(2000$ / Week) How I Make Money Online in 2021 – START NOW

Hello friends how are you Today in the next ten minutesدقائق I'll show you how I earned $2000 in Only 1 week in 7 days Look I know on YouTube Online We have a lot of videos and courses that talk About Online Business and Make Money Online but today This video is private it is different If you follow me you know My main rule here on my channel is honesty I don't share anything unless I test it If I work with it and share my results with you And therefore You will never find concepts here You will not find only words You will find a real case study Real Experience, Real Examples Believe me this video full of information full of value Lots of advice And the techniques that I do in my online work that will help you be successful online So Don't miss a millisecond stay tuned How I earned $2000 in 7 days working online from home Stay tuned Everyone loves to see earnings numbers Display boards and terminals Let's start with the first 30 seconds and let me show you My display boards my earnings everything The numbers to give you that motivation Proved we're talking about real things We don't waste our time So This is my browser and I'll start with the first site Impact.com you can see Classroom research period from April 24 to April 30 And you can see that I got paid up to $70 Sales are $186 My commission is $70 If I go to the second site CJ.com I Safiye search result from 24 to 30 April You can see the commission is $430 again Another site You'll see here from April 24 This is here if you calculate These numbers here, 26 25 24 239 You will get 414 dollars write them down Calculate with me You will see the numbers The fourth site is the partnership program with Bluehost $100 this week Then I have Google AdSense classy 24 to 30 You'll see $347 Then I have my Academy April 24-30 $491 Then I have self-employment services I got $179 that week If you go here to my Gmail Can I see I got one sale from tubebuddy which is 4.5 dollars If you go to my Paypal account for this payment you will see It is a paid affiliate program لبرنامج I got $33 I'll show you everything later What is all this in detail in the next minute So please wait This is just the guide This is just revenue If you go to another site shareasale You can see I got $6.86 last week If you collect them all If you add them all it will be around $2000 So These are our display boards our profits everything for the past week By the way I did not show you other sources of income الدخل Such as on udemy on youtube on other things I want to show you things you can do Anyone can do it, any beginner can do it So this is the first part This is my earnings Now let's go and see in detail What are these, how do I work, and much more tips and techniques Of course I'm not showing you this to brag and tell you I earn money Of course not, I show you thisكم Just to tell you that you can do it If you are working properly If you follow correctly you can do it You can build a successful online business These numbers are to motivate you to start work Online Like many who followed and built Successful work Follow our free lessons So now it's your turn to be successful online Now to make things easier for you When you want to work online We basically have five strategies I explained this before, in just 10 seconds Number one is affiliate marketing Number two is the content industry number three freelance work Number four is the work of SAS And number five is online stores now SAS Business and Online Stores It may be considered advanced in one way or another I will go with the other three techniques and show you what did you do here exactly first thing I will rearrange this I'll take this here and take this Here And that's right here So We'll start with Affiliate Marketing If you go here to impact.com this site It is an affiliate marketing network What is affiliate marketing? It's simply promoting someone's product and earn commission as an example Amazon It has a lot of products You choose a product to promoteترويج If someone buys the product You will earn commission, Impact is an affiliate promotion company Which provides you with a lot of products and services that you can promote If you want more details I explained everything here on my channel in detail This video is not a course Because I have already explained everything in detail This video will give you some tips that will help you Be successful online So impact here you can see These are my earnings in affiliate marketing second site It's also another affiliate network It's called CJ.com Commission Junctioncom The third site is DEbounce What is this site It is simply an email validation software application So what's the idea here? He simply has an affiliate program and everyone can start We just need to register Go here to the Partnership section and We can have this This link is to promote this site Very simple for beginners, for beginners Please focus well these sites Anyone can join Just get the link and start promoting and earn commissions As you can see here in my table The third site is something called gmass What is this site If you go here to gmass Also, the GMSS commission program is anyone's thing He can join it, any beginner can join You can go here to this link as in the screenشاش Read this Read this and see how you can join Very easy to join Just send them an email and you can join the commission program Get the link and start promoting and you'll earn commissions Per month As you can see here last week I got $33 From G Mass so this is another affiliate program Then we have Bluehost, last week I won $100 By the way Explained in detail Bluehost him too Very good choice for beginners No account verification required, nothing required You can just sign up and get started I explained in detail how to join And Promote Bluehost For Free Without Website In my video last week Full video about Bluehost We can check the description below Then we also have shareasale It is also an affiliate network and you can see I joined multiple networks and let me Show you this little trick I will click on semrush here I nominate semrush And you will see that semrush has a paying commission ع 0.01 per page visitor I know it's not a big goal But you can see that I have a lot of 0.01 here When someone signs up using your link You will earn commission Even if he did not buy anything then we have Tubebuddy's Affiliate Program If you open it you will see that it is a tool For YouTubers Let's log in You can see that this is the commission link here, too This site is a good place to start Just open it and copy this link and you can start promotion Please refer to my playlist for affiliate marketing Explained everything step by step How to promote affiliate links How to get links? How to join the best programs etc.

This is the first part about affiliate marketing The second part is Google AdSense Make money from Google You can see that I make about fifty to sixty dollars a day from Google If you come back to my channel I have two videos The first is how do I get to twenty dollars in a day Step by Step Like two weeks ago I posted a video of how I made fifty dollars a day From Google by following my advice, everything I did to promote and get more traffic to my website to increase my profits So this is the second method Google AdSense with Content And the third site It's my academy I sell online courses on thinkfic thinkfic is a platform for creating your online course So if you have any skill you can teach thinkfic or teachable or udemy is a great place to sell Your educational courses You can see in one week I got about $500 And the last site is my services site If I open it here just to show you this site Where do I sell my services? my own services Such as Fiver like independent or whatever Here I sell my services, and I got 179 dollars last week Let me now tell you how to promote affiliate links In just one minute If you open my website here h-educate.com You will see I create content So if you go here to open my blog My forums and this page Web Hosting for VPS Deals or Recommendations just to show you This This is my blog If you open any article in any blog You will see I have affiliate links in articles here I showed you in one of my videos You can see that all these blue links Affiliate links all of these And I showed you how to do it automatically So in my website all services Those you have joined will be automatically linked with links My commission is using a plugin called Pretty Links Please refer to my video on how I do affiliate marketing I shared a lot of tips that helped me with automation For Affiliate Marketing The other thing is my forum Forums are a great place to promote give value You get value So as you can see here I have an ad banner and inside the forum Also, All links will be automatic and I will link to Commission links in the forum, forum Great place to grow your business To promote anything to interact with people To interact with people, get ideas for content and more Many, other web pages are Deals Page I share here some deals with people and all These are affiliate links If you go here to the resource page All of these are tools I use it and all of these are commission links I explained this in detail in my video on how to Promote affiliate links for free, every These three ways Of course we also have payment methods that I explained before But as a beginner You can only start with the free methods please please Please go and see my Affiliate Marketing Case Studies Playlist Affiliate marketing courses for beginners you can do it you can do it Just watch, learn and apply, I'm here to help You can go to the forum at any time and submit your questions Ask anyone? I'm active almost every day to answer your questions Also, don't forget to join the telegram channel where I interact every day with people, live chat on my telegram channel You will find the link in the description below Also I'm here to help you in the forum on the telegram channel I'm here to help you or simply comment with your questions Below this video, about Google AdSense I told you Please refer to my videos on how I got started with Google AdSense How to make money from Google Also Step by Step How do you reach these numbers daily How do these numbers work each week? right Now freelance work Also I have a complete playlist Freelance professional series I explained how to create services How to promote services How to get your first customer How do you do it all You just need to learn This video is really just a motive I really don't know why yet You did not take any action You have to take action You have to start you will be successful Believe me every week I get a lot of emails from people They share their success story This makes me really very happy I'm really waiting for your story Waiting for your email to tell me Hi Hassan, I made it and I did it I just got my first sale online Now I have a job online I'm waiting for you I'm waiting for this email Hope you enjoyed this little video Share all tips All sites I use If you have any questions Anything please don't forget forum Comments Telegram channel I will be here to help you You are Thank you and see you later

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(2000$ / Week) How I Make Money Online in 2021 - START NOW

Today, I want to share with you real numbers, real case studies, real methods to make money online in 2021, I want to share with you how I work online from home and how I make money online using 3 main strategies (affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, and selling courses), I will share with you a lot of tips that I use I my business, I think it will help you a lot to start earning online!

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