3 Fiverr Gigs For Beginners – Work From Home & Make Money Online (2021)

This is a friend of mine who told me that he used many of the techniques you showed me Here on my channel and he sent me this photo from his Fiverr account You get about $400 and then he tells me he got another order and so on It works perfectly on fiverr and is now a top tier seller etc I really feel very happy when I receive messages like this, so please Please if you work online, share your success with me I will share this with everyone here to give an incentive for others to get started To work and change their lives One of the easiest The simplest way to work online from home and make money online is Working as a freelancer, why is it fairly simple It's simple because anyone can do it and it doesn't require any investment from you You can start for free by posting your services on Websites like PeoplePerHour, Upwork, fiverr, etc. But here we have two main problems. The first is that you have some skills You are posting services but you are not getting any clients, second problem Which is 80% of us here are beginners maybe They don't have any skill, they want to learn something So they can start freelancing or have some skills but ter not They know how to publish online and how to get started So those are the two main problems here, the first one is about promotion For your services and customer acquisition, I'm trying to solve it and help you In solving it in my series for professionalism as a Freelancer, there I explained How to publish your services on sites like fiverr How to promote them etc.

And how to get clients We can check the videos and I will keep all the links in the description below The second problem is for beginners who really want to learn some skills He or she can submit it online as a freelancer This is what we will solve in this video Today I am going to share with you some really interesting ideas الأفكار The skills I'm going to teach You I'll show you everything in this video So you can learn for a few minutes and get started As a freelancer, stay tuned and follow Hi everyone, I'm Hassan from H-educate Today I am very happy to be with you In this new video, so let's not waste time And we move directly to service to skill number one So number one is providing instagram post packages What do I mean by that let's open instagram, this is my account Okay You can see this is my account and everyone On instagram he runs a business on instagram You should publish roughly one or two posts per day to obtain Interact, build his audience and increase followers on our instagram Millions of people all over the world run Small business with instagram accounts and they want someone to create Posts for them, create a bundle of posts so they can schedule like 30 days Maybe for two months and so you can see these are my posts on my profile This is my account if you want to follow or connect on instagram You can find the link in the description below anyway So the idea here is to create a bundle of posts Like 20 or 30 posts and so on, maybe now you might tell me I don't know How do I make designs like this on instagram How do we Design these icons or these designs like this So, simply put, we use canva canva.com is one of the best Applications to use in creating any type of designs And by the way, I don't promote the app I simply use it for my own business and it's one of the best The apps that save a lot of time and will help you Create any design you want on any platform Run and work with her, well, you're logged in completely free So you don't need a premium account to get started With this service, simply click here Design and choose An instagram post is that simple, now canva will generate for you automatically The best instagram post size we can See here we have a lot of templates ready for you as an example clickمثال It's free, just click it and you'll see it Design ready for you You can just edit the text Put whatever you want then download this design We are ready you can go here down click on this as an example This is another free post you can go to text and add text here maybe a quote Maybe the name of the page, whatever you want and simply again Download and so on, we have a lot of templates Here as an example, you can simply write a quote And let's pick this one up, and that's the quote I just wrote here We have this flyer ready for you to download and own So you can go to canva now and create a group or a bundle of instagram posts to sell as a service on fiverr or freelancer Or whatever or maybe a special service like I do, for example if we go here fiverr and we searched for instagram posts You can see here this person, I will design High quality instagram posts, I will design professional instagram posts And so, we have a lot of people doing this on instagram and believe me 90% of these people are using canva to create these deployment packages Now I want to give you another advice Another method that will help you give more value to Your customers not just give those publications a like These people so you can give more value what is this value Simply you can provide flyer packages with an add-on Additional hashtags in Instagram What do I mean, if we go back to instagram to see Here in my account let's say this If you go to the captions, you will see with every post we publish on instagram We use hashtags, hashtag groups, these hashtags will help us Increase followers of instagram account to reach more people who are searching and interested in me Topics in hashtags, so hashtags in instagram One of the best tools to increase followers, so if you give them post designs التصميم Publications with hashtags will be given Real values, lots of values ​​for your customer, this way He will see the difference between your service and the services of others So what you will do is go to canva Like creating a set of packages by the way you can create a template For your sake, you can simply change the colors Change logos or anything so you can create a hundred Three-group post, etc.

Now you may ask me how to attach Hashtags or how to find the perfect hashtags Simply go to H-supertools or H-supertools.com It is my free digital marketing tools platform It's totally free, go here to instagram, it's a new tool by the way Hashtag Generation Tool Well, I guess it's pretty simple yet So create your post on canva, let's say we created this Quote It's a quote we downloaded, go here Simply in this tool I will write as example quote or quotes and click generate Just wait a few seconds and now with this great tool This free tool will give you the best 30 hashtags Souq also gives you relevant hashtags So all you can do is simply copy These hashtags and attached to each post to give More value to your customers and maybe you can Asking for more money for this service, you can see that this is a list to top 30 hashtags for instagram and here you can see Hashtags related to metric difficulty as an example quote You can see that it is difficult, very difficult, can choose Another one like this, maybe this 'whit' has a low difficulty So you can give him this table with these quotes So you can further assist your customers in managing and increasing instagram followers This is the first service that you can They are published or created Instagram post bundle plus an extra service which is hashtags instagram for every post in this way you give great value to your business By the way, this is completely free H-supertools is totally free and canva is totally free Rema later when you want to expand your business Providing more services, you can go and try the premium version of Canva Which is really cool anyway, this is the first service now let's move on to Service or skill number two but before that please Don't forget if you want to watch more videos like This is about freelance online business, make money online Make real money online, online digital marketing and much more please Go now smash the red button Subscribe now and Turn on alerts for every new update so let's continue If we go to fiverr and search for captions on youtube, well A lot of YouTubers who work on youtube will need someone to add subtitles Or add captions in different languages ​​to translate their videos and that is One of the best ways to grow on YouTube, by the way This year I have a plan to translate and Adding subtitles in different languages ​​to all my videos so we can help people All over the world anyway you can see that we have a lot Who are the people here who provide captioning or translation services Youtube videos for Youtube or any video maybe Someone runs an online course What kind of videos do you want to translate Ok, so you will be the one to do the captions For videos who will translate videos maybe you will tell me now I don't know How to subtitle videos I'm not perfect at English or whatever follow me I will go here to youtube For example Let's go to my channel, videos and let's say I'm your customer and me I want to translate this video, ok, copy the link address Go to your browser and open this website downsub.com downsub.com simply paste the video link here and click download, wait a bit and now if you go Here you will see Automatic translation in any language you can see As a text document or as srt which is the subtitle format if you go Here to youtube just to give you a little note on youtube youtube studio, if you have a youtube channel you will know This is but just a small note if you go into translation And you want to add subtitles to a video, let's say this You need to add a language let's say any language now And you want to add subtitles you can Upload file will be srt file, ok with timings click continue You will select the srt file here to download what you want What you will do is provide your clients with the srt .

File But please go ahead and focus let's say You translate from English as an example to French just click srt here and you will get srt file see Here you will get everything, timestamps And that translation but please assume that this translation بأن Automatically generated by Google and we now know transcription services Somehow pretty good we have Siri Google Assistant etc anyway But we still have some problems, bugs maybe there are some bugs In automatic translation You only need to fix these errors so you can simply go to Fiverr Post a service as an example to translate from English to your language That way when you download this file here It will be in your language, you just have to fix it and fix the translation You can also review and watch the video to make sure all is well But I think anyone can do it in a simple way, just download the translated file Fix it and make sure it's pretty good with the video and then hand it over to Customer, okay so this is the second service that is Naming or translating youtube videos or any type of video Please if you have any questions or need any clarification I'm here for Your assistant, just comment anything below I will follow up almost daily or simply for better support you can You can go to h-educate.com/forums, type in your questions And I will answer them almost every day يوم All without skipping any question so please if you have anything Just send to my forum, well, this is the second service, let's move on To the third service but before we continue I just want to remind you of something We are now giving this year's biggest gift It's worth two thousand dollars if you go to h-educate.com Go here for gifts, in case you haven't joined yet We have three gifts now we have up to 30 winners, so ، You haven't joined yet, go join and maybe you'll win Fifty dollars in cash, free admission to the academy or free service from H-educate Anyway, let's now continue with service number three again, let's go to fiverr I am now looking to rewrite the article If you go here you will see a lot of people providing services To rewrite an article, a lot of blogger owners They want to post a lot of content and they are willing to pay But they want ready-made content that they have a lot of ideas or topics from All over the internet but they need someone to save them time And rewrite articles for them, what you can do not tell you Here I go and learn English and do this not We can do something called a drop shipping service What do I mean we can simply go to a website called hirewriters.com or similar websites you can find Lots on Google but make sure you get a reliable website And if you come here you will see that they provide service يقدم Rewrite the content Well, you can simply drop the service We know in our online business something It's called drop shipping like from AliExpress, from Amazon, or whatever Here we drop shipping services or resell services So you can buy this service from this site Rewrite the content and then sell it on Fiverr So simply buy the service here and add an extra five dollars دولار Ten dollars and sell it on Fiverr of course Order this service, just in case you have a client Don't buy anything before that, well that's service number three And it's a service of buying, rewriting and selling content, okay You can provide other kind of services here It's up to you but rewriting the article is fairly simple And somehow cheaper than writing content so you can sell at a higher price On fiverr, so this is service number three Now I have an extra service, an extra idea for you Please focus well and I think it's new Here I have not heard of it elsewhere I do this privately in my own business and I want to share it with you today It's called SAAS as a service, what is SAAS as a service, if you go here to my browser and opened link.me If you follow me, you know that link.me is my own service My premium url shortening service click logout here And you know I think I'm selling this service for likes Six or eight dollars a month It's something about short links Help marketers and so on anyway the idea now This is a SAAS service so I sell a monthly membership here at this The service is what you can do you can build the same The service is like me here and if you go to my services site Just wait a bit services.h-educate.com.

Here is where I sell My own services you will see that I sell them This service I sell for life Free access to link.me for $99. So what I'm doing here is posting this Service and sell it you can sell it on fiverr Whatever you want you can sell maybe a five-year account or Maybe lifetime free access is up to you to get Specific cost Now you can tell me how to create These sites These services I am not a programmer I'm not a developer and I don't know anything about this Don't worry I'll tell you everything now but just to give you more ideas I also run h-analytics.com another analytics site I also run h-socialproof, all these SAAS services I run in my business For my own business I use and sell or give Gifts for my students and so I have too biourl.com All these are services I use and sell SAAS online services for instagram and tic tac This vital link for social proof and increased conversions And this growth for analytics like google analytics This is to shorten the url I have four services I can sell it as a SAAS online service What I do is I sell a favor or maybe give it as a gift with Courses or sell them as a package or anything want but now just get the idea on you Hosting and installing an app like this as saas services and selling it as a service On fiverr the benefit here is that you are You don't need to do any work you just create accounts Go and login as an example here in the admin section Creating a user account and giving it to the customer is simple Well, that way you don't need to do hard work You only need to get a client through fiverr or Through freelancer or any other independent website to sell this saas as a favor ok hope you get the idea So now you can ask me the main question of how to develop Such applications and how to develop, host and publish them These sites are rather complicated, no friends All these I did not develop simply went here to codecanyon codecanyon.net I will keep all the links in the description below don't worry I go here and buy this and go to php scripts I go to saas here and buy one of these services To sell it as a service buy..

I bought four services now It's such a cool way by the way that she's somehow really smart to get that saas service and sell as service to any customer all over the world ok I know this method requires some investment because you need to buy this Texts but you can get one between thirty A dollar up to seventy dollars I think max And start your own business saas as a service, you can also sell it if you want You can sell it with a monthly membership and you can Use it for your own business if you only go to my youtube channel To help you I will explain it in more detail on my channel if you go Just to give you some hints, go to the videos here If you watch this video, How to create your own url shortener I explained step by step how to host and setup this service Step by step I've shown you, also if you go here This is a video Do you use this tool, I also explained this tool in detail In this video I will keep all the links in the description below if you go to my channel and search for saas you will see here start an online business Today in saas for business hours online in this video Really great video explaining in detail what is saas how to start and everything else please Go and watch this video, here are 3 service ideas And one additional, smart new method that I did not find Elsewhere, they sell a service saas as a service, please go to the description below Watch related videos, get more ideas before you start working as a freelancer online Now I have two main questions that anyone can ask Number one, well, you're posting services but you're not getting any clients I told you at the beginning of this video, go to my youtube channel The playlist you will see a series of free professional freelaceing Well here this one and if I looked On fiverr on my channel here fiverr, you will see this video how Get your first order on Fiverr Five Promotional Strategies for Services me beginners how to promote your services as well as how to promote With cold emails I explain this in detail how to promote and get clients And orders on fiverr or any service you manage Online, so please go watch these videos To learn how to promote your services, the second question I think many of you I'm going to ask him now because I got it in a lot of my other videos Similar to this, they will tell me good ok Customers are also watching these videos So they will learn it and not ask anyone to do it on Fiverr That's one hundred percent wrong my friend, why, number one is pretty simple My video is maxed out let's say 1 million views In one year as an example but we are talking about Millions and perhaps more than a billion people work online, not everyone He will see this, he will learn this, this one Number two even if these people know how to do it like in my case Learn how to write articles if you go here to my blog For example, this site is my service site I know how to do these services but I hired someone to do it for me because I don't have time to do this if you go to my blog here you will see me I have a lot of articles you can see but not all Articles written by myself No I hire people like this you can see Amir Abdullah works with me on this blog for Writing articles because I don't have time to do everything So business owners will hire you To do some things even though they know how to do it So please don't give any excuse to just start learning these skills By the way, I have other videos like this.

Five ideas Here are five ideas here are more ideas if you want to spread Various services such as 10 services that you can publish on your account To get more and more customers and expand Your freelance business I hope you enjoyed this video please don't forget If you liked the video, click the Like button, subscribe now Activate alerts to get every new update see you later.

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3 Fiverr Gigs For Beginners - Work From Home & Make Money Online (2021)

One of the easiest methods to make money online is working as a freelancer on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or PeoplePerHour, In this video, I will show you 3 Fiverr Gigs that require no skills, no money, and anyone can do right now.
After you finish this video, you will learn these 3 services, then you can publish on Fiverr and start making money online today in 2021.

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