10 Ways to Make Money Online (2021)

Hey guys I'm Suzanne with Arvabelle in
this video I'm going to give you ten ideas of different ways that you can
start making money online with different online businesses. You can do these
either as side hustles or with the intention of eventually replacing your
full-time job. If you're not already subscribed to the channel consider
subscribing for more videos on money investing and mindful living. So idea
number ten is social media marketing. There are many businesses out there that
don't really know how to fully utilize social media to their advantage, so that
is where you can come in and help them harness the power of the internet.

media really is a fantastic tool for bringing in more customers or driving
more sales, it's just that most business owners are focused on the business
aspect of their company and so they need additional help with social media and
with running advertising campaigns. Businesses are usually willing to pay
people to run their social media accounts and to keep them up to date as
well as running ads on Facebook or Instagram or sending out email campaigns.
There aren't a lot of costs for starting up a social media marketing agency, you
just need to learn how to read analytics and figure out how to run ads. A good
tactic when you're just getting started is to approach local businesses like
dentists or restaurants and to offer to do the first month for free.

Then if
you're able to bring them more customers or drive more sales to their website or
to their product then after that you can start charging them monthly or by ad
campaign. Number nine is Amazon FBA. It seems like the majority of the
population is sort of unaware that when you buy something on Amazon probably a
good like half of the time you're actually buying from third-party sellers.
So that's people like you and me who are working with manufacturers often
overseas to have products made and then shipped to Amazon warehouses.

If you were
the seller then you would make a listing on Amazon and whenever a product sold
Amazon would ship it out from their warehouse using Amazon Prime or
whatever the customer chose. Now you don't necessarily have to be inventing
something new to start an Amazon FBA business. Most Amazon FBA sellers are
selling white label products. So this is where a manufacturer or a distributor is
selling you a generic item that other people are also selling, and you're
responsible for creating the branding around that product. So an example of
this is when you go to the store and say you're on the vitamin aisle and you're
looking at vitamin C. You'll see a bunch of different brands of vitamin C. They're
all the same product probably all made in exactly the same place the only
differences are like the shape of the bottle maybe the shape of the actual
vitamin itself but it's the same product. So it's the same idea when selling on
Amazon FBA. Now out of everything on this list Amazon FBA probably takes the most
amount of money to get started you'll likely need a couple thousand dollars
and there's going to be some trial and error both with finding products that
sell and also with working with manufacturers and making sure that a
high-quality product is made.

Number eight is to open a Shopify store. Shopify
is just an e-commerce platform where you can open up an online store and
basically sell whatever you want, but I wanted to go over a few ways that you
can use Shopify that have low overhead costs. If you watch anything in the
entrepreneur space on YouTube you've probably heard of dropshipping. Dropshipping is a method of selling products without actually having to hold any
inventory. So how this works is you list items on your store that you can find
from a manufacturer or a distributor on a website like AliExpress. Then when a
customer orders an item off of your site, you order it from Aliexpress, and the
manufacturer will ship it directly to the customer. I won't really go too much
further into how that works that's just sort of a brief overview of what drop
shipping is. But two business models that I like for Shopify better
dropshipping are print-on-demand products and selling digital products.
Print-on-demand is sort of a similar concept to drop shipping, it's just
whenever someone orders a design on an item like a t-shirt or a mug then after
they order it it is actually printed on to that item.

The reason that I like this
better than drop shipping is because if you are based in the US some of these
print-on-demand companies will offer items like t-shirts that are also made
in the US, and I think it's good to buy ethically where you can, and especially
if you are dealing with fabrics and textiles. Selling digital products I
think is just a great business model all around because number one you can have a
really high profit margin since you aren't producing any physical products,
and number two there's really no limit on how much you can sell. If you can sell
one digital download you can sell 100 or 1000 and you don't have to do any
additional work.

The next idea is to flip domains or social media accounts. So if
you are good at coming up with creative or with catchy names, you can easily buy
a like $5 or $10 domain name or sign up for social media accounts and
grab that social media handle for free and then you can flip those and resell
them for profit. People will pay for just a good name alone, but if you are able to
build a website into a blog that generates a little bit of cash flow or
if you are able to start building up a following on say an Instagram account,
you'll be able to flip those for more money.
Number six is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you refer
people to a product or a service and when people click through and use your
link you will get a small commission or percentage of that sale and it doesn't
cost any customer anything extra to use your link.

This is my favorite way to
make money online because there are no upfront costs. If you're putting links on
a website or on a blog obviously you'll have to pay to have a website or blog,
but you can just as easily do affiliate marketing on YouTube channels or Instagram
accounts. You don't necessarily have to be paying for anything. The easiest way
to get started with affiliate marketing is through something like Amazon
Associates. With Amazon Associates you will use special links that they give
you to different products on Amazon. When people click through and buy that
product or almost any other product on Amazon within 24 hours of clicking your
link, you will earn a small percentage of the sale. And I'll put the table the
Amazon provides on the screen. Usually these percentages are pretty small but
if you have a large volume of people clicking through and buying things from
your links that can start to add up.

There are lots of different referral
programs out there that you can use. You can also join affiliate networks so that
would be things like Clickbank or CJ Affiliates or ShareASale, and with those
affiliate networks basically you sign up and you get access to a database of a
bunch of different companies that they work with that offer affiliate programs.
Number five is copywriting. So this does not mean going out and becoming a patent
attorney to obtain copyrights for people. That is not what we're talking about.
Copywriting is writing the copy or the sales text for advertisements or for
different marketing materials. It's essentially just persuasive sales

This isn't necessarily one that you can just jump into right away,
especially if you aren't very good at writing, you'll need to build up that
skill. But good copywriters are so expensive to hire because their services
are so valuable to the businesses that they're writing for. If you have the
ability to basically close a deal for these businesses through your copy,
through your words on an advertisement or through a marketing promotion, they
are willing to pay a lot for that especially on high ticket items or high
ticket services. Number four is day trading. Out of everything on this list
day trading is probably the riskiest, not only do you need to have money available
to trade, with you have the potential to lose money, and you'll also need to have
some available time during regular market hours. And just as a reminder 90%
of people who trade and try to beat the market fail at it, so
for most people they'll probably want to stay away from that and stick to
investing which I have a bunch of other videos about on this channel so if that
interests you go and check those out.

Number three is to start a podcast or a
YouTube channel. And I feel like everyone mentions these, but there are ways that
you can make money from the start. You don't necessarily have to wait around to
get monetized on YouTube and start earning ad revenue. You can use these
platforms to advertise for other companies, to promote your own services,
or to do affiliate marketing, which I talked about earlier. Podcasts and
YouTube channels are a great way to build up a brand, regardless of if that
is a personal brand or some other business that you have. And compared to
say just like throwing articles out on the Internet and hoping that someone
finds them, podcasts and YouTube channels still have a very high search volume but
there's relatively low competition. The next idea is online courses. If you have
expertise in any area or if you already have an audience following you for a
specific niche or topic, online courses can be a great way to monetize that.
Selling online courses is again a very good business model because you don't
have any costs to produce a physical product.

So your margins can be very high
and again there's no limit on how many you can sell. I will say though don't
just make a course for the sake of making a course, be sure that you're
actually providing value in some way, otherwise that's a waste of your time,
that's a waste of other people's time, and quite frankly no one will buy your
course if it's just a bunch of fluffy filler content that doesn't actually
provide any value. And number one is to freelance on Fiverr or Upwork. This one
is going to be more active work for you, and it's not necessarily as passive or
as scalable as some of the other things on this list, but it's a great way to
earn some more consistent side income. Fiverr and Upwork are both freelancing
platforms where you can go to see jobs that people have listed and projects
that people need help with and where clients can go to find you. Fiverr may be
a little bit easier to get started with, but Upwork is definitely the more
professional platform of the two and especially if you have experience, you'll
be able to charge higher prices on there.

So what you want to do to find clients,
is to target all of the people doing all of the other things that I mentioned on
this list. So it's kind of that idea of in a gold rush you want to be the one
selling the shovels so in this case you want to be the one providing these
business owners with the tools they need to monetize their content. For example
with a social media marketing agency you could design the ads or write the copy
for the ads. For Amazon and Shopify sellers you could do product photography,
you could do background removal, or you can do product research, product listings,
or you could actually set up people's Shopify stores.

For podcasters and
YouTubers you could create little animations and transitions for their
videos, you could edit their audio, or edit their video. And for online course
creators, you could again edit their video, you could transcribe the video,
write out steps, or whatever else they needed to complete their course. There
are a lot of different directions that you can go with that, and just in general
there are a lot of different ways that you can make money online. And with any
of these online businesses since there are so many people in the online space,
it's good if you can approach it in a creative way or think outside the box a
little bit to make yourself stand out from everyone else trying to make money
online. If this video was helpful and gave you a few ideas, remember to
subscribe to the channel, hit the like button, visit our blog our Arvabelle.com,
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10 Ways to Make Money Online (2021)

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