($200/Day) 10 FAST Ways to Make Money Online in 2021 For FREE

Welcome everyone to today's video. We're going to go over the top 10
fastest ways to create some income on line. Now, a lot of these have the flavor of
profitable side hustles remote work from home jobs, and also things you can do today to
get your online business up and going. Whether it's an online service based
business or building a brand and presence online, I think there's going
to be at least one thing today. That'll spark your interest, so
let's get right into it. Okay. So getting started, the first thing we're going to talk
about is long form copywriting. So copywriting is an extremely, highly profitable skill where if you
learn it, you are very, very valuable. And if you're listening to this
video, you most likely know English. You don't have to be an a plus
student in English to be a very good copywriter. Businesses
need this for their ads, and they also need it for their websites,
their sales funnels and copywriting. Isn't hard to learn.

There's so many
resources out there to learn copywriting. Here's a resource right here
copywriting secrets. And you know, this book goes into depth about
what copywriting is the mindset behind it, why certain words
sell over the other ones. And this is a great book
and resource to get started, but there's so many things like
this on YouTube and trainings, online and resources, you
can get to start copywriting.

So one example of long form
copywriting is stuff that you see every day on Facebook and Instagram.
You can open up your Facebook right now, scroll down and you'll see a sponsored ad. And you'll see that ad with long
copy, meaning a couple of paragraphs, a few paragraphs worth of copy
describing why somebody should click on that, learn more
button, download now, buy now whatever the call to action is. And if you can help somebody capitalize
on their long form sales content and do a good job and have that
advertisement be high converting, you could make great money.
And so let's say per client, you're charging anywhere between
a thousand to $2,000 a month.

And if you have five
clients, that's great. That's anywhere in between 5,000 to
$10,000 a month that you could be making. And I know copywriters
that make a lot of money. They have six figure businesses. They can demand retainers that are
higher than $2,000 a month per client, but Hey, maybe you start at $250 a
month and you make your way up to the thousand dollar Mark and higher
as you get better results. And as you help them convert more
sales and convert more ads for their paid advertising. And again, this isn't
just with Facebook ads or Instagram ads.

This could be with sales funnels and
landing pages that could be with an ebook cover and the stuff within the
ebook. This could be so many things. Copywriting is really
everywhere. We look online. So definitely consider learning the
skill and getting your first client. All right. So the next method that we're talking
about is being an SEO researcher for YouTube. Now, what is this
title and what does it mean? Oh, so you're a researcher for
YouTube for yours.

Oh my God. So what this means is that
YouTube is like myself more. So YouTube is that are just getting
started on YouTube and just starting their channels, growing it from zero and wanting to
get to their first hundred subscribers, thousands subscribers. They really need help with
the everyday optimization of their video. So if you could help somebody
be a YouTube growth manager and help manage the optimization
of their channel, you could learn keywords
and optimize their video. So you can do the secondary keywords. You can help them figure out
what is going to be a keyword, rich title that they can use for their
video and there's tools out there such as to buddy, where you could find out instantly if
a title and keyword are good for the channel to start. And the cool thing
about two buddy is it's extremely, user-friendly, it's simple to understand, and you could learn to buddy I'm
sure within a couple of hours. And so you can help make sure that
the title is really well optimized. The description, the chapters in the description
that hashtags for the titles.

And most importantly,
the secondary keywords, AKA tags that go towards
the bottom of the video. Cause those things are really
time consuming and it's
what holds up most YouTube is from getting started
in the first place. Okay. So the next thing that we're
talking about is helping businesses digitize their products. So this specifically refers to more so
local businesses and businesses that have a very in-person
presence, such as a gym, such as a dance studio where you have
to go and physically be in the studio or the gym in order to get the service.
Right. And as a matter of fact, in the United States, there are 30
million approximately small businesses. And a lot of those are local businesses. And so if you can help a business during
this time of the pandemic and COVID, you know, these businesses
have worked some of them, their entire lives to achieve the success
that they've had in their business.

And they're not going to let COVID
or the pandemic bring them down, they're going to fight to
keep their business available. And if you can help them digitize their
services, they will pay you big time. So one example I could think about
was last year during the, or in 2020, when the pandemic started, there was this business that was a dance
studio and the target audience was a younger kids. And the kids in high
school that attended this dance studio. And so what the owner did
was she put her product. So the classes that were in person,
she made them into a membership. And so people and the participants
were able to access the classes and the lessons virtually and do them on their
own time.

And also a really cute thing. This isn't really digital, but this particular business owner
was able to pivot and, you know, the stuff that she gave out during class, such as lunches and goody
bags and stuff like that, she was able to make that a delivery
service and still deliver, for example, Easter baskets during Easter
to the students and like that. So there's a very high demand right now
for helping people that have normally in person services, convert
them to a digital product. It's not very hard at all, but if you're somebody who has experience
with digital marketing and digital products, eBooks memberships,
digital products, this could definitely be for you. Okay. So the next method that we're talking
about is with high ticket affiliate marketing. Now this specifically was
the method I use in the very beginning. Well, let me back up. It was
after I quit my e-commerce stores, that was my first business
model online. But after that, I resorted to doing affiliate marketing
and not just affiliate marketing with low ticket products and with
recurring commissions or recurring subscription business models. I also did high ticket services and
I referred a lot of things.

Okay. So I referred people's
services. So for example, my friend back in the States has a
marketing agency where he runs Facebook ads for different businesses. And right
now his retainer is very, very high, I think gets like minimum 3000, $4,000 to work with him with Facebook ads. And what he loves to do is have people
help him get clients when a client may be off boards and there's no longer
working with him.

He says, Hey, you know, I'll give you 70% commission
if you bring me a new client. So that's a really great chunk of change. If his clients are costing him in between
three to $4,000, that's, you know, 70% of that, that's a lot of money and there's so many
other small business owners that have a referral system and
you can refer services. And so there's a lot
of ways to set this up. I recently went over a video where I
talk about affiliate marketing sales funnels and how to really
make them high converting. I'll leave the link in
the description for that, but the point is high ticket affiliate
marketing is definitely worth it because you're sending the same amount
of traffic to an affiliate offer. And if that affiliate offer
costs $500 or up to $2,000 versus a product you're promoting, which only costs $30 and the commission
would be significantly lower, it makes sense to promote high ticket
products where you're going to get a good chunk of change for that commission
that you earn.

So this was what I did. I also promoted a digital
service and product. It was an online course with
coaching where that service costs, I think $2,500. And for every sale I would get on
that I would make a thousand dollars. So that was really, really cool. It only took 10 sales to make
$10,000 a month versus, you know, a hundred sales to make $10,000 a month. That's much harder to achieve
with a lower ticket product. So if you're thinking like, okay, where could I find a high ticket
product to promote, again, ask around to small business owners.

Do you ever referral program
with the digital world, you can go on websites like MunchEye
and also ClickBank where high ticket products do exist. Products that
cost a thousand dollars or more. So definitely check that out because
those business owners will probably have marketing tools for you, where
you have a link to promote it, where you have a landing page where you
can collect leads and other things about the product. That would be
good to know. All right. So moving right along to the next
method. And as a matter of fact, I interrupt this broadcast to say, this
video is sponsored by Skillshare. Now, what is Skillshare? Think about it as a huge digital library
that you can access from your computer or your tablet. And it's an online
community where you can go to learn, to sharpen a skill, to learn a new skill,
just really to learn something new. And in this case, we're talking
about the method of freelancing. And if you want to learn a high income
skills, such as Pinterest marketing, Gil share definitely has
the resources for that.

So on this side of the spectrum, you could learn anything from
entrepreneurship marketing, and also they have categories in the
artistic side, photography, videography, how to paint a picture, you name
it. It is their own Skillshare. And so if you were interested in learning
Pinterest marketing, for example, which is a high-income skill, you can go to Skillshare and
type in Pinterest marketing, and you can see amazing options
on there. Like for example, this creator named Malcolm Dewey, he has
a class where he goes over Pinterest, why it's important for your business, how to set up a business account
with Pinterest, all this great stuff. And so the first thousand people to click
on the first link in the description will get a free trial to the
Skillshare premium membership. So go ahead and click the link below.

Not only that it'll cost less than
$10 a month with an annual membership. So go ahead and check out
the link in the description. And so don't underestimate
the freelancing world. It is definitely a lucrative space
where you can make lots of money. Yes, you definitely start out
small with your first clients, like all these other methods. However,
once you get results for them, once you continue to build your body of
work I have friends that are freelancers and have freelancing businesses
that make easily $20,000 a month, all the way up to a hundred
thousand dollars a month.

And so you just continue to scale and
build out your team and outsource. And so that way you can take your
freelancing business to the next level. All right. So the next method we're talking
about here today on this video is with answering homework questions. So this
isn't your typical online tutoring, this particular website called study pool. You could make up to $7,000 a month by
simply answering homework questions. I don't know why this wasn't around
back in the day when I was in college, I would have been answering all those
engineering questions cause I was taking physics, calculus, these other
horrible classes that I couldn't stand.

Soil, structural engineering, all of
these classes. And I look at study pull. Now I can't answer any
of these questions now, but there's definitely
engineering questions on there. There's all kinds of categories
from business to medicine to calculus math, there's even
things on like meditation, yoga. If you maybe know how to answer
questions in the travel industry, there's travel on there as well. So really any type of question that's
on there is a free for all and you can answer it. And the reason why I love this website
and study pool and the whole concept is because you can do it all your spare time, working from home with the knowledge
and experience that you have and the highest earners on that website make
over six figures. There's one earner. I forget his name, but I know he's made over $500,000
with answering homework questions.

Now that is insane. That is so insane to
me. So definitely check out study pool. If you're like, man, I am really
good with European history. There's European history
questions on there, or, wow. I'm really good with Tara card readings
in the spiritual world and full moon and there's all kinds. There's
all just go take a look, trust me and answering these questions
and you get paid. Some are more urgent. The more urgent ones will,
you can get paid more. So maybe they offer $50 to answer a
question. If you answer the question, you can get paid $50. So
definitely check out study pool. If you think that answering
homework questions could be for you. All right. So welcome to behind
my computer and let's go, okay. So study pool, it's a different concept. It's micro tutoring,
as it says right there, which means it's kind of
like one-off tutoring.

You don't need to be dedicated
to a student or have like what's the word, like a one-on-one type thing
with somebody for a long period of time. No, it's just kind of
one-off projects and boom. So let's take a look at some of the
subjects. So if we click on business, there's so many things. I mean,
accounting business, business law, a couple of my friends are lawyers. This
would be great. Dennis data analytics, entrepreneurship, Facebook
marketing, internet marketing, tourism. So this is so cool. And I could think of at least six of
these that I have experienced with myself. I mean, tourism is really cool.

I'm not a tour guide
or anything like that, but I've been a digital nomad
traveled around the world. I'm sure there's advice that I can give
to people about traveling and tourism marketing. Yup. Internet marketing.
Yes. Facebook marketing. Yes. So it's really cool. Maybe your
wheelhouse is more in humanities. So African studies,
anthropology, global studies, history, all this cool stuff, dance, really the sky's the limit. There's
so many different things in here. So maybe with religion, you know, some things about the Bible or you're
really good with studying religious stuff. Women's studies, Latin American
studies, linguistics, literature, music, music theory.

So, so many people have different
talents and skillsets in life experiences that they've been
exposed to in that they've achieved, which qualifies us to, you
know, be this consultant, the version of a online tutor
on study pool. And you know, the list just keeps going
on on mathematics. Okay. So we got linear algebra numbers here,
eat trigonometry. Do we have calculus? Yup. My little sister is 18
years old and she's in calculus, you know, a B and whatever. And
I'm banging her. I'm like, look, you can make money easy on this website. She's so good at calculus programming.
You know, all of these different things. This may be, this is
your wheel house science. So there's definitely not a lack of
subjects here. You know, astrophysics, biochemistry, genetics, botany,
geology, sciences, zoology.

So pick one of these,
think about it and just, and create a profile and
see what you can make. So if we go to become
a tutor, I think it is, you can have more of your questions
answered about how exactly you'll be able to make up to $7,500. Man. Guys, if I would've had this, I'm telling you
if I would've had this in college, gosh, who knows what I would
have done with my life? I would have paid back my student
loans faster. That's for sure. So why tutor on study pool? Go ahead. Or you can go ahead and check
out this video right here.

There's so many reasons
to make study, study pool, your go-to source for online tutoring
work. They have the lowest services, which is cool. So starting
at 20% study pool charges, the lowest service fees in the market
because those service fees for sure can add up, you know, if
they're charging you know, 30% per transaction, you know, that's 30% of the money that they're
taking away from from the time that you're putting in. Okay. So if we check out
these recent questions, you can see, I see how much or not how much,
but you can say, I'm sorry, this caught my eye, the highest

Okay. Let's check this out. $500,000 for Henry
professor, whoever that is, has made on study pool. Now that's insane. I have not made that much yet
in my entrepreneurial journey. I don't know about you guys, but, even
if you made like a third of that. Yeah. And you know, two years,
that is really, really great. And just look at these this person
has made 171,000. So, you know, there really is opportunity here.
Clearly, as you can see, but, but just look at a recent
questions posted. I mean, you can make 20 bucks for
answering something about
Columbia, Southern business, ethics, leadership, culture, reflection,
paper, Hey, maybe you know about that.

All you gotta do is just answer
it. If you see it and answer it, anthropology named that fossil
twenty-five dollars, boom, what's this for $60 advance
microcomputer applications, $60. If you can answer the
question. So again, just, this is a worldwide opportunity.
You can do the comfort of your home. Maybe if you have a job during the
day for studying during the day after you put the kids down to
sleep, you can totally, totally, totally come to this website and do it,
make it happen. So definitely check out, study pool. If online tutoring
is interesting to you, and if you think that you can answer
these questions, so check that out. All right. So the next method we're talking about
to make some serious cash online is with a YouTube channel. Of course, I
have to mention a YouTube channel. It's one of the most profitable side
hustles businesses in the world. Okay. So just breaking it down. I've went
over YouTube on a previous video, but there's a lot of
ways to go about YouTube, but the idea is to build up an audience,
build up a brand on the platform.

No, it's not too saturated. No, you don't
need a Hollywood studio to get started. Know your niche is not too saturated.
Even if you're in a super saturated niche, such as fitness, such as online business, it does not matter there's room
for everybody at the top to grow. And so a lot of people ask me, okay,
well, I don't want to show my face. There's a way to make a channel with
just faceless content. And of course, there's a way to make a channel
with a personal branded channel, but there's so many advantages
and disadvantages to both, but my specialty lives in
helping you or helping people create a YouTube channel
that grows fast, organically, where you are in front of the camera and
also turning your YouTube channel in to automated profits. So there's so many
ways to passively monetize YouTube. Yes, it is active work, but all of the profits that come
from the YouTube channel are passive, such as Google AdSense. Once
your channel gets monetized, you can receive recurring revenue from
Google ad sense or from Google every single month for the ads
that play on your channel.

My highest month with Google
AdSense has been $12,700. It's fun. There's other income that I make from
YouTube, such as my digital products, such as affiliate sales
and all this fun stuff. So there's so many ways
to monetize a channel. I believe that everyone
should have a YouTube channel. That's how strongly I feel about it. Okay. And so it's really a gold
mine once you dig into it, but you have to have the right strategy,
know what you're doing for sure.

So that the algorithm can send you views
and traffic and your channel can really start off with a bang. And so if you guys are interested in
how I built my multiple six figure business, leveraging YouTube platform, go ahead and download my
subscribers to sales blueprint. It'll be in the resources
in the description or right
up here, you can grab it. Okay. So definitely consider YouTube
as one of the top ways to earn a living online and create passive income
and income online. All right. So the next way that we're talking
about earning money online is with high ticket closing. So basically you would become a high
ticket closer. What does this mean? There's so many programs out there,
masterminds coaching, you name it, that you to be a sales representative, get on the phone and close the call
now before you're like, Oh my God, like I can't do sales. Listen. If I were to go back in time and graduate
from college or even be in college, I would have done this hands down
because why once you learn the skill is very minimal work to make a
five figure income from home, not even needing a laptop,
you just need your phone.

And so how do you find jobs
to be a high ticket closer? You can go in several different Facebook
groups, such as the ClickFunnels group. It's super big. If you type in high ticket closer in
one of these digital marketing groups, such as the ClickFunnels one, did I
say click Baker, click funnels. Okay. You can see previously that
people have posted jobs like, Hey, I need a high ticket, closer Anita
sales representative for this program. And these programs are high ticket. They cost usually
minimum $5,000 to 10,000, even some up to $20,000. So if you make between
a 10 to 30% commission, you are doing very well. So I have several close friends who are
sales representatives because it's a very popular digital nomad job,
because you can work remote. You can work from anywhere. All you need is a solid
internet connection and a phone. And they only have to work
15 to 20 hours a month to make good money.

So they're
actually really good at it. So they have a 70% close rate. So
that means out of every 10 calls, they have seven people buy. So
they're easily making, you know, 10 to $15,000 a month working very little. So it's a very easy job
for them. And honestly, I wish I had this skill going back. I wish I knew how to close high ticket
sales on the phone because that's a very, very, very high income skill.

And so here's what I would do if I was
starting out. Cause I have no experience. I would reach out to people with
high ticket programs and say, Hey, I'm actually very new to this.
I don't have any experience, but I'm willing to take a lower
commission to start out because I know my potential. And I know that in working with you
and getting to know your sales scripts, I will be able to close these people on
the call that I will be able to learn quickly and close these people
at a higher percentage rate. And so give me a chance
please. Not really. That's, that's the approach I
would take. You know, I would accept a lower commission cause
I don't have that much experience, but as I close higher and higher and
as my closing percentage increases, I would be like, okay.

So give me
more, give me a higher percentage now. And that's how I would approach
it. And there's actually a girl. I know she's only 20 years old or 21
years old and she's doing very well for herself and she's young and she
knows this skill and it's really, really impressive. And so you could definitely figure out
on Instagram who has high ticket programs and more than likely they will need
sales representatives. All right. So the next method that we're talking
about to make money is with focus groups and what our focus groups,
exactly focus groups are, where you help you participate
in a study and people pay you for participating in a study. So there's a lot of different types
of subjects of studies that you can participate in from friends that I
know that have done and participated in studies with focus groups, they've made
anywhere from a hundred dollars to $200. And for a study that lasted up to eight
hours, they made $800. And I was like, wow. So some studies are online,
some studies are in person. I'm sure there's a lot more online
now with the pandemic being very present still.

But what I would advise is just go to
Google and type in focus groups and the top websites will appear
and they will say, you know, the qualifications to apply
to be a part of the study. And so that's why they're able to pay
good fees to the people that are in the focus group is because you need to
qualify for it and you need to be a good candidate in order to participate. So that it makes sense for the
thing that you are evaluating. So definitely just go to Google and
type in focus groups and all of the information will pop up. All right. So the next way we're talking about
earning money online is with only fans.

Oh my God. Don't
everybody yell at me at once. I know I've never
mentioned only fans before, but it's been interesting to me
lately because I know the platform has a reputation to, well, you know,
you know what I'm trying to say. I mean, there's a whole bunch of nudes and
sexual content on only fans from creators posting, you know, booty
popping pictures and you know, all this exotic erotic stuff. But the owner of only fans
w that wasn't the intention. It only fans is kind of, you know, gone that route of being bad because
it has a reputation of, you know, the sexual photos, but the owner really wanted it
to be an exclusive website where people had access to, you know, famous
celebrities to everyday influencers, to people and get to
know their personal side. They don't have to upload news and
they don't have to have photos that are erotic exotic.

Right. So
that is why I say, like, I think the platform has a bad reputation, but I think the earning potential is
still major. I'm thinking about it myself. I haven't decided yet because
I like modeling for fun. It's a hobby and these pictures, I
can't upload on my main Instagram, by the way, if you haven't
followed me on Instagram, go ahead and check me out at
Marissa E Romero on Instagram, give your girl a follow
for more behind the scenes. But the point about the modeling
photos, I'd love to upload them, but I just don't know where, because
they don't really go with the brand of, you know, making money online and
online business and the Marissa Romero, you know, this brand
that you see on YouTube, but I love the modeling photos I take, but they just wouldn't fall in line
with the content that I have on my Instagram.

So I've been
thinking about it myself, of offering a monthly plan for people
to sign up and see exclusive content of blog, style videos, to see my
modeling photos and all that stuff. So that is definitely something
to consider. You know, don't, don't be afraid you don't have to
get in front of the camera. Okay. And so I will definitely keep you
posted about the whole only fans thing, but we've made it to the end of the video
who thank you guys for sticking with me till this moment. And if
you're enjoying this video,
let's continue the fun. I have a great video
that's coming up next. It's about the lazy way to
make one K a day online. That video starts right here. Just click right here and I'll see you
on the next video who doesn't love the lazy way in today's video.

We're going to be talking about
generating up to a thousand dollars, very likely more than a
thousand dollars a day online..

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