12 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money In 2021 (That Pay Well)

Okay, so before we talk about the 12 best
side hustles that pay well in 2020 we're gonna want to look at the definition of
"side hustle" just for a second because I came to realize I've never really looked at
the definition. So, the definition is "any type of employment undertaken in
addition to one's full-time job" so a side hustles generally freelance or
piecework in nature, providing a supplemental income. With that being said,
I'm pretty pumped about today's video, not as pumped as I was on the last video,
I mean I was like this, and like glasses and dancing, like I'm not gonna do all
that this video.

But I'm pretty pumped for this video because I've seen a lot
of these side hustles that I'm about to talk about in action with other creators,
with other friends, with other people I've met this year on my journey and
they're only gonna become more in demand in 2020 and beyond so definitely don't
take these side hustles lightly that I'm about to talk about in this video today.
There are side hustles in here, where if you were to work maybe 30 hours a week,
you could earn up to an extra $3,000 per month which really, for most people
including me when I was an engineer, is about a full-time income. So without
further ado, let's go ahead and get to number 1 on the list of 12.

Alright, so
coming in at number 1 for side hustles that you can do in 2020, is a beta tester.
Now not to be mistaken with scammy surveys that you could take online that
pay you like 20 cents for a half hour. These websites are definitely great
options if you want to be a beta tester and help out a new business or a company
figure out if their new website or their new application is legit and the user
experience is nice. And so these are a couple of the websites right here. The
first one is called UserTesting.com. So, UserTesting is a company where you can
earn potentially up to $60 per test. Now this is how you would do a test: is you
would visit a website or an app, complete a set of tasks, speaking your thoughts
out loud, and you get paid. So here you can sign up on this page and I'll leave
the links in the description so you don't have to write them down right now.
The other one is TryMyUI.

So becoming a TryMyUI tester, it's
really cool because it's virtually the same thing, you can get paid to use
websites and apps and give your honest feedback. So you will get paid
approximately ten bucks for each test that you take, which lasts up to twenty
minutes so in an hour you could make $30 an hour. That's a good amount of change.
So, you know, here's some fa Q's if you wanted to take a better look at TryMyUI, you know, what does the usability test consist of, how many tests can I do, how
will I be paid, and stuff like that. So what I like about this site, for example,
is that you get paid every single week and through PayPal so it's a really easy
payment system.

The next one is Userlytics where it's the same idea, you get paid to
test websites and applications, you go check out their signup page and you can
see that step one is you register and earn money, and then you interact with a
web or mobile app and then you can get paid via PayPal, these various amounts.
And so, if you see, you can get paid five, to ten, to fifteen, to twenty dollars or
other amounts. "Some of our projects even pay up to ninety dollars for just having
fun expressing your opinion" and really giving this company an honest opinion of
what you think about their website and application. Then this, Respondent.IO,
this is more study based and so the qualifications are a little bit more
strict because they really want people who are a little bit more of an expert
and have a background in this study research, but essentially it's the
fastest way to find high-paying research opportunities.

So you get paid for
basically participating in research studies. So, this application process is a
little bit more stringent, but as you can see they've paid up to ten million
dollars to respondents and the average hourly pay is a hundred and forty
dollars. Now, if you think about that, if you just work one or two hours per week
in addition to your nine-to-five, that's an incredible amount of side income per
month for only, you know, two, four, six, for eight hours of work additionally
per month. So I would definitely check out these four websites if you're
interested in being a beta tester and making a good chunk of change
with a couple extra hours of work per week.

So coming in for the second side
hustle that you can do in 2020 is online English teaching, or being
my tutor for people who want to learn English. So in previous videos I've
talked about VIPKid and I really do think that that is a great company to
start. You do need a college degree and some experience to apply and work for
them and the people that are tutoring and
teaching online through VIPKid average a monthly salary of about two thousand
dollars per month. I met a really cool girl in Lima, she's actually Canadian but
she was living in Lima for her archaeology studies, but she works for
PalFish and that is her side hustle. So with PalFish you help tutor kids that live
in China and it's cool because it's like conversational English, you do have a
curriculum but it's not like super strict and that you have to really, you
know, worry about focusing on the curriculum every single class.

You do
want to be prepared, you do want to, you know, do well with the students, but the
cool thing about her experience with PalFish is she could literally make money
from her phone. Her and I took a trip down to, you know, the southern part of
Lima to go on like in the sand dunes and stuff like that and she would be
like "Okay, well I have to work in the morning no big deal" and I was like "Well
do you have your computer with you?" She's like "No, I just use my phone, wake up
early." So she wakes up early, like at 4:00 o'clock in the morning and works to like
9:00 a.m. so that's about five hours every morning that she gets in to teach
online and she's making, you know, in the high 20s, like 20-ish dollars, per hour. So
that's a good three thousand dollars per month that she's able to rack in and
that's able to pay for her master's degree, her bills, everything and she's
able to save money with that side hustle income, so it's really impressive what
she's able to do.

So you do need a bachelor's degree, any type of bachelor's
degree, with PalFish and you do need to take, oh I forget what the name. The
TESOL or have a TESOL, so I'm not sure what it is, but it's something that
doesn't take months and months and, you know, it doesn't cost a lot of money to
get the certification and she was able to get it within a week and very

So PalFish is definitely a great application that I can say "I've
seen it work," I saw her tutor, you know, interact with the students and make
money while tutoring from her phone so you can literally do it from anywhere as
long as you have service on your phone or an internet connection on your laptop.
A great option for working online and teaching English. Alright, so coming
for side hustle number 3 are focus groups. Now what exactly is a focus group?
It's where you're able to participate in a research study, and it is with a group,
and it could be on any topic like advertising, dining, technology, the way
people shop, just all kinds of stuff that companies and different people want to
find out the different trends.

And so the idea is you would go and meet with a
group either in person, or you could do it virtually on a webcam, online, and
there's different websites, I'll mention them here in a second where you can find
out what city the focus group is in and how much you would get paid, but I
personally know other creators and actually entrepreneurs that have done
this before and they have said they've made up to $250 for just two and a half
hours of work. One of my friends told me that was specifically with a company
called Vanguard, and then she had also made $1,000 for participating in a study
that was eight hours long.

But let me tell you, that's a lot of money for eight
hours, I mean a thousand dollars in eight hours, that's way more money than I
ever made when I was in my nine-to-five as an engineer. That's a lot! And you can
go to this website called focusgroup.com and you can check out, it says "Join our
panel and get paid to share your opinion" so you can participate and sign up
through their websites, you can check out their hot topics, available studies by
location, this is nationwide. Then you can go to another website called FocusGroups.org and this one's pretty cool, just checking out the stats on the
front page, I mean, over 14,000 focus groups, over 13 million paid out, over
just about 200,000 members, so you can check out all of the cities that they
are available in and if you click on the types of focus groups you can see the
types of categories of focus groups so beverages, power, wheelchairs, card games,
video games, social media, jewelries, it never ends.

So, the best part about it is
over here you can see the amount that you would get paid, so I would definitely
check out these two websites. Another notable website is Focus Pointe Global,
and that's point with an E after the T, I don't know much about that
website but I have heard from other people that they trust it and it's a
good website as well to find different focus

Alright, so coming in at number four, I must mention this even though it
is more of a home-based business, and I say this because it's important for
those people that are trying to turn their home side hustle, or maybe their
hobby, into a business, I want to mention number four which is a youtuber, because
this industry has proven over and over in the past decade that it is a very
lucrative opportunity, not only if you're trying to build an online business but
to build a brand. It's the only platform really that pays the creator to produce
content on their platform and so the reason why I say youtuber is because if
you have any type of expertise, even if you don't think you have an expertise
you probably do I'm willing to bet, there's something that you know and that
you can share with people that other people don't know and they want to learn
from you.

So the idea is to create a YouTube channel giving value based on
what it is you know, I mean I'm alone producing a six-figure income with just
my Adsense revenue, so the Adsense that play on my youtube videos from different
advertisers from Google. But that's one way to make money with YouTube, there's
so many other ways like with affiliate marketing, with creating your own digital
products, with brand deals, with sponsorship deals, I talk way more about
this in this video right here on how to make $100 per day on YouTube with a
small channel and you guys can check that out after this video. I must say
that it is very slow in the beginning, you mean, you won't be getting tons of
views and subscribers and traffic, but if you work on this YouTube channel for a
year consistently you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish and the money
that you can make, the income that you can make, from a small YouTube channel and as
it continues to grow everything will start to multiply, your passive income
that you're creating from your channel, your Google Adsense, everything like that,
and so if building a wildly profitable business on YouTube is something you're
interested in, you can do it from home.

Of course, I do have a Subscribers to Sales
blueprint that you can download right after this video, it's an easy 6 step
guide on how I've been able to create a multiple six-figure business working
from home, being a youtuber. Alright, so coming in at side hustle number 5 that
you can do in 2020 is to write website content. The idea of this job is basically you're
writing for different influencers, you're writing for different companies, you're
writing for businesses that need people to create content on their blogs or on
their websites.

This could even be copywriting, copywriting is basically the
writing or the language that goes on an advertisement or in an email that's emailed
out to people's email subscribers that are subscribed to their email list, so
there's a lot a lot of demand for writing that companies need for people
like you. You don't even have to be an expert writer, have a degree in English,
if you're a competent writer then you can easily qualify for this job and
build up the skills that you need to be a website content creator. So there's a
couple of websites that I'm wanting to take a look at, where there's really no
excuse if you want to get into the field of, you know, being a blogger, being a
writer, making this your freelance side hustle, there's no excuse and I'll show
you right now with these websites. You can really do a bunch of cool things to
get your feet wet and if you're a beginner, these are some great resources
to look at. So the first one is AListApart.com and so they tell you exactly,
you know, how to write for them, what they're looking for, a couple of
different tips if you're just getting started and so, you know, what they
publish, how to submit and stuff like that.

And if you go to this website
called IWriter.com, for example, if I need a writer or someone to create some
type of content for me, I can go on this website and hire someone to write. But if
you want to go on there as a writer, you can go to the writer application and
fill out this easy application so that you can get your feet wet with writing
some content on this website and so like, as you can see, their pricing for
people that want to buy this different type of content and then you can order the
content and, of course, if you want to write the content you would come back to
this application page.

And then here's a really cool resource I found, I love this
resource is called barefootWriter "Freedom filled living through well-paid
writing" so this, alone, helps you start your freelance writing career so there's
really, like I said, no excuse if you want to make this a side hustle of writing,
maybe even in the future starting your own writing and blogging business, they
tell you and they train you on how to do it. So, they have direct response copywriting,
writing for the web, b2b copywriting, so they help you understand and develop
these skills. So resume writing, travel writing, cause marketing, so no matter
what type of writing you want to do there's really no shortage of projects
available. "Let us show you how to become a freelance writer." There's no lack of
resources and no reason why you can't get started with your freelancing career

Alright, so coming in at side hustle number six is called medical
coding. So this obviously is in the medical field, an industry, so what this
means is you don't have to be like a registered nurse in order to do this but
a medical coder basically codes any type of diagnostic or event that happens in
hospitals, you do need to get a certification to do this job and which
is available. You can easily find out how to take a course to get certified for
this, but a medical coder most of the time is a field or a job where you can
work from home. For example, this company called IMedX,
they have a lot of positions available where you can work from home and so the
idea is if there is a surgery in the hospital, if there is a diagnosis,
whatever the case may be you learn how to properly code these events and so
that way it can go into the database of these different hospitals so definitely
if the medical field interests you, I would check out medical coding.

Okay so
coming in at number seven is to be a transcriptionist and a really great
website to get started is with rev.com. And so the cool part about this is there
is no age requirement you can actually if you want your teenager to get a side
hustle and to start making an extra buck or two you don't have to be over 18 you
could be under 18, I'm not sure what the minimum age is, but the idea is there's
three levels to being a transcriptionist. You're like a rookie, and then there's a
middle level, and then there's a higher level where do you need, like, I think at
least 800 audio minutes and so when you first start out you can choose to be a
transcriptionist, you can choose to write captions, subtitles, or even be a
translator, and you get paid more by the category you move up, you know,
translating being the highest and so you get paid 35 cents to 90 cents per audio
minute, let's say the person turns in 31 minutes of audio you would get paid by
transcribing that minute and how long it takes you to do it so basically you get
a rating in the beginning and then as you get
better and better you type faster faster and you get better ratings, then you
eventually move your way up and make more money so definitely check out rev.com if transcribing is something that you would be interested in.

Coming in at
side hustle number 8, this one is urban sitting or urbansitter. So, what
the heck does this mean? Well, the days of watching your kids for free could be
over, so for those of you who have small children or for those of you who have
who have been into babysitting before and don't have children, it doesn't
matter this still applies. So with urban sitter, if you go to urbansitter.com,
you have the opportunity to become a babysitter or a nanny and get paid for
babysitting. So this could be, you know, as you're watching your own children,
you could look after other children and get paid to do it, so why not do it? And
the way it works is really cool because you keep 100% profit of what you
actually make while you're babysitting, and so urban center doesn't take a cut.
Obviously you can set your hours of which you want to work and it even says
here "top sitters earn over a thousand dollars a week and set their own
schedule." A thousand dollars a week! That is amazing! So if you are a stay-at-home
mom, or, you know, maybe you have a part-time job and watch your children on
the side, this is a great opportunity to just watch another kid or two or three
and make, you know, that extra income every single week and so they do have a
strict trust and safety factor so you know all the babysitters, they have to
make sure their environment is safe and everything is good to go at home, and so
it seems like a really great community of families and you get a rating, and you
get to talk about who you are as a babysitter and set your own rules so
it's really really cool.

So if urban sitting is an option for you
and maybe something you already do, definitely get paid to start watching
those kids. Alright, so coming in at number 9 for side hustles in 2020 is
called Homestay. So Homestay is similar to Airbnb, Airbnb is getting,
you know, extremely saturated, especially for people who want to host their
apartments, their rooms, there are different chair stays on Airbnb, and so
Homestay is a little bit less known and you, as the renter of a room or a house
or whatever you have, can get paid a little bit more since the competition's
not so high, I mean Airbnb takes an outrageous amount from the payment,
it's funny because there's some Airbnb owners that this year they were like "Oh,
I paid this" and they're like "Oh, I only received this" and it was like man they
robbing these Airbnb homeowners, and so Homestay is a
really great option both for you and for the traveler or the person that is
visiting and needs a room or an apartment to stay.

So I wish I got Homestay, if you do have a spare room or a place that you can rent out for a night
or a couple nights to somebody else. Alright, so the next side hustle coming
in at number 10 is a Lime Scooter Charger, or Bird. The Lime Scooters you
see, or the scooters that you're seeing nowadays in the big metropolitan cities,
basically you would be a charger so you would collect those scooters, take them
to go charge, and then release them for Lime, I think it's three to five dollars
per charge, that you do, so per scooter, and then with Bird, I mean, you could
actually make up to $20. They say they pay from $3 to $20 per scooter. You're
not gonna get rich, it's not a side hustle that's going to pay as much as the
others, where you can make like three to four grand per month, but, you know, it is
a great option if you are trying to make a couple extra dollars on the weekend or
in your spare time so definitely the charger positions are always in demand
with both Lime and Bird and I imagine the other companies as well so
definitely consider that side hustle.

Coming in at number eleven is Rent a
Friend. Yes, you heard that right renting a friend. So the idea is if you
think you're somebody who is kind of social, or maybe you're in college and
this is something you're supposed to be doing anyways, being social. So the idea
is you would go to RentAFriend.com and let's say you're new to a city and
you want to hire a friend to come with you to a sporting event or, you know, they
have here on the website: skiing, parties, hiking, music, poetry, teaching,
like anything you want, any type of activity where you want a friend you can
go to this website and connect with people I mean it sounds kind of weird
but I think this is actually kind of cool, because, you know, when you're new to
a city it's really intimidating and this is somewhere where it's a trusted
website. Everything is always updated, the profiles and stuff, so you can go and be
the friend for people to hire and the other great thing about Rent a Friend is
that it is worldwide, so it's not just in the US or Canada, this is something that
you can sign up for and participate in and have a side hustle from anywhere in
the world.

Finally, we've arrived at number 12, TEN, TWO, 12, so number 12 for side
hustles for 2020 is to create a paid advertising agency. Now that's a mouthful
and this is also something that's more entrepreneurial and this would be
building a business and the idea is you would learn how to do paid advertising
for different businesses and the reason why I bring this up is because this is
in huge demand, I mean it's something that I need in my business and that I'm
actually probably gonna hire someone to help me with this year is learning, for
example, how to do YouTube ads so if you can learn how to run Facebook ads,
Instagram ads, which is the same platform basically, learn how to do Google ads,
Bing ads, banner ads, YouTube ads, the list goes on and on.

If you learn how to do
one of these skills, it will be in very high demand, because typically what
happens with startup companies or a startup influencer or whoever they don't
have an organic following, so they don't have, you know, subscribers on a YouTube
channel, followers on Instagram and Facebook, you don't have any organic
traffic and they're trying to build that organic traffic but in the meantime a
lot of companies have a budget where they will happily pay to get paid
advertising to their offer into their lead magnet or whatever else and so that
is why paid advertising and knowing how to do paid advertising for people is so
important so you can really start to get your first clients. You can start your
paid advertising agency as a freelancer again on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer.com,
where there's already traffic and you can start to get your first paid clients
online and eventually work your way offline and grow your business that way.
But definitely I'm telling you if you could learn how to do
a paid advertisement, any type like I just mentioned this is definitely a
skill you're going to want to learn going into 2020 and beyond.

Alright, I
hope you guys got major value from this video and are ready to start racking in
that side hustle money in 2020, my name is Marissa if you haven't already joined
the family, subscribe to the channel, hit the notification bell to stay tuned for
videos just like this one, and if you like this video I guarantee you'll
probably like this video which is about 10 high-paying jobs that you can learn
and do from home and that video starts right now.
That's me working from the beautiful mountains of Peru, that is incredible, I'm
able to generate checks like this just from Google ad revenue this is crazy..

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12 Best Side Hustle Ideas To Make Money In 2021 (That Pay Well)

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