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Do you also want to earn money online but you have There is no time at all, you want that if you work today If you start, then today if you start getting money today Today's video has been made for you only here. There are five different ways to follow which if you follow You can start earning today and today, on the very first day You can earn thousands to two thousand rupees, this is not only a long term process is lifetime you can earn once you start If left, they will keep coming for the lifetime. I am following the methods myself, only then I am telling you I am not otherwise I do not tell you guys I Inside the video, it was not only explained how to make money Which method are there to follow those methods For which website do you have to go to which platform? Have to give a direction about them so that none of you easily reach those platforms to earn money then let's get this amazing Let us start the video and discuss all the methods one by one.

Let's do this video of today's friends, who did it with DCX? Which is India's simplest bitcoin app where Can buy and sell cryptocurrency in India Buying and selling cryptocurrency is one hundred percent legal. Simply you have to create account and link your bank account You have to pay tax here, at least what you will deposit is money. There should be hundred rupees and the good thing is that you Here you can start investing in only ten rupees and Twenty-four by seven You can withdraw zero transaction fees. deposit and withdraw no extra charge will be deducted Along with this, full care has been taken of this, such an ISO certified is a company that follows every of your rules and ensure by Bitco is here on two factor authentication of KYC AML Everyone is taken care of for your security along with DCX learn is itself a platform where learning to trade For more information within absolutely free and To download the application, just check description The link will be found on the first number in our list of friends Comes free launching first understand its meaning and after that you If I will tell you, where you can earn money by financing Are financing means that whatever skills you have You do SEO well, you would do article writing here.

Are video editing good then any kind of poster You do a good job of designing graphic, see your Only you know which skill is inside coding Can be website making can also be XYZ, it can be anything But if you have the skills and want to sell it then Where would you do what happens here, let's say that I I am also fine and I am not a professional fellow here Want to create my YouTube thumb and make my videos could edit but i don't have time myself i give money Can i go online to work on someone else and i I find out any fellow will do any work for me The whole process that is going on here is the work of free launching Here we can hire people online who work for us Will do whatever skills you have now, you can sell it online And the best thing is that you are lucky inside US Dollars Here you can earn thousands of rupees if you have a single order If you come, you can easily earn a thousand two thousand rupees here.

There are many platforms where you can already finance I can start earning from the day, here I am top five like this I am telling you the platform where you are today The financing work is they can start as if the top ten is done Guru Done Work Done Financing dot com and These top five platforms were fibre if you want them Like you can join more platforms, but first you سکسیسفل ہو جاؤ. اب آپ میں سے کچھ لوگ بولیں گے یار ہمارا پہلے ہی دن ارننگ کیسے ہوگا? بھائی دیکھو سب سے پہلے آپ کن پلیٹوں کے اوپر جا کے گگز کریٹ کرنا پڑے گا کہ آپ کیا کام کرتے ہو? یہ کام کرنے کے بعد میں آپ چاہو تو اس کو پروموٹ کر سکتے ہو تھوڑے بہت پیسے لگا کے کچھ سو دو سو روپے لگ پروموٹ کر سکتے ہو. یا پھر آپ کا آرگینکلی اگر آپ پرینک کر جاتے ہو وہ چیزوں کو تو بھی آپ کا جو گیم ہے وہ آپ کو پیسے کما کے دے گا. اور ساتھ میں اگر آپ کو تھوڑا بہت سکلز ہیں آرگینک ریزی لے کے آنے کا تو آپ کا جو گکس ہے وہ اگر رینک کر جاتی ہے تو آپ Order from day one will start and you can start making money online here And in the day if you had five or six orders start coming Even if you can earn five to six thousand rupees comfortably within the day But before starting it, one thing to know is that You might take a little more time inside launching which I And I am going to tell you four methods, friends than our list In the second number, affiliate marketing comes first.

Know about what happens and then you top five will tell you the platforms that give you very high As such, first of all, you should know that you do not have any product. So you can do two types of affiliate marketing here The first is physical product and the second is digital The physical product that is on the product here means that You got a watch here, a laptop has become a mobile phone, someone has gone We also sell a product that you do not have and one physical product that you can touch is ok We have a lot of websites to discuss further and another would be Digital product means that a software has become a website If they have very high affiliate commission then here If you do affiliate marketing then you are here from the very first day I can explain how to start making money online Let's assume that you join any affiliate program here You do and you see a product in there that you like Looks like you pick up the link to that product and you can A friend can have a relative inside a Facebook group If you share within the WhatsApp group and from there if Any person touching that particular item by touching on your link.

If you buy, then you get five to six hundred percent I will get percent commission tomorrow. It is the matter of day after tomorrow only. Which means that the affiliate link that was shared was kept in place But when I was checking my account yesterday morning The affiliate account got to see me there that my I have added about fifteen thousand rupees inside the account. Thought how such a huge amount was added after that it was revealed that The product has been sold, it was inside lakhs, so here you have to You don't know which product is being sold now. Share the link as the product will sell, you will start getting money. You will start earning from the very first day, after that comes There are many applications of digital product here Software is websites which if you sell online You can start getting money even after you get an order For this, you have Click Bank, Click Falls and many more.

websites but tell you the top two and if you are here If you want to sell physical product then you have imagine Done Flipkart Done EB Or O Many Websites Through whom you can sell physical product and The best thing about the commission date found here Is that neither our own goods nor deliver us All we have to do is share the link of that and what The guy will buy it, there will be no change within his price But you will get his commission, this thing you just tried now And if you do not do affiliate marketing If you come then you can tell me on top of this I complete tutorial will make friends third number inside our list Comes on email marketing. Watch the video not too long Wanted to pull but if this video becomes knowledgeable then then time This method may seem a bit much, this is my favorite method Because if you would have learned to be email marketing in a good way If it is, then the conversion that comes from it is not very high amount Is how will I earn money from day one, go ahead I will tell you what is email marketing here, first we understand this We take email marketing to mean that when you By sending any e-mail above the mail, you generate your leads from it.

Do you give this honor to someone, you make a service sale and You earn money on the very first day, I started once Was and tell me right, on the first day I had also earned There should be a little bit of data and you need to collect it You will not have to work too much in the video, I will tell you further Like, let's say you have any skills. editing, we make a thumbnail or you Is a very professional of a particular field, so you If one is very professional here then consultancy You can sell only those people who are male Now you have to collect mail, how will you collect here If you go to the about section of YouTube channels If you have any skills that can help YouTubers, then from there You can take their mail and slowly when you email here If you learn marketing, you will know how to collect email Is done when you have a lot of emails, you You can start targeting the audience which is your services.

Take the work of financial or any one with you product to do whenever there is a product to sale from You will start earning on the very first day and In this way you can make money from your email marketing from day one Why i think i can start making the best Let me also explain his reason here, one to one conversation Are you mean the mediator is not your jo is the audience and who you are talking to, and if you are You work well in a genuine way, by earning you money No one can stop you if you want to earn money from day one You should already have a little bit of data and your service should be such that the instant is completed and its instant you get payment this way you email from day one Friends can also start earning money through marketing point number four is such that even a child can use Is and you can start earning money, I am not sure if you Will say millionaire will make millionaire but yes you Here, you can earn four hundred to five hundred rupees per day so much can easily say what is the work also you just have reviews website's application or you comment about it Tell us what improvement can be done in it simply You have to do surveys and reviews and you will be given their money.

Yes you do not have to work a lot and to do this work like this There are many websites that give you money in exchange for this No one will explain why it is done about launching it, before launching it Testing is done, how is it doing? Improvements can be made and the surveys that you do are large. It helps to improve the website only because of those people Your surveys give you money to review you We give money so that the rating we get is very good You don't get anything in it, just by taking the mobile, you Four to five minutes to survey it inside and you are done Done, you will be given money inside the revert in this way For this, you can start earning online from the very first day. There are many websites, I will give you the top five in this video here.

I am telling about the website like done here inbox dollars my points is done and there are many websites through you here by doing online surveys and reviews Friends can start earning point number five and mine I reveal to you the source of earning the most Yes, I am going to say yes, referrals, this word you have done a lot before today. Must have heard the time but now what i am going to tell you is your mind Will rotate you, do nothing, do nothing, we have only a few There was talk of an affiliate marketing a while back in which the second There was the option of the product, but I told you that you have websites To some services or software to your applications if If you sell online, you can earn money from it. By the way, there are many such mobile applications which if you If refer, then to refer an application once You get fifty rupees hundred rupees if your local friends Inside your relatives if you also on Facebook on WhatsApp Even if you share, you will start getting money and you will first You can also start earning money from the very day itself in his easy Paytm You can withdraw as many of the methods mentioned earlier If you earn money in these you can start on the first day but cannot withdraw hands after taking some time but will This is the fifth method, you can withdraw it manually.

And some websites are such that once you share, you have only one Five hundred thousand rupees to share the website, even If you get two or two thousand rupees then brother, this is the method. I use it very much, made a video once. And on top of that are going to refer Is getting to know that every month on a particular date There are frequent money ads going on inside my account.

Friends, these were the five ways through which you could sit at home online. You can start earning money from the very first day. Which way do you think is best within five First of all, you are going to comment and tell me as well. By mentioning how many percent of the video was understood, you If you like the video, please tell me if you like the video Do and share friends and such amazing and amazing subscribe to bell icon to keep watching videos Do not forget to press at all, till then you will get a new video Keep looking for and keep learning

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5 Ways to Earn Money Online First Day | Work from Home | Make Money Online | Online Jobs

5 Ways to Earn Money First Day Online from Home | Work from Home | Earn Money Online | Online Jobs

Finding a part-time work from home for you, then there are many works from home jobs in India today by which you can make money online, and in this video, I am going to explain to you how to make money online from home? earn money online is one of the trending keywords on the internet right now especially after lockdown. I will tell you the best 5 ways to make money online from your first day you start and you can earn unlimited money by working 2 to 3 hours. For more information watch this video till the end.

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