20 EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL (With 21 FREE TOOLS)

Hey, this is Fred and Jane is me. I will show you 20 ways to make money for free on Fiverr. use No skills to make money on Fiverr plus 21 free tools It’s just to help you with a group. Since you have a new account, you can Actually list up to seven performances on Fiverr. I hope that Compilation of videos, you will not only be able to determine your best performance You can also know exactly what your situation is and can complete them through my tutorial Again for all of this you don’t need to have any technical experience or skills This channel had over 10,000 subscribers before we started celebrating I will pass Give $15 PayPal to a lucky reviewer to enter Just leave a comment below the Fiverr show and you will be happy to try it, why If you haven’t done this yet, then the next one should be to crush the help like a button This video uses the youtube algorithm and subscribes to my YouTube channel in order to You will not miss my next cutting edge video about making money online Also join my free Facebook group or I share more free resources, and Myself and many others are happy to answer your questions without Without further ado, let's start the video [Music] Let’s study the first one Performance, I just want to give you a quick disclaimer for me List of some people in I may have discussed it before One of my old videos, but many of them I actually found new or updated free-to-use tools, which are indeed I have found three cases of our first performance brand Free tools available for services Very simple, but first let’s take a quick look at an example of what you can do Looking forward to this kind of performance, so I just opened the second performance here It says I will give you 15 strong brand or company names and slogans as You can see that the seller has gained a lot of sales under his leadership There is even an order lined up here at the moment, everything he did 15 business names or slogans are provided for a price of 20 dollars and that's it And you only need You can easily complete this operation in seconds using a website like Name Licking com, you can also just enter any keyword you want us to say hamburger here You can even choose how often you want to name it so short Name and medium name, and click generate.

Just like that, we have a lot of Generated very cool names, all of them even with Option people register their domain names, so if we Just go back and see that this show is actually the seller for Do things next year, so if I switch to In the standard packaging, we will see the business name he provided for this Happened to be not there Registering any existing domain under the meaning of any Interested businesses will be able to potentially trademark and register The name or create a website for it, and then it happens to be unnamed As far as I know, all names generated are indeed domains Available, and you can easily double check with any online Domain checker, but for example, if I open here say me and Hamburg Bay I like the name very much, maybe I will open my own place, but it will open anyway Hamburg Bay we will see that it actually has a place where you can actually buy it This domain, but you obviously didn’t do it, I’m doing this specific operation Performance, what you need to make sure is that the fact is still Now available to make your life more flatter and easier, there are two free You can use the automatically generated website company name or even the slogan The first one is the calm of the company name generator is also very convenient With domain check, and finally Shopify is its own free slogan Manufacturer, this is what I am The report of the first performance business goal and slogan If you have , Please proceed to the next step.

Regarding any questions ng Please feel free to comment on the video below and I will try my best to answer Moving on to the next performance is to speed up a bit, we have the numbers Demonstration design, if I just opened the first show with the highest ranking, it will be ranked first Left need to create simple 10 slides with Editable presentation of this cake chart I have two Free resources to show you the first one to be calmed by a slideshow carnival Provide a large amount of free food and in The formatted templates are actually A template I have been using myself to create slideshows for my YouTube videos As you can see, every template comes with many different formats A slideshow friendly with a lot of infographics will also satisfy For most (if not all) needs, what will your customers throw at you? Slide carnival is also very convenient for it to be directly integrated into Google will slide another free resource that you will use for this, and It is also very easy to use, because of the example, you can just edit copy and paste And delete slides as needed using Google Slides, you can easily save Download and share directly online or send them PowerPoint files, then That was the second show’s demo design using a free template Go to the next one we have background removal, which is more competitive Because it’s easy, but I also know how to do it Used to apply it to any related graphics I have introduced how to do the show Before this, but this time I actually replaced the background removal tool From moving that BG to another so-called Burner Bonanza Because actually only delete the point BG provides a free picture, and Burner Bonanza can be used completely for free, as you can see, I have been Use it for some of my own images and before I actually start using it It brings me back to Fiverr first And open a sample show, let’s say that after reading this photo, I will make 100 photos Background removal is actually a bit misleading because they don’t Actually charged $5 for this but actually more, anyway let I enter here, you will see that the rate is 15 images to Their background was removed for 5 dollars Actually it’s bad, if we switch to standard packaging, every 50 to 20 dollars Images, and then finally a premium 100 images, the price is 35 dollars, in fact It only takes a few clicks to do this and we are going to go to Burner Bonanza newsletter, you actually want to register your own account Because that can save your image, but anyway, let me show you I'm just an example of a random image dragged here by Keanu Reeves So first it will automatically try to burn the background, and then It will also provide you with some easy-to-use tools that allow you to categorize If the image does not come out, please edit the image to perfect, it actually came out Really good, so The four images are usually generated Just choose the second one and finish using it, but for example The automatically generated image is not good enough, you just need to select You want to click The modified button below the edited image, as shown below On the left, this is how it is currently used Depict the image yellow, so everything is beyond yellow Will be erased or removed.

Here you can see that there are two You can go from The red one is called the background Marked as foreground on the green one, so if your picture doesn’t Has been correctly generated, you can use any of these tools to mark Whether you want to be the background or vice versa, for example, if I To really erase Keanu Reese’s hair, I can use the red tool here and then Just keep drawing and paint what I want Becomes that background, and then again, I can use the green tool To restore the prospects I want, it's almost You use the Burner Bonanza, and when you’re done, you can go to the bottom right corner and Click Finish and you will be able to view the pictures in your account And download it, just hover your mouse over the top left and select download as PNG to actual Get this image even if you You will get a transparent background again and decide not to remove the background, such as One of your shows can still be useful for other shows and projects Involving any form of background removal such as saying that the customer gave you The logo will remove its background in the next step Moving on to the fourth performance, we use special subtitles to subtitle the video clip You can see automation techniques here.

People have been able to Sell ​​performances at the price of Adding subtitles to video clips in Of the various languages ​​involved in presenting transcripts, but Also with Synchronize the transcript when each word is actually How to use before I show you in the video A free tool to automate this operation, let's first check Brain and If we look at his different packaging We will see that for the $5 option, buyers actually have to provide their Own transcript, but for the option of $15, he will then use Create transcript subtitles happen to be The way I want to show you that this tool is capable of doing this is The video you want to upload after you ask the customer to send it to you The video is uploaded to YouTube and others can be activated using a Google account YouTube channel is free, then upload the video as a private video, then The reason for this is that YouTube actually adds subtitles to its videos Automatically, and even allows you to download its subtitle files directly, and then That’s very accurate, even if it doesn’t pin the entire transcript 100% you can still easily download the subtitle file or edit it YouTube It does support multiple languages, but if you don’t actually understand The language itself, you may not be able to use the check Small bugs in can now actually download these subtitles Subtitles, you want to actually move to the left after uploading the video Video options and click on the link that shows subtitles, then Then say subtitles on the right, you can directly click on the option By three points Indicated here, then select download and There is more in-depth guidance on this including how to actually download YouTube and Edit these subtitles for different file types, you can check out Other videos I’ve done on this topic are in the description box, go to For the next show on the 5th, we have e-book file type conversion, yes Is actually one thing, because not only so different types of devices support Different file types, but people also want to be able to convert to editable E-books are divided into non-editable versions and for example, if I’m here Open this show with more than a thousand comments, we can See that they charge a $5 formatting fee and bending fee for their basic packaging E-books with up to 100 pages, then for standard packaging, the price is $15 200 pages with ten images, then Every 300 pages and 20 pages The premium is $25.

The image I know sounds complicated, but Actually not because of this free software, here you can call it a caliber software actual use It only takes a few clicks to convert the e-book file type, then edit and Format them to suit your needs video i didn't actually go Demonstrate how it works, but if you are interested you can check Link in I will take you step by step through the descriptions in my other videos Moving on to the sixth scene, we have YouTube profile and cli CLIps which Usually has an animation with the channel logo, but The performers charge US dollars and above from ten o'clock, which is actually Easy to do, because these clips usually last only a few seconds, for example Let me just play one of the preview clips to show you how it looks Now we have a general idea The appearance of these clips will be released soon on a website called Panzer comm You can actually create these or even use free pre-made templates Find some templates online right away, you just need to go to the options In the upper left corner here, and select the creation we will bring here or You can browse many people’s templates or use the search bar Using these for Be careful when choosing a person who actually appoints you You can use it without attribution, even then there are still a lot of cool videos You can customize it with The template has e.g.

My own youtube Also used this site for introduction using one of its templates I simply changed the background text font and added it to my A selection of music clips and some others A lengthy tutorial, I will not demonstrate all of these in this compilation Video, but link you to my in-depth walkthrough in the description box Transcription to Antarctica is somewhat similar To early In addition to providing regular text or Documents instead of specific timestamps can speak subtitle files It’s still good to use YouTube’s automatic subtitles to help you do this, but If you have trouble answering the phone, you have no time. The content of the standing caption file, that’s why Or, what you can do is old-fashioned transcription, which can be Using Google Docs has become very easy-is the voice-to-text function For transcription, you should just provide All the text of can be spoken in a given video clip, so With Google Docs, you can actually play video clips and listen while No need to type, you can speak and let the software do all the typing To demonstrate for you, let me first open a blank document here, and then Once loaded, I can activate go to Voice-to-text tool I’m going to wait in the "Tools" menu here A little bit and choose voice typing, and then I will be Able to type what I said, this is the test I want to pass the voice input And it’s very accurate, I don’t have to speak with this robot’s voice, but I feel Like it, here you can see that a small mistake was actually made It should be said instead of all that I need to do is right-click on it and click Choose the correct grammar, here is actually The correct version is suggested in so I can do this because Google will actually detect it automatically.

This is another convenience for you now In fact, you don’t have to browse the full text to locate each text Personal error because you can go to tools and select Spelling and grammar, the system will really find all errors for you And you can like Browse them as well as the current salary level To this end, we return to Fiverr and open one of these highly rated performances This person started as Charge a fee of $5 for the first 20 minutes of their texting Transcribed, and then they also have standard packaging, the charge is $30 video or audio clip instead of Lasts 90 to 180 minutes, so the specific type of performance may not be versus Compared to some other simple methods that are the most time-saving, but May still be One of the seven gigs you listed or even something You might be really good at moving on to the eighth performance There is a channel that I’m going to talk about recently, Ashley Travel advice and plans, such as giving a complete army or checklist Recommended for attractions and restaurants, although it is definitely If you live in it, it’s easier to do Powerful features and convenience of free tools in a specific city or country Google Travel and Google My Maps are not confused with Google You can easily advise others on cities around the world as well To see an example of a performance, they are going to the re4 on the left Usually about five to ten provided The amount of the list of attractions and accommodation is complete With some personal reviews and suggestions and take even Surpass your competitors for Provide an annotated digital map of your customers, you can view my recent This tutorial covers Google Travel and Google My Maps Provide a link for this guide Will be in your The convenience of the description box 2gig No.

9 Short video ads, which can be very profitable because businesses Usually willing to spend money to create ads, but it’s also very easy For example, if I just arrived now let me tell you What these ads look like This person literally sold a 30-second advertisement for one hundred dollars Things like this, and with your help we can raise the necessary funds, and Expected sales to exceed 1.5 million USD in the first year [Music] Because to get us, we can afford The world can eat dessert on Procom It’s actually very easy to make a professional looking advertising can. First of all, you need Find Of royalty-free video clips related to the company you want to build Then almost free advertising video editor, including your built-in Move the producer on Apple devices or Windows Movie, you only need to string these clips together And in Add transition between if needed, you can add some Duty-free background music, I will show you where to get all Royalty-free stuff, if you want to make a voice-over Just outsourcing, you can still show you the very good net profit A quick demo of how to create a video is added like this, we can go to Go to the website called Video Newsletter to get our royalty-free video clips here They provide a large number of 4k high-definition clips that you can download for free and For example, if I want to use it, please use a vinyl record player to edit the promotion I can simply open this link for things related to music and even preview I want to download the clips, and now I can actually edit these clips Free video editor, including your default settings, people I like can work in person Use Windows Movie Maker and occasionally vs DC editor a bit It’s more complicated to use, but it works well.

The alternatives to these are popular videos Express is also free to provide a large number of free tutorials, you can Also consulted, just to demonstrate that it really suits you There are already popular videos open and then start a new project, and then go to Start my video ad, I can get the clip I downloaded before is um The clip is found in my download folder and then actually enters the import And drag it to the bottom left corner where I just repositioned myself Soon, but you can now see the clip pair No response The window on the bottom left is also You will have all Where to drag other video clips, but remember This window is only used to clip what you have imported, but not necessarily Has been added to your actual video, so it’s actually included in your video Want to drag it to the main frame here on the right, you can also handle Audio clips in the same way, but let me now show you how to add For example, transition, I will only drag in another video clip, actually I think the same t downloaded again, I can drag it to my Main frame here add my second clip and then you want to add Transition to the effects tab, then scroll to It says transition video and then open this folder, let me double Click wait, let me click the arrow to open it, and then you can decide Which type of transition do I want to add usually like dissolving or sometimes You don’t have to transition, but if you really want to have You only need to drag one of the effects you want to be in between Want to place it in it so that I can just drag it between me and me Will preview it for you, but it can make my computer fall behind, so I’m not Anyway, this is your basic point.

Create a video to add, then press To add background music to your video clip, you just need to transfer Go to YouTube’s own music library and use the slash audio library on youtube.com and Then under the search bar here or the category you want to categorize here Choose an attribution option, then click attribution, so It is actually royalty-free, so you only need to download the music you want to play Go back to Popular Movie Express again and drag the music, and then drag it to Add it to your Video in the main window, after the final completion Add everything and edit your video you can export first Go to the export options to choose the quality you want, so usually you need I think it’s the highest quality YouTube’s 2160p Ultra HD, then go to Actually export it to the export bond button instead of the bottom Yes, right above me, then just click on it, then click save In similar Moving on to the 10th show, we have Facebook and Instagram ads This usually involves graphic ads, not videos, unless we Talking about Instagram Stories ads I also showed you how to do it, first of all To show you examples of these things the ad type looks like It’s actually very simple considering your customers Or usually provided by the customer to provide you with some Design your own image or logo, so you can also It’s quite profitable, for example, it says that this person has to charge $10 can complete a basic task design or a social media profile cover Design, and for that, there are three different websites that I want to show Your first one is Canva Calmness is already very popular, but You can See the bottom left corner we have The two templates of Facebook ads and Instagram ads and there You can use many templates and drag and drop to the right so that you Can be changed by Editing text easily will change the image and even Import its image or other images you can find on the tax-free website, or Royalty free image sites like and for our next site, we are actually Hello, there is a competitor of Kambiz, not many people know This, but this is your other website can be used for more templates, so here As you can see, they also have Facebook ads and Instagram ads and Here they even have Template Twitter ads and a few other things Now, both canva and krill are free to use but if you want Another option to easily create Instagram story ads YouTube ads or general video ads You can also try to watch Wave videos Provides a simple drag and drop editor but you have to pay to Download these videos, maybe if you are going , It’s worth charging more to Fiverr Moving to show number 11, we have the usual photo retouching Remove Spots and wrinkles on people’s faces, then smoothed General images and check out one of these gigs now seems to disappear The cost of editing an image is $5.00, and with two free tools, you can do this Very easily from a After uploading, I will call makeup photos here Random pictures of myself on the website are automatically passed Retouch my face to make it smooth and make the color Here, my menu It’s a bit warm, you can also choose these options The specific effect I want or don't want tells you how strong I am Actually turned off the effect, so it’s turned off now, then let me turn it off Go back to the top, it opened again, as you can see here, my condition should be much better Ok, you see the difference, download my picture now I can be Click on save and share at the very bottom, then it will give I can choose to share or download it, so I will hit Download button, then I actually right click and click save image Take and make up for photos even incomplete because this is another free tool What you can use to make the image look better is called a photo communication Especially just called Spot Healing Brush tool on the left side of the tool I hover over here and i just click to remember Want any spots on my face for example I have this little spot or in my It looks like a mole between the eyes, I can click here to wipe it Far this is another point I can do Remove the other one on my nose, I can cover it and put it aside If you want to do any graphics processing, if you don’t own it or don’t have it, it’s related to design I want to pay a higher Photoshop fee for me.

It is recommended to use the photo payment to get it for free A good choice, and you can even save various images If needed, you can choose a different format to use with makeup photos anyway A simple photographic method retouched on which show No. 12 skill data input is not required Name means punching and sorting information This kind of spreadsheet listing of performances seems to be charged by the hour The standard exchange rate is at About 10 dollars per hour, but you have to make a lot of money It’s easier for you to use free cloud-based software called Google Even provide Template worksheet from to-do list to From annual budget to monthly budget to Calendar schedule Cavill planning expert and team roster named with you The next one is similar to number 13 Data input we used to be a virtual assistant Usually allows you to do all kinds of simple tasks, we are usually you Hired based on the time you earn to earn income, I think you are Versatile, get along well with people, and general computer skills can do this ratio More interesting, more meaningful, directly enter the data upwards, continue to Number 14 on this list is not technically a Fiverr performance, but I still Want to include it because it's just a great and very different way of making Money earned with Fiverr will not be restricted through the 7 show caps on your account and It's any private member performance, the method is to browse Log in to fiverr.com to register and then go to your dashboard On the left, use the marketing tool default links and deep links, on the right It says that you can actually use the LP URL to paste into any Fiverr show.

Basically Generate a personal affiliate link so that I can say this show here, let me paste Put it back and choose the check if someone passes To purchase, please mark here and link to here, you can actually earn commission So the way you make money is by recommending and promoting any show Use your custom link on the platform and make money When people buy goods through it just to show you more clearly how You can generate the link I want to move the screen away Correct, you will see called LP The option URL, that's it where you should Open to paste to any Any link fiber gig and then will produce you These links are similar to the fiber CPA links here.

You can copy again and then Paste it on any platform you want to continue to promote the song until For the next show, we have more left, but the 15th place is beta Articles or stories of people whose readings are higher than other readings, and Provide them with your feedback saying that if you Proficient or professional, but even if you are not some people you will still Appreciate very much The views of ordinary readers, especially their Want to do accurate market research and if you are We have users who charge a competitive price for similar veins of No.

16 Also provide feedback tests and various usability tests Software website applications or games and can provide actual user feedback for this When testing materials, you can download a free software called OBS Studio, i'm working Use mobile screenshots at the moment We did quickly enter the 17th place, we have a little bit of fun Pretend to be someone else, even if you don’t necessarily have a voice Still use free but powerful software such as Voxel Voice Changer, or if you want The better one will cost you very little, you can also consider voice The mod also has many benefits.

Built-in sound, you can use it in the next step It can be said that the voice change may use one for performance number 18. Is making a call, this is right, this is actually in Fiverr What happened on because frankly many people will get Calling nervously or Poly is not very good, so if you can Muster up the courage to call for them, even according to their specific requirements Call instructions can be very easy, gigs can be added to your list, but Related to these five areas, why not go out at home Another strange house number 19 is Distribution and distribution of actual flyers for the Fiverr show if you , This one may be particularly good to live in your big city or area May attract a lot of attention so customers will want your The service is last on the 20th, we have Greetings and videos usually need to record some interesting content Video message, such as saying gangster or just a funny voice or Even when doing something very random but as fun as sitting on a raft If you have , Please use this type of show interesting trick is actually Your concert has some chances of spreading to get Who’s the mass sales nowhere, that’s Tony Fauver The performance hardly requires any skills, and there are actually more than 21 free tools to help You do it now, we'll just have a quick talk, and freelancers Can be both beneficial and profitable.

I personally prefer to create Passive income from video streaming, just like my YouTube Videos and other adventurous activities here, such as affiliate marketing, etc. Checkout A very powerful procedure I followed creates more freedom and flexibility I strongly recommend that I have the wealth and wealth of a lifetime click The description box below the first link in is not only very Beginner friendly, but it has also been proven the same, we finally if you Has reached the end of today’s video at Find it helpful or like things are crushed like buttons to help Use YouTube algorithm to play videos and consider subscribing to mine youtube channel to get information about Of more videos to make money online and digitally Entrepreneurship can also join my free and very friendly Facebook group I often post free resources where I update and giveaways anyway Thank you Watching so much, I will seize to be with you in the next video in peace

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20 EASY Ways to Make Money On Fiverr With NO SKILL (With 21 FREE TOOLS)

Here are 20 easy and profitable Fiverr gigs you can do as a complete beginner, without any special skills, ESPECIALLY with the free tools I show you in this video!

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▬Table of Contents▬
Intro: 0:00
1) Branding Services + 3 free tools: 01:22
2) Digital Presentation design + 2 free tools: 03:33
3) Background burning +1 New free tool: 04:40
4) Subtitling (automatic method) + 1 free tool: 07:37
-Complementary in-depth tutorial: https://youtu.be/9DXuuDv9yoM
5) Ebook file conversions + 1 free tool: 09:23
-Complementary in-depth tutorial: https://youtu.be/GR9y2tRNhMU
6) YouTube intro/outro clips + 1 free tool: 10:16
-Complementary in-depth tutorial: https://youtu.be/QbcfVPav7O0
7) Transcription + 1 free tool: 11:35
8) Travel advice & planning + 2 free tools: 13:45
-Complementary in-depth tutorial: https://youtu.be/DeMznUlMLbE
9) Short video ads + 2 free tools: 14:34
10) Social Media Ads + 2 free tools: 18:40
11) Photo retouching + 2 free tools: 20:21
12) Data entry + 1 free tool: 22:10
13) Virtual assistant: 22:43
14) Fiverr Affiliate: 23:00
-Complementary in-depth tutorial: https://youtu.be/1-In7UeRLak
15) Beta reading: 24:16
16) User testing + 1 free tool: 24:40
17) Impersonations + 1 free tool: 25:00
18) Phone calls: 25:24
19) Flyer distribution: 25:44
20) Random greetings and videos: 26:01

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