10 Websites To Make Money Online For FREE In 2021 πŸ’° (No Credit Card Required!)

so today i'm going to be talking to you guys about 10 websites that will allow you to make money for free in 2021 without the use of things like credit cards i'll be talking about some of my favorites even though this video will mainly be aimed towards 2021 this is information that you'll be able to use even beyond that a lot of people on this channel are trying to make money online so i thought this would be a fitting video because most of these sites still working and with that said let's get straight into the video hi guys my name is phil and welcome to themoneygame youtube channel for anyone that's new around here i usually make print on demand content to motivate people to pretty much make money online but today we are covering more than print printing demand i will be talking about 10 websites that will allow you to make money for free without any sort of investment without any credit cards some of the sites and the methods i'll be talking about you may have heard about some of them i know for a fact a lot of you have never heard about some of these so make sure to watch this video the whole way through so you don't miss out on an opportunity that could potentially change your life maybe even your bank account a quick disclaimer as well these things will not make you a millionaire overnight but when you put the time in you get to a point where you do start bringing in some money and also everyone is different and that is one of the main reasons i'm covering 10 different methods mainly because if one method doesn't work for you you will be able to find one that does get straight into this with the first website we have redbubble now this is one of my personal favorites as i use this quite a lot i've covered this in a lot of videos on this channel and it works i have gotten sales from this people who watch my videos have also got sales from this now for anyone who doesn't know what redbubble is it's a website that works very very similar to amazon and the fact that you can go on here and search for a product now they cover a variation of 93 different products from t-shirts to mugs and one thing i really do like about redbubble is the fact that one it's easy to create an account and two once you have your account created when it comes to uploading designs don't have to actually create complicated designs just to show you an example of the designs that do well on redbubble if i was to type in funny t-shirt and then search that up on redbubble i can almost guarantee you that you will see that some of the t-shirts that pop up here aren't really complicated so i've got a lot of text based designs and if i was to search by best selling so if i go up to most relevant here and then click best selling it will show me what people have actually bought a lot of in terms of t-shirts so at the top we're seeing some more artistic based t-shirts and i understand not everyone can make these but as you go lower you can see the simple text based designs that pretty much anyone can make and for people that might be thinking i'm not artistically gifted i can't make really cool designs you don't have to be creating text-based designs is very easy you can do it through photoshop if you don't have photoshop there's free alternatives this one right here photo p.com is one of them it's very similar to photoshop if i was to click on it to open it you can see here it pretty much looks like photoshop and you guys can actually create your simple text-based designs on here and let's say you don't have a laptop or a pc you can also make designs on your phone by using apps like the over app which you can find on the play store you can also find it on the apple store and i've covered videos about how you can use apps like this once again redbubble is a game changer this is an example of a simple design someone created that's been selling well if you're watching this and you're thinking i want to try redbubble don't know where to start i actually have a free print-on-demand starter guide linked down in the description that helps you guys get into redbubble so after redbubble another site you guys can go on to for completely free without having to pay any money at all is fiverr now a lot of people probably know fiverr as their website that allows you to get services for fairly cheap and yes one way you could make money on fryer essentially is by becoming maybe someone who designed t-shirts for people you can create simple text-based design and do it as a service for people and this doesn't have to be the only service you can offer if you're talented at different things you can offer different services but one thing that people don't really know about fiverr is that they offer an affiliate program what this means is that if you can get people to sign up to fifo or to get services from fifer through your affiliate links you can actually get commissions off that once again this isn't anything you need to pay for it's something you can do for completely free and this is something that you guys could implement very easily especially if you know people that are looking for certain services or you could even use fiverr to drop service and drop servicing is pretty much the process in which you make yourself the middleman so in the instance where someone wants a website you can say okay i'll get the website sorted for yourself maybe on fire for someone is charging a hundred dollars you can then charge the person 200 and then keep a hundred dollars difference so there's a lot you can do when it comes to fifa third thing we have here is youtube now a lot of you guys know that people can make money from youtube but you probably for the most part don't believe you can do it yourself or you don't have the confidence to be on screen and make videos now one thing that's good about youtube is the fact that you don't even have to show your face if you want to make money through youtube you can create faceless niched down youtube channels where you could be making videos talking about types of dogs types of cats without even showing your face and with channels like that you can get them to a point where they potentially get monetized and you can start making money and another thing with youtube is the fact that there's so many different niches as well and depending on which niche you're in you can potentially earn more per thousand views which is known as cpm if i was to quickly take you into my youtube back office and just to quickly go through some of my daily earnings with you guys you would see that it ranges anywhere from see 32 pounds here for the day 26 pounds highs of 59 pounds and obviously it's up and down and this is something that's happened within six months of being active on this youtube channel now if this is something that i can do you guys watching this video can do it as well all you need to do is find a niche the most profitable niches when it comes to youtube are within the finance niches car niches real estate niches so if you can make videos that fit into those kind of niches you can actually start making money from nothing given though with youtube depending on how hard you work it could take you anywhere from a month to a couple of months until you do get monetized in my case it took me two months to get to a point where i was actually monetized on this channel the fourth website we have here is tea public now tea public is very similar to redbubble in fact the owners of redbubble bought tea public but they've kind of left tea public with its own unique stance and the way t public works like i said is similar to redbubble with its own few differences one thing you'll notice with tea public is the fact that they are always having sales and also when you post a design on t public the first 48 hours that design is up it is actually put on sale so it's cheaper for customers to buy one thing that's good about tea public is the fact that those kind of sales allow you to get sales from customers quicker but a downside of using t public is the fact that they have less products in comparison to redbubble next up we have lester now a lot of you watching this video are probably thinking what is listed like what does this do and i'll tell you straight up guys lister is a game changer now what lister allows you to do is to pretty much drop ship without any cost to you at all now how lister works is that you create an account and once your account is created they will actually give you a list of products that are selling on amazon that you can then sell over on ebay now the great thing about this is that those products that are listed are products that you do not have to have at the end of the day you are drop shipping so leicester will give you a set of products that are cheap on amazon that through their system you can automatically list on ebay and if you get sales from ebay using the money that you receive from ebay you can then buy those products from amazon and send them to the customer's address allowing you to keep the difference lister allows pretty much anyone to sign up giving them access to their free option which gives people 50 products that they can list on ebay the main thing you need to take note of when it comes to lister is the fact that you do need to keep an eye out on your lister account in case prices are updated but besides that this is a free option of potentially getting into drop shipping and making some money from absolutely nothing okay i hope i haven't lost you guys if you have any questions so far at this point of the video let me know down in the comment section and i'll try to go through them and answer them once the video is out and moving on to the sixth website we have clickbank a lot of you have probably seen clickbank advertised in many different places but once again clickbank is a website that allows you to make money from nothing now the good thing about clickbank is that it allows you to pretty much promote and sell other people's products and if you can actually get to the point where you're selling those things you are given commissions the commissions can range anywhere from 10 to even over a hundred dollars when it comes to clickbank and there's various ways you guys can actually promote these products for completely free for example they've affiliate links in relation to products within the sport niche when it comes to things like protein shakes so let's say for example you has to create a youtube video talking about five underrated protein shakes and then you link them down in the description if someone clicked on your clickbank link in the description and bought that protein shake from you you would then get a commission on that and once again posting on youtube is completely free signing up to clickbank is completely free and advertising your clickbank links through that method is also completely free so you'll be able to make money from absolutely nothing it's definitely something to try out some people will have a lot of success with it some people may not but that is why i'm making this video going through 10 different options so everyone can find at least one thing that works for them next up with spreadsheet and a spreadsheet is another print on demand sign now this one's a little bit underrated not too many people use this but it works in a similar way once again to redbubble and teepublic you can upload your designs on them choose which market you want them to be on so whether the uk market or the u.s market and if you get sales on spreadshirt you will get paid on those sales in the following month spreadshirt do have a little bit of a payment hold i'm pretty sure you need to be hitting at least 10 dollars in sales to be able to cash out that money but once again it cost you completely nothing to put designs on spreadshirts and if people buy you can potentially make yourself some extra money on the side and number eight we have amazon associates now this is a fun one a lot of people don't actually know that you can do this but once again through the power of affiliate links you can actually make money through amazon associates now what this is it's a program that allows you to sign up and then once you sign up you can actually get custom links for any product you can find on amazon and if you can get anyone to buy that product through your link amazon will give you a commission now depending on the type of product the commission will be different for example with home furnishings you might make more than you would do with electricals but either way you would still get a commission now this is something that usually does really well with people that do reviews on tech products let's say for example a new iphone comes out or a new apple macbook comes out that's available on amazon if you can do a review or if you can share those links in groups where people may be interested in those types of products if people buy those products you get a commission and the best thing about those links is that they are amazon link so if someone clicks on it you'll just be taken to an amazon page there's nothing that shows that it's in relation to any sort of affiliate program and even if you have friends that want to buy something from amazon you can just come into your associates back office get a link for that product send it to them and if they buy it you will get a commission it won't cost them any more or any less the only difference is that you would get a little bit of a kickback and this is a very easy way to make money from nothing especially if your friends and family that like buying through amazon or even if you want to start doing things like reviews on youtube for certain types of products that you already like the ninth website we have on the list is merch by amazon once again it's linked to amazon but the difference with merch by amazon is it allows you to sell things like t-shirts through amazon now this is kind of similar to the other print and demand sites i've covered so far in the video but the only different with merch by amazon is the fact that you have a wider audience of people to reach amazon is the biggest marketplace on the internet so if you can get designs uploaded onto merch by amazon and those shirts get approved you could potentially line yourself up to be in a position to make a lot of money there are people in the past couple of years that have made six figures through merch by amazon alone the only downside is that not everyone gets accepted into merch by amazon but it's worth a try because if you do you never know your 2021 or whatever year you decide to start on this could end up completely different to what you would have expected once again it's completely free to apply to create an account to put designs up and merged by amazon you just need to be patient at the start because they only allow you to post one design a day to you have 10 designs and you're only allowed more slots for designs once you actually start to get some sales 10th website i'm going to be talking about to finish us off today is amazon kdp also known as amazon kindle direct publishing now a lot of you might be familiar with kindle devices they're the little amazon devices that you can read books on now if you think of that it then kind of seems obvious what this is about and amazon kdp is a program that allows you to sell books with low content no content or just normal box with content in them once again amazon is a big marketplace so if you can get yourself some books even diaries or coloring books on the amazon market using this you could potentially end up making a nice amount for yourself and the good thing about this as well is amazon kdp allows more people into the program in comparison to merch by amazon so it's something to definitely try out and once again a lot of people online are making money from this that started from nothing and if they can do it so can you okay guys there are 10 websites i thought i'll share with you guys to show you guys how you could potentially make yourself a lot of money in 2021 from completely nothing if there's any particular site that you saw in this video that you feel like you want to hear more about or that you want to see more information about let me know down in the comment section and i might get to working on a video that goes in depth onto whichever site you want me to talk about if you've gotten any sort of value from this video at all a like rating would be very much appreciated make sure to subscribe if you're new to the channel and at the end of the day when it comes to anything whether that's making money whether that's achieving your goals always remember that everything is rigged in your favor and manifest success [Music] [Music] you

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10 Websites To Make Money Online For FREE In 2021 πŸ’° (No Credit Card Required!)

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