10 Best Side Hustles That Make $100 A Day! (Make Money Online 2021)

i'm gonna show you 10 of the best side hustles 
that can earn you a hundred dollars a day or more   guess what you don't even have to leave 
your house so stay tuned i could just   touch these up with red nail polish 
and sell them right what do you think hello my friend welcome to living delightful 
freedom in today's video i want to give you   some of the best side hustles that you can get 
started with for 2021 with these side hustles you   have a possibility of earning a hundred dollars 
per day from home and let me tell you my friend   it is definitely possible to do that but before we 
get into it if you're new here welcome my name is   Delania on this channel we focus on making money 
online working from home and being your own boss   that sounds good to you make sure that you are 
subscribed to the channel and you tap on the   bell so that you don't miss out alright my friend 
so the first side hustle is selling and reselling   if you have any items at home that you don't 
use anymore you can actually make money online   and there are a lot of avenues that you can take 
with this there are many ways for you to sell your   stuff online all right so this app for example is 
called depop this is a really cool app if you want   to sell and buy clothing so you can come on here 
and create a profile this is all designer vintage   and things like that what you can use this app for 
is reselling not only can you sell your old stuff   but you can also go out to thrift shops or your 
local goodwill and you can try to find some   fashionable vintage clothing that you can put up 
on depop and you can sell your items that way now   this is really cool it's kind of like an instagram 
now checking out the app on the app store you can   buy and sell fashion street wear vintage sneakers 
this is really awesome because you can find things   at your local thrift store and you can sell them 
on here for a higher price and make some money   the app actually has a 4.8 out of 5 which is 
really cool so you can come over here and check   out what the reviews are saying they have a lot 
of good reviews this is just one app that you   can use for this you can use anything that is 
available in your area another one is poshmark   i actually have family members that have made a 
lot of money on poshmark so make sure you do set   aside a little budget for your shipping materials 
and labels and things like that because they will   be shipping out these products so poshmark is 
also a really good one and same thing with mercari   and this one right here offer up is actually 
another one that you can use this one's more for   people that are in your area you can actually 
sell stuff to them we've actually made some   money doing this as well you can use offer up as 
well or facebook marketplace i even collect the   bags that the bags come in you guys also selling 
stuff and reselling stuff is actually one of the   fastest ways to make money online the second side 
hustle is becoming a micro influencer why a micro   influencer because you have a lot of influence 
even if you have a small audience just get started   the cool thing about being a micro influencer 
is that you don't have a big audience so the   audience that you do have they're there because 
they really like you and you're relatable so don't   think you need a ton of followers or subscribers 
on social media you can introduce your audience to   products that you're an affiliate of you can offer 
coaching you can do anything that will help your   small audience out as long as you're consistent 
and you're posting frequently you can grow your   audience and have even more opportunities so 
becoming a micro influencer is really a great   side hustle for you to get started with especially 
in 2021 hey if you're liking this video so far can   you please give me a thumbs up and also subscribe 
if you're not already now let's keep on going so   the third side hustle is video editing and right 
now video editing is on high demand with more   and more people becoming influencers or micro 
influencers there are youtube videos that need   to be edited there are instagram story ads that 
need to be created you can even get started with   some free online software for example if you use 
apple products you can use imovie i'm not quite   sure if windows has an editor anymore but you can 
go ahead and download things like openshot which   is free and also obs studio and another online 
editor that is free is called hit film express   there are a ton of free tutorials on youtube on 
how to get started so this is definitely something   that you can teach yourself and just get started 
go to freelancing websites like upwork or fiverr   or you can find other ways to get customers you 
can go on twitter you can go on facebook groups   and you can find people who create content that 
obviously create their own videos and edit their   own videos so you can approach them and see if 
they need a video editor and also you want to make   sure you form really good relationships because 
these creators and influencers they usually know   other content creators and influencers you can 
always ask them hey do you know anyone else who   needs my services yes or no now i know you've 
heard becoming virtual assistant over and over   again but if you specialize on something that 
is in high demand especially right now with a   pinterest virtual assistant you can help content 
creators on pinterest schedule out pins create   boards and manage their pinterest accounts overall 
if you don't know how to do this you can always   teach yourself this is another thing that the 
internet has blessed us with if you actually go   to udemy.com and just type in pinterest you can 
find a ton of pinterest courses you can also find   a lot of information on youtube so take your time 
teach yourself how to do this start doing it and   start offering your services and in order for you 
to find clients another thing that you can do is   go to facebook groups there are a ton of pinterest 
facebook groups out there there's even a pinterest   virtual assistant facebook group also that you 
can actually talk to other pinterest virtual   assistants and ask them any questions that you 
want so those communities are very very helpful   the fifth side hustle is high ticket affiliate 
marketing or recurring commissions affiliate   marketing these are products that actually 
give you a larger commission for example   when you are an affiliate of amazon you're only 
making around three to five percent commission   for any products that you review online and with 
high ticket affiliate marketing usually 500 to   1000 commission per sale now find a really good 
product and make sure that the product is going to   help people and i like high ticket affiliate 
marketing because it takes the same amount of   effort to promote as promoting a low ticket 
product now you may earn only about three to   four sales per month but each sale is making more 
money and yes you may have some higher months than   others this is just a business this is just how 
it is you can also choose to promote products   with recurring affiliate commissions the best 
recurring commission programs are usually tools   and softwares for businesses for example you can 
go ahead and promote an email autoresponder or a   funnel builder that will earn you a recurring 
income over time because the people that sign   up for it actually need these tools for their 
business now the best way for you to make money   with this is to create content around it on 
a review or tutorials you can show people   how to use the software and make sure you add 
your affiliate link to the video if you don't   want to film any videos you can start a blog or 
you can create articles on medium.com medium.com   is where you can write articles you can include 
affiliate links inside of your review articles   and you have to indicate that there are affiliate 
links inside of your article so make sure you read   their rules first before you use medium.com 
number six is a content repurposed person a   content repurposer there are many businesses 
individuals and influencers that are online   working creating blog posts podcasts videos they 
want to repurpose their content for example if i   wanted to take this youtube video and turn it into 
a blog article i could do that people don't have   time to do all this so they'd rather outsource it 
they can even turn a video into a podcast so just   depending on what your clients need your client 
may also want you to chop up a piece of content   a large piece of content into several different 
little pieces that can be distributed throughout   several social medias and this could take a 
little bit of time since they have to focus on   their business and other aspects of their business 
they know that they can just hire someone that can   virtually do this for them so this is yet another 
opportunity and another job that is going to be   in demand looking forward in the future as many 
more people become content creators number seven   is online tutoring there are so many busy parents 
at home that are working from home and they also   have their kids at home and with kids having 
to do virtual homeschool it has been a mess for   some parents so they would probably need somebody 
else to actually help the kids with their homework   so this one is check.com forward slash tutors if 
you're really good at a certain subject and you   actually love it you can teach other people you 
think you can tutor kids college students high   school students or whatever you can become a 
tutor if you come up here to become a tutor   you will see all of the information about this 
and this is pretty cool because chegg actually   has an app where you can find students on you 
can find jobs and top tutors can earn 1 000 plus   a month and also you're starting at 20 plus 
an hour for tutoring so that is pretty cool   and you also don't have to worry about finding 
people check actually finds the students for you   like it says here we'll send students to you log 
in when it's convenient for you to tutor so when   you feel like tutoring you can go ahead and log 
in and see if there are any students available   that want your help okay so you can tutor anywhere 
from your dorm coffee shop or home all you need   is internet access so this one definitely want 
for you to do more research on and check out   so this one is check tutors okay the next one 
is podcasting podcasting is awesome because if   you have a friend that you talk to all the time 
you guys can get together and start a podcast   you don't have to do it by yourself if you do want 
to do it by yourself that's also great but these   podcasts are getting very very popular so this 
right here is a podcasting platform it's called   anchor and this is anchor dot fm where you can 
create your podcast and everything you need is 100   free anchor is an all-in-one platform where you 
can create distribute and monetize your podcast   from any device for free this is a pretty awesome 
website if you do want to start with podcasting so   very much like youtube with podcasting you don't 
have to depend on just sponsorships and monetizing   with ads because you can also offer coaching and 
consulting you can sell your own courses you can   even sell your own merchandise and you can also 
pair up with a platform like patreon you can even   create exclusive content for people on patreon 
and for your audience that really wants to get   more from you so there are other ways that you 
can monetize a podcast for sure you can put your   headphones on turn on your microphone and you 
don't have to get ready to be in front of the   camera or anything like that so that is definitely 
another plus the next side hustle is going to be   virtual experiences again virtual because so 
many of us are at home you can teach things   virtually and earn money with these websites you 
can come over to google and search for airbnb   virtual experiences and right here you'll see this 
website airbnb.com experiences online and this is   where you can see that people are hosting online 
experiences so whether it's cooking lessons magic   tricks bartending learning an instrument singing 
for example this guy is doing a santa story time   he's an award-winning author so he will charge 
six dollars per person but you can charge a lot   more than that depending on what you're doing this 
gentleman right here is teaching a magic show so   if you don't know what you can actually teach but 
you think it's a good idea you can actually just   come over here and get some ideas and another 
platform you can do this with is with the   symposium app you can go live and host experiences 
on there as well so if you're a makeup expert and   you like to do makeup tutorials and cooking 
and things like that or even personal training   you can go live and earn money all right and 
this app actually takes care of notifying the   people that sign up to your class and everything 
you also charge whatever you want per person so   when you do go live and you schedule a live each 
person is paying that price so whoever's watching   you is paying whatever price you set it at so 
if you set it at five or ten dollars per person   symposium is going to take out whatever fees that 
they do take out and then the rest is yours okay   you have a 4.8 out of five stars so they have 
really good reviews over here on the app store you   can check them out for yourself as well and this 
one is the symposium app the next slide hustle   we're talking about creative services if you're 
talented at making homemade items diys and things   like that you can actually make money with this 
just to give you an example this is a friend of   mine penny she has an instagram page called penny 
jean studios so you can go ahead and check her out   on instagram if you do want to follow but penny 
is a crafter she is super talented and she creates   all of these amazing things that she sells on etsy 
and she specializes like it says here on her bio   maker of paper flowers signs and unique gifts so 
she is super talented i used to work with her and   whenever there was something crafty or artsy 
that needed to be done they always went to her   for help with that and she is monetizing on what 
she is good at and what she actually loves doing   so if you have a unique talent or anything 
that you are really good at you can actually   do something like this not only can you sell your 
services you can come over here to youtube and you   can teach other people how you are creating 
so for example right here we have crafting   geek she's got over 10 million subscribers this 
channel is actually in spanish and she appears   in all of these videos but you don't actually 
need to be on camera to do this okay all you   have to do is show people how you are doing things 
you don't have to put your face out there you can   just show how something is made or how you make 
things we actually come over to social blade   you're going to see that crafting geeks channel 
her estimated monthly earnings it says here from   2.9 thousand dollars to 46.5 thousand dollars 
and that's per month now socialblade is known   for lowballing so i would not be surprised if 
she's making even more than this per month so   she is probably earning over 50 000 per month for 
her channel okay just for her channel alone and   these are the types of views that she is getting 
every single day over 300 000 views per day which   is insane and yes i know it takes time to build 
up a channel like this even if you're making three   thousand dollars per month that's still extra 
revenue that you can earn when you are creating   your designs or your crafting so if you are a 
creative person of any kind you can also teach   other people how to do this and this would be a 
great side hustle so a lot of the stuff i talked   about are things that you can learn for yourself 
but with this side hustle of creative services   you actually get to showcase what you like to do 
for fun and make money with it if you're already   creative if you can create logos if you can draw 
you can make a profit doing this it just depends   on what you're interested in so even if you 
play the piano you can charge for piano lessons   virtually you can charge for guitar lessons 
virtually anything that you're good at creatively   is a chance to monetize especially right now in 
this digital age this is a lot of fun let's keep   on going so go ahead and check out a very unique 
way to earn money during the holidays thank you   so much for watching like this video if you did 
like it and i'm gonna see you in the next one

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10 Best Side Hustles That Make $100 A Day! (Make Money Online 2021)

10 Best Side Hustles That Make $100 A Day! (Make Money Online 2021)- These are side hustles that can turn into businesses. You can do all of these from home and create an extra income online. These are great online jobs you can monetize and can possibly become full time.

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