10 Best INVESTMENTS To Make Money 2021 (High Returns)

[Music] hey welcome to penny flow where we talk about money wealth investing and management and in today's video we will be talking about top 10 investments to make money please make sure you stay tuned to the end of this video don't forget to smash the like button and also subscribe if you're new to this channel top 10 investments to make money number one stock market investment investing is a way to set aside money while you are busy with life and have the money work for you so that you can fully reap the rewards of your labor in the future investing is a way to reach a happy ending the best way to start investing for beginners in the stock market is to place money in an online investment account that can be used to buy stock or stock mutual funds shares an investment is a revenue or appreciation asset or item bought to make money for example an investor will now buy a monetary asset with the expectation that the asset will provide revenue in the future or will be sold at a higher price for a profit you will start investing in a single share price with multiple online brokers how much money do i need to start investing in stocks the amount of cash you need to buy an individual stock depends on how valuable the shares are share prices can vary from only a few dollars to a few thousand dollars if you want mutual funds and have a restricted budget then an exchange traded fund etf might be your best bet mutual funds also have a minimum of one thousand dollars or more but portfolio like etfs meaning you buy them at a share price in some cases less than 100 how much money should i invest in stocks you can assign a fairly large portion of your portfolio to stock funds particularly if you have a long-term horizon number two gold investment offering more liquidity than physical gold and more diversification than individual gold stocks while investing in gold etfs and mutual funds will give you exposure to the long-term stability of gold a wide variety of holdings through gold etfs are exposed to you although the gold etfs can be a good investment they come inherent in their custody chain with a great deal of risk you can buy more shares to increase the sum of your investment over time shares of gold oriented mutual funds or exchange traded funds etfs can be purchased by more conservative investors many various type of gold funds are available some are actively managed index funds that track market movements or boolean prices using futures or options selling a gold etf will serve as a hedge if your portfolio has exposure to the upside it can help you hedge your exposure by buying a gold etf this approach is simpler and more cost effective than direct ownership of bars or coins especially for small investors as the minimum investment is only the price of a single etf share number three real estate investment all who purchase or sell a home is committed to investing in real estate that means that it is important to take into account several variables many people do so well that they want to purchase and sell homes as a business there are plenty of ways to do so a house can be turned over this is where you buy a house and then sell it to develop it several individuals own and rent out several houses conveniently some use airbnb to rent out all or part of their houses using verbal or home away for renting vacation homes even without buying a home you can invest in housing you will acquire stocks of home builders their stock values rise and fall with the housing market for real estate investment trusts or reits another way is commercial real estate transactions occur their market prices lag a few years behind trends in residential real estate there are some possible advantages to investing in real estate that is not necessarily related to other forms of investment through rental income appreciation and profits generated by business activities that depend on the land real estate investors make money the advantages of investing in real estate are passive income positive cash flow tax benefits diversification and equity number four high yield savings accounts from conventional savings accounts high yield saving accounts stand out in that they reward you with a higher interest rate enabling your money to grow much faster as it sits in your account online savings accounts and cash management accounts have better return rates than you would get in a conventional bank savings or checking account cash management accounts provide greater flexibility and comparable or in some cases higher interest rates the interest rate that these accounts provide is known as apy or annual percentage yield for short-term investments or money you need to access only periodically savings accounts are best think of an emergency or holiday fund transactions from a savings account are limited to six per month at the end of the year one thousand dollars at one percent interest per year will yield one thousand ten dollars in the simplest of terms high yield savings account interest rates are unpredictable and may fluctuate at any time so while a bank may advertise a high annual percentage yield apy when you apply it will probably not last forever you might be able to open a high-yield savings account where you are already banking but only online banks also have the highest rates available electronic transfers are easy to create even if you keep them at separate banks between a high yield savings account and your checking account number five money market funds money market mutual funds which are bank deposit accounts similar to savings accounts are an investment product not to be confused with money market accounts a money market fund is a form of mutual fund that invests in near-term highly liquid instruments these instruments include cash cash equivalent securities and high credit rating short-term debt-based securities such as u.s treasuries like any other mutual fund where investors purchase shares money market funds run the fund takes the capital and buys government or corporate debt in the short term such as us treasury notes commercial paper deposit certificates cds and so on your money buys a portfolio of high quality short term government bank or corporate debt when you invest in a money market fund money market funds are operated to retain a highly stable asset value by liquid assets while paying investors income in the form of dividends higher risk money market funds may invest in business paper which is corporate debt in volatile market conditions or if interest rates decrease these holdings will lose value but they can also generate more profits money market funds are not protected by the fdic against losses investing in the money market can be very useful especially if you need a short-term reasonably secure place to store cash low returns a lack of buying power and that some money market investments are not fdic covered are some of the risks involved number six government bonds a government bond is a form of investment based on debt where you loan money to a government in exchange for a negotiated interest rate governments use them to collect funds that can be used on new ventures or infrastructure and investors can use them to pay a fixed return at regular intervals a government bond is a loan from you to a government agency like the federal or local government that pays interest on the loan to investors for a given period usually 1 to 30 years when you purchase a government bond you lend an agreed sum of money to the government for an agreed period in return at regular intervals the government will pay you back a fixed amount of interest known as the coupon this makes bonds an asset in fixed income since they are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the us government government bonds are essentially a risk-free investment this normally requires a promise to pay annual interest called coupon payments and to redeem the face value on the maturity date bonds regularly pay interest so they will help produce a steady stable stream of income from your investments short-term bonds can be a good place to store an emergency fund or you may need funds very quickly if your goal is to maximize overall return and you have some flexibility about just how much you invest or when you can invest when interest rates are high it is best to purchase bonds number seven mutual funds a mutual fund is a corporation that pools funds from multiple investors and invests the money in securities such as stocks bonds and short-term debt mutual fund firms also work on licenses the same as banks and they also require permits and have to follow due diligence before taking money from investors a mutual fund pools money from investors to purchase stocks bonds or other assets this ensures that mutual funds are as stable as banks many investors avoid investing with distributors the mutual funds aggregate shares are referred to as its portfolio investors purchase mutual fund shares a fund manager who picks all the assets in the portfolio usually manages mutual funds there are four broad types of mutual funds equity stocks fixed income bonds money market funds short-term debt or both stocks and bonds balanced or hybrid funds mutual funds are directly available from the firms that run them as well as from discount brokerage companies number eight index funds and index fund is a mutual fund or an exchange traded fund structured to comply with some predetermined rules such that the fund can track a specific basket of underlying assets index funds can be especially well suited to long-term young investors who can allocate more of their portfolio to higher returning equity funds than to more conservative investments such as bonds index mutual funds are less volatile than actively managed funds that aim to beat the market in addition to being more cost effective due to lower fund management fees an index fund is a form of mutual fund that holds the securities of a specific market index index funds also have minimum contributions higher than those of etfs etfs are more tax efficient than mutual funds this form of investing has many advantages lower costs less emphasis on a fund manager's expertise and market-wide diversification make index funds one of the best ways to invest your assets your money buys more shares when the index is down your money buys fewer shares while the index is up after 10 years if the total share price of all the buying points is lower than the index's current price then you would have made a profit [Music] number nine individual stocks when one invests in a single stock he or she buys ownership that person would have a percentage of ownership in that company if an entity invested in 100 shares in a public company a stock represents a share of ownership in a company stocks provide the greatest potential return on your investment while exposing your money to the highest level of volatility a good rule of thumb for investors is to limit their stock holdings to 10 percent or less of their overall portfolio due to the volatility of individual stowe if you want to buy a particular stock it is important to understand what you are getting into investing in individual stocks is riskier than investing in funds but you will be limited to a smaller number of stocks that you will be completely responsible for handling when you invest in individual stocks the fastest and least expensive way to purchase stocks is through an online discount broker you can pick your order form and become a bona fide shareholder once you set up and finance an account number 10 corporate bonds a corporate bond is a form of debt security issued and sold to investors by a corporation corporate bonds appear to pay a higher interest rate than government bonds because they are more expensive you are making a loan to the corporation when you invest in corporate bonds rather than having an equity stake which you get from shares corporate bonds typically have a face value of 100 when sold corporate bonds are an ideal choice for investors looking for a stable option for a fixed but higher income corporate bonds work in the same manner as government bonds except you make a loan to a company not a government the business gets the money at once and a pre-established amount of interest is paid to the lender in exchange investors are searching for fixed income protection with potentially higher returns than government bonds and are prepared to take a little more risk in return default risk is a big risk in corporate bonds the investor does not collect interest payments or get his or her principal back if the issuer goes out of business compared to debit funds corporate bonds are a low risk investment option since it guarantees capital security they typically go for an investment period of one year to four years we have come to the end of this video which investment was not listed in the video and which investment do you think yields higher revenue leave your thoughts in the comment please smash the like button and subscribe if you've not yet subscribed and hit the notification bell so you can get notified when we release new videos [Music] hmm you

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10 Best INVESTMENTS To Make Money 2021 (High Returns)

In this video 10 best investments to make money you will learn about the 10 best investments of all time that pay passive income for life.

“What’s the best investments money can buy? Here are my my 10 best Investment to make In 2021 - and then hold them for the rest of your life - enjoy!

Theses are the 10 best investments you can make In your 20s -enjoy!

10 Best Investments To Make Money
Stock Market Investments
Gold Investments
Real Estate Investment
High Yield Savings Account
Money Market Fund
Government Bonds
Mutual Funds
Index Funds
Individual Stocks
Coperate Bonds

The 10 best investments to make right now and how to pick the best investment option.

If you’re looking to make money by Investing then consider these platforms in this video
Everybody are looking for the best investments that will make you rich so the question lies on what are the best investments you can make passively.

The best passive income investments are ones that pay you for life without ever working or needing a job. the advantage here is that as other countries grow and develop their stock prices increase - and your investments do better. a totally free high yield savings account is really the first building block you’ll need if you want to begin growing your money and making sound investments.

make these 10 investments and never worry about money again.

00:00 10 Best Investments To Make Money
00:40 Stock Market Investments
02:13 Gold Investments
03:31 Real Estate Investment
05:01 High Yield Savings Account
06:34 Money Market Fund
08:16 Government Bonds
09:47 Mutual Funds
11:01 Index Funds
12:27 Individual Stocks
13:36 Coperate Bonds

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