छोटे बच्चे इंटरनेट से पैसे कैसे कमाए-How to Make Money Online as a Kid in 2021

Till now any child
will be a child and for how long you will be like others Sheep will keep going when an eight
year old child in a year You can earn two hundred crores of rupees from internet, then you or else Why is your child not the
era when the elders of the house Used to go to work and the little
kids of the house stayed at home just in games Used to play mobile phone, used to
listen to songs inside it Used to look for
some new excuse to pass some time Used to be the era where
two thousand within the last one year An eight year old boy in twenty
two hundred crores only from internet Earned money and not only is he
earning his education If you continue
earning money from the internet Can do and can study
, then you or your child Why not if you are a child
and you are watching this video Video is
going to be very helpful for you too, understand everything And if you are the
parent of a child, then you Watch carefully because this video
is very helpful for your child Can prove his future can
secure normally home What do children do inside the
phone? He only goes to
play games, pass the time Videos do not
do any work that neither their future There is going to be some help and I am spoiling my time too.

How good it will be to play at the wrong place, neither
will these games play those videos See and
develop money from the internet by developing a national within yourself Also start earning, if you enjoy the work by
doing it yourself, don't you? Not only will he spoil his time today
nor his future Will waste and along
with learning something new, as well as money You will be able to earn how much better you will hear all these things I find it easier to
understand and apply them If it is as difficult, then one of my
requests to all of you will be that if If you are doing some work, then first you
stop that work and you Watch the video carefully and if
you can't stop working Close this video, when that
work is complete, then you To see because in this video
I can not only tell you the work I'm gonna mean because I'm going to
tell the floor as well I
am going to tell you the way to reach the floor, how you You can apply and earn money
if you do not Know how to
earn money from internet, so in this video I
am going to give complete guide which platform is which where But you can start working and
if you need all these platforms If you want a detailed video from inside a platform, then you You can tell
me hundred percent by commenting on it.

I will make a detailed video so that
you can help and for the first time you If you see us then
after subscribing brother bell icon Press on because you know no
yet provide quality not quantity then friends amazing
video starts bread and waste If we do, let's move to the first
method Yes, YouTube channel is the
method through which Riyanki Has earned two hundred crores rupees within a year only and only What he did simply by making videos, made his
own videos mobile You
can start from phone or DSLR mobile Inside the phone, every
child nowadays has only Who made the videos and whose videos
were the toys that he had Do not ask for them to be broken
and review them and his video Uploaded to YouTube and had
many children like him He liked to watch toy videos as soon as he saw that video His videos monetize and
start earning money from that YouTube If you are a child, then you
can have any skill You have a good game, you
sing well, you dance well Whatever
skills you have in you, whatever your passion you are Use you in future who
want to be you that skill Can apply for your channel and on that particular thing You
can start your YouTube channel and if you are a parent you If you are watching this video, then your
child will have some skill So there will be interest for which it
speaks repeatedly that things to me May sound
singing may be singing may be singing If anything can happen, then you
can make a special channel of it And
upload his videos to YouTube video upload channel
create is absolutely free No charge will be the best
thing on YouTube it seems that Does not take money at all, but
if it gives too much money, then if You
want to learn to channelize on YouTube here video Want to learn to make money, want to learn to make money
only with YouTube Then you
will get the link of youtube master in the description of the video You can see it
inside the complete course free available but
only when and only if you If you want to earn money from YouTube,
just by clicking the video and if If you want to work on YouTube
then you have five gadget Want a beginner level like
mike done green screen Done, there are some things that you
can buy.

You can also check them inside the description. Is moving
towards method number two Yes friends photography
who is behind the camera no one But who is in front of the camera,
everyone sees your child here If you do good photography
because to do photography There should be a mobile phone,
he should be the only one to capture And if he gets the time
to spend with mobile Where you
can capture good photos and go around Can also capture photo and
if its photos very good If you are clicked then you
can sell them online and whatever online photos which
can be very expensive to sell, you can also guess Can't guess that a photo that is
sold for twenty twenty thirty thousand rupees But your photo
should be professional but You can start and
if you capture good photos If you learn to do it then maybe
it is not a bad thing only mobile Anything from the phone will work
and your time here too will be more Not spending photos to
capture and online like this There are many websites where
you can sell the photo which There are top five websites where
you can sell the image of them link
give you in notification description you there Go to one by one by creating
your account on top of all websites Take and your photos are there
, you can sell them right away.

Will not sell slowly
but yes you will photography And if
you want a detailed video How to capture photo, how to
upload, how to earn money You
can tell me how to earn money by commenting. with photos I
will make a particular video above it where But
if you can earn money from any photos, then your copy help from it It will be done but
if you have to comment other than that Let's move to the third method
side Yes friends online survey
here any child can also do it And if you are old enough,
you can still do an online survey This means that you
will be asked some questions and you will be there Just give answer or
tick mark from here What will help the company
that they will know that your What is your opinion, what is your opinion
and with the help of all these, yourself Let's make the product better
but what about you? Is a little time whenever i have
time i online survey I do and
earn four to five thousand easily within a month I'll take but four
to five thousand rupees ten to fifteen You will not be
able to earn more than thousand rupees by online surveys Inside I tell first
because the simple work here There is less money here as on
YouTube and It is not like a photographer to
earn crores of rupees But yes you
can earn money from here is the easiest method If
you want to read it for very short time, then for video Here in the description
I gave you five such links where By going, you
can create your account and come to surveys will start, which
you can earn money by filling it and if you If you want a detailed video on this, then you comment to me I can definitely tell by
making a video over it Now guys who don't know what
freelancer is and short How can
I become a child freelancer, I have one thing already I freelancer is the
thing that other people here Works for you online
any guy will give you job and work for you You will give it to online only and instead of working You will be given money here,
what will you do now, now that depend What do you study inside your skills above your skills? And what standard are
you in? What do you do Your typing is good
you goal good you phone good Capture the graphic
design and you can do a good job.

You may be anything
you need to check this in the video On the
website which I will give inside the description, you You can check
which work is there for you which you Can
do any child work within free launching Because the person in front does
not know who is my work By giving it to him only by his own
business and if you are a They do a good job within a young age like in India There are many people inside who
are doing good work, so maybe your work Can walk and you
can earn a lot of money from internet Well this is a bit
more competitive here but you have It may take time for contact to come,
but it is definitely that once If you have learned, learned to work and learned to bring
contacts Then no one can compete with you
and you can do a lot from internet You can earn money and if you
want to start Reliance, then Within the description of this video,
I will give you five different websites I will give the link of which is the top
five Reliance website of India where But you can get work, you
just have to go there now to create and you have
jubilee speed you there will mention if you have a
contact and you can do that work If you do, then you
will be given money as soon as you work and here Get inside US Dollar and
people are earning millions of rupees from here But
it is very difficult for a child to start within If you can
, don't think of making money easily Give three to four months give six months
after that you stay here If you are able, then let
's move towards the method number five.

Hmm blogging blogging right now What
happens when you Google up After going, you
search the provision and After
searching, the page which comes open inside the page when If you touch a website,
then one in front of you Website gets open and
whatever is written inside that website It is
going to be a whole blog for everyone, think of it like this Now you
can create such a website for yourself here Inside and also inside the money, inside the
starting you free You can start inside with the
help of but the website is you If you will not be made inside the beginning, then you
take the help of your parents here. Gin gin which I have video about inside all these works Has told inside and if you
want to start blogging then You have to take the help of parents
because you own the website Can not create content over
it, if you can not upload it over here First of
all, to customize the website that you will have You will have to seek help from parents
and if you do not make a website It used to
be that you can search on YouTube , a lot of videos were made.

And I
am going to make a video on top of it so that you can relax After creating a website,
whatever interest you have after making this website But you will make a website, whatever is your
interest, you will have a website on it Will make news of gaming like
this if you keep updated Hands, hands, you update on
top of it or else some movie Whatever happened to review
may be anything but the thing you Updated on where you are
interested You can make it here, you will never
be told how much age If you never go to age to work, then you also have a website here can run and there
are many children inside India who are very Friends are making money by running a website within a young age You have seen the video here
but if you are a small child Meaning if you are younger than thirteen years, then you
do not have direct money inside India You can earn, you
have to earn money indirectly means that your You have to
use the ID of your parents if you own If you put an ID, you will
not be able to earn money from the internet.

To make money from the internet
, you are small, so what you have here Have to have their IDs and
the five ways that I have mentioned Do not apply them by yourself,
for this you need help from your parents If you have to apply by yourself,
then there can be a problem and may be Permit you or not
to follow these things But even then, from
within these five you can find any one particular Looking at the ways,
you can start walking on top of it. Anyone repeating this will start earning percentages. No,
what pic have you done from inside these five By commenting, tell me and
if the video looks good then the video Along with friends,
I will definitely do it and if If you want a
video on a topic, then by commenting Can tell me in the coming
time I will be hundred on top of that I will make a percentage video so that you
can help everyone in this video That's all we get,
keep watching for the next video till then Keep looking

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छोटे बच्चे इंटरनेट से पैसे कैसे कमाए-How to Make Money Online as a Kid in 2021

छोटे बच्चे इंटरनेट से पैसे कैसे कमाए-How to Make Money Online as a Kid in 2021

Do you want to make money online as a kid, then this video might be helpful for you, and in this video, I am going to explain to you how to earn money online at an age of 6 to 13 and yes I am not kidding this is true. I shared the best 5 ways by which any kid/child can generate money online also he can improve himself and his skills day by day. Watch this video complete video to more about it.

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10:52 Most Important Part

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