you today so you 
could decide the best online business to start   and a new way to make money online and if you 
stick around until the end of this video i'm   going to share with you one of the fastest ways 
you can get started when it comes to making money   online so the first business model that i want to 
share with you is amazon amazon fba you might have   heard of it you might have seen ads or videos it's 
called amazon fba which is fulfilled by amazon and   what this means is you would be creating products 
and putting them on amazon effectively and so   what that means is you have access to an entire 
marketplace where your products can be seen by   consumers all around the world or whether you're 
based and they can buy your products so with   an amazon business you work hard to launch your 
brand your product so you get your brand out there   and then once it's out there it can kind of make 
passive income if you wish because the brand is   already existing and the marketplace is already 
there and another pro to an amazon business   is that you don't have to put in work after the 
product's been built and it's been listed because   the marketplace of amazon kind of allows you to 
leverage the sales that come through without you   having to put in a lot of work so that's great 
if you want kind of somewhat a passive income   but don't get me wrong it does come with a lot 
of challenges too and i've seen this because   my own girlfriend built a very successful amazon 
business and i've also seen the downsides and the   challenges that come with any kind of amazon 
business that you'd start and one of them is   inventory you have to invest in stock before 
you can have your business so you have to put   up thousands of pounds to believe in your product 
before it comes to market which can make you feel   quite anxious if you know you're putting this in 
for the first time and you have no guarantee that   it's going to make you money and that's really 
another thing you don't know if it's guaranteed   to actually work as you're taking a big pun on the 
product the brand that you've created which can be   quite risky if you haven't created a good product 
a couple of the challenges that you might face is   you have to comply with the amazon regulations 
they change and top their regulations so much   but you have to stay within their guidelines so 
if you do anything outside of it they can de-list   your product so which means you can be taken 
offline and you won't have an income source it's   quite risky that you're putting a lot of your 
trust and everything into them when you have   an amazon business and another thing is that you 
can't run paid ads you can't actually advertise   to get people to see your product you can do ppc 
which is like a pay-per-click type thing but you   can't run ads to really scale it big so a couple 
other things with it within the amazon business   now the second type of business model you could 
start to make money online is a drop shipping   business so drop shipping is essentially where 
you get products from china and then you ship   them to people's homes right whether you're based 
around the world and so you can do this business   one of the pros to this style of business is you 
can get right to you can get started relatively   fast you can get products and ship them to people 
and you don't have to touch any products or stock   you don't have to buy inventory so you don't 
have to invest in lots of products to get that   business started so it's quite good if you want 
to get things out there quickly and try things out   now a couple of the downsides to a drop shipping 
business is it's highly competitive it's very   accessible to lots of people and there's a lot of 
people doing it you might be seeing ads and people   selling courses and stuff around dropshipping it's 
because it's and so that makes it very competitive   if there's a lot of people doing it it means a 
lot of people doing it in the market which means   you have to compete against them another challenge 
or downside is the fact that you have to have the   skills to actually get your products to consumer 
you have to know how to advertise to market these   products you can't just put them online like 
amazon you actually have to market them yourself   which means you have to also invest in advertising 
which means you have to put budgets up and you   have to be willing to test and bet on the products 
that you find in order to make that business work   the third type of business that you can start to 
make money online is a digital agency so a digital   agency effectively is a business where you run 
advertising or social media services for business   so one of the great things and pros about this 
type of business model is it can be a very high   ticket model where you can get paid lots of money 
for for the client work that you do which is great   so you don't have to worry about cheap people you 
get large sums of money in one go and so one of   the good things about this type of business is you 
also get reoccurring money so you get paid today   and you get paid next month the next month of next 
month as long as a client continues to work with   you so that's great if you want to have peace of 
mind that you're going to make so much next month   of course you have to fulfill on the client 
work which is you know one of the downsides but   the the thing is you can help businesses with ads 
or social media and so the caveat to that being   a good business model to make money online is you 
have to have the skills and know how to help them   okay you can't just promise a service and not 
deliver on it now to learn these skills it's   relatively easy it's accessible to learn these 
skills online so once you've learned these skills   most businesses don't know how to use social media 
properly or advertising online so you just take   these skills and hand them to them and so some of 
the challenges are you have to learn these skills   you have to be able to deliver on your promise um 
you know one of the other things is you start to   feel like you're actually working for the client 
so that can be quite a challenge at times where   your day is filled with client work and you start 
to be overwhelmed with the business that they run   because you have to take responsibility of parts 
of it and there's also lots of challenges around   you know advertising like any other business um so 
that's probably some of the things to consider if   you have an advertising agency and one more thing 
is that once you get client work you actually have   to deliver and so you have to hire people so what 
happens is you might get paid lots of money but   then you start eating at your margins when you 
start hiring media buyers or creative or people   in the agency to fulfill the work so you can drop 
your margins down and not make as much potentially   so the fourth kind of online business that you can 
use to make money online is an online course or   consulting business just like what i have created 
with the personal trainers elite and so this is   a business where you can leverage your skills 
your knowledge or expertise to help somebody and   this is really you know my favorite business 
that i'm working in because it's what i do   and what it does it allows you to go 
and help people and it's highly scalable   so if you have a really unique skill or way 
that you can help people you can really scale   this up and help lots of people and so we 
help personal trainers all around the world   grow their business and get clients online and it 
allows you to reach a broader audience allows you   to build your brand and again you get really 
high margins 90 you can keep because it's very   low cost in terms of the requirement to fulfill a 
course you just you're just trading your knowledge   for for money essentially so it's really a great 
way to to make money online if you have a unique   skill or whether you can help a specific type of 
person so some of the downsides and challenges   that you might have is that as you grow you do 
have to hire a bit of a team and build out so you   will lose some margins but like i said you keep 
a large amount of the money that you make another   challenge that you have is it takes months to 
build a really world-class course and i invested   months and months and years into my education and 
learning and my business for it to get to where it   is and so to create a world-class course it does 
take time you can't just slap a course together   and sell it but you can but it's not going to 
be good and you're not going to last very long   in the market so it does take time to build a 
world-class course and you have to be skilled   to help people you actually have to be able to 
help people with that thing that you are selling   okay really important the fifth type of business 
is a unique type of business that i've seen pop up   more and more in 2020 and 2021 is a youtube cash 
card business so what this is is a business where   you make money from youtube adsense and 
where everybody's running ads on youtube now   you're basically capitalizing and taking a 
bit of that money by growing a channel which   they call a a cash cow channel where you get 
lots of views and then you get paid from the   viewers where the the channel becomes monetized 
so you get paid a passive income essentially and   once you build that channel so come some of the 
challenges that come with that type of business is   you actually have to have the skills and knowledge 
on how to make videos how to research them and and   it can take time to build that type of business 
because you have to have a certain amount of views   before you can monetize a channel so your passive 
income will start very small um but it's more of   a long-term business but it depends if that's your 
kind of thing if you want to make a business where   you have to you know put these skills and and edit 
videos and stuff like that but what i've seen is   it can be quite a good long-term business but in 
terms of making money fast online it's not the   quickest route but there again it is a way that 
you can make money online and the sixth business   that you can use to make money online is an online 
fitness business now i believe this is one of the   hugest opportunities that you have in 2021 to make 
money online by just helping people with their   health and fitness now if you have some interest 
or some passion or some some care in you to to   do this it could be a really powerful business to 
help you make money online fast because you have   maximum margins you can make ninety percent of 
the money you make sense of the coaching business   probably more because you're only investing some 
time into helping people it's massively scalable   because you can help as many people as you can 
physically sign up when it comes to online because   you're not trading time for money like in personal 
training or other service-based businesses   and you know you're really helping people you're 
really changing lives and you can create a   real powerful network network effect in helping 
clients so it's a really great business to start   and it requires very minimal time investment once 
you do it properly if you have the right systems   and you actually have the right things set up 
in in the right places it can be very scalable   and very lucrative and give you a lot of freedom 
and time to go and do those other things that you   want in life so any challenge with that type of 
business is you actually have to be passionate   about fitness which you know if you are great 
because it's a the greatest business to start in   this year and i think going forward especially 
with everything happening now the crisis   the lock down everyone be more health conscious 
i believe is going to be a huge opportunity so   if you want to learn how to start your own 
online fitness business go ahead and click   the link in the description below this video 
there's a free training that i'll show you   actually how to go and get started um with 
getting your first client online and that's   a free training to break down the steps that you 
can use to go and make money online and start an   online fitness business and hey if you found this 
video helpful give it a thumbs up and if you found   something interesting and you learned something 
hey comment below this video with the type of   business that really attracts you the most or the 
type of things that you want to start in 2021 and   so you can make money online or if you have any 
questions about any of these six business models   like i said i've worked and i've built multiple 
businesses in each of these fields not all of them   um and i know people who have multiple six-figure 
businesses as well so if you have any questions   comment below and i can certainly advise you or 
put you in the right direction or help you out   and just remember to subscribe to this 
channel if you enjoyed this video and you   want to see more videos from me or like this 
to subscribe and i'll see you in the next one you

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6 Ways To Make Money Online In 2021 - Proven Online Business Ideas

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So you want to make money online and in search of proven online business ideas - You’re in the right place as I’ll be sharing 5 ways to make money from home in 2021.

The world has changed and as part of the change comes new goals and a shift towards the digital space to make money online. I’ve had first experience with several online business ideas and know people creating very successful online businesses in various areas.

I decided to explore each of these online business ideas and share 6 ways you can make money online in 2021. These are real ways to make money from home by starting a business. I talk about various e-commerce businesses and other ways to make money from home plus my bonus tip for 2021.

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