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Hi guys it’s Chet here from WebsiteWizard.tv In this video I’m going to show you how
I made over $165,000 dollars online blogging, using the Piggyback Method. The Piggyback Method has 7 Simple Steps, and you can use it to earn up to 6-figures or more online, passively, so you make this money whether you’re sleeping, on vacation, working a full-time job, or whatever. So if you want to learn how to make money
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Let’s dive straight in. Ok so to get started you need to first click
the link below this video, so go ahead and click that link right now, and it will take
you to this page. All the Steps for the Piggyback Method are
shown here, and the video you are watching right now will be available on this page as
well. And you’ll find all the links, free guides
and free downloads and extra videos here as well.

So let’s get started with Step 1 – Choose
the Right Niche So let’s look at the million dollar question
– what should you blog about? Because most people get stuck here, and while you can literally blog about anything, the big mistake people make is 1. They choose a topic they are interested in,
which is a good start because you need to enjoy making the content But then 2. They choose a niche that’s not very profitable So what I do is I actually flip this around,
so I search for a profitable niche first, and then I choose from those which one I am interested in So by doing that you are in a great position
to make money online. So the top 5 money-makers can be categorized as: Health & Beauty, Happiness, Wealth, Love & Relationships, and Time People will pay a lot of money to improve
these 5 key areas So when you are researching potentially profitable blog niches, keep this list in mind The most profitable niches will fall within
one of these categories. And to make this easier for you, I’ve put
a list of some examples of profitable niches here, and there are literally hundreds of
sub-niches, but this list should help get you started.

I’ve personally had a lot of success in
the health and beauty niche, and there are literally thousands of products you can promote within this category. And you can see right here, I made over $153,000 dollars from just 3 beauty products, so it really is a great niche. So choosing a profitable Niche really is key,
and it’s one of the reasons why I was able to make over $165,000 dollars blogging here And actually that $165,000 dollars is just in 1 account, my ShareASale account, I have multiple accounts like this, so I’ve actually made a lot more
than that, and I can show you my other earnings in later videos.

And I made over $286,464 dollars in my Amazon account as well, so if you want me to do a video on that then leave a comment below saying ‘Make the Video’ And be sure to Subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss it. So let’s move on to Step 2 – Choose a
Catchy Domain Name So your domain name is basically just your
blog name, so for example YouTube’s domain name is YouTube.com, my domain name is WebsiteWizard.tv, etc. So I’ve got a free guide here on how to
come up with an awesome domain name, and I’ve got a list of words you can use there to come up with your blog name. So take a look at that, and once you’ve
got some ideas for your domain name, come up to this tool here and enter the name you
want for you blog, So let’s say you want to do a tech blog,
so I’m going to put ‘TopTechReview’ here Then as you can see it tells you Top Tech
Review.com is taken, but underneath it shows you all the ones that are available, so we
can see here Top Tech Review .org is available, as well as a few others So once you find one that’s available, click

So now we just need to buy our domain and hosting here, and the hosting is basically where we store our blog so it can be seen
online. And this is the only cost we have for our
blog. So by grabbing our domain and hosting, we
are in full control of our blog and have no limitations whatsoever, whereas if you build a blog on another platform you are limited to what you can do on your blog and you won’t be able to apply the Piggyback method. So I want TopTechReview.org, so enter TopTechReview here and choose .org on the right Scroll down and uncheck ‘Domain Privacy’
it’s adding extra costs and we don’t need it Then choose your billing cycle, you can choose whatever you want but I recommend you go for 12 months or more to get a lower monthly price, and get your domain for free as well. I’m going to choose 1 month here. And I've got some coupons here you can use as well. Choose a username and a security pin Then choose your payment type – PayPal or Credit Card And enter your details on the left Scroll down to additional services and just
uncheck all of those – they are adding extra costs and we don’t need any of them Scroll down to the bottom and the total due
is $21 dollars, but we can enter a coupon here to get a bigger discount.

So if you are paying monthly the best coupon to use is ‘FlowerPower’, with no spaces. But if you are paying for 12 months or more
then the best coupon to use here is ‘EasyPeasy’. So I’m going to enter FlowerPower here with no spaces, and click validate. And as you can see the total due has dropped down to 12 dollars, which is basically nothing for something that’s going to make us money. So click to agree to the terms and click ‘checkout now’ And then once you make the payment you will get a welcome email from Hostgator with our account details so we can get setup. So click ‘checkout now’ So let’s move on to Step 3 – Start Your
Blog on the Right Platform So now we’ve purchased our domain and hosting, we’re going to create our blog on the right foundation for success.

So hands down the best software to build your blog on is WordPress, and you may have heard of WordPress, or you may have even used it, but we’re going to be using Self-Hosted WordPress which is completely different and is a game changer. It’s basically an Unlimited version of WordPress where you can literally do anything and everything you want, and you’ll see exactly what I
mean later on in the video.

Self-hosted WordPress has become so popular that it powers over 30% of the entire websites and blogs online, and it’s used by huge
multi-million dollar organisations and celebrities, including Forbes, CNN, Walt Disney, Justin
Bieber, Katy Perry and more. Plus, it’s super quick and easy to use,
and we can literally get our blog setup in under 5 minutes and without writing a single line of code, so it’s 100% beginner friendly! And I’m going to show you right here how
to get our WordPress blog installed in under 60 Seconds! So let’s do that right now. So in your Hostgator welcome email, click
on the control panel link and use the username and password here to login. Under popular links, click on ‘WordPress
Installer’ Choose your domain name from the drop down and click ‘Next’ For the blog title enter your domain name
and choose a username you’ll use to log into your blog, then your first name, last
name, and an email that will receive the login details for your blog.

And click on the checkbox and click ‘INSTALL’ Ignore the stuff down here, we are doing everything our self for free Once it’s complete, copy the login details
for your blog and then click ‘LOGIN’. And use those details to login here. And now you’re on the WordPress dashboard where we make all of the changes to our blog. So now that we've got our Blog installed,
we now need to create some content for it, but let’s first look at how to do Keyword
Research so we know what topics we need to cover on our blog in order to make money.

So let’s move on to Step 4 – Finding The
Right Keywords Finding the right Keywords to target with
our blog posts is an essential step, as it allows us to know what products to feature
in our blog posts. So what we do is we actually target people
that are already interested in these products, and are just a few steps away from buying
them. And after they land on our blog post and have all the information they need, they’re usually ready to make the purchase and we simply link to the product and we get a commission from the sale, it’s that simple.

So let’s look at how to find the right Keywords so we can actually make money from our blog. So to do this you need the Google Keyword
Planner Tool, and I show you how to quickly get if for free right here, step by step. So everyday people are going to Google and searching, trying to find the answers to their questions or problems, and the Google Keyword Planner Tool will allow us to see exactly what people are searching, and how often. So that way we know what topics to cover on our blog posts. So once you’ve signed up for a free account using the steps here, go ahead and sign in to the Google Keyword Planner Tool So after you login, click this one right here. Then enter words here relevant to your blog. For example, if you’re a Tech review blog,
then you might want to put words like: iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia 9, etc. and then click ‘GET RESULTS’. And you can see here all the suggested keyword down here related to what you’ve entered. So first off you want to choose USA here,
it doesn’t matter what country you are in, always choose USA so we get the right search volume data.

So there are a couple of things to look out
for here. So number 1 – You want to find Keywords here that have at least 1,000 searches a month, so that we can get enough people finding our blog post in the first place. And number 2 – We want to find targeted Keywords here, not generic ones. So basically you don’t want to find generic
keywords like ‘Food Blender Review’, you want to find targeted keywords like ‘Kenwood Blend X Fresh Review’, because someone that is searching for ‘Food Blender Review’
may be interested in buying a blender, but they still have no idea which one they want
yet, whereas someone searching ‘Kenwood Blend X Fresh review’ knows exactly the
blender they want and are just one step away from buying it. So if we do a blog post targeting that Keyword, and someone lands on our blog post and then clicks the link over to the store, chances
are they’ll be ready to buy it.

So essentially what we are doing is we’re
‘piggybacking’ off of the existing demand for these products, and then helping potential customers along the sales process. So in my Tech Blog example, I found the following keywords here. So those will be the topics/keywords I can
target with my blog posts. So go ahead and find some Keywords here for your blog posts. Now let’s move on to Step 5 – Getting
Setup & Creating Our Blog Posts! Now you may have heard of the expression ‘Never Judge a Book By It's Cover’, but let’s face it, in the real world we all make first
impressions based on how something looks, and your blog is no different. So you want your blog looking professional
and clean to keep your readers on the page, knowing that your blog looks like a resource they can trust. And I created a bunch of free professional
template layouts that you can import into your blog within a couple of clicks. So after you import the templates all you
need to do is paste in your own content and you’re good to go! It’s quick and easy! Plus, if you are feeling creative you can
customize things anyway you like within a few clicks, as it uses an awesome drag and
drop builder which makes everything simple.

So I’ve got some short videos here showing you how to get all of the basics setup like your logo, navigation menu, pages, etc. So those videos will walk you through all
of that, step by step. And after you follow the steps in these short videos, you’ll have your blog setup and looking awesome, just like this. And you’ll be ready to create your first
blog posts.

So I’m going to jump straight into that
now. So now we have our Keyword, we’re ready
to create our Blog post. So first click here to download the free blog post template I created for you guys, and then unzip the file. So now in the dashboard you want to click
create new post, then choose a Title for the post. Now it’s really important that the Keyword
is in the Title. So if you’re keyword was ‘iphone 11 pro
max review’, then just paste that in here as the title. Then on the right under ‘Post Attributes’,
‘Template’, select ‘Elementor Full Width Template’, then head up to the top and click
‘Save Draft’.

Then click ‘Edit with Elementor’ So here’s where the fun begins, you can
now import my pre-made Blog Post template and then just add your own text and images. So let’s do that right now. So click the folder icon here. Then click the ‘Import Template’ icon Then click ‘Select File’ and select the
Blog template file you just downloaded. Then click insert. And as you can see the blog post is now complete.

So all you need to do is click the relevant
sections and replace that with your own text and images. And you can get instant access to a mega bundle of 2,000 free premium Images to use on your blog when you signup to our free newsletter,
so you don’t need to spend a single penny on buying images for your blog. So if you want that click the link here. And if you want to learn how to edit these
blog posts in more detail using the page builder, then you can check out the step by step videos here as well.

So once your blog post is complete, click
‘Publish’ at the bottom here. So now our blog post is created, we’re ready to do SEO on it so that it can show up in the search engines and start making us money. So let’s move on to Step 6 – Getting FREE
Traffic to our blog with SEO There are many ways to get traffic to your
blog, but in this video I’m going to focus on SEO.

The great thing about SEO is once your blog starts showing up for certain terms people are searching in Google, it will continue
to receive this traffic every single day and completely FREE, so you continue to get traffic and sales without doing any extra work. And I’ve literally got blogs I haven’t
touched in over 4 years and they still continue to get traffic and make me sales every single
day. And this is very different to other platforms
like Facebook and Instagram where you need to keep creating new content continuously
to get new traffic, or paid Ads for example where your traffic stops as soon as you stop paying for Ads. That is why SEO is such a valuable source
of traffic for your blog, but it does require a bit more patience as it can take a few months before you start getting traffic to your blog purely from SEO. So the first thing you want to do is to head
on over to our blog post and optimize it for the Search Engines. Head over posts and click ‘All Posts’,
then hover over the post and click ‘Edit’ So to do that you just need to click on ‘Edit
with Elementor’ here.

So we want to make sure our keyword is in
the title, first paragraph, last paragraph and sub-title. So just get your Keyword in there and click
‘Update’ at the bottom here to save the changes. This will tell Google that this page is highly
focussed around that search term and they’ll start to show it higher up over other blogs
when people are searching for that term and similar terms. Next you want to setup your Meta Title and
Description for the search engines, and basically that’s just how your blog post will show
up in Google when people are searching, so we can customize that and make it SEO friendly.

And I’ve got the Steps on this page walking
you through how to do all of that, step by step So go ahead and do that right now And then let’s move on to Step 7 – How
To Make Money on Your Blog There are a number of ways to make money from our blog, but for this video we are going to focus on Affiliate Marketing, which is
basically just referral marketing. It’s pretty simple, you link to a product
from your blog and when someone buys it you get a commission for the sale. So let’s say you created a blog post about
how to do yoga from home, then what you can do is you can link to say a Yoga Mat on Amazon from within your blog post, and if someone reading your blog clicks over to Amazon and buys it, then you get a commission. Now there are many places you can link to,
but Amazon is a great place to get started because Amazon pretty much sell everything, so no matter what your blog post is about it’s very likely Amazon will be selling
something related to it.

And because everyone knows and buys from Amazon already, it’s much easier to make a sale and get a commission. Plus, Amazon pay you commissions on the entire shopping cart, so if someone clicks over from your blog to a Yoga Mat on Amazon you linked to, but they don’t buy the Yoga mat but instead they buy something else while on Amazon, then you still get a commission for the sale. So the first thing you need to do is signup
for an Amazon Associates account, which is basically just Amazon’s referral program,
and I show you step by step how to do it right here on this page. So once you’ve signed up following the steps here, what you need to do is head on over to Amazon Associates USA, and you can find it
by searching that in Google, and I’ll also put the link to that on this page here.

Now it doesn’t matter what country you’re
in, you can sign up to an Amazon Associates USA account even if you don’t live in the
USA. And I’ve never lived in the USA and I’ve
had an Amazon Associates USA account for a number of years now. So click that link and click ‘Login’ and
sign in to your Amazon account as you normally would. Now there are other ways to get your links,
but the way I like to do it is after I log in here, I then type Amazon.com in the web
address bar. And as you can see we are now on the regular Amazon.com, but we have this extra bar at the top here with ‘Get Link’ So what you want to do is use the search bar to search for the product you want to link to, so I’m going to search ‘Yoga Mat’ So scroll down and what you want to do is
find one with a minimum 4 stars overall customer ratings, and has at least 20 customer reviews, but obviously the more the better.

So you can see this one right here is a best
seller with 4.5 stars rating overall, and 19 thousand reviews. So let’s say you wanted to link to that
one from your blog, then just click on that right here. And now we’re on the ‘Add To Cart’ page,
so at the top left click on ‘Get Link’, ‘Text’. And then copy the ‘Short Link’ here So now we’ve got everything we need, we
just need to add this code to our blog post. So let’s do that right now. So head back to our blog post, then click
‘Edit with Elementor’ Then click on the ‘go to retailer’ button
links on this page, then just enter the new URL on the left here, and once you have done that for all of these buttons, click update at the bottom and you’re done. So Amazon is a great way to monetize your
blog posts, and I’ve made almost $290,000 dollars on Amazon, so it works great if you
know what you’re doing, And if you want me to make a video on that in more detail
then let me know by leaving a comment saying ‘Make the video’.

So that completes this video on how to make money blogging online. So that completes this video on how to make money blogging online. So once you are ready to get started, click
the link below the video. And If you want to learn more then check out the free training link below the video as well. I hope you guys liked the video, and if you
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