($4,000/Month)15 Websites To Make Money Online In 2021!

today we're gonna go over some websites to make 
money online right now in 2021 so if you're ready   for that then go ahead and like this video and 
let's get right into it this one you probably   have seen before this is canva.com and this one 
is actually really amazing still want to put it   in here because you can start so many businesses 
around just this one tool and using it for   free another thing that i actually want to show 
you with this is how you can make money with fiber   and canva in a new way because they actually have 
added something new to canva and actually if you   go over here i already clicked on it but if you 
actually come over here to video they have youtube   video intros so you can actually now create 
youtube video intros and outros right inside   of canva which is pretty awesome so they have very 
many templates over here that you can use or you   can start from scratch it just depends on you and 
how creative you are if you actually come over   here to fiverr.com if you come over to industries 
you can actually see that they have an influencers   section and they have them all categorized with 
web and blog services youtube services instagram   services facebook services so obviously if you 
come over here to youtube services you're going   to see people who are creating youtube thumbnails 
intros outros banners and things like that   you can do any of those things on canva of course 
another thing that we can do here is look at   podcasting there are people over here looking 
for podcast cover art podcast logo maker so   this is yet another avenue that you can take by 
searching for people who want to start podcasts   or searching for people who are podcasting 
and they are looking for these type of things   so you can come over here to podcast cover 
art and you can get an idea of what people are   actually looking for so if you're already doing 
youtube thumbnails if you're already freelancing   and doing things like this you can also go ahead 
and try for podcasting and come over here so over   here on facebook i did find some podcast groups 
there's even one right here that is for networking   so it's podcast nation so you can join some groups 
like these and you can find some people who need   this type of service and podcasts are actually 
getting super big nowadays so this is pretty cool   you can definitely use a tool like canva.com for 
free and obviously they do have paid versions   over here of canva but you can start working using 
the free stuff once you start making money you can   probably afford just a subscription of canva to 
get unlimited access so this is the next one this   one is crello.com and this one works very similar 
to canva and with this one you can create social   media posts they have images videos animations 
what you can do with this is you can use it also   to create social media ads for companies and 
things like that another thing that you can do   with this one they have all sorts of designs that 
you can use for ebooks okay so you have to do is   click on one that you like and you can actually 
preview this and see what you can change out so   all of this is editable and you can edit all of 
this to your liking so you can create your own   ebooks on here or you can come over here to fiverr 
you can use the editable ebooks to actually create   some lead magnets as well lead magnets are free 
gifts or free ebooks and pdfs and things like that   that people give away to their leads in exchange 
for their email and just so that they can have   them inside of their email list and some people 
cannot design these for themselves or they don't   want to so they do come over here to get somebody 
else to design for them and this is something that   you can do on crello because these are already 
templated for you with the pages all you have to   do is add your customers content to it and that's 
it if you come over here to pricing you're going   to see everything that you do get for free you 
get 10 design downloads every month you can go   ahead and upgrade whenever you want if you think 
you need any of this but getting started for zero   dollars is definitely a plus so this website is 
crello.com so this website is another similar   one that i wanted to show you this one is adobe 
spark this actually comes with the adobe cloud but   they do have a free version as well but you can 
use some of their free templates and get started   for free so this is another one that you can check 
out now this one i think is a little bit more   limiting with the free plan so i would definitely 
check it out and see if there's something   different that this one has that the other ones 
don't okay this one is adobespark.com this is   oberlo.com but to actually get access to the 
free tool you have to go ahead and type in www forward slash tools they did make some changes 
to this website so basically oberlo is a place   where you can find products for a shopify 
store or for drop shipping but they do have   these tools that you can use for free for 
example they have a business name generator   they have a slogan generator traffic calculator 
profit margin calculator so there are actually   people that need help with their business names 
and things like that if we go to fiber sometimes   people can't come up with their own ideas 
and they need a little help so for example   the way you use this is you can go here to find 
a business name and let's say it's a coffee shop   let's say it's a coffee shop that's open till 
midnight so and this is just an example is all   i could come up with right now um i put in these 
two words and we're going to go ahead and generate   names okay so as you can see many many names 
just showed up and they found 100 business   names so another one that you can use is this one 
right here this one is businessnamegenerator.com   you can do the same thing with this website 
all you have to do is enter the words and   click generate what this website also does is 
that they can check domain availability as well   with godaddy so that is pretty cool because 
it's also something you can charge for you can   use something like this and you can say by the 
way the domain is also available and these are   two other free online tools that you can use this 
website here is called pixlr this one's pixlr.com   this one you can use with canva crello or 
any of the other ones why because you can   actually remove backgrounds with this one for 
free now on canva you can remove a background   but you do have to have the paid version 
of canva or you have to pay every time   you do want to remove a background and i have used 
this before they do have some paid versions that   you can subscribe to i've used the free one before 
and it is pretty awesome it's pretty good now the   only thing is that it's supported by ads and 
let me tell you the ads didn't bother me at all   and that is how the free version actually makes 
money so you can start editing and you can select   between two of the editors i think what i did was 
i selected the easier one which is i think e not   sure but go ahead and check it out for yourself 
this is another one that you can use to remove   backgrounds and this one is totally free as well 
and this is pixlr.com this is shutterstock.com you   may or may not know them this is probably one of 
the largest stock footage and stock image website   on the internet okay so you may have heard of them 
before what you can do is sell your images your 4k   videos or 1080p videos on here now these videos 
are very short this takes almost no effort if you   have a newer smartphone you can set it to 4k and 
you have a possibility of making more money with   this this doesn't take much effort you can just 
upload them to the website build up your portfolio   go outside take a few pictures and some 4k video 
of nature and things like that you can go if   you have no idea how to do it you can go out and 
practice how to do this i'm going to show you some   examples of 4k video that are already on here and 
how much you would be earning and everything like   that okay so there are companies and individuals 
that will come here and buy some royalty-free   images and you will get a 30 cut of what the 
footage is they say to share your work and start   earning join shutterstock global community 
of contributors and earn money doing what   you love create high quality images and videos for 
customers to download and upload your content with   our easy to use platform to get tips for success 
and then you make money every time your content   is downloaded by one of our worldwide customers 
okay so they have customers all around the globe   so that is no problem there and you can also earn 
when you refer friends or new contributors and   new customers and they also will provide you with 
some free tools on the website so that your work   is seen they also give you suggested keywords 
for images and videos so that is really good   because this helps your content be found on the 
website alright so you choose from a selection of   keywords that automatically populate based on the 
content of your work this is very helpful another   thing is that if you are on the go they do have 
an app as well that is available on google play   and also the app store now i'm going to show you 
some examples of the footage and price because   they cost a lot of money they're pretty expensive 
we're going to go to footage home and we are going   to take a look at some of the footage i'm going 
to pick nature for now so this is some of the 4k   video this right here is very simple if you have a 
sky when you go outside you can do this video of a   clear sky this will cost in hd 79 in 4k it'll cost 

And you get 30 of that which is around 50   it's really good money to take some video of 
the sky in 4k that is a very simple thing to do   go to shutterstock.com check out the videos that 
are on here and see if you can do the same thing   all right so this next one is payhip.com and pay 
hip is the easiest way to sell digital downloads   and memberships according to their website and 
they actually do make it pretty easy for you so   if you have any digital downloads or memberships 
that you want to start you can sell them on here   or any ebooks and it says we make it a piece of 
cake to sell and promote your ebooks membership   softwares design assets music or any type of 
digital products directly to your customers   so even if you make beats and you make music you 
can sell it through here as well and you can set   up memberships as well so whatever you want 
to do on here and this is an awesome website   because they actually have a lot of marketing 
materials for you to use as well and you don't   have to pay for this you can use the free version 
what they do is they take a very small percentage   but only whenever you sell something so you 
don't actually have to pay for this okay if   you actually come up here to where it says pricing 
as you can see that it's zero dollars per month   and it's free forever they take out a five percent 
transaction fee so that is not bad at all you get   all features unlimited products unlimited revenue 
and also you can come over here and check out the   most frequently asked questions as well if you 
have any questions about this but this is pretty   great because they do have marketing features for 
you for example you can add coupons to any of your   products you can even set it up so that you have 
affiliates working for you and actually promoting   the products for you and you of course would give 
them a cut of your sales as well if you get people   to actually become affiliates for your product 
all right so this is definitely another one that   you can use for anything like that if you have an 
ebook that you want to sell if you want to start   selling memberships if you can create any of 
these things then this is a great place to get   started and this one is payhip.com next one is 
skillshare.com and this is pretty awesome because   you can actually teach a course you could teach 
the course one time record it on your screen and   house it here on a place like skillshare.com where 
you can do that absolutely free so if you are   interested in any of these categories animation 
design illustration lifestyle so even if you're a   parent and you like talking about parenting or dog 
training or whatever it is you can also create a   course on that photo and film business writing you 
can actually go through all of these categories   and see if you get inspired get some ideas or 
if you have absolutely no idea what you can do   or what you can create a course on you can just 
learn something learn something new for free on a   website like youtube there are tons of tutorials 
you can learn anything on youtube for free   and actually teach what you learn and in a course 
and sell it here on skillshare there are tons of   free tutorials everywhere so you can just pick 
something learn it and teach it that will bring   you in passive income and you can create several 
courses also if you like and i'm also going to   give you another way to monetize on courses 
coming up when i give you the next website so this   website is skillshare.com so the next website is 
udemy.com and this is also a place where you can   house your course now the only difference between 
these websites is that skillshare is subscription   based so they have members on the website who pay 
for a subscription and you get a percentage of the   subscription depending on who is watching your 
course and actually on udemy.com you set a price   and you earn per sale of your course okay one 
con about this they're often running sales   and making courses really cheap but there are 
other ways that you can monetize both udemy or   skillshare okay and i'm going to tell you how this 
would be a passive income for you not only that   you can add some affiliate links and attach 
them to your course and make some money also   with affiliate marketing and you can do that on 
udemy and you could also do that on skillshare   what i like about these platforms as well they 
have a built-in audience there's already people   looking for these courses out there and your 
course just happens to be in there you don't have   to grow a following or anything like that and if 
you actually do grow a following outside of these   websites you can also go ahead and promote your 
courses so there are many ways to make money with   these websites and this one is udemy.com one is a 
website called graphicriver.net and what this is   is a freelance marketplace to list your digitally 
designed creations so logos fonts graphics   templates wordpress themes so if you 
make any of these things or you can   teach yourself to make any of these things this 
is a marketplace where you can go to sell them   now once you're on graphicriver.net you want to go 
up here to where it says start selling and click   on start selling and this page will give you all 
of the information on how you can get started and   start selling on this community okay and 
this is a part of envato so you do become an   envato author and you can sell your work 
with the largest online creative community   and right down here they tell you everything that 
you can sell if you do any coding if you want to   sell any stock videos or motion graphics if you 
have any music or audio that you want to sell   any website themes any design assets stock 
photos or 3d models you can come here so if   you're really creative you do any of this stuff 
then this is a good website for you so this is a   cool thing about this is that there's a community 
behind it so you can join the forums and you can   discuss things with other authors that are on 
here as well they also have a chat support team   another way to earn with this website is that you 
can recommend jobs so you can also be a middleman   and you can find people who need these services 
and connect them with this website so actually   if you scroll down to the bottom you go to become 
an affiliate and you can become an affiliate of   envato you can go ahead and promote whichever ones 
you do like on here and right here they do tell   you who are in vital customers so if you can find 
any of these people developers graphic designers   video professionals diy users this is another 
way to earn with this website but on this page   they give you all of the information on how much 
money you can earn depending on what subscriptions   you are actually promoting because they do have 
three over here and you can join all three or   you can join one of them or two of them whatever 
you want okay if you're already working on a blog   or if you have a youtube channel that you post 
on pinterest tick tock if you have any sort of   following whatsoever you can promote this also if 
you're already an author on envato you can promote   this as well they also do look for newbies so it 
says got an audience but not referring newbies are   welcome too so go ahead and check this one out as 
well if interested make sure you go to the website   so that you can go ahead and check it out all 
right so the first website is graphicriver.net   and i just gave you a couple of ways that you can 
earn whether you're an author or an affiliate all   you have to do is go up here to start selling or 
you can go all the way down to the bottom of the   page to become an affiliate okay so this one is 
graphicriver.net so the next website is clarity.fm   and what this is is a consulting website you 
can list your expertise or knowledge on here   so even if you charge one dollar per minute that 
is sixty dollars an hour so that is pretty good   now here are some of the topics so 
entrepreneurship marketing strategy business   social media marketing digital marketing they have 
startups social media online marketing marketing   so if you do any of these things these are not the 
only things that you can consult on there are also   other topics they have facebook marketing on here 
they have website development web marketing they   have photography so anything at all that you have 
an expertise in so for example this right here is   like a matchmaker of some sort she charges two 
dollars per minute and some people want to be   consulted on how to date and things like that 
but let's go ahead and put something else on   here let's go ahead and search for parenting for 
example so you have some people here that give   advice on parenting so if you have a couple of 
kids you know you can give relationship advice or   parenting advice for example this young lady has 
a toddler so she will charge one dollar per minute   you obviously do have to share some of the revenue 
with clarity.fm for finding the clients for you   but you choose your own rate that you want to 
charge by the minute okay let's say you are a   youtube expert or you know about youtube and how 
to grow youtube channels and things like that   they have youtube consultants on here here's 
actually somebody who's a channel on youtube   and they charge 8.33 per minute okay 
so if you can grow a youtube channel   you know how to do these things already then 
you can also come over here and advise people on   youtube okay and this is just an example you 
can just play around with this website and   search for whatever it is that you're interested 
in whatever it is that you think you can consult   on you can just come over here and take a look at 
some examples so this one is clarity.fm alright so   the next website is peopleperhour.com and you can 
earn here as a freelancer if you're interested in   any freelance work or what you can do is something 
called drop servicing for freelance arbitrage   and this is similar to drop shipping but with 
freelance services instead this means that you are   providing a freelance service to a customer but 
you are not fulfilling the service yourself you   get another freelancer to do it for you and 
you get them to do it for cheaper than you're   charging and you just keep the difference this 
actual method has been around for a very long   time but for some reason it's getting really 
popular right now or it started getting really   popular in 2020 but this is something that 
people actually do in business naturally if   you're an agency of some sort and you like to find 
businesses who need websites and things like that   you can get somebody else to do the website for 
you and you're pretty much just the middleman   and you get to keep the difference and 
you actually don't have to do the work   this website you can charge by the hour for 
example or what you can do is go ahead to a fixed   price which is probably going to be best for 
drop servicing so you can filter out whatever   you want here and what you can do is you can list 
your services on here then you can come over to   a website like fiverr.com and you can find 
somebody who does a good job and just charge   the customer more money so that you can make a 
profit okay and there's something like i said has   been out for a long time but for some reason this 
has been blowing up it blew up in 2020.

So you can   definitely come over here to peopleperhour.com and 
get some ideas as to what you can do what services   you can list on here that that you can get done 
for less on fiverr alright so the next website is   youtube now if you know me you know how much i 
love youtube youtube is amazing because there are   many different ways that you can earn from youtube 
not only with the youtube partnership program in   which you need 1 000 subscribers plus 4 000 hours 
of watch time on your channel to start earning and   monetize with ads but before that you can create 
videos and also monetize with affiliate marketing   with coaching consulting anything that you were 
trying to sell online you can promote on your   youtube channel and another great thing about this 
is that you don't have to put your face on camera   you can create a faceless channel or you can do 
a branded channel that is just like this one just   like mine just to give you a quick overview on 
how this channel does between two thousand and   four thousand dollars per month really around 
the four thousand dollar mark per month on this   youtube channel and obviously that all varies 
it goes up and down every single month but   this can become a passive income as your videos 
can live on for years and years all right so   this website is called digistore24.com what i 
really like about this website is that if you're   a beginner to affiliate marketing you can start 
using this website right away because it is also   available worldwide and you can come in here and 
find affiliate products that you want to promote   so whether they're digital products physical 
products software or anything like that this   works a lot like clickbank.com if you've heard of 
clickbank before you can definitely find some good   quality products in here you just have to make 
sure you do your proper research and make sure   it's something that you feel comfortable actually 
promoting something that you do believe in for   example there's one product that i have promoted 
in here and it's actually a course that i actually   took myself and that i got results from and i 
actually made a couple of videos on it and this is   because i actually got results from that product 
and that's how i like to do my affiliate marketing   i like to make sure i promote things that i 
have used i have made some commissions from this   website as you can see these are all commissions 
it's in euros there were a few products here that   were refunded no big deal not everything 
works out for everyone all right so this   is definitely one that you can check out this one 
is digistore24.com now let's go ahead and keep on   learning ways to make money go ahead and check out 
this video where i show you how you can use social   media to make money online thank you so much for 
watching and i'll see you in the next one bye

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